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Adi's World

Adi's World ebook ISBN: 1449794157
Publisher: WestBow Press
Author: Jo-Marie
Number of Pages: 198 
File: adi-s-world.pdf
Reads: 8903771


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a sugar maple tree? Your whole village lives inside the tree’s trunk and branches. How tall are you? What is your home like? Does your bedroom have windows? Where do you go to school? Does your school have a playground? What if one day a branch on your school’s playground cracks open? This branch is high in the air. What danger does this crack bring to your school and community? What if the adults in your community can’t solve the problem? What will you and your classmates do? Will you think of ways to help your community? Who will lead this important project? Will you solve the mystery of how the crack happened and why? What if things go wrong? Adi faces these problems with the help of her friends and a very special person. Through His help and guidance, Adi finds courage she doesn’t know she has. Adi learns to answer His question: Who are you, Adi?

Understanding Tribal Religion

Understanding Tribal Religion ebook ISBN: 9788170999454
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Author: Tamo Mibang,Sarit Kumar Chaudhuri
Number of Pages: 247 
File: understanding-tribal-religion.pdf
Reads: 275825


The Book Is A Maiden Effort To Textualise Various Elements Of Religious Beliefs And Practices Of The Tribes Of Arunachal Pradesh

Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary

Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary ebook ISBN: 9780007210121
Publisher: Collins Cobuild
Author: Collins Cobuild
Number of Pages: 1744 
File: collins-cobuild-advanced-learner-s-english-dictionary.pdf
Reads: 6519548


In its two-colour layout, this dictionary offers learners of English coverage of the language. It includes a supplement, Access to English, that helps the user, with phrases illustrating important structures in areas such as, essay-writing, presentations, report-writing, and job applications.

Cities in a World Economy

Cities in a World Economy ebook ISBN: 1506362605
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Author: Saskia Sassen
Number of Pages: 440 
File: cities-in-a-world-economy.pdf
Reads: 7937232


Cities in a World Economy, Fifth Edition examines the emergence of global cities as a new social formation. As sites of rapid and widespread developments in the areas of finance, information and people, global cities lie at the core of the major processes of globalization. The book reflects the most current data available and explores recent debates such as the role of cities in mitigating environmental problems, the global refugee crisis, Brexit, and the rise of Donald Trump in the United States

Catalogue of the Smaller Arachnid Orders of the World

Catalogue of the Smaller Arachnid Orders of the World ebook ISBN: 0643098747
Author: Mark S Harvey
Number of Pages: 400 
File: catalogue-of-the-smaller-arachnid-orders-of-the-world.pdf
Reads: 3299230


This authoritative catalogue will greatly assist readers in finding the correct taxonomic name for any given family, genus or species within each of the six arachnid orders treated. It contains a valuable summary of bibliographic information, enabling readers to access the worldwide literature for these smaller orders. The catalogue presents full bibliographic data on each of the taxa named thus far, treating over 1600 species. It contains the most current classification system for each group, some of which have not been catalogued on a world scale for over 70 years. A summary of taxonomic changes is included. This quality reference will be of immense value to arachnologists, systematists, taxonomists, ecologists and biodiversity professionals, especially those interested in tropical rainforest communities.

The Mind of Adi Shankaracharya

The Mind of Adi Shankaracharya ebook ISBN: 817224214X
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Author: Y.K. Menon
Number of Pages: 136 
File: the-mind-of-adi-shankaracharya.pdf
Reads: 7010472


On the intellectual level, Indian philosophy is logical, rational and proceeds on the same kinds of axioms as western philosophy. Shankara was one of the most subtle of Indian philosophers. The reader will find some reasoning worthy of his steel in the following pages. Perhaps, the most helpful thing that can be said is that the reader who wants to get the best out of Shankara should approach him with cool, open and constructively critical mind.

