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Oil Mist Lubrication

Oil Mist Lubrication ebook ISBN: 9780881732566
Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.
Author: Heinz P. Bloch,Abdus Shamim
Number of Pages: 286 
File: oil-mist-lubrication.pdf
Reads: 2988698


A guide for plant managers and maintenance engineers to aid understanding of the design parameters, application and economics of oil mist lubrication technology. The information presented is based on years of profitability advantages of oil mist lubrication in a variety of industrial settings.

Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities

Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities ebook ISBN: 0881735809
Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.
Author: Heinz P. Bloch
Number of Pages: 465 
File: practical-lubrication-for-industrial-facilities.pdf
Reads: 3062355


Completely revised, this new edition includes the latest material on oil analysis, the energy conservation aspects of lube oil application and selection and bearing protector seals. Information on synthesized hydrocarbons and oil mist lubrication is thoroughly revised. It addresses the full scope of industrial lubricants, including general purpose oils, hydraulic fluids, food-grade and environmentally friendly lubricants, synthetic lubricants, greases, pastes, waxes and tribosystems. Detailed coverage is provided on lubrication strategies for electric motor bearings, gear lubrication, compressors and gas engines, and steam and gas turbines. Other topics include proper lubricant handling and storage, as well as effective industrial plant oil analysis practices.

Mist City (After The Purge

Mist City (After The Purge ebook ISBN: 9781097171552
Publisher: Independently Published
Author: Sam Sisavath
Number of Pages: 220 
File: mist-city-after-the-purge.pdf
Reads: 8465941


A new storyline... A new hero... Same deadly universe...A SHOOTER WITHOUT A TARGET.The man who calls himself John Smith once had a reason to fight: He was committed to a crusade he was willing to kill and die for. Trained by one of the best gunmen alive, Smith's natural instincts with a handgun were honed to almost perfection.But after suffering a devastating loss, Smith has turned his back on everything he once believed in. Now, Smith wanders post-Purge America, crossing paths with other survivors-some good, some bad, and some...unknown-while dealing with the monsters that still lurk in the darkness, forever waiting for unsuspecting prey.Smith doesn't go out of his way to find trouble, but no one who has gone up against him has done so more than once. One of these days, he might find something to believe in again, but until that time comes, cross John Smith at your own peril.Mist City is a post-apocalyptic Western and is the first in a series of planned storylines starring an old breed of hero made for a new kind of world.

Observations in Meteorology

Observations in Meteorology ebook ISBN: 1108069878
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Leonard Jenyns
Number of Pages: 434 
File: observations-in-meteorology.pdf
Reads: 361129


This 1858 publication is based on the author's meticulous journals, kept for nearly two decades, recording the weather of Cambridgeshire.

The Mist

The Mist ebook ISBN: 9780451223296
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Stephen King
Number of Pages: 230 
File: the-mist.pdf
Reads: 8728838


A group of neighbors trapped in a grocery store by a supernatural mist--which may have been unintentionally unleashed by a nearby military base--must fight the horrific monsters that live within it.

Of Bees and Mist

Of Bees and Mist ebook ISBN: 1416598480
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Erick Setiawan
Number of Pages: 416 
File: of-bees-and-mist.pdf
Reads: 2739122


Erick Setiawan's richly atmospheric debut is a beautiful, engrossing fable of three generations of women in two families; their destructive jealousies, their loves and losses, their sacrifices and deeply rooted deceptions, and their triumphs. Of Bees and Mist is a fable of one woman's determination to overcome the haunting magic that is created by the people she loves and the oppressive secrets behind their broken lives. Raised in a sepulchral house where ghosts dwell in mirrors, Meridia spends her childhood feeling neglected and invisible. Every evening her father vanishes inside a blue mist without so much as an explanation, and her mother spends her days beheading cauliflowers in the kitchen. At sixteen, desperate to escape, Meridia marries a tenderhearted young man. Little does she suspect that his family is harboring secrets of their own. There is a grave hidden in the garden. There are two sisters groomed from birth to despise each other. And there is Eva, the formidable matriarch whose grievances swarm the air like an army of bees—the wickedest mother-in-law imaginable. Erick Setiawan takes Meridia on a tumultuous ride of hope and heartbreak as she struggles to keep her young family together and discovers long-kept secrets about her own past as well as the shocking truths about her husband's family.

