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Life After Death

Life After Death ebook ISBN: 9781890688271
Publisher: Kalimat Press
Author: Farnáz Maʻsúmián
Number of Pages: 146 
File: life-after-death.pdf
Reads: 8884709


Resurrection And The Afterlife

Resurrection And The Afterlife ebook ISBN: 1597846325
Publisher: Tughra Books
Author: Ali Unal
Number of Pages: 234 
File: resurrection-and-the-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 6039995


Basing himself on Said Nursi's Risale-i Nur, Ali Unal presents a scientific and logical argument for the validity of one of religion's main elements of faith: belief in the resurrection and the afterlife.

The Death and Afterlife of Achilles

The Death and Afterlife of Achilles ebook ISBN: 1421403617
Publisher: JHU Press
Author: Jonathan S. Burgess
Number of Pages: 208 
File: the-death-and-afterlife-of-achilles.pdf
Reads: 3482827


With his keen, original analysis of hitherto untapped literary, iconographical, and archaeological sources, Burgess adds greatly to our understanding of this archetypal mythic hero.


Afterlife ebook ISBN: 0595342809
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Gary A. Stilwell
Number of Pages: 296 
File: afterlife.pdf
Reads: 1977043


"Afterlife" argues that proper conduct was believed essential for determining one's post-mortem judgment from the earliest periods in ancient Egypt and Greece. Part one examines Plato's eschatological myths regarding conduct as it affects one's afterlife fate. Part two traces the evolution of afterlife beliefs from Homer to the Dramatists and demonstrates that post-mortem reward and retribution, based on one's conduct, is already found in Homer. Pythagoreanism and Orphism further develop the afterlife beliefs that will have such enormous impact on Plato and later Christianity. The third part examines Egyptian religious texts of the 5th to 18th Dynasties for their understanding of virtues and vices that have afterlife consequences. In part four, the relationship between behavior and the afterlife beliefs of both societies are compared. In the earliest periods, the afterlife texts appear to be concerned only with the elite: the king in Egypt's Pyramid Texts and the heroes in Homeric Greece. Nevertheless, we show that, from the earliest times, both societies believed that the gods, primarily Maat in Egypt and Dike in Greece, were responsible for the proper ordering of the cosmos and anyone's violations of that order would reap the direst consequence--the loss of a beneficent afterlife.

A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife

A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife ebook ISBN: 0307428699
Publisher: Bantam
Author: Daniel Quinn
Number of Pages: 160 
File: a-newcomer-s-guide-to-the-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 2447535


The guide of choice for anyone who plans to die someday--are YOU ready for the AFTERLIFE? To find out, take this simple quiz: 1. Like Earth, the Afterlife has celebrities, outcasts, deadheads, losers, and busybodies. True False 2. Is there an Afterlife after the Afterlife? Yes No 3. When you first arrive on "the Other Side," you will be given: a) a set of wings b) a toaster c) a copy of A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife Don't worry if you're not sure how to respond. A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife has answers to these questions and more--and if you're lucky, some of them may turn out to be right! An irreverent, one-of-a-kind compendium from the award-winning author of Ishmael, A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife can be read as a parable, an allegory, a work of fiction--or exactly what it claims to be: a helpful handbook for the recently deceased. It is filled with uncommon wisdom, bizarre imaginings, uncanny perceptions, and unexpected humor. Is it fantastic escapism or a seminal event in human history? Read it and find out.... Face it. The Afterlife is the ultimate test. You might as well study.

Handbook to the Afterlife

Handbook to the Afterlife ebook ISBN: 1583944273
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Author: Pamela Rae Heath,Jon Klimo
Number of Pages: 272 
File: handbook-to-the-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 1898902


In Handbook to the Afterlife, two seasoned experts with decades of experience working with channeled material describe the stages that spirits go through, focusing on the details that these accounts have in common. Just as life itself has different stages of growth and development, so most accounts of the afterlife are consistent with the authors’ view that dying and rebirth are also continuous processes. Beginning with the moment of death itself, progressing through different transitional stages, and ending with the return of spirits to the physical plane, authors Pamela Heath and Jon Klimo define the purposes and pitfalls of each stage. They look at the kinds of adjustment problems that occur in each phase, and how spirits can be helped to move forward. Questions of pain and emotional state at the time of death, karma, and reincarnation are sensitively addressed. The book includes practical techniques for opening up communication with those who have passed on to the other side. While of interest to anyone seeking a general overview of the subject, Handbook to the Afterlife is particularly useful for those dealing with spirits who have not moved on, such as ghosts.

