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Acid Dreams

Acid Dreams ebook ISBN: 9780802130624
Publisher: Grove Press
Author: Martin A. Lee,Bruce Shlain
Number of Pages: 345 
File: acid-dreams.pdf
Reads: 9209375


Provides a social history of how the CIA used the psychedelic drug LSD as a tool of espionage during the early 1950s and tested it on U.S. citizens before it spread into popular culture, in particular the counterculture as represented by Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey, and others who helped spawn political and social upheaval.

Acid Dreams

Acid Dreams ebook ISBN: 1257029967
Author: Elizabeth Rawls
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: acid-dreams.pdf
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Drugs as Weapons Against Us

Drugs as Weapons Against Us ebook ISBN: 1937584933
Publisher: Trine Day
Author: John L. Potash
Number of Pages: 456 
File: drugs-as-weapons-against-us.pdf
Reads: 3996571


Drugs as Weapons Against Us meticulously details how a group of opium-trafficking families came to form an American oligarchy and eventually achieved global dominance. This oligarchy helped fund the Nazi regime and then saved thousands of Nazis to work with the Central Intelligence Agency. CIA operations such as MK-Ultra pushed LSD and other drugs on leftist leaders and left-leaning populations at home and abroad. Evidence supports that this oligarchy further led the United States into its longest-running wars in the ideal areas for opium crops, while also massively funding wars in areas of coca plant abundance for cocaine production under the guise of a "war on drugs" that is actually the use of drugs as a war on us. Drugs as Weapons Against Us tells how scores of undercover U.S. Intelligence agents used drugs in the targeting of leftist leaders from SDS to the Black Panthers, Young Lords, Latin Kings, and the Occupy Movement. It also tells how they particularly targeted leftist musicians, including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Tupac Shakur to promote drugs while later murdering them when they started sobering up and taking on more leftist activism. The book further uncovers the evidence that Intelligence agents dosed Paul Robeson with LSD, gave Mick Jagger his first hit of acid, hooked Janis Joplin on amphetamines, as well as manipulating Elvis Presley, Eminem, the Wu Tang Clan, and others.

American Trip

American Trip ebook ISBN: 0262358948
Publisher: MIT Press
Author: Ido Hartogsohn
Number of Pages: 432 
File: american-trip.pdf
Reads: 3651651


How historical, social, and cultural forces shaped the psychedelic experience in midcentury America, from CIA experiments with LSD to Timothy Leary's Harvard Psilocybin Project. Are psychedelics invaluable therapeutic medicines, or dangerously unpredictable drugs that precipitate psychosis? Tools for spiritual communion or cognitive enhancers that spark innovation? Activators for one's private muse or part of a political movement? In the 1950s and 1960s, researchers studied psychedelics in all these incarnations, often arriving at contradictory results. In American Trip, Ido Hartogsohn examines how the psychedelic experience in midcentury America was shaped by historical, social, and cultural forces--by set (the mindset of the user) and setting (the environments in which the experience takes place).

Don Pablo et ses amis

Don Pablo et ses amis ebook ISBN: 9782872620906
Publisher: Editions Aden
Author: Hernando Calvo Ospina
Number of Pages: 184 
File: don-pablo-et-ses-amis.pdf
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Hep-cats, Narcs, and Pipe Dreams

Hep-cats, Narcs, and Pipe Dreams ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Scribner Book Company
Author: Jill Jonnes
Number of Pages: 510 
File: hep-cats-narcs-and-pipe-dreams.pdf
Reads: 4118047


Sweeping in scope and arrestingly detailed, this colorful social history portrays America's complex relationship with drugs, from the genteel opium addiction of the early 19th century to the violent, desperate street use of crack today. Inluces eight pages of photos.

