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Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades ebook ISBN: 9781503948990
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Author: Sandra Owens
Number of Pages: 302 
File: ace-of-spades.pdf
Reads: 5396592


Two FBI agents struggle with desire in the shadow of a killer, in the third installment of Aces & Eights. Nate Gentry has been a rock for his two younger brothers since the day their mom walked out and left them with their abusive father. Now that they've grown up, he's watched Alex and Court fall in love and settle down. But Nate isn't made for romance. He keeps his relationships casual. And getting casual with his partner is a fantasy he can't shake... Taylor Collins has feelings for Nate, too--and though they run hot, her best friend on the team is strictly off limits. Until a spark in his eyes says, Go for it. But reaching out could prove to be a bad move now that they're working closer together than ever, and on the most dangerous case of their careers. An investigation into a brutal series of murders is stirring up bad memories for Taylor, and neither she nor Nate can imagine how close to home it's going to hit. When it does, Nate will risk everything--including his heart--to keep Taylor safe.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades ebook ISBN: 9781429905039
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Author: David Matthews
Number of Pages: 320 
File: ace-of-spades.pdf
Reads: 4900729


A take-no-prisoners tale of growing up without knowing who you are. When David Matthews's mother abandoned him as an infant, she left him with white skin and the rumor that he might be half Jewish. For the next twenty years, he would be torn between his actual life as a black boy in the ghetto of 1980s Baltimore and a largely imagined world of white privilege. While his father, a black activist who counted Malcolm X among his friends, worked long hours as managing editor at the Baltimore Afro-American, David spent his early years escaping wicked-stepmother types and nursing an eleven-hour-a-day TV habit alongside his grandmother in her old-folks-home apartment. In Reagan-era America, there was no box marked "Other," no multiculturalism or self-serving political correctness, only a young boy's need to make it in a clearly segregated world where white meant "have" and black meant "have not." Without particular allegiance to either, David careened in and out of community college, dead-end jobs, his father's life, and girls' pants. A bracing yet hilarious reinvention of the American story of passing, Ace of Spades marks the debut of an irresistible and fiercely original new voice.

Codename: Ace of Spades

Codename: Ace of Spades ebook ISBN:
Publisher: RTH Press
Author: J. Tanner
Number of Pages: 22 
File: codename-ace-of-spades.pdf
Reads: 4527084


Blake here. Apparently I’m supposed to tell you something about myself, but I’m not sure where to start. If you asked the peanut gallery, they’d tell you I’m a con artist, a glory hound, a common criminal. They’ll toss around words like narcissist, egomaniac, sociopath. Always in threes. I've heard vagabond, rogue, and plain old monster hurled my way. And every profanity in the book. I’m not sure what book that is, with all that profanity, but people have dug deep into the appendices to describe yours truly. Who are you going to believe, though, a bunch of long-winded cursing peanuts or me? I’ll tell you exactly who I am: I’m the good guy. And today’s bad guys: Litterbugs. I've been asked to inform you that what follows is considered a short story. Short stories are like books without all the boring parts. They’re good for when you have a few minutes free. Maybe you’re second in in line at the DMV, staking out a guy who’s just taken his mistress into a cheap hotel on his lunch break, or preparing to ambush a drug dealer in a dark alley. Those kinds of brief wait situations you find yourself in from time to time. This story may contain some things you don’t like. There could be some rearrangement of facial features through fisticuffs or more advanced weaponry. I might use four-letter words like #$%! or &*[email protected] without all the funny characters. Consider yourself warned.

The Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades ebook ISBN: 1471913759
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Dell Shannon
Number of Pages: 240 
File: the-ace-of-spades.pdf
Reads: 7933118


'A Luis Mendoza story means superlative suspense' Los Angeles Times Lieutenant Luis Mendoza works with an outstanding team at the Los Angeles Police Department. They need to be. On their hands is a case of a vanished treasure of coins; drug dealers and a clutch of law-breaking brothers. As well as the cases, though, there's an inside view of a police department and the varied lives of the characters who work within it.

Rutledge Trails the Ace of Spades

Rutledge Trails the Ace of Spades ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran & Gundy
Author: William MacLeod Raine
Number of Pages: 306 
File: rutledge-trails-the-ace-of-spades.pdf
Reads: 267398


Jim Rutledge is about to make his first drive alone with the herds up the trail from Texas. His fathers fears that Devil Dave and his hellion sons are about to settle a long-standing grudge against the Rutledges. His father may be right ...

101 Amazing Card Tricks

101 Amazing Card Tricks ebook ISBN: 9780806903422
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Bob Longe
Number of Pages: 128 
File: 101-amazing-card-tricks.pdf
Reads: 9075466


Have nothing but a deck of cards? With this book you'll soon be dealing out playful poker, and four-ace tricks that will make everyone say: "How did you do that?" If you can shuffle a deck, you can perform "jacks be nimble," "about face," "number nonsense," and dozens more. Clear illustrations demonstrate how to execute each move precisely. A chart gauges the difficulty of each trick.

