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Accountable to None

Accountable to None ebook ISBN:
Author: Simon Jenkins
Number of Pages: 303 
File: accountable-to-none.pdf
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This work, by a former editor of The Times and an instinctive Tory, argues that despite conservative propaganda the 1980's and early 1990's have seen a great increase in the centralization of power. Despite privatization, deregulation and devolution, the government asserted its control over schools, universities, the courts, local government, and the NHS. The book describes the situation, and asks what this means for democracy.

Bridging the Gulf: EU-GCC Relations at a Crossroads

Bridging the Gulf: EU-GCC Relations at a Crossroads ebook ISBN: 8868122847
Publisher: Edizioni Nuova Cultura
Author: Silvia Colombo
Number of Pages: 358 
File: bridging-the-gulf-eu-gcc-relations-at-a-crossroads.pdf
Reads: 9688986


Relations between the European Union (EU) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are at a crossroads. After the derailment of the negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2008, the cooperation between the two regional blocs has remained low-key in a number of different areas, while the unprecedented changes that have taken place in North Africa and the Middle East, the common neighbourhood of the EU and the GCC, have not led to a renewed, structured cooperation on foreign and security policy issues. This volume addresses the shortcomings and potential of EU-GCC relations by taking stock of their past evolution and by advancing policy recommendations as to how to revamp this strategic cooperation. In this light, it highlights the areas where greater room for manoeuvre exists in order to enhance EU-GCC relations, discusses the instruments available and sheds light on the features of the regional and international context that are likely to significantly influence the new phase in the mutual relation between the two blocs. The book is the result of the research conducted in the framework of the project ‘Sharaka – Enhancing Understanding and Cooperation in EU-GCC Relations’ co-funded by the European Commission.

The English Renaissance

The English Renaissance ebook ISBN: 9780415271158
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Kate Aughterson
Number of Pages: 608 
File: the-english-renaissance.pdf
Reads: 622365


This anthology collects together primary texts and documents written by Elizabeth Tudor, Machievelli, Edmund Spencer, Francis Bacon, Ben Jonson, Galileo Galilei, James I, Walter Raleigh and Michel Montaigne relevant to the literature, culture and intellectual life in England between 1550 and 1660. Divided into sections, this collection of primary sources covers such topics as religion, politics, society and social life, education, literary and cultural theories, science and magic, gender and sexuality and exploration and trade. --From publisher's description.

God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen ebook ISBN: 1441178953
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Ian Bradley
Number of Pages: 336 
File: god-save-the-queen.pdf
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At a time of renewed interest in the monarchy (stimulated by the marriage of Prince William of Wales and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II), the institution is analyzed and dissected from almost every point of view apart from the sacred -- which arguably stands at its heart and is its ultimate raison d'etre. Commentators assess the constitutional and philanthropic aspects of monarchy and its tourist potential; gossip magazines report on the Royal Family as a soap opera. This lack of attention is in marked contrast to the sacred origins of monarchy and the manifest importance of religious belief in the life of the present monarch. Ian Bradley traces the religious dimension of monarchy and argues for its importance as a spiritual force in British life, as well as exploring what this might mean in a society that is both multi-faith and increasingly secular.

Divine Right and Democracy

Divine Right and Democracy ebook ISBN: 9780872206533
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
Author: David Wootton
Number of Pages: 511 
File: divine-right-and-democracy.pdf
Reads: 8504497


The seventeenth century was England's century of revolution, an era in which the nation witnessed protracted civil wars, the execution of a king, and the declaration of a short-lived republic. During this period of revolutionary crisis, political writers of all persuasions hoped to shape the outcome of events by the force of their arguments. To read the major political theorists of Stuart England is to be plunged into a world in which many of our modern conceptions of political rights and social change are first formulated. David Wootton's masterly compilation of speeches, essays, and fiercely polemical pamphlets--organized into chapters focusing on the main debates of the century--represents the first attempt to present in one volume a broad collection of Stuart political thought. In bringing together abstract theorizing and impassioned calls to arms, anonymous tract writers and King James I, Wootton has produced a much-needed collection; in combination with the editor's thoughtful running commentary and invaluable Introduction, its texts bring to life a crucial period in the formation of our modern liberal and conservative theories.

