Swamp Santa

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Publisher: Jana DeLeon
Author: Jana DeLeon
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It’s Christmas in Sinful and Fortune is set to participate in all the local hoopla. A Christmas gala, caroling, and a sleigh ride are on the agenda. Murder is not. But when someone bumps off Santa, Fortune is aware a killer is lurking among the holiday cheer. But with no client and no reason to interfere with a police investigation, it looks as if Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie will have to sit this one out. Big and Little Hebert might be criminals, but they prefer no competition in their territory, especially someone brazen enough to kill a man at the Christmas gala. When they hire Fortune to investigate the man’s death, she gets her Christmas wish and Swamp Team 3 sets out to solve their final case of the year.

Bug Swamp's Gold

Bug Swamp's Gold ebook ISBN: 1490824782
Publisher: WestBow Press
Author: Billie H. Wilson
Number of Pages: 232 
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Close your eyes. Get set. Go! ... to where Bay Swamp smells like aftershave, to where friends raise Billie s dad a barn in a day. You re there! On her "pizer," Grandma, waiting to serve dinner, relaxes with a dip of her Sweet Society snuff. Billie s mom and dad, sweaty from hoeing tobacco, rush in and wash up. They can t wait to bite into Grandma s succulent chicken. They tell you, "Pull up a chair!" After dinner, take off your shoes, trek across sandy, open fields, feel sand between your toes. Beyond the watermelon patch, a rare sight: Venus flytraps and yellow trumpet flowers, set to gobble up every bug in sight, and Bug Swamp has bugs. Also gators, bears, cooters, possums, snakes ... gold. Later, on Grandma s "pizer," you ll hear how Billie and her mom almost become bear bait, and Grandma will spellbind you, telling about Grandpa s tussle with a gator. Discover for yourself how Grandma s pipeline to God keeps everyone on track. Pity she doesn t have Hitler s ear in Germany, or Tojo s in Japan. Why, Grandma could even advise Harry Truman! He uses a weapon so strong it keeps on killing and killing. That Great Depression? Pray it won t destroy Billie s family. Her dad puts a mortgage on the place that can tear their family apart or hold them together. Luckily, World War II ends, and good and bad teeter into place. "

Pulltrouser Swamp

Pulltrouser Swamp ebook ISBN: 1477303286
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Author: B. L. Turner, II,Peter D. Harrison
Number of Pages: 310 
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Among Mesoamericanists, the agricultural basis of the ancient Maya civilization of the Yucatan Peninsula has been an important topic of research—and controversy. Interest in the agricultural system of the Maya greatly increased as new discoveries showed that the lowland Maya were not limited to slash-and-burn technology, as had been previously believed, but used a variety of more sophisticated agricultural techniques and practices, including terracing, raised fields, and, perhaps, irrigation. Because of the nature of the data and because this form of agricultural technology had been key to explanations of state formation elsewhere in Mesoamerica, raised-field agriculture became a particular focus of investigation. Pulltrouser Swamp conclusively demonstrates the existence of hydraulic, raised-field agriculture in the Maya lowlands between 150 B.C. and A.D. 850. It presents the findings of the University of Oklahoma's Pulltrouser SwampProject, an NSF-supported interdisciplinary study that combined the talents of archaeologists, anthropologists, geographers, paleobotanists, biologists, and zoologists to investigate the remains of the Maya agricultural system in the swampy region of northern Belize. By examining soils, fossil pollen and other plant remains, gastropods, relic settlements, ceramics, lithics, and other important evidence, the Pulltrouser Swamp team has clearly demonstrated that the features under investigation are relics of Maya-made raised and channelized fields and associated canals. Other data suggest the nature of the swamps in which the fields were constructed, the tools used for construction and cultivation, the possible crops cultivated, and at least one type of settlement near the fields, with its chronology. This verification of raised fields provides dramatic evidence of a large and probably organized workforce engaged in sophisticated and complex agricultural technology. As record of this evidence, Pulltrouser Swamp is a work of seminal importance for all students and scholars of New World prehistory.

The Ghost of Froggy's Swamp

The Ghost of Froggy's Swamp ebook ISBN: 9781477227886
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Daniel Roberts
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A strange ghostly sound is scaring the animals of the swamp. Is it a ghost or something else? Froggy and his friends are quick to try to find out in this fun and brightly illustrated picture book by cartoonist Daniel Roberts.


