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Ancient Canaan and Israel

Ancient Canaan and Israel ebook ISBN: 1576078973
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Jonathan Michael Golden
Number of Pages: 415 
File: ancient-canaan-and-israel.pdf
Reads: 6396038


Shows how the people of ancient Israel and Canaan lived by describing their government, social customs, religion, and history.

Ancient Canaan and Israel

Ancient Canaan and Israel ebook ISBN: 0195379853
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Jonathan M Golden
Number of Pages: 413 
File: ancient-canaan-and-israel.pdf
Reads: 6583268


Where did the Israelites originate? What was the fate of the Canaanites? In this revealing introduction, Jonathan M. Golden tackles these and other hotly debated questions. Drawing on the extensive and often surprising archeological record, he looks at daily life in antiquity, providing rich portraits of the role of women, craft production, metallurgy, technology, political and social organization, trade, and religious practices. Golden traces the great religious traditions that emerged in this region back to their most ancient roots, drawing on the evidence of scriptures and other texts as well as the archeological record. Though the scriptures stress the primacy of Israel, the author considers the Canaanites and Philistines as well, examining the differences between highland and coastal cultures and the cross-fertilization between societies. He offers a clear, objective look at the evidence for the historical accuracy of the biblical narrative, based on the latest thinking among archeologists worldwide.

Code of Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: code-of-federal-regulations.pdf
Reads: 6859795


Special edition of the Federal Register, containing a codification of documents of general applicability and future effect ... with ancillaries.

Israel in Transition

Israel in Transition ebook ISBN: 0567599132
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Author: Lester L. Grabbe
Number of Pages: 256 
File: israel-in-transition.pdf
Reads: 3018339


For more than a decade the European Seminar in Historical Methodology has debated the history of ancient Israel (or Palestine or the Southern Levant, as some prefer). A number of different topics have been the focus of discussion and published collections, but several have centered on historical periods. The really seminal period--one of great debates over a number of different topics--is the four centuries between the Late Bronze II and Iron IIA, but it seemed appropriate to leave it toward the end of the various historical periods. It was also important to give a prominent place to archaeology, and the best way to do this seemed to be to have a special Seminar session devoted entirely to archaeology.

The Dark Age of Greece

The Dark Age of Greece ebook ISBN: 9780415936361
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Author: Anthony M. Snodgrass
Number of Pages: 456 
File: the-dark-age-of-greece.pdf
Reads: 5231493


This is a classic work of archaeology by one of the premier figures in the field. First published in 1971, A.M. Snodgrass' The Dark Age if Greece is the most comprehensive and coherent account available of this period of ancient Greece.

Age of Gold, Age of Iron

Age of Gold, Age of Iron ebook ISBN:
Publisher: University Press of Amer
Author: Barbara Von Barghahn
Number of Pages: 167 
File: age-of-gold-age-of-iron.pdf
Reads: 5712349


Studies in the Archaeology of the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan

Studies in the Archaeology of the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan ebook ISBN: 0567194175
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Amihai Mazar
Number of Pages: 346 
File: studies-in-the-archaeology-of-the-iron-age-in-israel-and-jordan.pdf
Reads: 3028291


Thirteen essays on the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan, covering settlement patterns, iconography, cult, palaeography and the archaeology of certain key sites. This volume offers an exceptionally informed update in a fast-moving area of discovery and interpretation. The first section deals with spatial archaeology and settlement patterns, all the papers based on the fieldwork by A. Zertal in Samaria, A. Ofer in Judah, G. Lehmann in the Akko Plain, and S. Gibson in various areas in the hill country of Israel. The second section covers religion and iconography. The two single Iron Age temples known today in Israel, at Dan and Arad, are discussed by A. Biran and Z. Herzog. R. Kletter and K. Prag discuss clay figurines and other cult objects; T. Ornan identifies Ishtar on a number of seals and on a silver pendant; and N. Franklin examines the iconography and meaning of the wall relief in Room V at Sargon's palace in Khorsabad. The last section includes three studies related to specific sites. M. Steiner considers urban development in Jerusalem during Iron Age II; A. Mazar presents data from Iron Age II Beth Shean, and P. Bienkowski and L. Sedman discuss finds from Buseirah, the capital of Edom.

