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After Summer

After Summer ebook ISBN: 3736894317
Publisher: BookRix
Author: Danny Wilson
Number of Pages: 10 
File: after-summer.pdf
Reads: 2825566


The journey of life traveling at the speed of sound. Flawed characters taking life one day at a time. Pain becoming useful medicine...Hope provides a band-aid to heal weathered hearts .

After Summer

After Summer ebook ISBN: 9780618457816
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: Nick Earls
Number of Pages: 226 
File: after-summer.pdf
Reads: 3422761


Alex Delaney, an Australian teenager feels bored while vacationing at his mother's beach house and is worried about passing his final examinations until he meets an attractive local girl.

Summer Boys #3: After Summer

Summer Boys #3: After Summer ebook ISBN: 0545229812
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Author: Hailey Abbott
Number of Pages: 192 
File: summer-boys-3-after-summer.pdf
Reads: 4090238


The weather may be cooler, but things are hotter than ever in this yummy third installment of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling SUMMER BOYS series! As the leaves turn golden, everyone's favorite beach girls are dealing with romantic dramas in their respective hometowns. Tomboy Beth is worried that her true love, George, is changing -- and not for the best. Meanwhile, naughty Ella meets a boy at school who is (gasp!) an even bigger flirt than she is. College girl Kelsi hates how her boyfriend treats her differently around his frat posse. And shy dreamer Jamie falls hard for a pompous trust fund boy at her posh boarding school. Everything comes to a head at an eventful Thanksgiving, and the four cousins come away wiser about life and love.

Before and After Summer

Before and After Summer ebook ISBN:
Author: Gerald Finzi,Thomas Hardy
Number of Pages: 55 
File: before-and-after-summer.pdf
Reads: 8796121


The Summer After

The Summer After ebook ISBN: 1442468394
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Linda Lewis
Number of Pages: 160 
File: the-summer-after.pdf
Reads: 8181331


Linda and Lennie have been together for three years. But during the summer before her freshman year at Barnard College, Linda works at a summer resort where she meets Dave Balen. That’s where things get complicated. With Lennie in the Navy, Linda falls for Dave—and quickly learns that loving two is hard to do. Previously published as Loving Two Is Hard to Do.

Summer After The Funeral

Summer After The Funeral ebook ISBN: 1405516194
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Jane Gardam
Number of Pages: 192 
File: summer-after-the-funeral.pdf
Reads: 3625158


A rather mysterious old clergyman is dead, and his most adoring child, sixteen-year-old Athene is desolate. A statuesque beauty, greatly admired, she is also lonely, untouchable and living a secret life of fairly dangerous fantasy. Athene's mother, at once highly organised and monumentally vague, dispatches her children to spend the holidays with assorted friends and relatives. For Athene, victim of plans gone awry, that golden summer after the funeral becomes deliciously puzzling fodder for her fantasy. Stuck in a seaside hotel with an inarticulate and beautiful boy, marooned in a seaside cottage with a painter, and finally alone in an empty school with a young master, she finds that men are not all as saintly as her father- and that she is far from saintly herself...

The Summer After June

The Summer After June ebook ISBN: 9780618127306
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: Ashley Warlick
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-summer-after-june.pdf
Reads: 6517774


Overwhelmed with grief over the violent death of her sister, willful Lindy Jain takes off for Galveston with her dead sibling's child but discovers life on the Texas coast is not the peaceful retreat she had hoped for. By the author of The Distance from the Heart of Things. Reader's Guide available. Reprint.

After Many a Summer

After Many a Summer ebook ISBN: 9781402760686
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Robert Murphy
Number of Pages: 418 
File: after-many-a-summer.pdf
Reads: 5969443


"By the mid-1950s, New York had been the unrivaled capital of America's national pastime for a century, a place where baseball was followed with a truly fanatical fevor. The city's threee teams--the New York Yankees, the New York Giants, and the Brooklyn Dodgers--had over the previous decade rewarded their fans'devotion with stellar performances: From 1947-1957, one or more of these teems had played in the World series every year but one. Yet on opening day 1958, the Giants and Dogers were gone. Their owners, Walter O'Malley and Horance Stoneham, had ripped them away from their longtime home and from the hearts of millions of devoted and passionate fans and taken them to California" -- inside cover.