Teenage Horror A-Go-Go

Teenage Horror A-Go-Go ebook ISBN: 1409224147
Author: Giles Clark
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: teenage-horror-a-go-go.pdf
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The Long March

The Long March ebook ISBN: 1594033935
Publisher: Encounter Books
Author: Roger Kimball
Number of Pages: 326 
File: the-long-march.pdf
Reads: 6887093


In The Long March, Roger Kimball, the author of Tenured Radicals, shows how the "cultural revolution" of the 1960s and '70s took hold in America, lodging in our hearts and minds, and affecting our innermost assumptions about what counts as the good life. Kimball believes that the counterculture transformed high culture as well as our everyday life in terms of attitudes toward self and country, sex and drugs, and manners and morality. Believing that this dramatic change "cannot be understood apart from the seductive personalities who articulated its goals," he intersperses his argument with incisive portraits of the life and thought of Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Timothy Leary, Susan Sontag, Eldridge Cleaver and other "cultural revolutionaries" who made their mark. For all that has been written about the counterculture, until now there has not been a chronicle of how this revolutionary movement succeeded and how its ideas helped provoke today's "culture wars." The Long March fills this gap with a compelling and well-informed narrative that is sure to provoke discussion and debate.

1968 in America

1968 in America ebook ISBN: 0802193242
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Author: Charles Kaiser
Number of Pages: 336 
File: 1968-in-america.pdf
Reads: 7438284


From assassinations to student riots, this is “a splendidly evocative account of a historic year—a year of tumult, of trauma, and of tragedy” (Arthur Schlesinger Jr.). In the United States, the 1960s were a period of unprecedented change and upheaval—but the year 1968 in particular stands out as a dramatic turning point. Americans witnessed the Tet offensive in Vietnam; the shocking assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy; and the chaos at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. At the same time, a young generation was questioning authority like never before—and popular culture, especially music, was being revolutionized. Largely based on unpublished interviews and documents—including in-depth conversations with Eugene McCarthy and Bob Dylan, among many others, and the late Theodore White’s archives, to which the author had sole access—1968 in America is a fascinating social history, and the definitive study of a year when nothing could be taken for granted. “Kaiser aims to convey not only what happened during the period but what it felt like at the time. Affecting touches bring back powerful memories, including strong accounts of the impact of the Tet offensive and of the frenzy aroused by Bobby Kennedy’s race for the presidency.” —The New York Times Book Review

Illegal Drugs

Illegal Drugs ebook ISBN: 9781440650246
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Paul Gahlinger
Number of Pages: 480 
File: illegal-drugs.pdf
Reads: 1311117


Does Ecstasy cause brain damage? Why is crack more addictive than cocaine? What questions regarding drugs are legal to ask in a job interview? When does marijuana possession carry a greater prison sentence than murder? Illegal Drugs is the first comprehensive reference to offer timely, pertinent information on every drug currently prohibited by law in the United States. It includes their histories, chemical properties and effects, medical uses and recreational abuses, and associated health problems, as well as addiction and treatment information. Additional survey chapters discuss general and historical information on illegal drug use, the effect of drugs on the brain, the war on drugs, drugs in the workplace, the economy and culture of illegal drugs, and information on thirty-three psychoactive drugs that are legal in the United States, from caffeine, alcohol and tobacco to betel nuts and kava kava.

The Prankster and the Conspiracy

The Prankster and the Conspiracy ebook ISBN: 193104466X
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
Author: Adam Gorightly
Number of Pages: 292 
File: the-prankster-and-the-conspiracy.pdf
Reads: 671408


One of the 1960s counterculture's most fascinating characters was Kerry Wendell Thornley -- a writer, philosopher, Zen dishwasher, enlightened prankster, and, possibly, an Oswald double with disturbing ties to the Kennedy assassination. A lifelong provocateur, Thornley was linked to many of the fringe elements of the time. He helped create the spoof religion called the Discordian Society and its tract, the Principia Discordia. He coined the term "paganism" to describe various nature religions. And he befriended Robert Anton Wilson, inspired the Illuminatus, and gave his anarchic support to the Bavarian Illuminati, a brilliant prank.

