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Seed and Bread

Seed and Bread ebook ISBN: 1438921470
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Otis Q. Sellers
Number of Pages: 468 
File: seed-and-bread.pdf
Reads: 7305815


Aristotle's Concept of Mind

Aristotle's Concept of Mind ebook ISBN: 1107194180
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Erick Raphael Jiménez
Number of Pages: 265 
File: aristotle-s-concept-of-mind.pdf
Reads: 8056186


A fresh interpretation of this important and widely misunderstood concept as an acquired ability to make principles and essences intelligible.

Body, Mind and Healing After Jung

Body, Mind and Healing After Jung ebook ISBN: 1136896317
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Raya A. Jones
Number of Pages: 288 
File: body-mind-and-healing-after-jung.pdf
Reads: 9743954


It is difficult to point to an aspect of Jungian psychology that does not touch on mind, body and healing in some way. In this book Raya Jones draws on the triad of body, mind and healing and (re)presents it as a domain of ongoing uncertainty within which Jung’s answers stir up further questions. Contributors from both clinical and scholarly backgrounds offer a variety of cultural and historical perspectives. Areas of discussion include: the psychosomatic nature of patients’ problems transference and counter-transference therapeutic techniques centred on movement or touch. Striking a delicate balance between theory-centred and practice-oriented approaches Body, Mind and Healing After Jung is essential reading for all Jungians.

After Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and the Mind

After Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and the Mind ebook ISBN: 9401209987
Publisher: Rodopi
Author: Angelique Richardson
Number of Pages: 369 
File: after-darwin-animals-emotions-and-the-mind.pdf
Reads: 9549624


‘What is emotion?’ pondered the young Charles Darwin in his notebooks. How were the emotions to be placed in an evolutionary framework? And what light might they shed on human-animal continuities? These were among the questions Darwin explored in his research, assisted both by an acute sense of observation and an extraordinary capacity for fellow feeling, not only with humans but with all animal life. After Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and the Mind explores questions of mind, emotion and the moral sense which Darwin opened up through his research on the physical expression of emotions and the human–animal relation. It also examines the extent to which Darwin’s ideas were taken up by Victorian writers and popular culture, from George Eliot to the Daily News. Bringing together scholars from biology, literature, history, psychology, psychiatry and paediatrics, the volume provides an invaluable reassessment of Darwin’s contribution to a new understanding of the moral sense and emotional life, and considers the urgent scientific and ethical implications of his ideas today.

Homéopathie en pédiatrie

Homéopathie en pédiatrie ebook ISBN: 2294767721
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Author: Lamothe Jacques
Number of Pages: 520 
File: homéopathie-en-pédiatrie.pdf
Reads: 5495479


En pédiatrie, la pratique homéopathique doit se distinguer de celle de l’adulte en raison des spécificités de l’enfance et de l’adolescence. Cette pratique a évolué et s’est enrichie au cours des 20 dernières années parallèlement à la croissance de l’utilisation de l’homéopathie comme alternative ou soin de support. Fruit de quarante années de pratique de l’auteur, d’expériences, de réflexions et de maturation homéopathique, cet ouvrage offre une vision documentée et novatrice de la pratique avec des données sur la matière médicale et les techniques homéopathiques en pédiatrie. Des tableaux et cas cliniques illustrent le propos et questionnent le lecteur. Organisé en trois parties, l’ouvrage aborde : les éléments de technique, décrivant notamment les réflexes de base en néonatologie, les urgences pédiatriques et la symptomatologie de la gestuelle des enfants et des nouveau-nés ; l’étude de cinq grandes familles de remèdes : les Laits, les Champignons, les Insectes, les Oiseaux et les Plastiques ; puis une analyse vivante et fiable de la matière médicale : 36 grands remèdes sont détaillés avec des indications symptomatologiques et des cas cliniques analytiques dans lesquels l’auteur replace l’importance de la relation médecin-patient-parents. L’écoute ainsi que l’observation clinique et psychologique sont au coeur du processus thérapeutique. Cet ouvrage est un outil indispensable pour les praticiens, base de connaissances analysant les principaux remèdes et guide pratique proposant une méthode de synthèse en vue de mieux comprendre les autres remèdes.

Human Mind Awakening and Management

Human Mind Awakening and Management ebook ISBN: 9788178351094
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
Author: Satish Kumar
Number of Pages: 136 
File: human-mind-awakening-and-management.pdf
Reads: 1490533


This work is a brief but comprehensive study on mind management, beauty of nature, inner urges, coexistence, definition of life, patience, unjustified hunger, emotions, equality of human beings, sense of pride, sorrow, pleasure, human behaviour, respect, sacrifice, unexpected happenings, hunger for money and ignorance. It will be a useful study for social scientists, saintly personalities, teachers and students in India and abroad.

