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ACHES ebook ISBN: 146372148X
Publisher: Estrange Reality
Author: CVA
Number of Pages: 444 
File: aches.pdf
Reads: 7306914


Estrange ACHS est un espion, un mercenaire, mais... Il est passablement ennuyé par le boulot qu'il est obligé d'honorer. Pris dans le piège de la routine journalière : l'entraînement des unités de la Légion étrangère en Guyane et les missions de sauvetage d'otages des griffes de ravisseurs - qu'ils soient au milieu du désert où dans les montagnes enneigées - sa vie bascule quand un étonnant rêve lui rappelle de l'existence d'une petite fille qu'il avait sauvée, par hasard, vingt ans plus tôt, au moment d'un crash d'avion. Pourquoi se souvenir de cela ? Pourquoi maintenant ? Sur un coup de tête il décide partir et retrouver la trace d'Alma et la clé du rêve, mais ce qu'il découvre ne faisait pas partie de ses calculs. Une organisation étrangère infiltrée dans l'armée française, des expériences sur le génome humain qui aboutiront à la création d'une autre race et qui transformeront son ami, Tyrone, dans un chasseur invétéré le poursuivant lui comme tous ceux de sa race, car Estrange n'est pas un humain normal, mais un mutant ! Une mutation de novo provoquée par un virus, qui avait rétro-transcrit son génome d'ARN en ADN, et avait transformé ses ancêtres dans ce qu'ils sont aujourd'hui : des.Estrange ACHS is a spy, a mercenary, but ... He is quite annoyed with the job he is obliged to honor. Caught in the trap of the daily routine: the drive units of the Foreign Legion in French Guiana and the rescue of hostages from the clutches of kidnappers - no matter where they are : in the middle of the desert in the snowy mountains of - , his life changed when an amazing dream reminds him of the existence of a little girl he had saved, by chance, twenty years earlier, when a plane crash. Why remember this? Why now? On a whim he decided to leave and find Alma and the key of his dream, but what he discovered was not part of its speculations... A foreign organization infiltrated into the French army, experiments on the human genome that will result the creation of another race and that will transform his friend, Tyrone, in a hunter pursuing him as the inveterate all his race, because Estrange is not a normal human, but a mutant! A de novo mutation was caused by a retrovirus reverse transcriptase RNA into double-stranded DNA and his ancestors had transformed into what they are today : ...

Aches & Pains

Aches & Pains ebook ISBN: 1409105490
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Maeve Binchy
Number of Pages: 96 
File: aches-pains.pdf
Reads: 4940826


A brilliantly funny guide to the trials and tribulations of hospitals and convalescence - from No. 1 bestselling author Maeve Binchy. Get the feel-better factor from Maeve Binchy as she teams up with artist Wendy Shea to bring us ACHES & PAINS. This gem of a book includes: Five things you can say to annoy the patient in the next bed How to put on elastic stockings Six ways to make non-alcoholic drinks bearable How to be the perfect hospital visitor Unusual but essential things for your medicine cupboard Filled with the fun, warmth and wisdom for which Maeve Binchy is famous, ACHES & PAINS is the perfect alternative to a Get Well card.

Aches and Gains

Aches and Gains ebook ISBN: 1945188103
Publisher: Bull Publishing
Author: Paul Christo
Number of Pages: 400 
File: aches-and-gains.pdf
Reads: 692674


Pain is often treatable but doctors, medical professionals, and patients don't understand the intricacies of chronic pain. Millions who suffer from pain become hopeless. With Aches and Gains, Dr. Paul Christo, a Johns Hopkins physician and leading pain specialist sheds new light on what it means to live with and overcome chronic pain. Dr. Christo shares celebrity interviews, including Naomi Judd, Lisa Swayze, Montel Williams, Ally Hilfiger, and Clay Walker, from his Sirius XM radio show Aches and Gains®, and stories from patients who have found a way to overcome the pain that once controlled their lives. Offering traditional, integrative, and innovative methods of easing pain, the book is a life-changing tool for anyone associated with pain including pain sufferers themselves, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and caregivers.Features a foreword by renowned talk show host Montel Williams.