The Mist (Brume)

The Mist (Brume) ebook ISBN: 2226216332
Publisher: Albin Michel
Author: Stephen King,Serge Quadruppani
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-mist-brume.pdf
Reads: 2321991


« Du fond de la brume monta un hurlement aigu ... » Au lendemain d'un orage, une inquiétante brume d'un blanc opaque envahit peu à peu Bridgton. Entre stupeur et incrédulité, le malaise grandit parmi les habitants réfugiés dans le magasin du centre-ville. Au-dehors, le brouillard poursuit son avancée funèbre et oppressante. Peu à peu, apparaît une ombre grise au milieu de cette blancheur. Comme une étrange créature qui chercherait un chemin ...Mais l'horreur surgie de la brume est moins à craindre que celle qui gît au fond des âmes.Une terrifiante nouvelle, adaptée au cinéma par Frank Darabont (La Ligne verte, Les Évadés) sous le titre The Mist.


ROUL ebook ISBN: 1465306374
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Number of Pages: 454 
File: roul.pdf
Reads: 8550370


Roul, the son of a clan chief, who like his father has inherited an unusual method of fighting. He is branded a traitor, and taken captive. He is sent to the capital and inducted into the army to train the Emperor’s soldiers. When the Empire is invaded by an army from a neighbouring country, soldiers trained and lead by Roul, achieve a stunning victory. He is rewarded by being named Duke of William Town, a small Duchy on the border. Due to his drive and intuitive his Duchy soon becomes the talk of the Empire. The expansion of the Empire’s navy based in Port William brings the Empire into conflict with The Brotherhood of the Sea, a pirate brotherhood that has ruled the seas for generations. Conflict between the two is inevitable and when victory is finally won, is it the end of the war or just the first battle in a long conflict.

Sword & Citadel

Sword & Citadel ebook ISBN: 1429966319
Publisher: Orb Books
Author: Gene Wolfe
Number of Pages: 416 
File: sword-citadel.pdf
Reads: 1332161


The Book of the New Sun is unanimously acclaimed as Gene Wolfe's most remarkable work, hailed as "a masterpiece of science fantasy comparable in importance to the major works of Tolkien and Lewis" by Publishers Weekly, and "one of the most ambitious works of speculative fiction in the twentieth century" by The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Sword & Citadel brings together the final two books of the tetralogy in one volume: The Sword of the Lictor is the third volume in Wolfe's remarkable epic, chronicling the odyssey of the wandering pilgrim called Severian, driven by a powerful and unfathomable destiny, as he carries out a dark mission far from his home. The Citadel of the Autarch brings The Book of the New Sun to its harrowing conclusion, as Severian clashes in a final reckoning with the dread Autarch, fulfilling an ancient prophecy that will forever alter the realm known as Urth. "Brilliant . . . terrific . . . a fantasy so epic it beggars the mind. An extraordinary work of art!"-Philadelphia Inquirer "The Book of the New Sun establishes [Wolfe's] preeminence, pure and simple. . . . The Book of the New Sun contains elements of Spenserian allegory, Swiftian satire, Dickensian social consciousness and Wagnerian mythology. Wolfe creates a truly alien social order that the reader comes to experience from within . . . once into it, there is no stopping."--The New York Times Book Review At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Tribology Data Handbook

Tribology Data Handbook ebook ISBN: 9781420050479
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: E. Richard Booser
Number of Pages: 1120 
File: tribology-data-handbook.pdf
Reads: 7434350


This handbook is a useful aid for anyone working to achieve more effective lubrication, better control of friction and wear, and a better understanding of the complex field of tribology. Developed in cooperation with the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers and containing contributions from 74 experts in the field, the Tribology Data Handbook covers properties of materials, lubricant viscosities, and design, friction and wear formulae. The broad scope of this handbook includes military, industrial and automotive lubricant specifications; evolving areas of friction and wear; performance and design considerations for machine elements, computer storage units, and metal working; and more. Important guidelines for the monitoring, maintenance, and failure assessment of lubrication in automotive, industrial, and aircraft equipment are also included. Current environmental and toxicological concerns complete this one-stop reference. With hundreds of figures, tables, and equations, as well as essential background information explaining the information presented, this is the only source you need to find virtually any tribology information.

Cobbett's Parliamentary History of England from the Norman Conquest in 1066, to the Year 1803, from which Last-mentioned Epoch it is Continued Downwards in the Work Entitled, "Cobbett's Parliamentary Debates" ...

