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Anta's Ageless Warrior Fitness

Anta's Ageless Warrior Fitness ebook ISBN: 0990622126
Author: Julio Anta
Number of Pages: 186 
File: anta-s-ageless-warrior-fitness.pdf
Reads: 5040768


The Complete Book of Fitness, Strength and Longevity for Seniors. This book is Julio Anta's journey to being fit and looking young at 57. Learn how how Julio Anta went from being like Charlie Brown to Superman and how he has improved in his 50's. Julio Anta believes in leading by example. As you will see by his youthful looks and physique not only does he talks the talk but walks the walk. *Discover your Fountain of Youth* Age Defying Fitness, Health and Longevity* How to look, feel, and function 20 to 30 years youngerHow to raise your testosterone and growth hormone levels for longevity.Discover the secretes to longevity and fitness of celebrities and athletesLearn how local ageless warriors stay fitIf You Train Like a 50 Year Old, You'll Look Like a 50 Year Old, If you Train Like an Ageless Warrior you'll Look Like an Ageless WarriorLearn the secretes of Centenarians. Read about famous Ageless Warriors such as fitness guru Jack Lalanne, Jiu Jitsu Master Helio Gracie, the father of American Tae Kwon Do, Jhon Rhee, Salsa singer and Pastor Bobby Cruz, and Sig Klien stayed young and fit.Defy the Odds, Look Better Today than Yesterday.There is no set way to train like an Ageless Warrior. Ageless Warriors train in different ways. This book will help you discover your Ageless Warrior workout. You'll be introduced to Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Yoga, Bootcamp, Kettlebells, Pilates, Battling Ropes, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Functional Training, Tai Chi, Qi Gung, Calisthenics, and Indian Clubs.Julio Anta is a fit and fearless 57 year old grandfather. His goal is to change your life with over 40 years of fitness and martial arts experience. He is the owner of Anta's Fitness and Self Defense. Anta is certified in numerous martial arts and fitness modalities. He believes in being a student life. He was also a U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant, Law Enforcement Officer and former competitive bodybuilder.

Young Man: Ageless Fatherly Wisdom to Hold

Young Man: Ageless Fatherly Wisdom to Hold ebook ISBN: 9781452091907
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Arthur Queen Jr.
Number of Pages: 140 
File: young-man-ageless-fatherly-wisdom-to-hold.pdf
Reads: 586968


Founding Fathers and Proverbial style wisdom and instruction to prepare todays Young Men to face lifes challenges. The best men ever known have always stood for bigger causes than just themselves. The book includes duty to God, duty to Family, duty to Country, and duty to self. Also included are the rewards of diligence, obedience, and the rewards of disobedience. In addition the importance of being purposeful not wasteful in ones business, education, and religion is examined carefully including the dangers of despising authority and living a wasteful existence. Great for any young man leaving home to start life on their own, graduating, facing fatherhood, marriage, desiring guidance, or struggling with purpose and meaning in life and relationships.


Apocalypse ebook ISBN: 1921578572
Publisher: Wordclay
Author: Michael Ruffles
Number of Pages: 388 
File: apocalypse.pdf
Reads: 6368715


A fun, intelligent and occasionally wicked exploration of humanity, love, theology, existentialism, pop music, politics and the nature of life, Apocalypse offers readers more than the average book. Playful science-fiction that alternately lampoons the genre and pays homage to the masters, it offers an entertaining read that will spark a few thoughts about the real world the reader exists in.

Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom

Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom ebook ISBN: 1510716262
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
Author: Lois P. Frankel
Number of Pages: 184 
File: ageless-women-timeless-wisdom.pdf
Reads: 5429867


Throughout history, the image of “wisdom” is exclusively portrayed by men: God, Socrates, Confucius, Merlin, the aging college professor. Where are their female counterparts? The wisdom of older women is indisputable. Having lived decades raising children, caring for husbands, creating “nests” from which progeny fly out of to be productive members of society, and often being forced to observe more than participate in the events around them, older women have unique insights that help future generations not only to survive but also to thrive. New York Times–bestselling author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, Dr. Lois Frankel, now honors and gives voice to the often marginalized and “invisible” older women in our society. From Los Angeles, California, to Shanghai, China, women over age seventy share wisdoms and stories that are heartwarming and hilarious, insightful and witty, and philosophical and practical. “When life gives you lemons,” says Jo-Ann Mercurio, born 1941, “add vodka.” Beautifully photographed and illustrated, Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom is a precious record of our women’s reflections and takeaways on lives well-lived that is sure to be passed from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter.

Fire Without Witness

Fire Without Witness ebook ISBN:
Publisher: British Amer Pub Limited
Author: Mark Nepo
Number of Pages: 406 
File: fire-without-witness.pdf
Reads: 219912


As Michelangelo paints the panels of the Sistene Ceiling, his characters come to life, unknown to him, and the reader witnesses the thoughts and feelings, hopes and aspirations of Michelangelo and his creations

The Ageless Agatha Christie

The Ageless Agatha Christie ebook ISBN: 1476663130
Publisher: McFarland
Author: J.C. Bernthal
Number of Pages: 192 
File: the-ageless-agatha-christie.pdf
Reads: 7539744


When Agatha Christie died in 1976, she was the bestselling mystery writer in history. This collection of new essays brings fresh perspectives to Christie scholarship with new readings and discussions of little-known aspects of her life, career and legacy. The contributors explore her relationship with modernism, the relevance of queer theory, television adaptations, issues with translations, information behavior theory, feminist readings, postcolonial tribute novels, celebrity culture and heritage cinema. The final word is given to fans in an editorial that collates testimonies from readers, collectors and enthusiasts.

