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Aces & Eights

Aces & Eights ebook ISBN: 9781429911757
Publisher: Forge Books
Author: Loren D. Estleman
Number of Pages: 224 
File: aces-eights.pdf
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Dead Man's Hand No one paid any mind to Jack McCall as he unloaded a .44 caliber slug into Wild Bill Hickok's brain at point-blank range. Deadwood's legendary gunslinging marshal was dead, holding a poker hand of aces and eights, a dead man's hand. The question the law wanted to know: was McCall a hired killer or did he kill Hickok to avenge his brother's death? Find out in Loren D. Estleman's Aces & Eights. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

A Breed Apart

A Breed Apart ebook ISBN: 1628155140
Publisher: Speaking Volumes
Author: Max McCoy
Number of Pages: 247 
File: a-breed-apart.pdf
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In the Crosshairs

In the Crosshairs ebook ISBN: 1510713034
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Stephen Spignesi
Number of Pages: 372 
File: in-the-crosshairs.pdf
Reads: 3322192


Assassinations often change the course of history. Here is an intriguing look at dozens of notable assassinations and attempts throughout history, including complete details about the assassin, the victim, the circumstances of the attack, and the outcome. In the Crosshairs also features photos of many of the victims or would-be victims, and rare archival material, including excerpts from original police reports. High-profile celebrities, political figures, religious leaders, and many others have fallen prey to assassins, and many have survived. In the Crosshairs is arranged in alphabetical order, by last name, and includes such details as: On November 8, 1939, Adolf Hitler narrowly escaped an assassination attempt – 12 minutes after he left a room where he was making a speech, a bomb went off. Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat would probably have survived the assassin’s bullet on October 6, 1981, if he hadn’t taken off his bulletproof vest – but he didn’t like the way it made his suit bulge. Robert John Bardo, the murderer of young actress Rebecca Schaeffer, carried with him to the crime scene a copy of J. D, Sallinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, just like Mark David Chapman did when he murdered John Lennon nearly nine years earlier. From notable murders (Abraham Lincoln, Gianni Versace, and Indira Gandhi) to little-known attempts (George W. Bush, Wild Bill Hickock, and Andy Warhol) here is a surprising, informative, and intriguing book that deserves to be on every history buff’s bookshelf. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade imprint, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in history--books about World War II, the Third Reich, Hitler and his henchmen, the JFK assassination, conspiracies, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, gladiators, Vikings, ancient Rome, medieval times, the old West, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickok ebook ISBN: 9780823966325
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
Author: Joseph G. Rosa
Number of Pages: 112 
File: wild-bill-hickok.pdf
Reads: 586775


Traces the life and exploits of William Hickok, the legendary Western sharpshooter and U.S. marshal known as "Wild Bill."

Legends of the West

Legends of the West ebook ISBN: 9781983544903
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Charles River Editors
Number of Pages: 64 
File: legends-of-the-west.pdf
Reads: 2474507


*Includes pictures of Wild Bill and important people, places, and events in his life. *Discusses Wild Bill's most famous shootouts and his murder, explaining what's fact and what's legend. *Includes a bibliography for further reading. "Wild Bill was a strange character. Add to this figure a costume blending the immaculate neatness of the dandy with the extravagant taste and style of a frontiersman, you have Wild Bill, the most famous scout on the Plains."" - General George Custer Space may be the final frontier, but no frontier has ever captured the American imagination like the "Wild West," which still evokes images of dusty cowboys, outlaws, gunfights, gamblers, and barroom brawls over 100 years after the West was settled. A constant fixture in American pop culture, the 19th century American West continues to be vividly and colorful portrayed not just as a place but as a state of mind. In Charles River Editors' Legends of the West series, readers can get caught up to speed on the lives of America's most famous frontier figures in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known. In many ways, the narrative of the Wild West has endured more as legend than reality, and a perfect example of that can be found in the legend of James Butler Hickok (1837-1876), forever known as "Wild Bill." Indeed, separating fact from fiction when it comes to the life of Wild Bill is nearly impossible, something due in great measure to the fact that the man himself exaggerated his own adventures or fabricated stories altogether. When he was killed while playing poker in the mining South Dakotan outpost of Deadwood, he put Deadwood on the map and ensured both his place and his poker hand's place in legend. The best known aspects of Hickok's life hardly distinguish him from other famous Westerners. Like so many others, Hickok headed west as a fugitive of justice, yet that didn't prevent him from becoming a frontier lawman in Kansas, like Wyatt Earp. Hickok also became well known in the West for being a professional gambler and a remarkably quick draw who proved quite deadly in shootouts, like Doc Holliday. What made Hickok stand out from so many of his day was that he was both successful at what he did and he managed to cultivate his own legend through tales of his exploits. By the mid-1870s, Hickok was notorious enough that he went out of his way to play cards with his back to the wall so he could see anyone approaching him. On one of the few occasions he did not, August 2, 1876, he was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall while holding two pair, Aces and Eights (all black), now known as the Dead Man's Hand. Whether Hickok's legacy would have endured without his legendary death is anyone's guess, but by becoming the first well known Western icon to die with his boots on, he immediately became the West's first hero. Hickok and his life story became the subject of countless "dime store" novels which cast him in larger than life roles loosely based on his adventures or entirely made up. Once Wild Bill became a fixture of American pop culture, he stayed there, and he continues to be depicted in television, movies, and the like. Legends of the West: The Life and Legacy of Wild Bill Hickok chronicles Wild Bill's life, while also analyzing his legacy and the mythology that has enveloped his story, attempting to separate fact from fiction to determine what the frontier legend was really like. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events in his life, you will learn about Wild Bill like you never have before, in no time at all.