Excavations at Tall Jawa, Jordan

Excavations at Tall Jawa, Jordan ebook ISBN: 9789004130128
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Paulette M. Michèle Daviau
Number of Pages: 566 
File: excavations-at-tall-jawa-jordan.pdf
Reads: 7856298


This volume illustrates and describes the architecture and settlement history of the Iron Age town located at Tall Jawa (Jordan) Uncovered during six seasons of archaeological excavations, the site yielded evidence of a walled town with fortifications and domestic buildings.

Fingerprinting the Iron Age: Approaches to identity in the European Iron Age

Fingerprinting the Iron Age: Approaches to identity in the European Iron Age ebook ISBN: 1782976787
Publisher: Oxbow Books
Author: C?t?lin Nicolae Popa,Simon Stoddart
Number of Pages: 336 
File: fingerprinting-the-iron-age-approaches-to-identity-in-the-european-iron-age.pdf
Reads: 2462893


Archaeology has long dealt with issues of identity, and especially with ethnicity, with modern approaches emphasising dynamic and fluid social construction. The archaeology of the Iron Age in particular has engendered much debate on the topic of ethnicity, fuelled by the first availability of written sources alongside the archaeological evidence which has led many researchers to associate the features they excavate with populations named by Greek or Latin writers. Some archaeological traditions have had their entire structure built around notions of ethnicity, around the relationships existing between large groups of people conceived together as forming unitary ethnic units. On the other hand, partly influenced by anthropological studies, other scholars have written forcefully against Iron Age ethnic constructions, such as the Celts. The 24 contributions to this volume focus on the south east Europe, where the Iron Age has, until recently, been populated with numerous ethnic groups with which specific material culture forms have been associated. The first section is devoted to the core geographical area of south east Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The following three sections allow comparison with regions further to the west and the south west with contributions on central and western Europe, the British Isles and the Italian peninsula. The volume concludes with four papers which provide more synthetic statements that cut across geographical boundaries, the final contributions bringing together some of the key themes of the volume. The wide array of approaches to identity presented here reflects the continuing debate on how to integrate material culture, protohistoric evidence (largely classical authors looking in on first millennium BC societies) and the impact of recent nationalistic agendas.

Late Bronze & Early Iron Ages of Central

Late Bronze & Early Iron Ages of Central ebook ISBN: 9780934718752
Publisher: UPenn Museum of Archaeology
Author: Patrick E. McGovern,Robin Brown
Number of Pages: 365 
File: late-bronze-early-iron-ages-of-central.pdf
Reads: 7645533


A critical transition period in the archaeology and history of Palestine—the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age—is described in detail from the perspective of a group of sites in the Baq'ah Valley. A major emphasis is on how scientific techniques, including magnetic location of undisturbed burial deposits and analytical reconstruction of very early industries, can be effectively integrated into an archaeological project. Contrary to traditional views, the evidence supports a relatively peaceful development within a single cultural tradition rather than the intrusion of a new people or segment of the existing population, by invasion, migration, or revolt. University Museum Monograph, 65

Iron Age Echoes

Iron Age Echoes ebook ISBN: 9088900736
Publisher: Sidestone Press
Author: David Fontijn,Quentin Bourgeois,Arjen Louwen
Number of Pages: 173 
File: iron-age-echoes.pdf
Reads: 5292465


Groups of burial mounds may be among the most tangible and visible remains of Europe's prehistoric past. Yet, not much is known on how "barrow landscapes" came into being . This book deals with that topic, by presenting the results of archaeological research carried out on a group of just two barrows that crown a small hilltop near the Echoput ("echo-well") in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. In 2007, archaeologists of the Ancestral Mounds project of Leiden University carried out an excavation of parts of these mounds and their immediate environment. They discovered that these mounds are rare examples of monumental barrows from the later part of the Iron Age. They were probably built at the same time, and their similarities are so conspicuous that one might speak of "twin barrows". The research team was able to reconstruct the long-term history of this hilltop. We can follow how the hilltop that is now deep in the forests of the natural reserve of the Kroondomein Het Loo, once was an open place in the landscape. With pragmatism not unlike our own, we see how our prehistoric predecessors carefully managed and maintained the open area for a long time, before it was transformed into a funerary site. The excavation yielded many details on how people built the barrows by cutting and arranging heather sods, and how the mounds were used for burial rituals in the Iron Age.