5 Steps towards Managing Aches and Pains

5 Steps towards Managing Aches and Pains ebook ISBN: 8120790391
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Author: Anjali Arora
Number of Pages: 80 
File: 5-steps-towards-managing-aches-and-pains.pdf
Reads: 717778


Aches and pains, if neglected, can easily disrupt one’s daily routine. They have long-term effects if left untreated. Aches may be as a result of the body’s response to some nutritional/mineral deficiency, hormonal disorders, chronic diseases or a bad posture. This book focuses on the symptoms and causes of arthritis, osteoporosis etc. It busts traditional myths about various diseases. It also provides an advisory for the treatment of aches and pains.

My Heart Aches So My Mind Bleeds

My Heart Aches So My Mind Bleeds ebook ISBN: 1449081037
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Maxine Y. Anderson
Number of Pages: 156 
File: my-heart-aches-so-my-mind-bleeds.pdf
Reads: 8160180


It is not possible to read this collection of poems without being simultaneously touched by the authenticity of the experiences they recount... many of the poems in the collection deliver a stinging critique of America... ~Dr. Timothy Chin, University of Michigan Open-minded readers will see that the author's poems uncover inequities while also communicating encouragement of tolerance between the haves and the have-nots... we might have different challenges, backgrounds and life experiences but we can all relate to the rhythmic, heartfelt poems... ~Dr. Iris Baxter, University of Southern California

What Your Aches and Pains Are Telling You

What Your Aches and Pains Are Telling You ebook ISBN: 1620556766
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Michel Odoul
Number of Pages: 208 
File: what-your-aches-and-pains-are-telling-you.pdf
Reads: 6260305


Reveals the precise correspondences between specific emotional and mental tensions and the illnesses and traumas of the body • Explains how physical complaints--energetic disturbances that lead to ailments or chronic conditions--are your soul speaking to you • Shows how the body part affected as well as which side it is on pinpoints what your soul is trying to tell you and what you need to work through emotionally • Explains the Yin-Yang energetic correspondences of the body: the Yang axis of the shoulders, the Yin axis of the hips, and the Yin-Yang maternal/paternal connections Our body speaks. Physical complaints--allergies, fever, sore throat, inflammation, cysts, backache, migraines, sinus problems, sciatica, dizzy spells, and even cancer--are all signs of deep tensions inside of us are seeking expression. This is why, given the same genetic foundation, one individual develops a specific illness while another remains in good health. Drawing on 20 years of experience and several thousand individual consultations with patients, Michel Odoul shows the “proof” of this lies in the clear correspondences between emotional and mental tensions and specific ailments. The author reveals how every illness or trauma is a signal of incredible precision: The part of the body affected pinpoints what your inner being is trying to tell you and what you need to work through emotionally. Providing a reference grid of body-mind connections, he explains, for example, how skin conditions reflect difficulties with aggression from the outside world and knee problems indicate inflexibility or tension in relationships. He shows not only how each side of the body has specific meanings and connections to emotions, relationships, and family but also how the upper and lower halves of the body have specific connections--together forming four quadrants with unique Yin-Yang balances, where Yin represents emotional issues and Yang represents action/inaction. He also explores the role of the meridians of Chinese medicine in distributing emotional and mental energy throughout the body. Offering keys to decipher what the body is trying to tell us, the author shows that we can learn to see physical ailments not as something caused by chance or fate but as a message from our heart and soul. By releasing the energies and patterns they point to, we can return to a state of health and forward movement on our path through life.

Innocent limb aches (growing pains") in children"

Innocent limb aches (growing pains ISBN: 8869306615
Publisher: SICS Editore
Author: Sics Editore
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: innocent-limb-aches-growing-pains-in-children.pdf
Reads: 7099264


Diagnosis and treatment take, as a rule, place at the primary care level. Innocent leg aches ("growing pains") can be identified on the basis of history and the clinical presentation . Suspect other causes of pain if the child is below 3 years of age or if the pain makes the child limp or there are objective findings.

The Little Book of Home Remedies, Aches and Ailments

The Little Book of Home Remedies, Aches and Ailments ebook ISBN: 1592336701
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)
Author: Linda B. White,Barbara Seeber,Barbara Brownell Grogan
Number of Pages: 128 
File: the-little-book-of-home-remedies-aches-and-ailments.pdf
Reads: 4565019


A giftable and handy mini guidebook with authoritative family references for quick, efficient relief of common ailments.

Aches and Pains

Aches and Pains ebook ISBN: 9780953342358
Author: Louis Gifford
Number of Pages: 1326 
File: aches-and-pains.pdf
Reads: 9526058


From the early 1990's through to 2007, Louis Gifford spent a great deal of time lecturing about pain biology, pain presentations, explanations, management and treatment. A great deal of this book contains illustrative patient examples and narratives: some are amazing, some tragic and many amusing.