Mammon's Kingdom

Mammon's Kingdom ebook ISBN: 1846146739
Publisher: Penguin UK
Author: David Marquand
Number of Pages: 304 
File: mammon-s-kingdom.pdf
Reads: 4486115


Since 2008's financial crisis, we have heard much about the failures of bankers, regulators and politicians. David Marquand sees a wider issue: the fall of the public realm. The crisis, he argues, is one of our moral economy as much as of our political economy. Already, we are well advanced towards a near-Hobbesian state of genteel barbarism - and greed is all-pervasive. Setting out a framework for a new public philosophy founded on civic conscience and cooperation, Marquand seeks to spring the trap into which our culture has stumbled. The message is plain: we cannot continue on our present path.

A History of Political Thought in the 16th Century (Routledge Library Editions: Political Science Volume 16)

A History of Political Thought in the 16th Century (Routledge Library Editions: Political Science Volume 16) ebook ISBN: 1135026939
Publisher: Routledge
Author: J. W. Allen
Number of Pages: 560 
File: a-history-of-political-thought-in-the-16th-century-routledge-library-editions-political-science-volume-16.pdf
Reads: 2540283


This presentation of the main phases and features of political thought in the sixteenth century is based on an exhaustive study of contemporary writings in Latin, English, French, German and Italian. The book is divided into four parts. The first part deals with the new thought of Protestantism. The rest describes special ideas that emerged in England, France and Italy.

The Course of Time

The Course of Time ebook ISBN:
Author: Robert Pollok
Number of Pages: 295 
File: the-course-of-time.pdf
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The Reformists' Register, and Weekly Commentary

The Reformists' Register, and Weekly Commentary ebook ISBN:
Author: William Hone,Francis Place
Number of Pages: 823 
File: the-reformists-register-and-weekly-commentary.pdf
Reads: 4125786


Hone's publication was one of the most influential radical press newspapers during the months prior to his trials for libel. Cf. Bowden cited above.

Essays in Memory of Imre Lakatos

Essays in Memory of Imre Lakatos ebook ISBN: 9401014515
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Robert S. Cohen,P.K. Feyerabend,Marx W. Wartofsky
Number of Pages: 768 
File: essays-in-memory-of-imre-lakatos.pdf
Reads: 3517912


The death of Imre Lakatos on February 2, 1974 was a personal and philosophical loss to the worldwide circle of his friends, colleagues and students. This volume reflects the range of his interests in mathematics, logic, politics and especially in the history and methodology of the sciences. Indeed, Lakatos was a man in search of rationality in all of its forms. He thought he had found it in the historical development of scientific knowledge, yet he also saw rationality endangered everywhere. To honor Lakatos is to honor his sharp and aggressive criticism as well as his humane warmth and his quick wit. He was a person to love and to struggle with. PAUL K. FEYERABEND ROBERT S. COHEN MARX W. WARTOFSKY TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface VII JOHN WORRALL / Imre Lakatos (1922-1974): Philosopher of Mathematics and Philosopher of Science JOSEPH AGASSI / The Lakatosian Revolution 9 23 D. M. ARMSTRONG / Immediate Perception w. W. BAR TLEY, III/On Imre Lakatos 37 WILLIAM BERKSON / Lakatos One and Lakatos Two: An Appreciation 39 I. B. COHEN / William Whewell and the Concept of Scientific Revolution 55 L. JONATHAN COHEN / How Can One Testimony Corroborate Another? 65 R. S. COHEN / Constraints on Science 79 GENE D'AMOUR/ Research Programs, Rationality, and Ethics 87 YEHUDA ELKANA / Introduction: Culture, Cultural System and Science 99 PA UL K.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management ebook ISBN: 1259026825
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 874 
File: human-resource-management.pdf
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Roxana ebook ISBN: 146040162X
Publisher: Broadview Press
Author: Daniel Defoe
Number of Pages: 420 
File: roxana.pdf
Reads: 5448836


Almost three hundred years after its first publication, Roxana continues to challenge readers, who, though compelled by Roxana’s story, are often baffled by her complex relationships to her children, her fortune, and her vices. As one of Daniel Defoe’s four major fictions, Roxana has long been understood as central to the history of the novel, and provides readers with Defoe’s sharpest and most specific commentary on the complexities of life in seventeenth-century London. This edition offers a range of contemporary documents that will help readers understand the struggles of Roxana’s life as series of metaphoric engagements with pressing issues of her time.