Summer After You and Me

Summer After You and Me ebook ISBN: 1492619051
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Author: Jennifer Salvato Doktorski
Number of Pages: 304 
File: summer-after-you-and-me.pdf
Reads: 8602858


Will it be a summer of fresh starts or second chances? For Lucy, the Jersey Shore isn't just the perfect summer escape, it's home. As a local girl, she knows not to get attached to the tourists. They breeze in during Memorial Day weekend, crowding her costal town and stealing moonlit kisses, only to pack up their beach umbrellas and empty promises on Labor Day. Still, she can't help but crush on charming Connor Malloy. His family spends every summer next door, and she longs for their friendship to turn into something deeper. Then Superstorm Sandy sweeps up the coast, bringing Lucy and Connor together for a few intense hours. Except nothing is the same in the wake of the storm, and Lucy is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and her broken home. Time may heal all wounds, but with Memorial Day approaching and Connor returning, Lucy's summer is sure to be filled with fireworks.

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan ebook ISBN: 1461741351
Publisher: Ivan R. Dee
Author: Aldous Huxley
Number of Pages: 368 
File: after-many-a-summer-dies-the-swan.pdf
Reads: 2249321


A Hollywood millionaire with a terror of death, whose personal physician happens to be working on a theory of longevity-these are the elements of Aldous Huxley's caustic and entertaining satire on man's desire to live indefinitely. With his customary wit and intellectual sophistication, Huxley pursues his characters in their quest for the eternal, finishing on a note of horror. "This is Mr. Huxley's Hollywood novel, and you might expect it to be fantastic, extravagant, crazy and preposterous. It is all that, and heaven and hell too....It is the kind of novel that he is particularly the master of, where the most extraordinary and fortuitous events are followed by contemplative little essays on the meaning of life....The story is outrageously good."—New York Times. "A highly sensational plot that will keep astonishing you to practically the final sentence."—The New Yorker. "Mr. Huxley's elegant mockery, his cruel aptness of phrase, the revelations and the ingenious surprises he springs on the reader are those of a master craftsman; Mr. Huxley is at the top of his form." —London Times Literary Supplement.

Experiment Station Record

Experiment Station Record ebook ISBN:
Author: United States. Office of Experiment Stations,United States. Agricultural Research Service
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: experiment-station-record.pdf
Reads: 428139


After Summer Merrily

After Summer Merrily ebook ISBN: 9780909144326
Author: Connie Miller
Number of Pages: 182 
File: after-summer-merrily.pdf
Reads: 8666715


Summer Learning

Summer Learning ebook ISBN: 1135634912
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Geoffrey D. Borman,Matthew Boulay
Number of Pages: 312 
File: summer-learning.pdf
Reads: 6290051


This book brings together up-to-date, research-based evidence concerning summer learning and provides descriptions and analyses of a range of summer school programs. The chapters present theory and data that explain both the phenomenon of summer learning loss and the potential for effective summer programs to mitigate loss and increase student achievement. Summer Learning: Research, Policies, and Programs: *presents evidence describing variations in summer learning loss and how these learning differences affect equality of educational opportunity and outcomes in the United States; *discusses the development, characteristics, and effects of the most recent wave of summer programs which are designed to play key roles in the recent standards movement and related efforts to end social promotion; *examines the impact of three of the most widespread, replicable summer school programs serving students across the United States; and *considers the characteristics and effects of alternative programs and practices that are designed to combat the problem of summer learning loss head on. Intended for education researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and graduate students, this volume is particularly relevant to those interested in social stratification, equity-minded policies, implications of the current standards movement and high stakes testing, and the development of programs and practices for improving education.