Hell's wings

Hell's wings ebook ISBN: 2824630469
Publisher: City Edition
Author: Lily Hana
Number of Pages: 288 
File: hell-s-wings.pdf
Reads: 4317050


Abandonnée à la naissance, Lexie a eu une enfance difficile. Jusqu’au moment où, à 16 ans, elle s’est liée d’amitié avec Zaïa et a décidé de prendre son destin en main. Pour survivre, les deux jeunes femmes se sont offertes aux regards des hommes devant une webcam. Quand toutes les économies amassées grâce à son travail de strip-teaseuse sont dérobées, Lexie est contrainte de rejoindre aux États-Unis la seule personne en qui elle a confiance : son meilleur ami, membre du redoutable gang de bikers des Hell’s Riders. Elle y rencontre Shadow, un homme à l’envoûtant regard. Lexie ne le sait pas, mais il a fait partie de ses admirateurs et il rêve de posséder ce corps qui l’a tant fait fantasmer sur Internet. Mais avec ce biker à l’âme torturée, le jeu de la séduction va se révéler particulièrement dangereux... Dans le monde sans pitié des bikers, les sentiments ont-ils une place ?

Stop Working & Start Thinking

Stop Working & Start Thinking ebook ISBN: 9780415368308
Publisher: Garland Science
Author: Jack Cohen,Graham Medley
Number of Pages: 160 
File: stop-working-start-thinking.pdf
Reads: 9912480


With the spectacular developments in technology accompanying and aiding scientific research over the past few decades, postgraduate students are often encouraged to focus more on generating data than to utilize their most sophisticated piece of equipment: their mind. Stop Working & Start Thinking, Second Edition aims to encourage young researchers to think more clearly about their experiments, from experimental design to data interpretation. This new edition builds on the success of the first edition, with new material throughout and a new chapter on measurement interpretation, including an examination of cryptic assumptions. This book is essential reading for postgraduates who wish to put the mastery back into their M.Sc. and the philosophy back into their PhDs.

Political Blogs

Political Blogs ebook ISBN: 9781230789637
Publisher: Booksllc.Net
Author: Source Wikipedia
Number of Pages: 120 
File: political-blogs.pdf
Reads: 5585730


Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 118. Chapters: Ace of Spades HQ, Americablog, As'ad AbuKhalil, Asian American Action Fund, Asian Correspondent, Atrios, Balkinization (blog), Belmont Club,, Blogging Tories, Blog for America,, Bob Cesca,, Burnt Orange Report, Campus Progress, Canadian blogosphere, Canadian political blogosphere, Center for American Progress, Citizen Kate, Comedy 23/6, ConservativeHome, Contempo Magazine, Cox & Forkum, Crooked Timber, Crooks and Liars, Cyber-dissident, Daily Kos, Dean Barnett, Democracy Rising, Democratic Underground, DeSmogBlog, Die Achse des Guten, Drudge Report, Ed Morrissey, Equal Justice for Troops blog, Feministing, Free Republic,,, Generacion invisible, Harry's Place, Heartless Bitches International, Instapundit, Interdictor (blog), IsraelPolitik, IsRealli, Jawa Report, Jussi Halla-aho, Kareem Amer, Kiwiblog, Labourhome, LabourList, La Silla Vacia, Lebanese Political Journal, Left Foot Forward, Leonardo's Notebook, Liberal Conspiracy, Liberal Democrat Voice, Liberty and Power, Liblogs, Lucianne Goldberg, Mediaite, Michigan Liberal, Mickey Kaus, Mudflats (blog), MyDD, OpEdNews, OpenLeft, Pajamahadeen, Patrick Nielsen Hayden,, Politically Incorrect (blog), Political repression of cyber-dissidents, Political Scrapbook, Political Wire, Politics Daily, Progressive Bloggers, Psiram, Raising Kaine, Roosevelt Institute, Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, Samizdata, SCOTUSblog, Sepia Mutiny, Shreedeep Rayamajhi (activist), Slugger O'Toole, Small Dead Animals, Talking Points Memo, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, The Cedar Lounge Revolution, The Daily Caller, The Daily Howler, The Huffington Post, The Marmot's Hole, The Rag Blog, The Raw Story, The Save Jersey Blog, This Week in Blackness, Tikun Olam (blog), Tom Tomorrow, Tory Bear (blog), ..


CAMION BLANC ebook ISBN: 235779478X
Author: Jake Brown
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: camion-blanc.pdf
Reads: 9122979


Motörhead a toujours été un groupe précédé par la réputation de son style de vie rock’n’roll, mais la formation a aussi composé tout au long de sa carrière un répertoire de chansons devenues cultes. Dans ce livre, et pour la première fois de leur histoire, la création de ces titres est explorée par le biais d’entretiens exclusifs et autorisés par le groupe. Lemmy Kilmister, véritable légende vivante, a livré à l’auteur des anecdotes concernant l’écriture et l’enregistrement des vingt-six albums du groupe. Le tout étant complété par les témoignages des membres, des producteurs et des ingénieurs du son successifs, afin de dresser un témoignage inédit et passionnant sur la discographie de Motörhead, avec entre autres, les albums mythiques que sont Ace of Spades, Bomber ou encore Overkill.