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Secret Santa

Secret Santa ebook ISBN: 0373366507
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: N.A
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It's the most wonderful time of the year. Losing a parent is never easy, and during the holidays the emptiness seems magnified. Local newspaper owner Neil Bailey knows that firsthand. That's why he's determined to help his neighbor, Dr. Charli Prescott, find the meaning of the season. Luckily he has enough cheer to go around and the recipe for perfect cocoa. If that isn't enough to get Charli into the spirit, the town also has a Secret Santa. Everyone's buzzing with news of the large anonymous donation and, once Neil promises to discover Santa's identity, his paper's circulation numbers skyrocket. It's his duty to report the truth. Except, as he gets closer to Charli, he's sure she's keeping something from him. All he can try to do is keep his journalistic integrity intact while protecting the woman he thought was his Christmas miracle.

The Edge of the Swamp

The Edge of the Swamp ebook ISBN: 9780807124338
Publisher: LSU Press
Author: Louis D. Rubin, Jr.
Number of Pages: 248 
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The flowering of literary imagination known as the American Renaissance had few roots in the South. While Hawthorne, Emerson, Melville, Thoreau, and Whitman were creating a body of work that would endure, the only southern writer making a lasting contribution was Edgar Allan Poe. This failure on the part of antebellum southern writers has long been a subject of debate among students of southern history and literature. Now one of the region's most distinguished men of letters offers a cogently argued and gracefully written account of the circumstances that prevented early southern writers from creating transcendent works of art. Louis D. Rubin, Jr., brings forty years of critical integrity and imaginative involvement with the history and literature of the South to his informal inquiry into the foundations of the southern literary imagination. His exploration centers on the lives and works of three of the most important writers of the pre-Civil War South: Poe, William Gilmore Simms, and Henry Timrod. In a close and highly original reading of Poe's poetry and fiction, Rubin shows just how profoundly growing up in Richmond, Virginia, influenced that writer. The sole author of the Old South whose work has endured did not use southern settings or concern himself with his region's history or politics. Poe was, according to Rubin, in active rebellion against the middle-class community of Richmond and its materialistic values. Simms, on the other hand, aspired to the plantation society ideal of his native Charleston, South Carolina. He was not the most devoted and energetic of southern writers and one of the country's best-known and most respected literary figures before the Civil War. Rubin finds an explanation for much of the lost promise of antebellum southern literature in Simms's career. Here was a talented man who got caught up in the politically obsessed plantation community of Charleston, becoming an apologist for the system and an ardent defender of slavery. Timrod, also a Charlestonian native, was a highly gifted poet whose work attained the stature of literature when the Civil War gave him a theme. He was known as the poet laureate of the Confederacy. Only when his region was locked in a desperate military struggle for the right to exist did he suddenly find his enduring voice. Anyone interested in southern life and literature will welcome his provocative and engaging new look at southern writing from one of the region's most perceptive critics.

The Dog Who Thought He Was Santa

The Dog Who Thought He Was Santa ebook ISBN: 1416948163
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Bill Wallace
Number of Pages: 192 
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In a story told from both canine and human points of view, problems at the mine threaten to ruin Christmas for Don, his family, and the rest of their Oklahoma town, but Don's dog, Frank, is determined to make the holiday special.

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley ebook ISBN: 9780738547459
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: Daniel Aaron Gibb
Number of Pages: 128 
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Along the banks of the Santa Ana River, between the larger cities of Santa Ana to the east and Huntington Beach to the west, lies Fountain Valley, named for its abundance of natural artesian wells and once swamp-covered landscapes. Formerly a portion of the Rancho Las Bolsas land grant of the late 1700s, the area--once called Gospel Swamp and later Talbert--was known for cattle grazing, agricultural productivity, and game hunting, as well as for fiery tent-revival sermons delivered by itinerant preachers. As agrarian lands became subdivisions in the 1950s, the farmers and ranchers saw the writing on the wall for future development. In 1957, Fountain Valley incorporated, becoming the 21st city in Orange County and the county's first master-planned community. In a half century, Fountain Valley has earned recognition, nationally and internationally, as a forward-looking city.


NASA SP. ebook ISBN:
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Mystic Hollow

Mystic Hollow ebook ISBN: 1467060534
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: David K. Bailey
Number of Pages: 344 
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This is a Magical Book! It is like no other book youve ever read! It is unique because it has 4 different stories. 3 stories are called series stories and the 4th story is called a companion story! It is about a Magical Faerie Family and their Adventures. With an adorable set of Twins, Chloe and Zachery. It is Zaks misuse of Magical Faerie Dust that keeps the entire family in Chaos! The first story, Mystic Hollow is a Romantical Faerie Love Story with a True Happy Ever After ending. The second story, Lady Jannas Birthday. This is the coming out story for the twins. Alone they are fine but when the two of them team up they are the Faerie Worlds worst nightmare but in a Fun Humorous way. The third story Lady Moons Wedding I introduce several new characters. I start right off with a fun Mystery that the twins solve but how they solve the mystery is magical! Then there is Andrew, the Groom. He is feeling a bit down and feels he is not worthy to marry Moon! I need an Adventure! cries out Andrew. Be careful what you wish for Andrew! The last story is how and Evil Dark Wizard stole Santas reindeer and it up to a little Faerie Boy to rescue Santas reindeer and Save Christmas!