Cobbett's Parliamentary History of England from the Norman Conquest in 1066, to the Year 1803, from which Last-mentioned Epoch it is Continued Downwards in the Work Entitled, ISBN:
Author: Great Britain. Parliament
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: cobbett-s-parliamentary-history-of-england-from-the-norman-conquest-in-1066-to-the-year-1803-from-which-last-mentioned-epoch-it-is-continued-downwards-in-the-work-entitled-cobbett-s-parliamentary-debates.pdf
Reads: 3526835


Knowing Christ

Knowing Christ ebook ISBN: 0385507216
Publisher: WaterBrook
Author: Alister McGrath
Number of Pages: 176 
File: knowing-christ.pdf
Reads: 8901467


Alister McGrath, a widely acknowledged master of contemporary spirituality, has written a profound meditation on one of the most deceptively simple-sounding tenets of the Christian faith, the centrality of Christ in the life of his followers, in Knowing Christ. Written in an accessible style that will appeal to Christians of all denominations, Knowing Christ aims to stimulate a more direct and intimate relationship between Christ and the reader by engaging not just the intellect but, more important, the heart and imagination. It is a work of spirituality saturated with biblical texts and themes, but it also draws on the rich tradition in art and literature of Christian reflection on the centrality of Christ throughout the ages. The result is a lively, engaging, and always inspiring book of twenty-first century spirituality from one of the world's most popular and respected Christian writers, a book that will strengthen the faith of all who read it.

The Greenstones

The Greenstones ebook ISBN: 9781579216719
Publisher: KOT Books
Author: William D. Burt
Number of Pages: 215 
File: the-greenstones.pdf
Reads: 6947712


Merryn, the ailing daughter of Beechtown's brewmaster, is betrayed by her own kin after her father mysteriously disappears. Sold into slavery, she is captured by a band of notoroius outlaws who haunt the Forest of Fellglade. Beyond death's door, she finds wholeness in a nameless friend. When Merryn risks all to save a condemned shut-in, she discovers the life she was born to lead.

Walker Remodelled

Walker Remodelled ebook ISBN:
Author: John Walker,Benjamin Humphrey Smart
Number of Pages: 738 
File: walker-remodelled.pdf
Reads: 587047


Before & After

Before & After ebook ISBN: 9780132705127
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Author: John McWade
Number of Pages: 240 
File: before-after.pdf
Reads: 5678460


Before and After magazine's focus on clarity, simplicity, and elegance has won it legions of fans--fans who will welcome this second volume of the definitive Before and After Page Design by John McWade. Truly an icon of the graphic design community, his insistence on approaching design not as mere decoration but as an essential form of communication is vividly apparent in this cohesive primer on page design and layout. And you could not hope for a better, more qualified teacher. McWade shows readers how to arrange and present information using today's powerful graphics tools. Readers will learn how to design single-page and multi-page documents, brochures, and ads; why one typeface works better than another; and much more. Best of all, they'll discover how to think visually transforming the images in their heads into something that communicates effectively on the page.

The Other End of the Leash

The Other End of the Leash ebook ISBN: 9780307489180
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Author: Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-other-end-of-the-leash.pdf
Reads: 3276796


The Other End of the Leash shares a revolutionary, new perspective on our relationship with dogs, focusing on our behavior in comparison with that of dogs. An applied animal behaviorist and dog trainer with more than twenty years experience, Dr. Patricia McConnell looks at humans as just another interesting species, and muses about why we behave the way we do around our dogs, how dogs might interpret our behavior, and how to interact with our dogs in ways that bring out the best in our four-legged friends. After all, although humans and dogs share a remarkable relationship that is unique in the animal world, we are still two entirely different species, each shaped by our individual evolutionary heritage. Quite simply, humans are primates and dogs are canids (like wolves, coyotes, and foxes). Since we each speak a different native tongue, a lot gets lost in the translation. The Other End of the Leash demonstrates how even the slightest changes in your voice and the way you stand can help your dog understand what you want. Once you start to think about your own behavior from the perspective of your dog, you’ll understand why much of what appears to be doggy-disobedience is simply a case of miscommunication. Inside you will learn • How to use your voice so that your dog is more likely to do what you ask. • Why “getting dominance” over your dog is a bad idea. • Why “rough and tumble primate play” can lead to trouble–and how to play with your dog in ways that are fun and keep him out of trouble. • How dogs and humans share personality types–and why most dogs want to live with benevolent leaders rather than “alphawannabees!” In her own insightful, compelling style, Patricia McConnell combines wonderful true stories about people and dogs with a new, accessible scientific perspective on how they should behave around each other. This is a book that strives to help you make the most of life with your dog, and to prevent problems that might arise in that most rewarding of relationships. From the Hardcover edition.