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Muslims Under Non-Muslim Rule

Muslims Under Non-Muslim Rule ebook ISBN: 9780955454523
Author: Aḥmad ibn ʻAbd al-Ḥalīm Ibn Taymīyah,Yahya Michot
Number of Pages: 190 
File: muslims-under-non-muslim-rule.pdf
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Al-Muhaddithat ebook ISBN: 9781643542423
Publisher: El-Farouq.Org
Author: Ibn Kathir
Number of Pages: 314 
File: al-muhaddithat.pdf
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This book is about women scholars in Islam. Women travelled intensively for religious knowledge and routinely attended the most prestigious mosques and across the Islamic world. The information summarized in this book is essential to a balanced appreciation of the role of women in Islamic society.

Women and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge in Islam

Women and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge in Islam ebook ISBN: 1107355370
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Asma Sayeed
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: women-and-the-transmission-of-religious-knowledge-in-islam.pdf
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Asma Sayeed's book explores the history of women as religious scholars from the first decades of Islam through the early Ottoman period. Focusing on women's engagement with hadīth, this book analyzes dramatic chronological patterns in women's hadīth participation in terms of developments in Muslim social, intellectual and legal history. It challenges two opposing views: that Muslim women have been historically marginalized in religious education, and alternately that they have been consistently empowered thanks to early role models such as 'Ā'isha bint Abī Bakr, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad. This book is a must-read for those interested in the history of Muslim women as well as in debates about their rights in the modern world. The intersections of this history with topics in Muslim education, the development of Sunnī orthodoxies, Islamic law and hadīth studies make this work an important contribution to Muslim social and intellectual history of the early and classical eras.

The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad

The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad ebook ISBN: 113982838X
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Jonathan E. Brockopp
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-cambridge-companion-to-muhammad.pdf
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As the Messenger of God, Muhammad stands at the heart of the Islamic religion, revered by Muslims throughout the world. The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad comprises a collection of essays by some of the most accomplished scholars in the field exploring the life and legacy of the Prophet. The book is divided into three sections, the first charting his biography and the milieu into which he was born, the revelation of the Qur'ān, and his role within the early Muslim community. The second part assesses his legacy as a law-maker, philosopher, and politician and, finally, in the third part, chapters examine how Muhammad has been remembered across history in biography, prose, poetry, and, most recently, in film and fiction. Essays are written to engage and inform students, teachers, and readers coming to the subject for the first time. They will come away with a deeper appreciation of the breadth of the Islamic tradition, of the centrality of the role of the Prophet in that tradition, and, indeed, of what it means to be a Muslim today.

Shifting Allegiances: Networks of Kinship and of Faith

Shifting Allegiances: Networks of Kinship and of Faith ebook ISBN: 1498237193
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Moyra Dale
Number of Pages: 272 
File: shifting-allegiances-networks-of-kinship-and-of-faith.pdf
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What happens when Muslim women gather together at the mosque to read the Qur'an, learn, and pray? How does family loyalty interact with mosque attendance for women? This book explores the growing Muslim women's piety movement through looking at one women's program in a Syrian suburban mosque. Community models shape individual behavior. The place and power of blessing help define the boundaries between orthodox and popular Islam. Modesty and shame, feasts and fasting, purity and prayer, interact to shape daily life possibilities for women involved in the mosque program. At the same time, the growing accessibility of religious teaching for women allows them to take up new places of authority in the Muslim ummah. Women read the Qur'an not just for blessing, but for what it has to say to issues of daily female and family life. And the words of communal dhikr devotion offer a window into the worshippers' consciousness of God and of Muhammad, Prophet of Islam.

Islam and the Veil

Islam and the Veil ebook ISBN: 1441161376
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Theodore Gabriel,Rabiha Hannan
Number of Pages: 224 
File: islam-and-the-veil.pdf
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This volume is centred around the theme of veiling in Islam and provides multifarious aspects of the discussion regarding veiling of Muslim women, especially in the West. The issue of veiling has been intensively debated in Western society and has implications for religious liberty, inter-communal relationships and cultural interaction. Islam and the Veil seeks to generate open and objective discussion of this highly important, though controversial, subject, with contributions from distinguished scholars and academics, including female practitioners of Islam. This subject has inflamed passions and generated heated debate in the media in recent years, particularly in the West. This book aims to look at the historical background, theological and social factors underlying the veiling of women in Islam. Such discussion will provide the reader with a well-balanced and unbiased analysis of this important aspect of Islamic practice.