La santé animale

La santé animale ebook ISBN: 9782845868243
Publisher: KARTHALA Editions
Author: Archie Hunter
Number of Pages: 310 
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Disastrous Voyage of the Santa Margarita

Disastrous Voyage of the Santa Margarita ebook ISBN: 1780101961
Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd
Author: Richard Woodman
Number of Pages: 272 
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Among the coral outcrops of the island of Rota, lies the wreck of a Spanish galleon, the Santa Margarita - Spring 1601. This is a reconstruction of the Santa Margaritas disastrous last voyage, beset by an extraordinary sequence of typhoons and storms. Based on what little is known of the ships journey overloaded cargo, bad-blood amongst the crew and a curse we are told a story of greed, horror, deprivation and unimaginable hardship by the handful of survivors rescued from the wreck.


Patriot ebook ISBN: 0595762832
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Hanes Segler
Number of Pages: 246 
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Never before in history has the population of a country suffered more than during the Mexican Revolution. For over a decade, the poor of that country carried on a struggle against the government, the rich landowners and even the Catholic Church. Benito, a young man wishing to become a true revolutionary patriot, joins the forces of Pancho Villa, only to find that his duties make him little more than a horse thief! When he is saved from a government death squad by wealthy Mexican-American rancher Alejandro Guerra, he decides to change his occupation, using his skills with livestock to repay his newfound benefactor. However, Benito soon learns, along with Guerra, that La Revolucin is bent on drawing everything and everyone into the bloody conflict. Along the way, both men find the war's treacherous combatants and ever-shifting alliances will shape life-and death-for years to come.

Santa's Trip to the Bayou

Santa's Trip to the Bayou ebook ISBN: 9781644681862
Author: Rosanne Stewart
Number of Pages: 32 
File: santa-s-trip-to-the-bayou.pdf
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Santa needs vacations like everybody else. He and Mrs. Claus travel to Louisiana for a weekend getaway before the December rush. They visit kinfolk on the bayou and catch up with neighbors and friends. While the old folks visit, the kids slip off to the swamp to play with Santa's reindeer.

The Birds of Siberia

The Birds of Siberia ebook ISBN: 110803795X
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Henry Seebohm
Number of Pages: 544 
File: the-birds-of-siberia.pdf
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This 1901 volume contains two of ornithologist and traveller Seebohm's works, Siberia in Europe (1880) and Siberia in Asia (1882).

From Western Deserts to Carolina Swamps

From Western Deserts to Carolina Swamps ebook ISBN: 0826351441
Publisher: UNM Press
Author: John P. Wilson
Number of Pages: 296 
File: from-western-deserts-to-carolina-swamps.pdf
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While eyewitness accounts of the Civil War by enlisted men are uncommon, even scarcer are personal narratives from the Civil War in the West. These journals and letters were written by Lewis Roe, an Illinois farm boy who served in the 7th U.S. Infantry and the 50th Illinois Volunteer Infantry between 1860 and 1865. They offer details of an epic march from Fort Bridger, Wyoming, to New Mexico, a firsthand account of the Battle of Valverde (1862), and Roe’s efforts to understand ongoing events as the country rushed toward the outbreak of hostilities. Later in the war, Roe documented the Union occupation of Rome, Georgia, and the battle of Allatoona, and left us a candid account of an enlisted man’s experiences with Sherman’s army on its March to the Sea and in the Carolinas Campaign. His relative objectivity and attention to everyday details make this valuable record a lively read.

A Directory of African Wetlands

A Directory of African Wetlands ebook ISBN: 9782880329495
Publisher: IUCN
Author: R. H. Hughes
Number of Pages: 820 
File: a-directory-of-african-wetlands.pdf
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A directory of Afrotropical wetlands of international importance. Contents -Region 1: North West Africa, Region 2: North East Africa, Region 3: West Africa, Region 4: Central Africa, Region 5: Southern Africa, Region 6: Madagascar.

Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America

Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America ebook ISBN: 9780815308874
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Author: Susan Toby Evans,David L. Webster
Number of Pages: 948 
File: archaeology-of-ancient-mexico-and-central-america.pdf
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A reference devoted to the pre-Columbian archaeology of Mesoamerica features in-depth articles on the major cultural areas of ancient Mexico and Central America, coverage of important sites, articles on day-to-day life of ancient peoples in these regions, and several b & w regional and site maps and photographs.