After Mind

After Mind ebook ISBN: 9780986217500
Publisher: BentStrong Books
Author: Spencer Wolf
Number of Pages: 378 
File: after-mind.pdf
Reads: 659136


After Mind crosses incredible technology with intense human emotions in the near-future story of Cessini Madden, a boy who is deathly allergic to water and who must rediscover his identity after he's brought back to life by his father's artificial intelligence breakthrough.

Textbook Of Forensic Medicine And Toxicology: Principles And Practice

Textbook Of Forensic Medicine And Toxicology: Principles And Practice ebook ISBN: 9788131211298
Publisher: Elsevier India
Author: Vij
Number of Pages: 756 
File: textbook-of-forensic-medicine-and-toxicology-principles-and-practice.pdf
Reads: 9558762


The book is a comprehensive and authoritative exposition of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. It provides precise and useful information on relevant legal provisions and forensic anatomy, and promotes interdisciplinary understanding of issues where law an medicine converge. The text is oriented towards the practical problems ncountered during day-to-day medicollegal work. About the Author : - Krishnan Vij, MD, L.L.B. is Professor and Head, Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh, India.

Analytical Repertory of the Symptoms of the Mind

Analytical Repertory of the Symptoms of the Mind ebook ISBN: 9788170215516
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers
Author: Constantine Hering
Number of Pages: 370 
File: analytical-repertory-of-the-symptoms-of-the-mind.pdf
Reads: 8133408


The arrangement as well as the style of printing, has the one object especially in view, viz. to make it as easy as possible for the eye, and through the eye, for the mind to find what is looked for.

Mind Over Easy

Mind Over Easy ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Bryan Cohen
Author: Bryan Cohen
Number of Pages: 305 
File: mind-over-easy.pdf
Reads: 4333660


Ted Finley thought being a teenage superhero would make life easier… …until friends and foes began taking sides in an escalating war. Between fighting crime, ignoring the growing Go Home Alien movement and fielding recruitment offers from the federal government, Ted's world is growing more complicated by the day. His one saving grace is his budding romance with Erica LaPlante, a light soul from another world in the form of his dream girl. Erica is falling for Ted too, but she's also keeping secrets from him to preserve her mission. As Ted, Erica and the rest of the team cope with the fallout from their battle against the dark souls, a new evil ascends on the town with the ability to control what they think, see and feel. Erica's secrets may hold the key to winning the battle but revealing them could sacrifice the war. Mind Over Easy is the second novel in a YA sci-fi/fantasy series that features breathtaking action, frightening horror, laugh-out-loud humor and a hint of romance. Author Bryan Cohen continues to adapt his love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all things Joss Whedon in the second book of the Ted Saves the World Series. Scroll up and buy the second book in the series today! Young Adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy Superhero - Suitable Age Range: 12 - 18+ yrs. Mind Over Easy is a novel of approximately 80,000 words. Books available by Bryan Cohen: Ted Saves the World (Free!) Mind Over Easy (Ted Saves the World #2) Portal Combat (Ted Saves the World #3) Keywords: young adult, superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, series, second book, book 2, comedy, fantasy fiction, adventure, american literature, american fiction, fantasy series, modern fantasy, urban fantasy, stories, 21st century literature, genre fiction, highly recommended, series fiction, young adult fiction, superhero, villains, supernatural, paranormal, teen, teen fiction, romance, sci-fi, coming of age, first love, supernatural powers, super powers, superhuman, teen & young adult fantasy coming of age, contemporary fantasy, action & adventure, telekinetic powers, telekinesis, young adult comedy, young adult fantasy fiction, young adult adventure, young adult american literature, young adult american fiction, young adult fantasy series, young adult modern fantasy, young adult urban fantasy, young adult stories, young adult 21st century literature, young adult genre fiction, highly recommended young adult, young adult series fiction, young adult superhero, young adult supernatural, young adult paranormal, teen & young adult, young adult romance, young adult sci-fi, young adult coming of age, young adult first love, young adult contemporary fantasy, young adult action & adventure

Open Your Mind to Reality

Open Your Mind to Reality ebook ISBN: 1304618528
Author: Vamshidhar Onteri
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: open-your-mind-to-reality.pdf
Reads: 3226713


Mind's Bodies

Mind's Bodies ebook ISBN: 9780791425534
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: Berel Lang
Number of Pages: 162 
File: mind-s-bodies.pdf
Reads: 5558240


Subverting the boundaries between philosophy and literature, this book addresses such topics as aesthetics, criticism, epistemology, and ethics and social theory.

