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After She Vanished

After She Vanished ebook ISBN: 1473655226
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: S.A. Dunphy
Number of Pages: 320 
File: after-she-vanished.pdf
Reads: 1198260


'A cracking debut thriller packed with great characters that leaves the reader wanting more' Irish Independent Five people living on Dublin's streets have gone missing and criminologist David Dunnigan has been tasked with finding them. His search leads him to ten-year-old Harry, living alone in an abandoned warehouse, who has been waiting days for his parents' return ... Dunnigan knows more than he would wish to about unexplained disappearances. Almost twenty years ago, his young niece Beth vanished during their annual Christmas shopping trip. No trace of her was ever discovered. And the tragic mystery has loomed over Dunnigan's life ever since. As his current investigation draws him deeper into the city's dark underbelly, Dunnigan's resolve to help Harry and unravel this mystery grows stronger. And could it lead him one step closer to finding out what became of Beth?

Breaking History: Vanished!

Breaking History: Vanished! ebook ISBN: 1493030612
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: Sarah Pruitt
Number of Pages: 240 
File: breaking-history-vanished.pdf
Reads: 6961590


A front row seat to the breaking news, photos and hype surrounding history's most mysterious disappearances. Breaking History books offer a front row seat to history as it broke (like “breaking news”) and give the blow-by-blow of historical discovery—what we learned, when we learned it, who made the discovery, and how. Vanished! is an illustrated tour of history’s most confounding cases of disappearance from Amelia Earhart to Jimmy Hoffa; DB Cooper; Alcatraz escapists Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Algin; Jim Thompson; Judge Joseph Force Crater; and more. Starting with the first 30 days surrounding each incident, and then looking at efforts up to this very day to solve each case, this book covers in photos and text history’s most perplexing vanishings.

Then She Vanished

Then She Vanished ebook ISBN: 0525537694
Publisher: Penguin
Author: T. Jefferson Parker
Number of Pages: 352 
File: then-she-vanished.pdf
Reads: 462273


What if the client who's hired you can't be trusted...and the woman you're looking for doesn't want to be found? With Then She Vanished, three-time Edgar Award winner and New York Times-bestselling author T. Jefferson Parker delivers a new and pulse-pounding thriller. Private Investigator Roland Ford has taken a job for a fellow Marine and a rising politician, Dalton Strait. Strait is contending with unexplained bombings of government buildings in his district...but that is not why he hired Ford. Strait's wife, Natalie, has gone missing, leaving behind a cryptic plea for help. Strait has made many enemies during his time in politics--including some of his own family members--all of whom could be looking for revenge. But as Ford digs into the details of a troubled marriage, Natalie's disappearance becomes more and more complicated. Meanwhile, the bombings in the city intensify, with a mysterious group known only as the Chaos Committee claiming responsibility. Ford soon learns that the seemingly random attacks may be connected to the case he's on--and suddenly, his hunt for a missing woman might decide the fate of an entire city.

Beltaro, the Book of Izra

Beltaro, the Book of Izra ebook ISBN: 1469140896
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Carolyn M. Martin
Number of Pages: 596 
File: beltaro-the-book-of-izra.pdf
Reads: 5151115


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Druids Foundling

Druids Foundling ebook ISBN: 1465323449
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: RJ Marley
Number of Pages: 213 
File: druids-foundling.pdf
Reads: 5054419


A young girl is found by the druid, Halwn, holding the head of her dead mother. She grows up despising violence af any kind but is later to be cast into the role of a warrior after the invasion by Roman soldiers. Halwn must also battle against his spiritual beliefs as he sadly watches the changes in his foundling. Together they find within the depths of their souls strength and courage that neither knew they possessed as their destinies unfold. To some this will be a work of fiction. To others reality. And yet to others a little of both.

An Enemy's Funeral

An Enemy's Funeral ebook ISBN: 145004204X
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Lorraine Ducksworth-Rogers
Number of Pages: 223 
File: an-enemy-s-funeral.pdf
Reads: 5924069


The Sidney family is not shocked to hear the news about JJ. JJ (James Earl Sidney Jr.) is Satan on Earth in the flesh. For years, he has roamed the streets of New Orleans, creating enemies. His bad reputation is his power and prestige. He finally meets his match when he crosses the wrong friend. Meanwhile, after years of humiliating others, he decides that he has a change of heart. But, is he too late? JJ soon finds God and through Him, saves many lives as he realizes that ‘no man is an island of his own’.

Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out ebook ISBN: 1472115902
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Walter Kirn
Number of Pages: 240 
File: blood-will-out.pdf
Reads: 8025467


In the summer of 1998, Walter Kirn - then a young novelist struggling with fatherhood and a dissolving marriage - set out on a peculiar, fateful errand: to personally deliver a crippled hunting dog from an animal shelter in Montana to the New York apartment of one Clark Rockefeller, a secretive young banker and art collector. Thus began a fifteen-year relationship that drew Kirn deep into the fun-house world of an outlandish, eccentric son of privilege who, one day, would be shockingly unmasked as a brazen serial impostor and brutal double-murderer. This is a one-of-a-kind story of an innocent man duped by a real-life Mr Ripley, taking us on a bizarre and haunting journey from the private club rooms of Manhattan to the courtrooms and prisons of Los Angeles.

A Haunting Collection by Mary Downing Hahn

A Haunting Collection by Mary Downing Hahn ebook ISBN: 0547880839
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: Mary Downing Hahn
Number of Pages: 576 
File: a-haunting-collection-by-mary-downing-hahn.pdf
Reads: 2898084


Mysterious disappearances! Ghost appearances! From the supernatural to the downright scary, these three spooky stories from award-winning author Mary Downing Hahn are sure to send shivers down readers’ spines. Mysterious photographs, ghostly old houses, and all things supernatural await readers in these three frightful tales.

Mean Justice

Mean Justice ebook ISBN: 1476711720
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Edward Humes
Number of Pages: 496 
File: mean-justice.pdf
Reads: 7830159


This national bestseller from the Pulitzer Prize-winner catapults readers to the dark side of the justice system with the powerful true story of one man's battle to prove his innocence. Besieged by murder, rape, and the vilest conspiracies, the all-American town of Bakersfield, California, found its saviors in a band of bold and savvy prosecutors who stepped in to create one of the toughest anti-crime communities in the nation. There was only one problem: many of those who were arrested, tried, and imprisoned were innocent citizens. In a work as taut and exciting as a suspense novel, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Edward Humes embarks on a chilling journey to the dark side of the justice system. He reveals the powerful true story of retired high-school principal Pat Dunn's battle to prove his innocence, and how he was the victim of a case tainted by hidden witnesses, concealed evidence, and behind-the-scenes lobbying by powerful politicians. Humes demonstrates how the mean justice dispensed in Bakersfield is part of a growing national trend in which innocence has become the unintended casualty of today's war on crime.

Tomorrow River

Tomorrow River ebook ISBN: 1101187131
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Lesley Kagen
Number of Pages: 400 
File: tomorrow-river.pdf
Reads: 572968


From the national bestselling author of Whistling in the Dark. During the summer of 1968 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, eleven-year- old Shenandoah Carmody's mother disappeared. Her twin sister, Woody, stopped speaking, and her once-loving father slipped into a mean drunkenness unbefitting a superior court judge. As the first anniversary of their mother's disappearance nears, her father's threat to send Woody away and his hints at an impending remarriage spur a desperate Shenny to find her mother-before it's too late.


Captive ebook ISBN: 0241003628
Publisher: Penguin UK
Author: Allan Hall
Number of Pages: 288 
File: captive.pdf
Reads: 3593498


One monster. Three innocent girls. Ten years in captivity. 22 August 2002: 21-year-old Michelle Knight disappears walking home. 21 April 2003: Amanda Berry goes missing the day before her seventeenth birthday. 2 April 2004: 14-year-old Gina DeJesus fails to come home from school. For over a decade these girls remained undetected in a house just three miles from the block where they all went missing, held captive by a terrifying sexual predator. Tortured, starved and raped, kept in chains, Captive reveals the dark obsessions that drove Ariel Castro to kidnap and enslave his innocent victims. Based on exclusive interviews with witnesses, psychologists, family and police, this is an unflinching record of a truly shocking crime in a very ordinary neighbourhood. Allan Hall was a New York correspondent for ten years, first for the Sun and later for the Daily Mirror. He has spent the last decade covering German-speaking Europe for newspapers including The Times and the Mail on Sunday. He is the author of two previous books, Monster, an investigation into the life and crimes of Josef Fritzl and Girl in the Cellar: The Natascha Kampusch Story. He lives and works in Berlin.

