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Us Against Ourselves

Us Against Ourselves ebook ISBN: 9736694623
Publisher: Monica Tatoiu
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 256 
File: us-against-ourselves.pdf
Reads: 1227020


Against Ourselves

Against Ourselves ebook ISBN:
Author: D. G. Garan
Number of Pages: 310 
File: against-ourselves.pdf
Reads: 6313890


The War Against Ourselves

The War Against Ourselves ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Witwatersrand University Press
Author: Jacklyn Cock
Number of Pages: 245 
File: the-war-against-ourselves.pdf
Reads: 3161168


"The future of the environment, and the destructive impact of unregulated market-led growth on it, has become the defining socio-political issue of the 21st century. This book, by taking a holistic approach to the subject, will attract readers who are interested in the section on the origin, growth and social composition of bird-watching through to those who see capitalism on a suicidal course in its drive to exploit nature for profit." --Eddie Webster, director of the Sociology of Work Unit, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) "This is a refreshing, important and timely work: refreshing because of the personal perspective of the author; important because it goes beyond the personal to make a significant statement about current states of affairs in South Africa; timely because its message goes beyond (South) Africa--it is an urgent plea for universal environmental sanity." --Dr. Kai Horsthemke, Wits School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) For many people "nature" means wilderness and wild animals. It is experienced indirectly through magazines and television programs or through visiting the highly managed environments of national parks. Nature, however, is not external, separate from the world of people--we live in nature and interact with it daily. In this book, Jacklyn Cock describes how these intricate and complex interconnections, seen and unseen, are often ignored. Each of the ten chapters examines an aspect of our relationship with nature. The War Against Ourselves compels us to reexamine our relationship with nature, to change our practices and dissolve present binary divisions such as people vs. animals, economic growth vs. environmental protection, "nature" vs. "culture." It demonstrates the need for an inclusive politics which brings together peace, social, and environmental justice activists who believe that another world is both possible and necessary. Jacklyn Cock is professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa) where she has lectured for twenty-five years. She is also an Honorary Research Professor in the Sociology of Work unit (SWOP). She has been involved in the environmental movement since the 1970s.

Growing Against Ourselves

Growing Against Ourselves ebook ISBN:
Author: S. L. Kwee,J. S. R. Mullender
Number of Pages: 252 
File: growing-against-ourselves.pdf
Reads: 9141850


31 Miles

31 Miles ebook ISBN: 9788129142290
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Author: Vinita Bakshi
Number of Pages: 234 
File: 31-miles.pdf
Reads: 495715


Mansa has the perfect family life-a husband, two daughters and a big house. But she feels that something is missing. Her frustration with being just a homemaker intensifies. After shifting to a major city, she decides to take the reins of her life in her own hands, she decides to step out and seek a career.While enjoying the new-found freedom and confidence, she completely immerses herself in her work and her new life. Till one fateful day when she finds herself embroiled in a passionate affair-with an online lover. And then everything falls apart! 31 Miles is the story of a woman who finds her own worth after marriage and works towards self-emancipation. Will she give it all up for the elusive mirage created by the stranger? What turn will her life take next?

Against Ourselves

Against Ourselves ebook ISBN: 9781781765371
Author: Jonathan Clifford-King
Number of Pages: 436 
File: against-ourselves.pdf
Reads: 6705589


The year is 2071. A crew have almost reached a new planet where no human has set foot on before. A top-secret project is about to be launched there by the crew and history looks set to be made. But then the project goes terribly wrong! Soon, the crew find themselves snared in a deadly trap where nothing is what it seems. They can trust no one. They cannot trust each other. They cannot even trust themselves...

Violence Against Women and Children

Violence Against Women and Children ebook ISBN: 0826408303
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Carol J. Adams,Marie Fortune
Number of Pages: 515 
File: violence-against-women-and-children.pdf
Reads: 8027476


Violence against women and children has reached epidemic proportions. It cuts across all economic strata and is found in our urban centers and the farthest corners of the nation. This is the only sourcebook on domestic violence for clergy and counselors.

You Are Not Your Illness

You Are Not Your Illness ebook ISBN: 1439124019
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Linda Topf
Number of Pages: 256 
File: you-are-not-your-illness.pdf
Reads: 8725703


The author, who has lived with multiple sclerosis most of her adult life, delves deeply into her own experience to reveal the keys to regaining emotional and spiritual wholeness when a serious illness or injury threatens to destroy one's sense of self. While serious illness, injury, or disability can physically alter the course of your life, it can also cause great emotional upheaval. It is not uncommon to feel anger, frustration, grief, fear, and denial as you try to accept a new way of living. As you lose your ability to do things you once considered routine, you may even feel that you are losing your self-worth, that your physical condition is threatening your identity. Through a step-by-step process designed to show that real healing has little to do with the state of the physical body, Noble Topf offers a compassionate and inspirational message to anyone whose sense of self is threatened by physical limitations.


Self-Improvement ebook ISBN: 0199599343
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Robert N. Johnson
Number of Pages: 174 
File: self-improvement.pdf
Reads: 2277761


Is there any moral obligation to improve oneself, to foster and develop various capacities in oneself? From a broadly Kantian point of view, Self-Improvement defends the view that there is such an obligation and that it is an obligation that each person owes to him or herself. The defence addresses a range of arguments philosophers have mobilized against this idea, including the argument that it is impossible to owe anything to yourself, and the view that an obligation to improve onself is overly 'moralistic'. Robert N. Johnson argues against Kantian universalization arguments for the duty of self-improvement, as well as arguments that bottom out in a supposed value humanity has. At the same time, he defends a position based on the notion that self- and other-respecting agents would, under the right circumstances, accept the principle of self-improvement and would leave it up to each to be the person to whom this duty is owed.


