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Advice from a Failure

Advice from a Failure ebook ISBN: 0595268366
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Jo Coudert
Number of Pages: 292 
File: advice-from-a-failure.pdf
Reads: 8448370


"Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave nor lose. To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution." This is the premise of Jo Coudert's brilliant book, hailed by psychiatrists and layman alike as a breakthrough in the field of self-understanding. No other book is comparable in its intelligent synthesis of knowledge of the workings of the human mind in terms designed to be of immediate and practical benefit to the reader.

The Angel of Pain

The Angel of Pain ebook ISBN: 9780578638850
Author: Aubrey Price
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-angel-of-pain.pdf
Reads: 1903107


Story of bank investment failure, my time as a fugitive, and lessons concerning pain and suffering

The Same Sweet Girl's Guide to Life

The Same Sweet Girl's Guide to Life ebook ISBN: 9781940210032
Publisher: Maiden Lane Press Llc
Author: Cassandra King,Rick Bragg
Number of Pages: 90 
File: the-same-sweet-girl-s-guide-to-life.pdf
Reads: 1942329


Blending together humor and practical wisdom, the "Queen of Southern storytelling" offers inspiration and solid advice to new graduates that will help them deal with anything that life throws at them.

Interrogating the Neoliberal Lifecycle

Interrogating the Neoliberal Lifecycle ebook ISBN: 3030007707
Publisher: Springer
Author: Beverley Clack,Michele Paule
Number of Pages: 268 
File: interrogating-the-neoliberal-lifecycle.pdf
Reads: 9029401


In this timely collection, contributors from a number of disciplines discuss neoliberal visions of success, and the subsequent effects they have on the construction of the lifecycle. Frequently mentioned in popular political discourse, the notion of neoliberalism is often deployed as shorthand for the consensus that austerity is necessary and the hard-working individual can survive it. This volume unpicks and interrogates the term by engaging with the interface between the political ubiquity of neoliberal forms and its lived experience in neoliberal societies, cutting across a multiplicity of factors including gender, age, and access to education. Impressive in its wide scope and analysis, Interrogating the Neoliberal Lifecycle presents an informed discussion not only of the limits of the neoliberal paradigm but also of possible alternatives.

Votre grossesse jour après jour

Votre grossesse jour après jour ebook ISBN: 9782035849441
Author: Maggie Blott
Number of Pages: 496 
File: votre-grossesse-jour-après-jour.pdf
Reads: 4452891


Un ouvrage complet et facile à consulter pour passer les 40 semaines de grossesse en toute sérénité. Des conseils d'experts sur le suivi de la grossesse, l'alimentation, les précautions à prendre, les activités à privilégier ou à éviter. Des astuces pour rester zen au quotidien : beauté, santé, relation avec le papa. Des informations précises sur l'accouchement, du début du travail jusqu'à la naissance ; un guide pratique sur les premiers soins à apporter au nouveau-né ainsi qu'à la jeune maman. Plus de 1000 illustrations dont environ 300 images étonnantes montrant le développement in utero.

Why Me, Lord?

Why Me, Lord? ebook ISBN: 9781506459721
Publisher: Augsburg Books
Author: Michael Apichella
Number of Pages: 191 
File: why-me-lord.pdf
Reads: 686464


This book honestly explores the experiences and disappointments that we all meet at some time. Why Me, Lord? encourages us to see that this is a normal part of Christian experience and growth, shows us what the Scriptures teach about such experiences, and how we can learn from them to follow Jesus more closely.

Through-life Engineering Services

Through-life Engineering Services ebook ISBN: 3319121111
Publisher: Springer
Author: Louis Redding,Rajkumar Roy
Number of Pages: 457 
File: through-life-engineering-services.pdf
Reads: 4735217


Demonstrating the latest research and analysis in the area of through-life engineering services (TES), this book utilizes case studies and expert analysis from an international array of practitioners and researchers – who together represent multiple manufacturing sectors: aerospace, railway and automotive – to maximize reader insights into the field of through-life engineering services. As part of the EPSRC Centre in Through-life Engineering Services program to support the academic and industrial community, this book presents an overview of non-destructive testing techniques and applications and provides the reader with the information needed to assess degradation and possible automation of through-life engineering service activities . The latest developments in maintenance-repair-overhaul (MRO) are presented with emphasis on cleaning technologies, repair and overhaul approaches and planning and digital assistance. The impact of these technologies on sustainable enterprises is also analyzed. This book will help to support the existing TES community and will provide future studies with a strong base from which to analyze and apply techn9olgical trends to real world examples.