Ghosts at the Table

Ghosts at the Table ebook ISBN: 1780572166
Publisher: Random House
Author: Des Wilson
Number of Pages: 336 
File: ghosts-at-the-table.pdf
Reads: 4283163


Poker has taken over the world. It is said that 80 million people now play regularly and close to $100 million is played for online every day. Tournaments generate prize pools that far outstrip all other recreational events - the top prize in the World Series of Poker in recent years has been greater than the money collected by the winners of the four golf majors and the Wimbledon singles tennis champions all added together. But for all its amazing popularity, the game's origins and history are surprisingly unclear. Instead of records and statistics, there is folklore and legend, a gallery of larger-than-life characters and an equal measure of fame and infamy. Here, for the first time, the true stories of poker are told. This is history as a thriller. Des Wilson has approached his definitive account of the game's development as a detective story. He has personally gone back to where poker has been played, stirring up controversy in his refusal to let sleeping dogs lie, and has delved deeper than anyone before to restore to their rightful place in history the ghosts who sit at the table of every poker game played today. Packed with stories that will enthral both poker players and the non-playing public, this is the book that was waiting to be written.

Wild Bill Hickok, Gunfighter

Wild Bill Hickok, Gunfighter ebook ISBN: 0806150238
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
Author: Joseph G. Rosa
Number of Pages: 216 
File: wild-bill-hickok-gunfighter.pdf
Reads: 8820900


“James Butler Hickok, generally called ‘Wild Bill,’ epitomized the archetypal gunfighter, that half-man, half-myth that became the heir to the mystique of the duelist when that method of resolving differences waned. . . . Easy access to a gun and whiskey coupled with gambling was the cause of most gunfights--few of which bore any resemblance to the gentlemanly duel of earlier times. . . . Hickok’s gunfights were unusual in that most of them were ‘fair’ fights, not just killings resulting from rage, jealousy over a woman, or drunkenness. And, the majority of his encounters were in his role as lawman or as an individual upholding the law.”--from Wild Bill Hickok, Gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok (1837–1876) was a Civil War spy and scout, Indian fighter, gambler, and peace officer. He was also one of the greatest gunfighters in the West. His peers referred to his reflexes as “phenomenal” and to his skill with a pistol as “miraculous.” In Wild Bill Hickok, Gunfighter, Joseph G. Rosa, the world’s foremost authority on Hickok, provides an informative examination of Hickok’s many gunfights. Rosa describes the types of guns used by Hickok and illustrates his use of the plains’ style of “quick draw,” as well as examining other elements of the Hickok legend. He even reconsiders the infamous “dead man’s hand” allegedly held by Hickok when he was shot to death at age thirty-nine while playing poker. Numerous photographs and drawings accompany Rosa’s down-to-earth text.

Wild Bill Hickok & Calamity Jane

Wild Bill Hickok & Calamity Jane ebook ISBN: 0977795594
Publisher: South Dakota State Hist Society
Author: James D. McLaird
Number of Pages: 174 
File: wild-bill-hickok-calamity-jane.pdf
Reads: 2978061


Chronicles the lives of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, describing their legendary relationship and how novelists, journalists, and movie makers portrayed them.