The Afterlife Connection

The Afterlife Connection ebook ISBN: 1429974656
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Griffin
Author: Dr. Jane Greer
Number of Pages: 304 
File: the-afterlife-connection.pdf
Reads: 1280202


This fascinating and surprising book is the first ever by a classically trained therapist to explore the spiritual aspects of the bond that exists between the living and the dead. Dr. Jane Greer began with the belief that this bond was not purely a psychological one but was, in fact, much more dynamic and empowering. It was only in the shattering aftermath of her own mother's death, however--a turning point that, Dr. Greer admits, challenged her own ability to cope--that she began to explore and understand how to recognize and even initiate an ongoing communication that can have a profound impact on the ways we grieve and heal. In these pages we learn that transcommunication is not simply "a hello from heaven" but a powerful therapeutic tool that is available to any of us. Through the story of her deceased mother's many dream visits and manifestations--as well as those visits her patients receive from their loved ones-we learn to be alert to the signs of such phenomena and to recognize the messages they contain. We see how her patients come to feel safe and protected again--as though they have a guardian angel-once they learn to open themselves up to these possibilities. Through this communication, which is at once spiritual and very concrete, the pain of grieving can be made more bearable. Ambivalent relationships can be healed. And a loved one's messages can bring relief and joy.

Shakespeare Survey: Volume 55, King Lear and Its Afterlife

Shakespeare Survey: Volume 55, King Lear and Its Afterlife ebook ISBN: 9780521815871
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Peter Holland
Number of Pages: 410 
File: shakespeare-survey-volume-55-king-lear-and-its-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 1767968


Shakespeare Survey is a yearbook of Shakespeare studies and production. Each volume is devoted to a theme, or play, or group of plays; each also contains a section of reviews of criticism and performance. For the first time, numbers 1-50 are being reissued in paperback.

The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife

The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife ebook ISBN: 9780801485152
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Author: Erik Hornung
Number of Pages: 188 
File: the-ancient-egyptian-books-of-the-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 8811456


This volume offers a survey about what is known about the Ancient Egyptians' vision of the afterlife and an examination of these beliefs that were written down in books that were later discovered in royal tombs. The contents of the texts range from the collection of spells in the Book of the Dead, which was intended to offer practical assistance on the journey to the afterlife, to the detailed accounts of the hereafter provided in the Books of the Netherworld. The author looks closely at these latter works, while summarizing the contents of the Book of the Dead and other widely studied examples of the genre. For each composition, he discusses the history of its ancient transmission and its decipherment in modern times, supplying bibliographic information for any text editions. He also seeks to determine whether this literature as a whole presents a monolithic conception of the afterlife. The volume features many drawings from the books themselves.

Literary Afterlife

Literary Afterlife ebook ISBN: 078645721X
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Bernard A. Drew
Number of Pages: 420 
File: literary-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 6767247


This is an encyclopedic work, arranged by broad categories and then by original authors, of literary pastiches in which fictional characters have reappeared in new works after the deaths of the authors that created them. It includes book series that have continued under a deceased writer’s real or pen name, undisguised offshoots issued under the new writer’s name, posthumous collaborations in which a deceased author’s unfinished manuscript is completed by another writer, unauthorized pastiches, and “biographies” of literary characters. The authors and works are entered under the following categories: Action and Adventure, Classics (18th Century and Earlier), Classics (19th Century), Classics (20th Century), Crime and Mystery, Espionage, Fantasy and Horror, Humor, Juveniles (19th Century), Juveniles (20th Century), Poets, Pulps, Romances, Science Fiction and Westerns. Each original author entry includes a short biography, a list of original works, and information on the pastiches based on the author’s characters.

Hell and its Afterlife

Hell and its Afterlife ebook ISBN: 1409481328
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Author: Margaret Toscano,Dr Isabel Moreira
Number of Pages: 282 
File: hell-and-its-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 7142729


The notion of an infernal place of punishment for 'undesired' elements in human culture and human nature has a long history both as religious idea and as cultural metaphor. This book brings together a wide array of scholars who examine hell as an idea within the Christian tradition and its 'afterlife' in historical and contemporary imagination. Leading scholars grapple with the construction and meaning of hell in the past and investigate its modern utility as a means to describe what is perceived as horrific or undesirable in modern culture. While the idea of an infernal region of punishment was largely developed in the context of early Jewish and Christian religious culture, it remains a central belief for some Christians in the modern world. Hell's reception (its 'afterlife') in the modern world has extended hell's meaning beyond the religious realm; hell has become a pervasive image and metaphor in political rhetoric, in popular culture, and in the media. Bringing together scholars from a variety of fields to contribute to a wider understanding of this fascinating and important cultural idea, this book will appeal to readers from historical, religious, literary and cultural perspectives.