Discourse, Interaction and Communication

Discourse, Interaction and Communication ebook ISBN: 9780792349525
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM ON COGNITIVE SCIENCE 1995,International Colloquium on Cognitive Science,spa International Colloquium on Cognitive Science 1995 San Sebastian
Number of Pages: 187 
File: discourse-interaction-and-communication.pdf
Reads: 8113160


The papers in this volume represent leading-edge work by well-known scholars on the topics mentioned in the title: discourse, interaction, and communication. They report work done from widely divergent points on the theoretical spectrum of cognitive science, and from different disciplinary starting points (philosophy, logic, linguistics, artificial intelligence). Not only do these works faithfully represent the main topics and the wide range of differing positions presented at the Fourth International Colloquium on Cognitive Science (ICCS-95), but despite their differences (or perhaps because of these differences) they also display many clear directions for future research in these three central areas of cognitive science. This book is essential reading for all researchers in cognitive science.

Scarne on Card Tricks

Scarne on Card Tricks ebook ISBN: 0486317153
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Author: John Scarne
Number of Pages: 336 
File: scarne-on-card-tricks.pdf
Reads: 6989303


Marvelous treasury of card magic presents exact details of 155 professional card tricks that anyone can learn. Card wizard John Scarne reworked these tricks to eliminate the need for sleight-of-hand. Simple instructions and clear diagrams illustrate Houdini's "Card on the Ceiling," Blackstone's "Card Trick Without Cards," Milton Berle's "Quickie Card Deal," more.

Turning the Corner on Life

Turning the Corner on Life ebook ISBN: 1469183579
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Arnold Silveri
Number of Pages: 410 
File: turning-the-corner-on-life.pdf
Reads: 4822196


Turning the Corner on Life is a book covering more than seventy years of my life. Like any other autobiography, its about family, friends, and the personal experiences we shared. It does not include every single thing that ever happened to me in my life. There are, however, numerous nostalgic references to music, movies, radio, television, sports, social /cultural political names, places, and events intermingled within the chronology of my life. Beginning with the happy carefree days I spent playing ball in the street and going to the movies. The times we went to Coney Island and Ebbets Field. The happy and not-so-happy days I spent as a teenager in junior high and hanging out on the corner. The love, loyalty, and compassion my wife, Connie, always displayedfrom our first meeting and throughout our marriageduring some tough, depressing times. And last but not least, the happiness we shared in the birth of our children and grandchildren.

Learn Java for Android Development

Learn Java for Android Development ebook ISBN: 1430231572
Publisher: Apress
Author: Jeff Friesen
Number of Pages: 656 
File: learn-java-for-android-development.pdf
Reads: 5773209


Android development is hot, and many programmers are interested in joining the fun. However, because this technology is based on Java, you should first obtain a solid grasp of the Java language and its foundational APIs to improve your chances of succeeding as an Android app developer. After all, you will be busy learning the architecture of an Android app, the various Android-specific APIs, and Android-specific tools. If you do not already know Java fundamentals, you will probably end up with a massive headache from also having to quickly cram those fundamentals into your knowledge base. Learn Java for Android Development teaches programmers of any skill level the essential Java language and foundational Java API skills that must be learned to improve the programmer’s chances of succeeding as an Android app developer. Each of the book’s 10 chapters provides an exercise section that gives you the opportunity to reinforce your understanding of the chapter’s material. Answers to the book’s more than 300 exercises are provided in an appendix. Additionally, author Jeff Friesen has created six bonus chapters that you can download from his personal site, located at Once you complete this book, you will be ready to dive into Android, and you can start that journey by obtaining a copy of Beginning Android 2.

Fortune-Telling by Cards

Fortune-Telling by Cards ebook ISBN: 3849644588
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
Author: P. R. S. Foli
Number of Pages: 133 
File: fortune-telling-by-cards.pdf
Reads: 5632063


This is a short book on telling fortunes, primarily with a standard deck of playing cards. There is a short two-chapter section at the end about the Tarot. Described are several different spreads, including the 32-card method, the French and Italian methods, the Grand Star, and Etteilla's Tarot spread. Contents: Chapter I How we got our Pack of Cards Chapter II What the Individual Cards Signify Chapter III The Selected Pack of Thirty-two Cards Chapter IV The Signification of Quartettes, Triplets, and Pairs Chapter V What the Cards can Tell of the Past, the Present, and the Future Chapter VI Your Fortune in Twenty-one Cards Chapter VII Combination of Sevens Chapter VIII Another Method Chapter IX A French Method Chapter X The Grand Star Chapter XI Important Questions Chapter XII How They Tell Fortunes in Italy Chapter XIII The Master Method Chapter XIV Signification of Suits in the Master Method Chapter XV Combination of Nines Chapter XVI Your Heart's Desire Chapter XVII A Rhyming Divination Chapter XVIII The Tarots Chapter XIX Etteilla's Method

Algebra For Iit Jee

Algebra For Iit Jee ebook ISBN: 9780070704862
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Author: Kumar
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: algebra-for-iit-jee.pdf
Reads: 621002