Orphans Preferred

Orphans Preferred ebook ISBN: 0767919637
Publisher: Broadway Books
Author: Christopher Corbett
Number of Pages: 288 
File: orphans-preferred.pdf
Reads: 5375267


“WANTED. YOUNG, SKINNY, WIRY FELLOWS. NOT OVER 18. MUST BE EXPERT RIDERS. WILLING TO RISK DEATH DAILY. ORPHANS PREFERRED.” —California newspaper help-wanted ad, 1860 The Pony Express is one of the most celebrated and enduring chapters in the history of the United States, a story of the all-American traits of bravery, bravado, and entrepreneurial risk that are part of the very fabric of the Old West. No image of the American West in the mid-1800s is more familiar, more beloved, and more powerful than that of the lone rider galloping the mail across hostile Indian territory. No image is more revered. And none is less understood. Orphans Preferred is both a revisionist history of this magnificent and ill-fated adventure and an entertaining look at the often larger-than-life individuals who created and perpetuated the myth of “the Pony,” as it is known along the Pony Express trail that runs from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California. The Pony Express is a story that exists in the annals of Americana where fact and fable collide, a story as heroic as the journey of Lewis and Clark, as complex and revealing as the legacy of Custer’s Last Stand, and as muddled and freighted with yarns as Paul Revere’s midnight ride. Orphans Preferred is a fresh and exuberant reexamination of this great American story.

The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy

The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy ebook ISBN: 0812697820
Publisher: Open Court
Author: Randall E. Auxier,Phil Seng
Number of Pages: 288 
File: the-wizard-of-oz-and-philosophy.pdf
Reads: 1912694


From the bedtime story by L. Frank Baum to the classic 1939 film, no story has captured the imaginations of generations of children — and adults — like The Wizard of Oz. The story of Dorothy’s journey through Oz, the colorful characters, places, songs, and dialogue have permeated popular culture around the world. The contributors to this volume take a very close look at The Wizard of Oz and ask the tough questions about this wonderful tale. They wonder if someone can possess a virtue without knowing it, and if the realm of Oz was really the dream or if Kansas was the dream. Why does water melt the Wicked Witch of the West and why does Toto seem to know what the other characters can’t seem to figure out? The articles included tackle these compelling questions and more, encouraging readers to have discussions of their own.

Sam Bass - A Dead Man's Hand, Aces and Eights

Sam Bass - A Dead Man's Hand, Aces and Eights ebook ISBN: 9781393454830
Publisher: Beebop Publishing Group
Author: Sidney St James
Number of Pages: 316 
File: sam-bass-a-dead-man-s-hand-aces-and-eights.pdf
Reads: 576047


$5,000 REWARD. Wanted Dead or Alive. Notorious Badman. SAM BASS, alias Sam Bushon, and Honest Eph. If sighted, immediately call the nearest U. S. Marshall's Office. After a month of moving BeeBop Publishing Group to Georgetown, Texas from Brenham, Texas, I took a ride south on IH-35 from Georgetown to Austin. I couldn't help but notice a large green and white highway sign that said Sam Bass Road. I became interested where this road went, exited, and followed it to a road sign for A. W. Grimes Boulevard. I'm not sure why, but I needed to find out who these people were just like I did when I wrote a story about the Runaway Scrape in Texas and discovered Three-Legged Willie's statue on the town square in Georgetown. As a legend, as is with all folklore, the account of Sam Bass' life is as varied as there are books written about him and his exploits in the late 1800s. Sam Bass and his gang held up two stagecoaches while in Deadwood, South Dakota in 1877. Sam had a fling with Calamity Jane and sat in the same chair Wild Bill Hickok sat before being shot in a poker game holding a Dead Man's Hand, Aces and Eights. Such a hand was said to have been held by Wild Bill Hickok, a lawman, and gunfighter and good friend of Sam Bass. In the fall of 1877, Sam Bass and his Horse Marines robbed the eastbound Union Pacific passenger train and came away with over $60,000 in twenty-dollar gold pieces. After a successful robbery, they split up into pairs and went in all directions. Some were caught. Bass was an excellent transformist and disguised himself as a poor farmer and made his way back to Denton County, Texas, with his share of the gold. In the springtime of 1878, Sam and his gang robbed four trains within twenty miles of Dallas. Word was sent to Governor Hubbard that something needed to be done. The bandits became the object of a spirited chase across North Texas by reward-seeking citizens and a specialized company of Texas Rangers headed by Junius Peak. Follow the life story of Sam Bass from his childhood days to his last days in Round Rock, Texas, on July 21, 1878. Even though this notorious outlaw spent less than a week in this small community, his short visit put the town on world atlases. He also had a major street named after him. It wasn't only a few years ago the community got together and named a boulevard after Deputy A. W. Grimes, the man Sam Bass was accused of killing in 1878. Unlike John Wesley Hardin, Bass had no notches on his gun handle and once joked about selling his revolver for money.