The Afterlife Experiments

The Afterlife Experiments ebook ISBN: 9780743442589
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Gary E. Schwartz,William L. Simon
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-afterlife-experiments.pdf
Reads: 5585460


An esteemed scientist's personal journey from skepticism to wonder and awe provides astonishing answers to a timeless question: Is there life after death? Are love and life eternal? This exciting account presents provocative evidence that could upset everything that science has ever taught. Daring to risk his worldwide academic reputation, Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, along with his research partner Dr. Linda Russek, asked some of the most prominent mediums in America -- including John Edward, Suzane Northrup, and George Anderson -- to become part of a series of extraordinary experiments to prove, or disprove, the existence of an afterlife. THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS This riveting narrative, with its electrifying transcripts, puts the reader on the scene of a breakthrough scientific achievement: contact with the beyond under controlled laboratory conditions. In stringently monitored experiments, leading mediums attempted to contact dead friends and relatives of "sitters" who were masked from view and never spoke, depriving the mediums of any cues. The messages that came through stunned sitters and researchers alike. Here, as they unfolded in the laboratory setting, are uncanny revelations about a son's suicide, what a deceased father wanted to say about his last days in a coma, the transformation of a man's lifelong doubts about the afterlife, and, most amazing of all, a forecast of a beloved spouse's death. Dr. Schwartz was forced by the overwhelmingly positive data to abandon his skepticism, reaching some startling conclusions. Compelling from the first page to the last, The Afterlife Experiments is the amazing documentation of groundbreaking experiments you will never forget.

Death and the Afterlife in Japanese Buddhism

Death and the Afterlife in Japanese Buddhism ebook ISBN: 0824832043
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Author: Jacqueline Ilyse Stone,Mariko Namba Walter
Number of Pages: 382 
File: death-and-the-afterlife-in-japanese-buddhism.pdf
Reads: 1814015


"For more than a thousand years, Buddhism has dominated Japanese death rituals and concepts of the afterlife. The nine essays in this volume, ranging chronologically from the tenth century to the present, bring to light both continuity and change in death practices over time. They also explore the interrelated issues of how Buddhist death rites have addressed individual concerns about the afterlife while also filling social and institutional needs and how Buddhist death-related practices have assimilated and refigured elements from other traditions, bringing together disparate, even conflicting, ideas about the dead, their postmortem fate, and what constitutes normative Buddhist practice." "Death and the Afterlife in Japanese Buddhism constitutes a major step toward understanding how Buddhism in Japan has forged and retained its hold on deathrelated thought and practice, providing one of the most detailed and comprehensive accounts of the topic to date."--BOOK JACKET.

The Afterlife

The Afterlife ebook ISBN: 9780152047740
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: Gary Soto
Number of Pages: 161 
File: the-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 4183780


Chuy, a senior at East Fresno High School lives on as a ghost after his brutal murder in the restroom of a club where he had gone to dance.

Molière, the French Revolution, and the Theatrical Afterlife

Molière, the French Revolution, and the Theatrical Afterlife ebook ISBN: 1587298910
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
Author: Mechele Leon
Number of Pages: 196 
File: molière-the-french-revolution-and-the-theatrical-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 8655989


From 1680 until the French Revolution, when legislation abolished restrictions on theatrical enterprise, a single theatre held sole proprietorship of Molière’s works. After 1791, his plays were performed in new theatres all over Paris by new actors, before audiences new to his works. Both his plays and his image took on new dimensions. In Molière, the French Revolution, and the Theatrical Afterlife, Mechele Leon convincingly demonstrates how revolutionaries challenged the ties that bound this preeminent seventeenth-century comic playwright to the Old Regime and provided him with a place of honor in the nation’s new cultural memory. Leon begins by analyzing the performance of Molière’s plays during the Revolution, showing how his privileged position as royal servant was disrupted by the practical conditions of the revolutionary theatre. Next she explores Molière’s relationship to Louis XIV, Tartuffe, and the social function of his comedy, using Rousseau’s famous critique of Molière as well as appropriations of George Dandin in revolutionary iconography to discuss how Moliérean laughter was retooled to serve republican interests. After examining the profusion of plays dealing with his life in the latter years of the Revolution, she looks at the exhumation of his remains and their reentombment as the tangible manifestation of his passage from Ancien Régime favorite to new national icon. The great Molière is appreciated by theatre artists and audiences worldwide, but for the French people it is no exaggeration to say that the Father of French Comedy is part of their national soul. By showing how he was represented, reborn, and reburied in the new France—how the revolutionaries asserted his relevance for their tumultuous time in ways that were audacious, irreverent, imaginative, and extreme—Leon clarifies the important role of theatrical figures in preserving and portraying a nation’s history.