Reading the Odyssey

Reading the Odyssey ebook ISBN: 9780691044392
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: Seth L. Schein
Number of Pages: 278 
File: reading-the-odyssey.pdf
Reads: 6448690


This wide-ranging collection makes available to specialists and nonspecialists alike important critical work on the Odyssey produced during the last half century. The ten essays address five major concerns: the poem's programmatic representation of social and religious institutions and values; its transformation of folktales and traditional stories into epic adventures; its representation of gender roles and, in particular, of Penelope; its narrative strategies and form; and its relation to the Iliad, especially to that epic's distinctive conception of heroism. In the introduction, Seth L. Schein describes the poetic background to the work and suggests a variety of interpretive approaches, some of which are developed in the essays that follow. These essays include previously published work by Jean-Pierre Vernant, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Pietro Pucci, and Charles P. Segal. There also are a new essay by Laura M. Slatkin, two revised and expanded ones by Nancy Felson-Rubin and Michael N. Nagler, and three appearing in English for the first time by Uvo Hlscher, Karl Reinhardt, and Vernant. The result is a collection that juxtaposes older, often hard-to-find articles with significant newer pieces in a way that allows for a fruitful dialogue among them.

Daily Life in Biblical Times

Daily Life in Biblical Times ebook ISBN: 1589836766
Publisher: Society of Biblical Lit
Author: Oded Borowski
Number of Pages: 160 
File: daily-life-in-biblical-times.pdf
Reads: 7306705


While the history of Israel during the period from ca. 1200 to 586 B.C.E. has been in the forefront of biblical research, little attention has been given to questions of daily life. Where did the Israelites live? What did people do for a living? What did they eat and what affected their health? How did the family function? These and similar questions form the basis for this book. The book introduces different aspects of daily life. It describes the natural setting and the people who occupied the land. It deals with the economy, both rural and urban, emphasizing the main sources of livelihood such as agriculture, herding, and trade. These topics are discussed in relation to the family in particular and the social structure in general. Other topics include urban society, the bureaucracy and the military. Beyond material culture, the book delves into daily and seasonal cultural, social and religious activities, art, music, and the place of writing in Israelite society. Drawing on textual and archaeological evidence, and written with nontechnical language, the book will be especially helpful for undergraduates, seminarians, pastors, rabbis, and other interested nonspecialist readers as well as graduate students and faculty in Hebrew Bible.

The Golden Age of Ironwork

The Golden Age of Ironwork ebook ISBN: 9781879535145
Publisher: Skipjack Press, Inc.
Author: Henry Jonas Magaziner
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-golden-age-of-ironwork.pdf
Reads: 6955227


The Golden Age of Ironwork, by Henry Jonas Magaziner, covers ironwork from roughly 1840 to 1930. Thus, it includes cast iron, which prevailed during the nineteenth century and hand wrought iron, which triumphed from about 1900 to 1930. With 173 photographs by Robert Golden the books describes this period golden period. There are also a few examples of contemporary ironwork

Dinner at Dan

Dinner at Dan ebook ISBN: 9004260625
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Jonathan S. Greer
Number of Pages: 214 
File: dinner-at-dan.pdf
Reads: 1165354


In Dinner at Dan, Jonathan S. Greer offers a synthesis of biblical and archaeological evidence for sacred feasts at the Levantine site of Tel Dan from the late 10th century - mid-8th century BCE and explores their significance.