Heart Advice from a Mahamudra Master

Heart Advice from a Mahamudra Master ebook ISBN: 3940269042
Publisher: Norbu Verlag
Author: Gendun Rinpoche
Number of Pages: 294 
File: heart-advice-from-a-mahamudra-master.pdf
Reads: 4272604


This book is by a Tibetan lama who spent three decades in meditation retreat in Tibet and India and then 22 years teaching Buddhism in Europe. It contains teachings that he considered vital for treading the Buddhist path to liberation, especially for westerners, and that he gave again and again to his Western students. His advice on Buddhist practice is simple and yet profound; it extends from the basics all the way up to the highest teaching of Mahamudra. His words are imbued with an authority and authenticity that comes from having tested these teachings and practices in the fire of his own extraordinary meditative experience. There is no dogma or display of rote learning in this book - everything offered here is heartfelt advice coming from personal experience and constitutes essential fare for the practitioner. The outstanding characteristic of the book is its singular power to inspire the reader to dedicate themselves seriously to Buddhist practice. It will be helpful to newcomers to Buddhism who want a practical and authoritative introduction to its key themes. It will also be of great value to experienced practitioners who will find in it countless gems of advice to help them resolve remaining uncertainties about their Dharma practice. Also included in the book is a lengthy chapter that tells the fascinating tale of Gendun Rinpoche's life and practice in the monasteries and mountains of Tibet, his escape to India, his interactions with the 16th Karmapa, and his powerful impact on his numerous Western students.

La meilleure des vies

La meilleure des vies ebook ISBN: 9782246815051
Author: J.K. Rowling
Number of Pages: 80 
File: la-meilleure-des-vies.pdf
Reads: 1024902


Invitée à prononcer le traditionnel discours annuel lors de la cérémonie de remise des diplômes de fin d'année à l'université Harvard, J. K. Rowling a transformé ce rituel convenu en un témoignage très personnel, dont chacun peut tirer une véritable leçon de vie. Puisant directement aux sources de sa propre expérience, dont elle nous confie des épisodes " méconnus, l'auteur dégage ici avec émotion, acuité et ironie des principes qui aideront toute personne à la croisée des chemins à méditer sur le sens de l'existence en général et de sa vie en particulier. L'auteur souligne notamment les bienfaits insoupçonnés de l'échec et l'importance de l'imagination, non seulement comme faculté de création, mais comme pouvoir d'empathie. La nature des sujets abordés et la puissance intemporelle de ce bref ouvrage circonstanciel en font un grand livre de sagesse éternelle.

Stein On Writing

Stein On Writing ebook ISBN: 1466864990
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Sol Stein
Number of Pages: 320 
File: stein-on-writing.pdf
Reads: 5310503


Your future as a writer is in your hands. Whether you are a newcomer or an accomplished professional, a novelist, story writer, or a writer of nonfiction, you will find this book a wealth of immediately useful guidance not available anywhere else. As Sol Stein, renowned editor, author, and instructor, explains, "This is not a book of theory. It is a book of useable solutions-- how to fix writing that is flawed, how to improve writing that is good, how to create interesting writing in the first place." You will find one of the great unspoken secrets of craftsmanship in Chapter 5, called "Markers: The Key to Swift Characterization." In Chapter 7, Stein reveals for he first time in print the wonderful system for creating instant conflict developed in the Playwrights Group of the Actors Studio, of which he was a founder. In "Secrets of Good Dialogue," the premier teacher of dialogue gives you the instantly useable techniques that not only make verbal exchanges exciting but that move the story forward immediately. You won't need to struggle with flashbacks or background material after you've read Chapter 14, which shows you how to bring background into the foreground. Writers of both fiction and nonfiction will relish the amphetamines for speeding up pace, and the many ways to liposuction flab, as well as how to tap originality and recognize what successful titles have in common. You'll discover literary values that enhance writing, providing depth and resonance. You'll bless the day you read Chapters 32 and 33 and discover why revising by starting at page one can be a serious mistake, and how to revise without growing cold on your manuscript. In the pages of this book, nonfiction writers will find a passport to the new revolution in journalism and a guide to using the techniques of fiction to enhance nonfiction. Fresh, useful, informative, and fun to read and reread, Stein on Writing is a book you will mark up, dog-ear, and cherish.