Aches ebook ISBN: 9789386897022
Author: Sneha Pandey
Number of Pages: 170 
File: aches.pdf
Reads: 9949381


The subtle aches of living, We walk over and again through time. The assuring ache of happiness, Cornering in one's eyes. The brutal ache of betrayal, Scratching through layers of insecurity. The grim hurt and hatred, With the chaos of love's insanity. The sorrow of being a strange soul With tears of loneliness. But in all ache, There is living. After every fall, There is an awakening. In the very darkness, There is a speck of light. Soul wrenching prose and poetry about true living through the coexistence of emotions and feelings in words and verses. A book about the lucid darkness of the soul and the light of hope and determination to conquer our own insecurities. Every poem speaks of pain in us. It is created to realize that there is pain, persistently in many people around us. And that, we don't suffer from it alone. We just have to know that the agony our heart bears now or did in the past has been felt by some other person too. ACHES is the Winner of Wattys'15, world's largest online writing competition(Wattpad) with 75000 entries in 2015; it was one of two poetry books and one of the only two Indian writer's books to win the award. It currently has 183000 unique reads on Wattpad. Also, the winner of YourstoryIndia'16, India's largest and most inclusive digital writing competition. The competition was organized by The Global Education Platform and Wattpad and the three winners were chosen through an elaborate system in three stage.

Aches and Epiphanies

Aches and Epiphanies ebook ISBN: 9781788304849
Author: Aries
Number of Pages: 160 
File: aches-and-epiphanies.pdf
Reads: 9190386


A collection of poetry, prose and thoughts from poet and songwriter, Aries. From love lost to happiness found; from pain to joy and vice versa. The words of the unspoken and raw human emotions come to the fore. For those who have stood face to face with love and it has been terrifying or have hidden secrets behind closed doors. For those who find comfort in the hands of another, you will learn, page by page. As the universe takes its last breath, it looks at you with glittering eyes and smiles. You were worth the destruction.

Cure Aches And Pains Through Osteopathy

Cure Aches And Pains Through Osteopathy ebook ISBN: 9788122202113
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Author: Dr. K M Modi
Number of Pages: 144 
File: cure-aches-and-pains-through-osteopathy.pdf
Reads: 7615746


The present-day fast tempo of living with its in-built pressures and tensions often produces muscle spasms in the body, which alter the bony structure and cause pain. This lucid and easy-to-follow book by India's foremost osteopath is invaluable for preventing, treating and curing all kinds of pains, aches and other related health problems.

A Little Honesty

A Little Honesty ebook ISBN: 0976547945
Publisher: BalonaBooks
Author: Jonathan Pearce
Number of Pages: 234 
File: a-little-honesty.pdf
Reads: 7213369


A creative, self-absorbed 16-year-old is trapped in summer school dullness, but his desire for a fine motorcycle and a date with a TV actress, a female fellow-student's romantic and violence-prone objectives, a confidence man's movie production scheme, and some counseling with a psychiatrist, all serve to pique his enthusiasm.

Aches, Pains, and Love

Aches, Pains, and Love ebook ISBN: 9780994993502
Author: Kira Lynne
Number of Pages: 390 
File: aches-pains-and-love.pdf
Reads: 2709597


Are you living with chronic pain or illness, or both? Have you given up on having an intimate, romantic relationship? Twenty years ago, a doctor told Kira Lynne that she would never be able to have an intimate relationship due to her chronic health conditions. Having proven that doctor wrong, Kira set out to write a book for people living with chronic pain and illness who believe the door has closed on their prospects for love and relationships. Living with chronic pain and illness can feel overwhelming, never mind adding intimacy into the mix. Yet, even though hundreds of thousands of people in North America alone suffer from such conditions, very little has been published on dating and relationships for people with chronic pain and illness. Aches, Pains, and Love addresses that need with wisdom, compassion, and humour. This is a book about hope, especially for those who feel that a loving relationship is beyond their reach due to their health conditions. You can have a loving, fulfilling partnership when you live with chronic pain and illness. It is possible to live joyfully in spite of illness and pain, to make new friends, deepen connections, and find lasting love and companionship in an intimate relationship. Both entertaining and practical, Aches, Pains, and Love provides a step-by-step guide to getting the love you want, regardless of your physical condition. From creating a strong personal foundation to finding prospective partners, to dating, to sex and beyond, Kira offers a host of real-life stories, frank practical observations, and specific tools that will help you decide what you really desire in a loving relationship and guide you toward achieving that happiness.