Wilhelm Dilthey

Wilhelm Dilthey ebook ISBN: 9400988699
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: I.N. Bulhof
Number of Pages: 233 
File: wilhelm-dilthey.pdf
Reads: 2842503


Philosophy originates in man's amazement over the richness and complexity of reality. It attempts to articulate in words and con cepts what reality is. Starting from the recognition that this reality is experienced by all humans but experienced in many different ways, the philosopher tries to find reality's heart, its center, its hidden treasure - the tree in the middle connecting heaven and earth, the central point from which the stupendous intricacy of experience begins to make sense and from which order can become visible. To ask "what is reality?" is, indeed, to recognize that we have entered a maze. The hermeneutic philosophy of Wilhelm DiIthey (1833-1911) is the fruit of his own wanderings in this maze. Like many intellectuals of his age, he had lost faith in the Christian religion in which he was raised. In his college years, he turned from theology to philosophy, in particular, the history of philosophy and of human thought in general - wondering about the origin and value of the astounding variety of past belief systems. At the center of reality's maze he found the insight that reality as faced by man is comparable to a literary text: it "means" something to us. Reality is not a mute object, but an autonomous source of meaning, an act of self-disclosure; knowledge of reality is therefore not the product of actions per formed by an active subject upon a passive object, but a com municative interaction between two SUbjects.

Spiritual Truths and Experiences of Life After Death

Spiritual Truths and Experiences of Life After Death ebook ISBN: 1477134476
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Gert Niemand
Number of Pages: 523 
File: spiritual-truths-and-experiences-of-life-after-death.pdf
Reads: 1098443


Most of the information in this book came from Angels and Spiritual Masters, who are living in the greater World of Spirit. Therefore, I would like to thank all the Angels and Masters who came down to do their work for God in Love and with Love, and all their helpers, who helped me to fulfill an oath I made. During an out of the body experience, while standing at Mountain Zion in the Presence of God, I promised Him that I would tell all the people the truth about Him and His Spiritual Messengers, the Angels and other life in the Spirit World. All the Angels and Masters spoken to have nothing but Love for God, their fellows spirits, all of Mankind and the Animal Kingdom. Life as we know it, continuo after death in a slightly different format, and regardless of what we say or believe every one of us knows deep in our inner being that we came from the world of spirit, and we knows deep inside ourselves that that world is real, and that we must one day return to it. Regardless of what we say or believe, we know within ourselves about the Presence of God! I have used most of these short stories as talks during church services, because Angels advised me what to write down, and to use what they have shown me in the world of spirit, as the talk. Therefore, most of the information in this book is from spiritual beings, they are the real authors of this book. I am just an instrument used by them as a voice box in the wilderness of Babel, to explain some of the wonderful stories we read of in the bible. In this way am I also complying with the vow I made to God.

Fitting the Mind to the World

Fitting the Mind to the World ebook ISBN: 9780198529699
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Colin W. G. Clifford,School of Psychology Colin W G Clifford,Gillian Rhodes
Number of Pages: 366 
File: fitting-the-mind-to-the-world.pdf
Reads: 4671580


This text explores the brain's remarkable capacity to adapt to its current visual environment. It demonstrates how plasticity affects every aspect of visual experience, from the perception of movement and colour, to the perception of subtle, social and emotional information in human faces.

Suppressed Staphysagria

Suppressed Staphysagria ebook ISBN: 9788170218531
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers
Author: Farokh J. Master
Number of Pages: 94 
File: suppressed-staphysagria.pdf
Reads: 7608540


The author has included the following topics: A general introduction to the Staphysagria plant with an interesting doctrine of signatures, the state of mind during pregnancy which would create a Staphysagria child, general mental and physical characteristics of a Staphysagria individual and cases from his practice.

Adaptive Thinking

Adaptive Thinking ebook ISBN: 9780198031178
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Gerd Gigerenzer
Number of Pages: 360 
File: adaptive-thinking.pdf
Reads: 1130170


Where do new ideas come from? What is social intelligence? Why do social scientists perform mindless statistical rituals? This vital book is about rethinking rationality as adaptive thinking: to understand how minds cope with their environments, both ecological and social. Gerd Gigerenzer proposes and illustrates a bold new research program that investigates the psychology of rationality, introducing the concepts of ecological, bounded, and social rationality. His path-breaking collection takes research on thinking, social intelligence, creativity, and decision-making out of an ethereal world where the laws of logic and probability reign, and places it into our real world of human behavior and interaction. Adaptive Thinking is accessibly written for general readers with an interest in psychology, cognitive science, economics, sociology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and animal behavior. It also teaches a practical audience, such as physicians, AIDS counselors, and experts in criminal law, how to understand and communicate uncertainties and risks.

To Whom This May Come

To Whom This May Come ebook ISBN: 1776585291
Publisher: The Floating Press
Author: Edward Bellamy
Number of Pages: 21 
File: to-whom-this-may-come.pdf
Reads: 1757496


In this imaginative short story, author Edward Bellamy brings together two themes that run through many of his works -- telepathy and utopian society. After a shipwreck, the narrator finds himself stranded on a remote island populated by a tribe blessed with the ability to read minds. This unique skill has alleviated many of the problems and anxieties that plague modern life in the rest of the world, such as dishonesty, crime and even misread romantic signals.