Mr Jones' Rules for the Modern Man

Mr Jones' Rules for the Modern Man ebook ISBN: 144475503X
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Dylan Jones
Number of Pages: 448 
File: mr-jones-rules-for-the-modern-man.pdf
Reads: 521087


A witty, stylish and indispensable guide to being a modern man. It is tough being a man in the twenty-first century. First there are the big dilemmas, like how to get a pay rise and how to suck up to your boss. Then there are the minor irritations: how do you beat jet-lag, and how do you stop your trousers sliding off their hangers? And finally there are all those things you ought to know, but don't: how to jump-start a car, how to buy lingerie, how to stop smoking, how to tie a Windsor Knot, how to behave at a lap-dancing club ... the list is endless. Fear not. In Mr Jones Rules, the highly respected editor of GQ magazine, draws on his wealth of experience to give the final answer to these questions and more. It will be the must-have present for every husband, boyfriend and son this Christmas.

Dead Man's Hand: An Anthology of the Weird West

Dead Man's Hand: An Anthology of the Weird West ebook ISBN: 1781164517
Publisher: Titan Books
Author: Orson Scott Card,Kelley Armstrong
Number of Pages: 416 
File: dead-man-s-hand-an-anthology-of-the-weird-west.pdf
Reads: 6236520


From a kill-or-be-killed gunfight with a vampire to an encounter in a steampunk bordello, the weird western is a dark, gritty tale where the protagonist might be playing poker with a sorcerous deck of cards, or facing an alien on the streets of a dusty frontier town. Here are twenty-three original tales—stories of the Old West infused with elements of the fantastic—produced specifically for this volume by many of today's finest writers. Included are Orson Scott Card's first “Alvin Maker” story in a decade, and an original adventure by Fred Van Lente, creator of Cowboys and Aliens. Other contributors include Tobias Buckell, David Farland, Alan Dean Foster, Jeffrey Ford, Laura Anne Gilman, Rajan Khanna, Mike Resnick, Beth Revis, Ben H. Winters, Christie Yant, and Charles Yu

Bad Guys

Bad Guys ebook ISBN: 1630833223
Publisher: StarWalk Kids Media
Author: Andrew Glass
Number of Pages: 48 
File: bad-guys.pdf
Reads: 3741667


Legendary gunfighters come to life in these vivid, true stories of Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Belle Starr, Doc Holliday, Black Bart, and Joaquin Murietta --- often a far cry from the glamorous tales they told about themselves to the newspapers. Andrew Glass gives readers an overview of the rough and tumble days following the Civil War that produced these unlikely heroes.

The Big, Bad Book of Jim

The Big, Bad Book of Jim ebook ISBN: 0595287786
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Lawrance Binda
Number of Pages: 128 
File: the-big-bad-book-of-jim.pdf
Reads: 1553499


James seems like such a noble name. Hmm . . . maybe not. The names James and Jim are held by some of history's most notorious criminals, scoundrels and utter failures. In this book, you'll encounter killers, con men, spies, mobsters and corrupt politicians - all named James. Meet the hit man turned stoolie, the spy who reached the highest levels of the U.S. military and the mayor more interested in a good time than good government. It's the perfect book for anyone named James, Jim or Jimmy.


Gateway ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: gateway.pdf
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Legends of the Wild West

Legends of the Wild West ebook ISBN:
Publisher: N A L
Author: Consumer Guide
Number of Pages: 448 
File: legends-of-the-wild-west.pdf
Reads: 4349329


A collection of fifty entertaining and informative profiles covers such famous and infamous characters as Wild Bill Hickok, Crazy Horse, and Buffalo Bill, as well as key events in the Old West and the roles of women and blacks. Original.

The Fireside Book of Cards

The Fireside Book of Cards ebook ISBN:
Author: Oswald Jacoby,Albert Hodges Morehead
Number of Pages: 364 
File: the-fireside-book-of-cards.pdf
Reads: 3343655


Treasury of outstanding literature, history, humor, art, and curiosa of the card table.

Legends and Tales of the American West

Legends and Tales of the American West ebook ISBN: 0307801616
Publisher: Pantheon
Author: Richard Erdoes
Number of Pages: 464 
File: legends-and-tales-of-the-american-west.pdf
Reads: 9281001


From Davy Crockett, Wild Bill Hickok, and Calamity Jane to Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and Frank and Jesse James, here are more than 130 colorful stories of the pioneers, cowboys, outlaws, gamblers, prospectors, and lawmen who settled the wild west, creating a uniquely American hero and an enduringly fascinating folk mythology. In this wonderfully boisterous treasury of tall tales, everyone and everything is larger than life and bragging is elevated into an art form. Many of these stories are of real people and real events; more than a few, however, grew taller and funnier as they made their rounds from wagon train to campfire to rodeo to miners' quarters. But even if it is far from established that Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were able to kill three men with one bullet or subdue ferocious grizzly bears with their fists, they come vividly to life here as beloved characters who have become part of the fabric of the American imagination. With black-and white illustrations throughout Part of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library