Advice from the Top

Advice from the Top ebook ISBN: 1457502194
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Author: Business Marketing Association
Number of Pages: 228 
File: advice-from-the-top.pdf
Reads: 8793621


A collection of the B2B Marketing thinking of 24 marketing experts from leading academics to in-the-trenches corporate marketers to senior agency executives and seasoned consultants.

IT Solutions Series: Humanizing Information Technology: Advice from Experts

IT Solutions Series: Humanizing Information Technology: Advice from Experts ebook ISBN: 1591402468
Publisher: IGI Global
Author: Garson, G. David,Schelin, Shannon H.
Number of Pages: 350 
File: it-solutions-series-humanizing-information-technology-advice-from-experts.pdf
Reads: 7984691


The role of information technology (IT) has becoming increasingly important in both private and public sectors over recent years. The advent of personal computers, information networks, and the Internet has engendered an information revolution, which has created new means of production, new communication patterns, and new work processes. The ability to buy and sell goods and services via the Internet has led to new private sector industries and new business and government models. Furthermore, there is an emerging realization that implementation of IT is more than just a shift in communication patterns or mediums. At least potentially, it involves a transformation of an organization's culture.

Advice from the Presidents: The Student's Guide to Reaching the Top in Business and Politics

Advice from the Presidents: The Student's Guide to Reaching the Top in Business and Politics ebook ISBN: 0313356637
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: G. Scott Thomas
Number of Pages: 264 
File: advice-from-the-presidents-the-student-s-guide-to-reaching-the-top-in-business-and-politics.pdf
Reads: 6045367


The same skills and strategies can propel an aspiring executive to the top of any organization, be it the Podunk High School Student Council, the Acme Xylophone Corporation, or the government of the United States of America. The student council president may be an unpaid volunteer, and the Acme CEO may bark out orders in an office that is rectangular, not oval. But the paths that lead to those positions are remarkably similar to the trail that ends so gloriously at the front door of the White House. Author G. Scott Thomas spent two years examining the lives of nearly two hundred presidential candidates—winners and losers, the famous and the obscure—with an eye for the tactics and qualities that served their careers well or damaged them beyond repair. He has distilled their experiences into a comprehensive guide to success, Advice from the Presidents. Thomas's book offers a wealth of advice, quotations, and anecdotes that are pertinent to any up-and-coming young man or woman. Which strategies for advancement are effective and which are doomed to fail? Which personal traits should be emulated and which are detrimental? Presidential candidates have learned the answers the hard way, earning the education of a lifetime in the gritty, cutthroat arena of national politics, a field as competitive as any to be found in corporate America. And now, for the first time, their valuable knowledge will be made available to ambitious executives and eager students across the country. Readers will learn the seven time-tested steps that can transform a would-be chief executive or U.S. President into the real thing: Decide upon your long-term goal. Develop your skills and interests. Polish your image and your people skills. Organize a network of mentors and helpers. Control your inner demons and your opponents. Maneuver to improve your position. Succeed with grace and serenity. In this book, readers will follow the career paths of famous American politicians. There have been smart presidents and unintelligent ones, honest and dishonest ones, diligent and lazy ones. But all of these master politicians have remarkably different skills and personalities but had one thing in common. They all followed the same seven-step career plan detailed in Advice from the Presidents. And so can any ambitious person in any walk of life.

The Magic Of Thinking Big

The Magic Of Thinking Big ebook ISBN: 073181598X
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: David J Schwartz
Number of Pages: 320 
File: the-magic-of-thinking-big.pdf
Reads: 8014590


Millions of people throughout the world have improved their lives using The Magic of Thinking Big. Dr. David J. Schwartz, long regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation, will help you sell better, manage better, earn more money, and -- most important of all -- find greater happiness and peace of mind. The Magic of Thinking Big gives you useful methods, not empty promises. Dr. Schwartz presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life, and your community. He proves that you don't need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction -- but you do need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there. This book gives you those secrets!