Folk Tales of the Adis

Folk Tales of the Adis ebook ISBN: 9788170998990
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Author: Obang Tayeng
Number of Pages: 163 
File: folk-tales-of-the-adis.pdf
Reads: 5920603


The Adis, One Of The Main Tribes Of Arunachal Pradesh, Lives Mostly In West Siang, Upper Siang, East Siang And Lower Dibang Valley Districts Of The State. This Anthology Of 57 Folktales Of The Adis Has Been Compiled By The Author After Research Spread Over A Number Of Years. The Tales Have Been Briefly And Simply Presented, Along With A List Of Keywords At The End Of The Tales.

A World Without Souls

A World Without Souls ebook ISBN:
Author: John William Cunningham
Number of Pages: 170 
File: a-world-without-souls.pdf
Reads: 1284074


Hoover's Handbook of World Business

Hoover's Handbook of World Business ebook ISBN: 9781573111225
Publisher: Hoovers Incorporated
Author: Hoover's
Number of Pages: 394 
File: hoover-s-handbook-of-world-business.pdf
Reads: 2797710


Public, private and state-owned companies outside the U.S. have a profound influence on the rest of the World's business and life styles. This text provides coverage of 300 of the most influential firms from Canada, Europe and Japan, as well as companies from the fast-growing economies of such countries as China, India and Brazil.

Encyclopaedia of the Hindu World

Encyclopaedia of the Hindu World ebook ISBN: 9788170223757
Publisher: Concept Publishing Company
Author: Gaṅgā Rām Garg
Number of Pages: 285 
File: encyclopaedia-of-the-hindu-world.pdf
Reads: 362935


Lift Yourself Up

Lift Yourself Up ebook ISBN: 097995830X
Publisher: Siddharth Lodaya
Author: Adi
Number of Pages: 197 
File: lift-yourself-up.pdf
Reads: 6437165


Transformation of Muslim Mystical Thought in the Ottoman Empire

Transformation of Muslim Mystical Thought in the Ottoman Empire ebook ISBN: 0748686916
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Author: John J Curry
Number of Pages: 352 
File: transformation-of-muslim-mystical-thought-in-the-ottoman-empire.pdf
Reads: 9441125


Based on careful study of the substantial and largely unpublished manuscript legacy left by the Halveti mystical order, one of the most influential Sufi orders in the Ottoman Empire, this is a history of the rise and spread of its Sa'baniyye branch betwee

Large-Scale Scientific Computing

Large-Scale Scientific Computing ebook ISBN: 3540319948
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Ivan Lirkov,Svetozar Margenov
Number of Pages: 704 
File: large-scale-scientific-computing.pdf
Reads: 8407972


The 5th International Conference on Large-Scale Scienti'c Computations (LSSC2005)washeldinSozopol,Bulgaria,June6-10,2003. Theconferencewas organizedandsponsoredbytheInstituteforParallelProcessingattheBulgarian Academy of Sciences. Partial support was also provided from project BIS-21++ funded by the European Commission in FP6 INCO via grant 016639/2005. The plenary invited speakers and lectures were: - O. Axelsson,EigenvalueEstimatesforPreconditionedSaddlePointMatrices - R. Blaheta, Algebraic Multilevel Methods with Aggregations - S. Brenner, Additive Multigrid Theory - C. Carstensen, Review on the Convergence of Adaptive Finite Element Methods - S. Heinrich, Numerical Analysis on a Quantum Computer - U. Langer, Inexact Date-Sparse Boundary and Finite Element Domain - composition Methods - R. Lazarov, Discontinuous Galerkin Method as Stabilization Technique for Nonconforming Finite Element Approximations of PDEs - J. Wa ́ sniewski, New Data Storage Formats for Dense Matrices Lead to - riety of High-Performance Algorithms - Z. Zlatev, Parallel Treatment of General Sparse Matrices The success of the conference and the present volume in particular are the outcome of the joint e'orts of many colleagues from various institutions and organizations. Firstly thanks to all the members of the Scienti'c Committee for their valuable contribution forming the scienti'c face of the conference, as well as for their help in reviewing contributed papers. We especially thank the organizers of the special sessions. We are also grateful to the sta? involved in the local organization.