Death in the Iron Age II and in First Isaiah

Death in the Iron Age II and in First Isaiah ebook ISBN: 9783161507854
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
Author: Christopher B. Hays
Number of Pages: 445 
File: death-in-the-iron-age-ii-and-in-first-isaiah.pdf
Reads: 8115722


Death is one of the major themes of 'First Isaiah, ' although it has not generally been recognized as such. Images of death are repeatedly used by the prophet and his earliest tradents.The book begins by concisely summarizing what is known about death in the Ancient Near East during the Iron Age II, covering beliefs and practices in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syria-Palestine, and Judah/Israel. Incorporating both textual and archeological data, Christopher B. Hays surveys and analyzes existing scholarly literature on these topics from multiple fields.Focusing on the text's meaning for its producers and its initial audiences, he describes the ways in which the 'rhetoric of death' functioned in its historical context and offers fresh interpretations of more than a dozen passages in Isa 5-38. He shows how they employ the imagery of death that was part of their cultural contexts, and also identifies ways in which they break new creative ground.This holistic approach to questions that have attracted much scholarly attention in recent decades produces new insights not only for the interpretation of specific biblical passages, but also for the formation of the book of Isaiah and for the history of ancient Near Eastern religions

Congress Volume Helsinki 2010

Congress Volume Helsinki 2010 ebook ISBN: 9004205144
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Martti Nissinen
Number of Pages: 567 
File: congress-volume-helsinki-2010.pdf
Reads: 8344957


This volume brings together the main contributions to the 20th congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT) held in Helsinki, Finland in August, 2010, focusing on archaeology, textual history, Deuteronomistic texts, and Wisdom and apocalypticism.

The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion

The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion ebook ISBN: 1934536555
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
Author: C. Brian Rose,Gareth Darbyshire
Number of Pages: 200 
File: the-new-chronology-of-iron-age-gordion.pdf
Reads: 9278503


The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion argues that the history and archaeology of the site of Gordion, in central Turkey, have been misunderstood since the beginning of its excavation in the 1950s. The first excavation director, Rodney Young, found evidence for substantial destruction during the first decade of fieldwork; this was interpreted as proof that Gordion had been destroyed ca. 700 B.C. by the Kimmerians, a group of invaders from the Caucusus/Black Sea region, as attested in several ancient literary sources. During the last decade, however, renewed research on the archaeological evidence, within, above, and below the destruction level indicated that the catastrophe that destroyed much of Gordion occurred 100 years earlier, in 800 B.C., and was the result of a fire that quickly got out of control rather than a foreign invasion. This discovery requires a reassessment of Anatolian history during the entire first millennium B.C. and has serious implications for our understanding of the surrounding regions, such as Assyria, Syria, Greece, and Urartu, among others. The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion is the product of a multidisciplinary research program, with dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating working hand in hand with textual and artifact analysis, each of which is treated in a separate chapter in this volume. All of these categories of evidence point to the same conclusion and demonstrate that we need to look at Gordion, and much of the ancient Near East, in a completely new way. University Museum Monograph, 133

Iron Disorders, An Issue of Hematology/Oncology Clinics,

Iron Disorders, An Issue of Hematology/Oncology Clinics, ebook ISBN: 0323299407
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Author: Matthew M. Heeney
Number of Pages: 161 
File: iron-disorders-an-issue-of-hematology-oncology-clinics.pdf
Reads: 1259003


This issue of Hematology/Oncology Clinics, guest edited by Drs. Matthew Heeney and Alan Cohen, is devoted to Iron Disorders. Articles in this issue include: Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HFE and Non-HFE); Iron Refractory Iron Deficiency Anemia (IRIDA); Sideroblastic Anemia; Anemia of Chronic Disease/Inflammation; Pathophysiology of Transfusional Iron Overload; Transfusional Iron Overload and Iron Chelation Therapy; Iron Overload and its Management in Non-Transfusion-Dependent Thalassemia; Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia; and Iron Overload Assessment.

Inscriptions of the Iron Age

Inscriptions of the Iron Age ebook ISBN: 3110804204
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Author: John David Hawkins
Number of Pages: 678 
File: inscriptions-of-the-iron-age.pdf
Reads: 7716320


This is an edition of the Hieroglyphic inscriptions of the Late Hittite states of Turkey and Syria. These inscriptions, surviving largely on stone, include monuments of kings to their reigns and works as well as the humbler memorials of subordinates. A few precious survivals of documents in the form of lead strips give us a different type of document: letters and economic texts. Recent discoveries have improved the decipherment and understanding of these inscriptions to a point where new and comprehensive translations can be offered, and the presentation of this in English will make them available for the first time to the wide audience of the English-speaking world. At the same time we are in a position to present more reliable texts than those which have appeared in editions hitherto regarded as standard.