En avant toutes

En avant toutes ebook ISBN: 270964441X
Publisher: JC Lattès
Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Number of Pages: 250 
File: en-avant-toutes.pdf
Reads: 2320194


Les femmes, le travail et le pouvoir Sheryl Sandberg, née en 1969, haut-placée chez Facebook, figure parmi les 50 femmes d’affaires les plus puissantes du monde d’après le magazine Fortune et parmi les 100 personnalités les plus influentes selon le Time. Ambitieuse, positive, elle se penche sur la place et l’avenir des femmes. Entre anecdotes personnelles et données factuelles, elle cherche à mettre fin aux idées reçues concernant le quotidien et les choix de vie des femmes qui travaillent. Elle fournit des conseils pratiques sur l’art de mener à bien une carrière et explique concrètement le moyen d’allier réussite professionnelle et épanouissement personnel, tout en indiquant aux hommes comment soutenir les femmes pour mieux gagner aussi. Avisé, plein d’humour, En avant toutes propose une série d’ambitieux défis aux femmes, délivrant un message incisif et encourageant. Traduit de l’anglais par Marie Boudewyn

Essaie encore Echoue encore Echoue mieux

Essaie encore Echoue encore Echoue mieux ebook ISBN: 9782702913031
Author: Pema Chödrön
Number of Pages: 140 
File: essaie-encore-echoue-encore-echoue-mieux.pdf
Reads: 1757066


L'échec crée en nous un espace grand ouvert, vulnérable et sans garde-fou. Et de cet espace émerge la meilleure partie de nous-mêmes. Pema Chödrön


Failure ebook ISBN: 019939010X
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author: Stuart Firestein
Number of Pages: 304 
File: failure.pdf
Reads: 7322759


"The pursuit of science by professional scientists every day bears less and less resemblance to the perception of science by the general public. It is not the rule-based, methodical system for accumulating facts that dominates the public view. Rather it is the idiosyncratic, often bumbling search for understanding in mostly uncharted places. It is full of wrong turns, cul-de-sacs, mistaken identities, false findings, errors of fact and judgment-and the occasional remarkable success. The widespread but distorted view of science as infallible originates in an education system that teaches nothing but facts using very large, very frightening textbooks, and is spread by media that report on discoveries but almost never on process. It is further reinforced by politicians who pay for it and want to use it to determine policy and therefore want it right and, worst of all, sometimes by scientists who learn early on that talking too much about failures and not enough about successes can harm their careers. Failure, then, is a book that seeks to make science more appealing by exposing its faults. In this sequel to Ignorance, Stuart Firestein shows us that scientific enterprise is riddled with failures, and that this is not only necessary but good. Failure reveals how science got its start, when humans began to use a process-trial and error-as a kind of recipe that includes a hefty dose of failure. It gives the non-scientifically trained public an insider's view of how science is actually done, with the aim of making it accessible, comprehensible, and entertaining."--Publisher description.

People, Patients, and Nurses

People, Patients, and Nurses ebook ISBN: 9780888640611
Publisher: University of Alberta
Author: Jennie Wilting
Number of Pages: 130 
File: people-patients-and-nurses.pdf
Reads: 8894072


This guide assists both student and graduate nurses in establishing and maintaining improved interpersonal relationships with their patients and with each other. Jennie Wilting, a psychiatric nurse, describes many actual situations where nurses are faced with misunderstandings or conflicts of interest.

Double faute

Double faute ebook ISBN: 2714453244
Publisher: Belfond
Author: Lionel SHRIVER
Number of Pages: 350 
File: double-faute.pdf
Reads: 6295838


Un soir, à New York, lors d'un match de tennis improvisé, Willy rencontre Eric. Elle est joueuse professionnelle, battante et accrocheuse, il est tennisman dilettante mais étonnamment doué. Entre eux, c'est le coup de foudre. Ils se marient. Et les difficultés commencent. Car la douceur des débuts dans l'Upper West Side fait bientôt place à la compétition. Une rivalité professionnelle et amoureuse acharnée, jusqu'à l'ultime balle de match, ce moment décisif où aucune faute n'est plus permise et où Willy aura à faire un choix crucial.