Pathways to the Afterlife

Pathways to the Afterlife ebook ISBN: 9780824815387
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Author: Julia M. White,Ronald Y. Otsuka,Denver Art Museum
Number of Pages: 102 
File: pathways-to-the-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 8682119


Nicely produced catalog for an exhibition at the Denver Art Museum. Features 43 ceramic and bronze jars, bowls, cups, and flasks, and traces the progression of Chinese design and decoration from its beginnings at the hands of Neolithic potters up to the creation of funerary wares by Han and Tang cra

Visits from the Afterlife

Visits from the Afterlife ebook ISBN: 1101210141
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Sylvia Browne
Number of Pages: 304 
File: visits-from-the-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 6524011


In Visits from the Afterlife, Browne journeys even deeper into The Other Side, detailing stirring true encounters, describing visitations with ghosts, in-transition spirits, and other troubled souls seeking peace and closure. She travels to locations as diverse as haunted homes and ships possessed by otherworldly forces. Through these spiritual visits, she explains the reasons behind many of the world's most bizarre and mysterious hauntings, and she shares her own personal, face-to-face experiences with these inexplicable phenomena. From surprising revelations about the spirit world to moving reunions with those who have moved on, Visits from the Afterlife once again illustrates spirits' profound and eternal influence on our earthly lives.

The Afterlife of the Platonic Soul

The Afterlife of the Platonic Soul ebook ISBN: 9004176233
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Maha Elkaisy-Friemuth,John Myles Dillon
Number of Pages: 236 
File: the-afterlife-of-the-platonic-soul.pdf
Reads: 6410302


Plato's doctrine of the soul, its immaterial nature, its parts or faculties, and its fate after death (and before birth) came to have an enormous influence on the great religious traditions that sprang up in late antiquity, beginning with Judaism (in the person of Philo of Alexandria), and continuing with Christianity, from St. Paul on through the Alexandrian and Cappadocian Fathers to Byzantium, and finally with Islamic thinkers from Al-kindi on. This volume, while not aspiring to completeness, attempts to provide insights into how members of each of these traditions adapted Platonist doctrines to their own particular needs, with varying degrees of creativity.

Digital Afterlife

Digital Afterlife ebook ISBN: 1000026604
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Maggi Savin-Baden,Victoria Mason-Robbie
Number of Pages: 214 
File: digital-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 91221


Despite the range of studies into grief and mourning in relation to the digital, research to date largely focuses on the cultural practices and meanings that are played out in and through digital environments. Digital Afterlife brings together experts from diverse fields who share an interest in Digital Afterlife and the wide-ranging issues that relate to this. The book covers a variety of matters that have been neglected in other research texts, for example: The legal, ethical, and philosophical conundrums of Digital Afterlife The ways digital media are currently being used to expand the possibilities of commemorating the dead and managing the grief of those left behind Our lives are shaped by and shape the creation of our Digital Afterlife as the digital has become a taken for granted aspect of human experience. This book will be of interest to undergraduates from computing, theology, business studies, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and education from all types of institutions. Secondary audiences include researchers and postgraduate researchers with an interest in the digital. At a practical level, the cost of data storage and changing data storage systems mitigate the likelihood of our digital presence existing in perpetuity. Whether we create accidental or intentional digital memories, this has psychological consequences for ourselves and for society. Essentially, the foreverness of forever is in question. Maggi Savin-Baden is Professor of Higher Education Research at the University of Worcester. She has a strong publication record of over 50 research publications and 17 books. Victoria Mason-Robbie is a Chartered Psychologist and an experienced lecturer having worked in the Higher Education sector for over 15 years. Her current research focuses on evaluating web-based avatars, pedagogical agents, and virtual humans.

Etruscan Life and Afterlife

Etruscan Life and Afterlife ebook ISBN: 9780814318133
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
Author: Nancy Thomson De Grummond,Mario Torelli,Jean Macintosh Turfa,Briguet, Marie-francoise
Number of Pages: 289 
File: etruscan-life-and-afterlife.pdf
Reads: 7118863


A reliable and lively volume which brings readers into the mainstream of the latest Etruscan scholarship.