Women, Leadership, and Mosques

Women, Leadership, and Mosques ebook ISBN: 9004209360
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Masooda Bano,Hilary Kalmbach
Number of Pages: 600 
File: women-leadership-and-mosques.pdf
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This volume is the first to bring together analysis of contemporary female religious leadership in ideologically-diverse Muslim communities in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, with chapters discussing the emergence, consolidation, and impact of female Islamic authority.

Abu Hanifah

Abu Hanifah ebook ISBN: 1847740391
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
Author: Mohammed Akram Nadwi
Number of Pages: 160 
File: abu-hanifah.pdf
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Abu Hanifah Nu'man ibn Thabit was one of the greatest pioneers in the history of Islamic Law, particularly in legal reasoning. The Hanafi Legal School that he founded has become the most widely followed among the world's Muslims. Based on primary sources, this study of the life and legacy of Abu Hanifah also surveys the evolution of Hanafi legal reasoning (fiqh) in different regions of the Islamic world and assesses its historical distinctiveness. Mohammed Akram Nadwi is a research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, and is the author of several works including al-Muhaddithat: the Women Scholars in Islam (2007).

Principles of Qur'an Commentary

Principles of Qur'an Commentary ebook ISBN: 9781847740847
Publisher: Kube Pub Limited
Author: Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah
Number of Pages: 300 
File: principles-of-qur-an-commentary.pdf
Reads: 9627031


A translation of the classical Arabic work Muqaddimah fi Usul at-Tafsir of the notable thirteenth Muslim scholar Ibn Taymiyyah.

Accessions List, Middle East

Accessions List, Middle East ebook ISBN:
Author: Library of Congress. Library of Congress Office, Cairo
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: accessions-list-middle-east.pdf
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December issue includes cumulative author index.

Abū Ḥanīfah

Abū Ḥanīfah ebook ISBN: 9781847740175
Publisher: Kube Pub Limited
Author: Muḥammad Akram Nadwī
Number of Pages: 148 
File: abū-Ḥanīfah.pdf
Reads: 1438866


Study the life and legacy of one of the greatest pioneers in the history of Islamic law

Unfolding Islam

Unfolding Islam ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Garnet Pub Limited
Author: P. J. Stewart
Number of Pages: 269 
File: unfolding-islam.pdf
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Sets out to present Islam to non-Muslim readers, and to describe for the general reader - whether Muslim or not - how Islam has unfolded over the course of time, and how it continues to do so. This title centres on the Koran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel

D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel ebook ISBN: 2760318710
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
Author: Naïma Dib
Number of Pages: 216 
File: d-un-islam-textuel-vers-un-islam-contextuel.pdf
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La mise en tutelle de la musulmane est-elle cautionnée par le Coran? L'idée de l'infériorité de la femme est-elle réellement inscrite dans le Coran? Telles sont les questions auxquelles l'auteure tente de répondre dans le présent ouvrage. Elle se penche sur les diverses approches adoptées par des penseurs réformistes musulmans, dont elle expose les enjeux sociaux, politiques et culturels ainsi que les finalités. Elle procède à une analyse comparative du Coran et d'un certain nombre de traductions françaises et anglaises, à l'issue de laquelle elle fait émerger une conception de la femme et du monde différente de celle proposée par les traductions. Elle explore ensuite le discours social commun, discours auquel participe la traduction, et qui se révèle empreint d'une vision androcentrique dans laquelle l'infériorité de la femme découle d'une construction humaine, inspirée par un besoin de domination. Grâce aux analyses sémiotique et sociohistorique, l'auteur démontre que le Coran peut être lu autrement et ce qui en ressort est une conception plus égalitaire de l'homme et de la femme.

Crépuscule sur l'Islam

Crépuscule sur l'Islam ebook ISBN: 2246789451
Publisher: Grasset
Author: V. S. Naipaul
Number of Pages: 714 
File: crépuscule-sur-l-islam.pdf
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« Ce livre fut, à tous les titres, un grand voyage d'exploration. Je ne connaissais de l'Islam que ce que j'avais pu voir, enfant, dans le petit village de campagne de Trinidad où je vivais. Or je n'avais vu, à l'époque que l'aspect le plus extérieur des choses. Ce livre est le récit non seulement de mes voyages, mais de la façon dont mes connaissances se sont approfondies. Ce livre raconte les circonstances dans lesquelles il a été entrepris, et voudrait entraîner le lecteur dans les traces de l'écrivain. Ce livre ne commence pas par le savoir. »