Effective Cycling

Effective Cycling ebook ISBN: 9780262560702
Publisher: MIT Press
Author: John Forester
Number of Pages: 599 
File: effective-cycling.pdf
Reads: 5273421


The core of John Forester's concept of Effective Cycling is that bicyclists fare best when they act, and are treated in return, as drivers of vehicles, with the same rights and responsibilities that motorists have. In this new edition of his classic introductory work, Forester reasserts this idea in terms of practice and education as well as theory while also addressing--among much else--the two major forces that have shaped bicycling since the early 1980s: the proliferation of high-quality equipment and the seriously insufficient progress on the social, political, and psychological fronts. The book is filled with details, strategies, and tips that will be useful both to occasional cyclists and to those who enjoy cycling as a way of life--all drawn from the author's many years of experience as a cyclist, a Cycling Transportation Engineer, and the founder of the Effective Cycling Program.

Speaking of Back-aches

Speaking of Back-aches ebook ISBN: 9780832622335
Publisher: Delair Publishing Company
Author: Renate Zauner
Number of Pages: 127 
File: speaking-of-back-aches.pdf
Reads: 2535264


A therapeutic aid for backache sufferers, back surgery patients, and those interested in preventative medicine

Language in Use Pre-Intermediate New Edition Teacher's Book

Language in Use Pre-Intermediate New Edition Teacher's Book ebook ISBN: 9780521774048
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Adrian Doff,Christopher Jones
Number of Pages: 232 
File: language-in-use-pre-intermediate-new-edition-teacher-s-book.pdf
Reads: 167016


Each of the four levels comprises about 80 hours of class work, with additional time for the self-study work. The Teacher's Book contains all the pages from the Classroom Book, with interleaved teaching notes including optional activities to cater for different abilities. There is a video to accompany the Beginner, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels. Each video contains eight stimulating and entertaining short programmes, as well as a booklet of photocopiable activities. Free test material is available in booklet and web format for Beginner and Pre-intermediate levels. Visit or contact your local Cambridge University Press representative.

500 Time-Tested Home Remedies and the Science Behind Them

500 Time-Tested Home Remedies and the Science Behind Them ebook ISBN: 1592335756
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)
Author: Linda B. White, M.D.,Barbara H. Seeber,Barbara Brownell Grogan
Number of Pages: 512 
File: 500-time-tested-home-remedies-and-the-science-behind-them.pdf
Reads: 3331301


"This comprehensive, authoritative family reference provides quick, efficient relief for hundreds of common ailments. From insect bites, insomnia, and upset stomach to nasal congestion, stress-reducing tips, and hints for heart health, 500 Time-Tested Home Remedies and the Science Behind Them offers accessible and effective recipes (many using three ingredients or less) for DIYers who want to bolster their immune defenses, and treat aches and pains and manageable ailments naturally. A cost-effective alternative to expensive prescriptions and over-the-counter products, these home treatments are easy to prepare. This important reference is both browseable and easy to use a moment's notice. Read it from cover to cover or simply pull it out when you need it.It includes "How it Works" sidebars that explain the science behind proven alternative treatments, a "Spotlight on Superfoods" feature, healthy lifestyle tips, "Myth vs Fact" boxes, and a "Time to Call the Doctor" feature for spotting true emergencies. When the need arises, you can trust that 500 Time-Tested Home Remedies and the Science Behind Them will provide you with the information you need to make practical decisions to keep you and your family safe and healthy. "--

The Massage Bible

The Massage Bible ebook ISBN: 9781402770012
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Susan Mumford
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-massage-bible.pdf
Reads: 4305480


From Chinese massage to Shiatsu to Indian head massage, this lavishly illustrated "bible" presents all the techniques needed to master the basics. Every spread features large and easy-to-follow photos, while the text guides beginners on what pressure to exert, what part of the hand makes contact with the body, and exactly what to do--whether they're feathering the back, working on the neck and scalp, or performing a sequence on the arms and hands. In addition to holistic and sports massages, there are suggestions for special situations (including massaging a baby); advice on massages to relieve common ailments; and lifestyle tips.