Bridgehampton's Summer Colony

Bridgehampton's Summer Colony ebook ISBN: 1467123277
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: Julie B. Greene
Number of Pages: 128 
File: bridgehampton-s-summer-colony.pdf
Reads: 5991425


The hamlet of Bridgehampton was settled in 1656 and aptly named for the bridge that was built to connect the settlements of Mecox and Sagaponack. Ninety miles from New York City, this rural farming community was transformed by the arrival of the Long Island Rail Road in 1870. With the notion that salt air and sea breezes were the perfect relief from the hot and sweltering isle of Manhattan, wealthy New Yorkers made the sojourn to the pristine shores of the Atlantic Ocean. On a trip down Ocean Road toward the beach, one would pass the grand homes of a toy importer, a pen manufacturer, a coal industrialist, a merchant tailor, and an inventor--the established summer colony. The region quickly gained a reputation as a pleasant summer resort--a reputation that still thrives today.

The Ruff

The Ruff ebook ISBN: 1408136775
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Johan G. Van Rhijn
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-ruff.pdf
Reads: 5758086


The Ruff is a fascinating species whose elaborate breeding behaviour has captivated ornithologists for decades. Their communal display grounds, or leks, provide an extreme example of a social system widespread in birds and other animals, in which brilliantly plumaged males seemingly compete for the attention of passing females. In this book, Johan van Rhijn explores this complex and intricate drama, both to lay bare the details of the players' private lives, and to provide a means of exploring the wider variety of wader breeding systems. Strands of evidence for all aspects of the Ruffs life, in and out of the breeding season, come together to give a thought-provoking insight into this important area of biology. Specialists and birdwatchers alike will have much to learn from this intriguing story and the insights it provides.

Just For The Summer

Just For The Summer ebook ISBN: 1446487474
Publisher: Random House
Author: Judy Astley
Number of Pages: 320 
File: just-for-the-summer.pdf
Reads: 3988990


Every July, the lucky owners of Cornish holiday homes set off for their annual break. They close up their desirable semis in smartish London suburbs - having turned off the Aga and turned on the burglar alarm - and look forward to a carefree, restful, somehow more fulfilling summer. Clare is more than usually ready for her holiday. Her daughter, Miranda, is hitting adolescence bigtime, and her husband Jack is harbouring unsettling thoughts of a change in lifestyle. No wonder that Clare is contemplating a bit of extra-marital adventure, possibly with Eliot, the successful, heavy-drinking author in the adjoining holiday property. Unexpected disasters occur, revelations are made and, as the summer ends, real life will never be quite the same again.

Parliamentary Papers

Parliamentary Papers ebook ISBN:
Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: parliamentary-papers.pdf
Reads: 3352220



Blindly ebook ISBN: 0300189141
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author: Claudio Magris
Number of Pages: 383 
File: blindly.pdf
Reads: 9561492


Who is the mysterious narrator of "Blindly"? Clearly a recluse and a fugitive, but what more of him can we discern? Baffled by the events of his own life, he muses, "When I write, and even now when I think back on it, I hear a kind of buzzing, blathered words that I can barely understand, gnats droning around a table lamp, that I have to continually swat away with my hand, so as not to lose the thread." Claudio Magris, one of Europe's leading authors and cultural philosophers, offers as narrator of "Blindly" a madman. Yes, but a "pazzo lucido, " a lucid madman, a single narrative voice populated by various characters. He is Jorgen Jorgenson, the nineteenth-century adventurer who became king of Iceland but was condemned to forced labor in the Antipodes. He is also Comrade Cippico, a militant anti-communist, imprisoned for years in Tito's gulag on the island Goli Otok. And he is the many partisans, prisoners, sailors, and stowaways who have encountered the perils of travel, war, and adventure. In a shifting choral monologue--part confession, part psychiatric session--a man remembers (invents, falsifies, hides, screams out) his life, a voyage into the nether regions of history, and in particular the twentieth century.