Mr and Mrs Disraeli

Mr and Mrs Disraeli ebook ISBN: 1473511070
Publisher: Random House
Author: Daisy Hay
Number of Pages: 336 
File: mr-and-mrs-disraeli.pdf
Reads: 7719144


He was a debt-ridden dandy, a mid-ranking novelist armed with enormous political ambition. She was a moneyed widow twelve years older than her new husband, always overdressed for society dinners and never one to hold her tongue. From the outset, Mary Anne and Benjamin Disraeli made an unlikely match, yet they rose to the very pinnacle of Victorian society. Drawing on the couple's love letters and Mary Anne's own formidable archives, Daisy Hay reveals the heady mix of romance and power that fuelled their influence - and chronicles how the Disraelis crafted their unconventional marriage into an enduring love story.

Water Covers All Sins

Water Covers All Sins ebook ISBN: 1477119426
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: James Marsh
Number of Pages: 238 
File: water-covers-all-sins.pdf
Reads: 9323346


Water Covers All Sins James Marsh Banksiadale was an idyllic timber mill town, near Dwellingup and Pinjarra, in the south-west of Western Australia. In its heyday and climaxing in the early 1960s, it was the gem of all mill towns with its own electricity supply, piped fresh water to all houses and a peaceful, well-behaved community, not even needing a resident policeman. Today, it does not exist. Everything changed in 1963 when the mill mysteriously burnt down, all workers had to leave, and the mill houses were swallowed up and covered by the waters of a new dam, the South Dandalup dam. Other problems emerged when it was discovered some 40 years later that two local residents had been murdered and disposed of in a mill house which was submerged along with other buildings when the dam was fl ooded. Three detectives have to work painstakingly on various clues to try to track down the killers in this cold case.

Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade

Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade ebook ISBN: 0871407337
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Author: Walter Kirn
Number of Pages: 352 
File: blood-will-out-the-true-story-of-a-murder-a-mystery-and-a-masquerade.pdf
Reads: 4521979


A USA Today Top 10 Best Book of Winter 2014 "Equals Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood as a nonfiction novel of crime.”—Gerald Bartell, San Francisco Chronicle In the summer of 1998, Walter Kirn—then an aspiring novelist struggling with impending fatherhood and a dissolving marriage—set out on a peculiar, fateful errand: to personally deliver a crippled hunting dog from his home in Montana to the New York apartment of one Clark Rockefeller, a secretive young banker and art collector who had adopted the dog over the Internet. Thus began a fifteen-year relationship that drew Kirn deep into the fun-house world of an outlandish, eccentric son of privilege who ultimately would be unmasked as a brazen serial impostor, child kidnapper, and brutal murderer. Kirn's one-of-a-kind story of being duped by a real-life Mr. Ripley takes us on a bizarre and haunting journey from the posh private clubrooms of Manhattan to the hard-boiled courtrooms and prisons of Los Angeles. As Kirn uncovers the truth about his friend, a psychopath masquerading as a gentleman, he also confronts hard truths about himself. Why, as a writer of fiction, was he susceptible to the deception of a sinister fantasist whose crimes, Kirn learns, were based on books and movies? What are the hidden psychological links between the artist and the con man? To answer these and other questions, Kirn attends his old friend’s murder trial and uses it as an occasion to reflect on both their tangled personal relationship and the surprising literary sources of Rockefeller's evil. This investigation of the past climaxes in a tense jailhouse reunion with a man whom Kirn realizes he barely knew—a predatory, sophisticated genius whose life, in some respects, parallels his own and who may have intended to take another victim during his years as a fugitive from justice: Kirn himself. Combining confessional memoir, true crime reporting, and cultural speculation, Blood Will Out is a Dreiser-esque tale of self-invention, upward mobility, and intellectual arrogance. It exposes the layers of longing and corruption, ambition and self-delusion beneath the Great American con.