Ageless Love

Ageless Love ebook ISBN: 9780310209560
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company
Author: Zondervan Publishing,Brenda Knight-Graham,Sandy Dengler,Jane Peart
Number of Pages: 450 
File: ageless-love.pdf
Reads: 7040123


Three stories of love in America's turbulent and romantic 1800s. Stories include Juliana of Clover Hill by Brenda Knight Graham, The Song of the Nereids by Sandy Dengler, and Ransomed Bride by Jane Pearl.

Toute la vérité

Toute la vérité ebook ISBN: 2221216911
Publisher: Robert Laffont
Author: Karen CLEVELAND
Number of Pages: 262 
File: toute-la-vérité.pdf
Reads: 161749


Dix ans de mariage, quatre enfants. Elle pensait connaître son mari mieux que personne. Elle avait tort. Malgré un travail passionnant qui l'empêche de passer du temps avec ses enfants et un prêt immobilier exorbitant, Vivian Miller est comblée par sa vie de famille : quelles que soient les difficultés, elle sait qu'elle peut toujours compter sur Matt, son mari, pour l'épauler. En tant qu'analyste du contre-renseignement à la CIA, division Russie, Vivian a la lourde tâche de débusquer des agents dormants infiltrés sur le territoire américain. Un jour, elle tombe sur un dossier compromettant son époux. Toutes ses certitudes sont ébranlées, sa vie devient mensonge. Elle devra faire un choix impossible : défendre son pays... ou sa famille. " Vous ne lâcherez plus ce livre ! " Shari Lapena, auteure du Couple d'à côté. " Résolument moderne et absolument saisissant. " Terry Hayes, auteur de Je suis Pilgrim. " Extraordinaire ! " John Grisham

In Ageless Sleep

In Ageless Sleep ebook ISBN: 1620049929
Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC
Author: Arden Ellis
Number of Pages: 60 
File: in-ageless-sleep.pdf
Reads: 9182807


Mal is a spy, a misanthrope, and a coward; growing up in the brutal Reaches has taught her that honor is a quality best left to the dead. Her latest mission: to hijack a cryo-ship carrying the brilliant daughter of the Sovereign King, and deliver her straight into enemy hands. But when a vital component of the ship's cryostasis system malfunctions, the only person who can keep the unconscious passengers alive is the woman Mal was sent to kidnap. Alone together on a ship of silent sleepers, Mal must remember that she and Aurora are enemies—or risk them becoming something much more dangerous.

Great Spy Stories

Great Spy Stories ebook ISBN: 9780890097175
Publisher: Booksales
Author: Allen Dulles
Number of Pages: 433 
File: great-spy-stories.pdf
Reads: 6072732


Confessing to a weakness for tales about spying, one of the best-known intelligence experts of our time selected for this collection 32 examples of the art. His choices, ranging from the Trojan Wars to the age of Cold War technology, reflect the various facets of intelligence operations.

A Spy for God

A Spy for God ebook ISBN:
Author: Pierre Joffroy
Number of Pages: 319 
File: a-spy-for-god.pdf
Reads: 6220823


"A Helen and Kurt Wolff book."Translation of L'espion de Dieu. Bibliography: p. 309-312.

A Spy at Twilight

A Spy at Twilight ebook ISBN: 9780451402639
Publisher: Onyx Books
Author: Bryan Forbes
Number of Pages: 432 
File: a-spy-at-twilight.pdf
Reads: 238207


A lethal explosion in Hyde Park launches an investigation that threatens the post-Thatcher British socialist government, and only Alec Hillsden, falsely branded a traitor to Britain and exiled to the USSR, knows the truth

The Spy in Question

The Spy in Question ebook ISBN: 9780440203216
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
Author: Tim Sebastian
Number of Pages: 372 
File: the-spy-in-question.pdf
Reads: 9061385


Dmitry Kalvagin, a British mole, becomes a member of the Politburo and enters a sequence of intrigue, betrayal, and murder that threatens his cover, his values, and his life

The Great Spy Pictures II

The Great Spy Pictures II ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press
Author: James Robert Parish,Michael R. Pitts
Number of Pages: 432 
File: the-great-spy-pictures-ii.pdf
Reads: 5523686


"This book is a must for spy film buffs and the serious students of this genre." --MOVIE COLLECTOR'S WORLD

A Spy on the Bus

A Spy on the Bus ebook ISBN:
Author: Margean Gladysz
Number of Pages: 272 
File: a-spy-on-the-bus.pdf
Reads: 4780028


Simon and the Spy

Simon and the Spy ebook ISBN: 9781405880671
Author: Elizabeth Laird
Number of Pages: 16 
File: simon-and-the-spy.pdf
Reads: 8949989


"Simon Simple is going on holiday and the police are looking for a spy. On the train, Simon meets a beautifaul girl. He likes her and she likes him. But the spy is there too. Simon and the police can't see the spy. Can you?" - back cover.