Works ebook ISBN:
Author: Isaac Barrow
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: works.pdf
Reads: 1497696


Mill on Justice

Mill on Justice ebook ISBN: 0230354971
Publisher: Springer
Author: L. Kahn
Number of Pages: 224 
File: mill-on-justice.pdf
Reads: 1680722


John Stuart Mill was one of the most important figures in political philosophy but little has been published on his ideas on justice. This impressive collection by renowned Mill scholars addresses this gap in Mill studies and theories of justice.

A Political Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Political Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson ebook ISBN: 0813140471
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
Author: Alan M. Levine,Daniel S. Malachuk
Number of Pages: 500 
File: a-political-companion-to-ralph-waldo-emerson.pdf
Reads: 8022988


From before the Civil War until his death in 1882, Ralph Waldo Emerson was renowned -- and renounced -- as one of the United States' most prominent abolitionists and as a leading visionary of the nation's liberal democratic future. Following his death, however, both Emerson's political activism and his political thought faded from public memory, replaced by the myth of the genteel man of letters and the detached sage of individualism. In the 1990s, scholars rediscovered Emerson's antislavery writings and began reviving his legacy as a political activist. A Political Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson is the first collection to evaluate Emerson's political thought in light of his recently rediscovered political activism. What were Emerson's politics? A Political Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson authoritatively answers this question with seminal essays by some of the most prominent thinkers ever to write about Emerson -- Stanley Cavell, George Kateb, Judith N. Shklar, and Wilson Carey McWilliams -- as well as many of today's leading Emerson scholars. With an introduction that effectively destroys the "pernicious myth about Emerson's apolitical individualism" by editors Alan M. Levine and Daniel S. Malachuk, this volume reassesses Emerson's famous theory of self-reliance in light of his antislavery politics, demonstrates the importance of transcendentalism to his politics, and explores the enduring significance of his thought for liberal democracy. Including a substantial bibliography of work on Emerson's politics over the last century, A Political Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson is an indispensable resource for students of Emerson, American literature, and American political thought, as well as for those who wrestle with the fundamental challenges of democracy and liberalism.

The Burden of Unforgiveness

The Burden of Unforgiveness ebook ISBN: 1477121226
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Almond Ronald Muvhango Rasimphi
Number of Pages: 346 
File: the-burden-of-unforgiveness.pdf
Reads: 9863249


Forgivenes: is to stop feeling angry and resentful towards someone who offended you as a result of perceiving offense, difference, or mistake or an offense or flaw. It is a process of concluding resentment, indignation or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. Henceforth - the breaking the unrelenting chains of pain that held us back from good progress and advancement. All humans are victims of self and each others grudge bearing, revenge seeking and continued hatred at times. But we must know and understand that there isnt any solution, neither could grudge bearing, revenge seeking and continued hatred brings peace to self or to all humanity. We need to believe in finding a way to forgive one-self and others. All victims of unforgiveness and negativity must believe that; there is a way to be good again and to encourage one-self and others escape unforgiveness and negativity onslaught and redeem one-self and help others to be redeemed. We must keep peeking into that deserted alley and look forward to forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as, to always remember and know that there was brotherhood between people who had fed from the same breast, lived and worked together or shared some good experience and a kinship that even time could not break. We can lift our spirit from the certainty of turmoil and drop ourselves into the ocean of peace of mind. Because when spring comes it causes melting of the snow flake at a time, and maybe we will witness first hand the unforgiveness and negativity snowflake melting to the grand match of regain our peace of mind and smiles back.


Correction ebook ISBN: 0307833593
Publisher: Vintage
Author: Thomas Bernhard
Number of Pages: 288 
File: correction.pdf
Reads: 5726519


The scientist Roithamer has dedicated the last six years of his life to “the Cone,” an edifice of mathematically exact construction that he has erected in the center of his family’s estate in honor of his beloved sister. Not long after its completion, he takes his own life. As an unnamed friend pieces together—literally, from thousands of slips of papers and one troubling manuscript—the puzzle of Rotheimer’s breakdown, what emerges is the story of a genius ceaselessly compelled to correct and refine his perceptions until the only logical conclusion is the negation of his own soul. Considered by many critics to be Thomas Bernhard’s masterpiece, Correction is a cunningly crafted and unforgettable meditation on the tension between the desire for perfection and the knowledge that it is unattainable.

Appreciate the Fog

Appreciate the Fog ebook ISBN: 1479723959
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Stephen Harrison
Number of Pages: 325 
File: appreciate-the-fog.pdf
Reads: 8177183


Appreciate the Fog written by Stephen Harrison is a self-help and leadership book that encourages embracing change with power and purpose. This book offers some invaluable suggestions that may provide quick payback in life with the intent to acknowledge that there are deeper processes with wonderful, lasting benefits that are available as the lifelong process of self-discovery opens. It encourages embracing the fog as it rises and developing a meaningful, authentic, and intimate relationship with the inner self. This book has been structured to be a natural progression through concepts that build on each other in a natural manner, with each chapter largely self-contained. Each chapter may be read and utilised as when and in whatever order suits the readers. Some may prefer to quickly browse this book and then pick out those portions that have immediate relevance to where they are in their journey at present. Others will find it useful working through the book from start to finish. These concepts will assist readers when working in relationships and organisations where fog is in effect. Being aware of the personal inner world, how to respond to a fog and exhibit that publically can make a positive difference to the capacity to process responses and the ability to work with others. Appreciate the Fog encourages readers to reflect on life, the mechanisms used to protect and feel safe, the triggers and patterns that generate episodes of fog and how working with all this knowledge may create a more satisfying and rewarding life. It encourages self-discovery with the intent that in knowing oneself, a person can decide to act with alignment and integrity to who he/she is, and in so doing manifest personal power and leadership.