The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti ebook ISBN: 184384060X
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Number of Pages: 645 
File: the-correspondence-of-dante-gabriel-rossetti.pdf
Reads: 282666


The sixth volume of Rossetti's correspondence covers a particularly energetic period of artistic activity and dealings with patrons, his new agent C.A. Howell, dealers and friends.

Disordered Minds

Disordered Minds ebook ISBN: 0330528599
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Minette Walters
Number of Pages: 384 
File: disordered-minds.pdf
Reads: 7681323


A thirty year old murder case and a possible wrongful conviction, Disordered Minds is the mystery thriller from crime queen Minette Walters. In 1970, Harold Stamp, a retarded twenty-year-old was convicted on disputed evidence and a retracted confession of brutally murdering his grandmother – the one person who understood and protected him. Less than three years later he is dead, driven to suicide by isolation and despair. A fate befitting a murderer, perhaps, but what if he were innocent? Thirty years on, Jonathan Hughes, an anthropologist specializing in social stereotyping, comes across the case by accident. He finds alarming disparities in the evidence and has little doubt that Stamp's conviction was a terrible miscarriage of justice. But how far is Hughes prepared to go in the search for justice? Is the forgotten story of one friendless young man compelling enough to make him leave his books and face his own demons? And with what result? If Stamp didn't murder Grace Jeffries then somebody else did . . . and sleeping dogs are best left alone . . .

Walking On Air

Walking On Air ebook ISBN: 1101611219
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Catherine Anderson
Number of Pages: 432 
File: walking-on-air.pdf
Reads: 9309859


From “incomparable” (Fresh Fiction) New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson comes a heartfelt historical romance about lost souls, second chances, and love everlasting. Random, Colorado, is just another stop on the road for solitary gunslinger Gabriel Valance. Known for his drinking, gambling, and womanizing, he prefers to remain a stranger to anyone who crosses his path. But when an upstart gunslinger catches Gabe off guard and shoots him down, he regrets his empty, lonely life with his dying breath... Golden-haired beauty Nancy Hoffman settled in Random after fleeing an abusive past. Caring for her younger sister and working in a hat shop help her to forge ahead, Nacy remains fearful and mistrustful of men—and of marriage... Their paths will cross when Gabe gets a second chance at life and a divine mission: to sweep Nancy off her feet, gain her trust, and convince her to believe in his love. And in doing so, the once-hardened cowboy may just save himself.

Thin Air (A Spenser Mystery)

Thin Air (A Spenser Mystery) ebook ISBN: 1782068317
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Robert B. Parker
Number of Pages: 304 
File: thin-air-a-spenser-mystery.pdf
Reads: 9208388


'One of the great series in the history of the detective story' New York Times Book Review When the beautiful young wife of a Boston policeman goes missing, he asks his friend, private detective Spenser, to find her. To do so Spenser must delve into the woman's past - which he soon discovers is darker than he could ever have imagined. 'When it comes to detective novels, 90 per cent of us admit he's an influence, and the rest of us lie about it' Harlan Coben, bestselling author of Run Away

Beyond Solitude

Beyond Solitude ebook ISBN: 1311851720
Publisher: NLA Digital LLC
Author: Kit Rocha
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: beyond-solitude.pdf
Reads: 1369975


Mia risked everything to walk away from a gilded cage in Sector Two, but grasping at freedom was only her first trial. With no protection in the sectors, every day is a struggle to stay alive. Her best hope now is a job working for the most dangerous gang in Sector Four--the O’Kanes. When a motorcycle accident leaves Derek Ford riding a desk at the O'Kane compound, the last thing he needs is a sexy new assistant upending his office and his life. Especially someone like Mia, who greets his growls and commands with smiles and a fierce independence. The friction between them generates an undeniable heat, and Mia's stubborn refusal to let life beat her down stirs Ford's darkest protective instincts. He has the power to take care of her, protect her not only from discomfort but from threats of her past...but first he'd have to claim her. And Mia will never be kept again.


Step ebook ISBN: 0595797024
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Vince Allio
Number of Pages: 144 
File: step.pdf
Reads: 8860214


Step is a revelation of honesty, vulnerability, and insight into modern woman's struggle with society's pre-conceived notions of self.