The Sixties Unplugged

The Sixties Unplugged ebook ISBN: 0330539337
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Gerard DeGroot
Number of Pages: 528 
File: the-sixties-unplugged.pdf
Reads: 3272157


The 1960s is a decade often seen through a rose-tinted lens: an era when the young would not only rule the world but change it, too, for the better. But does such fond nostalgia really stand up? Vivid, rich in anecdote, sometimes angry and always persuasive, The Sixties Unplugged is a hugely entertaining and authoritative account of the decade of myth and madness. Read it and remember that even if you weren’t there, you can still find out what really happened.

The Mosaic of Contemporary Psychiatry in Perspective

The Mosaic of Contemporary Psychiatry in Perspective ebook ISBN: 1461391946
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Anthony Kales,Chester M. Pierce,Milton Greenblatt
Number of Pages: 448 
File: the-mosaic-of-contemporary-psychiatry-in-perspective.pdf
Reads: 8527341


Psychiatry has undergone a dynamic evolution in the last 40 years, an evolution to which Dr. Louis West made many contributions. Psychiatry today and Dr. West's career are intertwined in a mosaic of interaction. It is therefore fitting that this compilation of essays in honor of Dr. West is entitled The Mosaic of Contemporary Psychiatry: Current Perspectives. The papers collectively form a snapshot of the field of psychiatry today. Each chapter offers a historical perspective of the topic discussed, followed by a description of modern day issues and a look at the future of psychiatry. This book will enhance the knowledge and technical skills of psychiatrists as well as other clinicians in the mental health care field.

De la contestation en Amérique

De la contestation en Amérique ebook ISBN:
Publisher: PU Rennes
Author: Frédéric Robert
Number of Pages: 308 
File: de-la-contestation-en-amérique.pdf
Reads: 1747567


Les années 60 aux Etats-Unis furent une décennie contestataire marquée par l'émergence de nombreux mouvements de transformation sociale sur la scène politique. Les principaux d'entre eux furent les suivants : le Mouvement pour les Droits Civiques, terme générique qui désigne des organisations comme CORE, SCLC, SNCC, BPP, les mouvements féministes du Women's Liberation Movement, comme NOW, WITCH, SCUM, le Gay Movement avec le GLF ou la GAA, les mouvements étudiants comme le SDS ou le FSM, les principaux mouvements des minorités ethniques, comme les Indiens avec le NIYC, l'AIM, les Mexicains-Américains du Sud-Ouest, les Chicanos, avec l'UFWOC, l'UFWU, l'UMAS, la MAC et les Portoricains du YLP. Tous ces mouvements appartenaient à ce qui fut plus communément appelé le " Movement " ou la Nouvelle Gauche américaine. Cette dernière occupa la scène politique américaine pendant cette décennie, s'efforçant, dans un premier temps, de réformer la société, essentiellement de 1960 à 1965, avant de passer à une phase révolutionnaire (qui dura jusqu'au début des années 70) lorsqu'elle se rendit compte que ses actions directes non violentes obtenaient peu de résultats concrets et qu'elles égratignaient relativement peu le bipartisme à l'américaine.

The Adding Machine

The Adding Machine ebook ISBN: 0802192971
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Author: William S. Burroughs
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-adding-machine.pdf
Reads: 5335736


"Sheer pleasure. . . . Wonderfully entertaining."—Chicago Sun-Times Acclaimed by Norman Mailer more than twenty years ago as "possibly the only American writer of genius," William S. Burroughs has produced a body of work unique in our time. In these scintillating essays, he writes wittily and wisely about himself, his interests, his influences, his friends and foes. He offers candid and not always flattering assessments of such diverse writers as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Samuel Beckett, and Marcel Proust. He ruminates on science and the often dubious paths into which it seems intent on leading us, whether into outer or inner space. He reviews his reviewers, explains his famous "cut-up" method, and discusses the role coincidence has played in his life and work. As satirist and parodist, William Burroughs has no peer, as these varied works, written over three decades, amply reveal.

Many Minds, One Heart

Many Minds, One Heart ebook ISBN: 0807867896
Publisher: UNC Press Books
Author: Wesley C. Hogan
Number of Pages: 480 
File: many-minds-one-heart.pdf
Reads: 3594542


How did the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee break open the caste system in the American South between 1960 and 1965? In this innovative study, Wesley Hogan explores what SNCC accomplished and, more important, how it fostered significant social change in such a short time. She offers new insights into the internal dynamics of SNCC as well as the workings of the larger civil rights and Black Power movement of which it was a part. As Hogan chronicles, the members of SNCC created some of the civil rights movement's boldest experiments in freedom, including the sit-ins of 1960, the rejuvenated Freedom Rides of 1961, and grassroots democracy projects in Georgia and Mississippi. She highlights several key players--including Charles Sherrod, Bob Moses, and Fannie Lou Hamer--as innovators of grassroots activism and democratic practice. Breaking new ground, Hogan shows how SNCC laid the foundation for the emergence of the New Left and created new definitions of political leadership during the civil rights and Vietnam eras. She traces the ways other social movements--such as Black Power, women's liberation, and the antiwar movement--adapted practices developed within SNCC to apply to their particular causes. Many Minds, One Heart ultimately reframes the movement and asks us to look anew at where America stands on justice and equality today.

The Philosophy of The X-Files

The Philosophy of The X-Files ebook ISBN: 0813136342
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
Author: Dean A. Kowalski
Number of Pages: 314 
File: the-philosophy-of-the-x-files.pdf
Reads: 4820401


In The Philosophy of The X-Files, Dean A. Kowalski has gathered a remarkable cast of contributors to shed light on the philosophical mysteries of the television show The X-Files. With sections devoted to the show's credos, such as "The Truth Is Out There," individual characters, and specific episodes, The Philosophy of The X-Files illuminates the philosophical assumptions and presuppositions of the show as well as presents discussions through the show to help the reader better understand philosophy and philosophical inquiry.

Acorns: Windows High-Tide Foghat

Acorns: Windows High-Tide Foghat ebook ISBN: 1475966911
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Joshua Morris
Number of Pages: 1042 
File: acorns-windows-high-tide-foghat.pdf
Reads: 7417399


Acorns delineates the future of humanity as a reunification of intellect with the Deep Self. Having chosen to focus upon ego (established securely by the time of Christ), much more beta brain wave development will destroy our species and others, which process has already begun. We create our own realities through beliefs, intents and desires and we were in and out of probabilities constantly. Feelings follow beliefs, not the other way around.

I Have America Surrounded

I Have America Surrounded ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Barricade Books Incorporated
Author: John Higgs
Number of Pages: 306 
File: i-have-america-surrounded.pdf
Reads: 1255373


A portrait of the controversial behavioral psychologist discusses how he was villainized, heralded, and ultimately terminated from Harvard for his experiments with psychedelic drugs; his sensational escape from prison; and his influence on the post-modern twenty-first century world.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Men Who Stare at Goats ebook ISBN: 9781451665970
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Jon Ronson
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-men-who-stare-at-goats.pdf
Reads: 7678353


Bizarre military history: In 1979, a crack commando unit was established by the most gifted minds within the U.S. Army. Defying all known laws of physics and accepted military practice, they believed that a soldier could adopt the cloak of invisibility, pass cleanly through walls, and—perhaps most chillingly—kill goats just by staring at them. They were the First Earth Battalion, entrusted with defending America from all known adversaries. And they really weren’t joking. What’s more, they’re back—and they’re fighting the War on Terror. An uproarious exploration of American military paranoia: With investigations ranging from the mysterious “Goat Lab,” to Uri Geller’s covert psychic work with the CIA, to the increasingly bizarre role played by a succession of U.S. presidents, this might just be the funniest, most unsettling book you will ever read—if only because it is all true and is still happening today.