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Alibi Creek

Alibi Creek ebook ISBN: 1937226565
Publisher: Torrey House Press
Author: Bev Magennis
Number of Pages: 250 
File: alibi-creek.pdf
Reads: 2670381


"Magennis brings a kind of poetic excitement to the landscape from the very first page…she has a talent for crisp dialogue, tight narrative and vivid characterization." —ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL "Alibi Creek is superb, spellbinding…" —THE UTAH REVIEW "Something of a southwestern gothic, drawing inspiration from the spare depictions of the West in the novels of Annie Proulx and its familial drama from the likes of Faulkner, O'Connor, and their ilk…[Alibi Creek] excels in its open–eyed portrayals of a land largely left untamed." —KIRKUS REVIEWS "A saga set in the wilds of New Mexico…Lee Ann is a heroine readers will root for." —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "Magennis is a yarn spinner with a passion for the southwestern wilderness, the people who inhabit unlimited space, and drama created in a setting that allows for complete freedom. A book that will take you to a wild place, seldom visited and captivatingly portrayed." —JEFFERY RENARD ALLEN, author of Song of the Shank and Rails Under My Back "In Alibi Creek, Bev Magennis captures the grit and sinew of men and women raised in the hardscrabble West. The land produces both good and evil, and Magennis's characters as well as her story are as authentic as the sagebrush of the western landscape." —SANDRA DALLAS, New York Times bestselling author of True Sisters "…a novel about boundaries and belonging and facing up to when the old excuses no longer wash." —CHARLIE QUIMBY, author of Monument Road "This stunning debut transforms and arrests the reader, the story stays with you long after you turn the last page." —LIBBY FLORES, PEN Center USA Following a two-year prison stint, charming and wily Walker returns to his family's New Mexico ranch, where his pious older sister Lee Ann is busy caring for their mother, raising two sons, and grappling with unethical workplace demands. Walker's illegal activities quickly incite chaos in the town and Lee Ann's marriage, leading to drastic transformations of beliefs, identities, and relationships. Bev Magennis was born in Toronto, Ontario, and immigrated to the US in 1964. She received her MA in Art from the Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California. After a thirty-five-year career as an artist, she started writing, inspired by the land and people in the New Mexico wilderness where she lived for seventeen years. In 2009 she was accepted to the Iowa Writers' Workshop Summer Graduate Class and in 2010 was awarded an eight-month Pen USA Emerging Voices Fellowship. In 2011 she received a Norman Mailer Writers Colony Fiction Fellowship. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Journal ebook ISBN:
Author: New South Wales. Parliament. Legislative Council
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: journal.pdf
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Cowboy Alibi

Cowboy Alibi ebook ISBN: 1426822138
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Paula Graves
Number of Pages: 224 
File: cowboy-alibi.pdf
Reads: 3932202


For months, cop Joe Garrison had followed every lead to find the woman he held responsible for his brother's death. Now, as he finally stood face-to-face with her, he knew justice would have to wait. It seemed the woman who conjured up memories within him both painful and passionate had recently lost her own. Torn between believing she had amnesia and turning her in, the tough lawman had his answer when the true killer surfaced. On the run, desperate for the truth, Joe gave in to his passions. He wanted to show this woman, who had no recollection of the past they'd shared, a future could be possible. If only danger didn't intervene….

Alibi on Ice

Alibi on Ice ebook ISBN: 1930754728
Publisher: Ben F Small
Author: Ben F. Small
Number of Pages: 369 
File: alibi-on-ice.pdf
Reads: 250471


Set in Seattle and on the scenic but treacherous slopes of Mount Rainier, this is a suspense thriller which pits criminal lawyer, Emery Boyd, a skillful and ruthless killer, against his trusted best frientd, John Whitney, and a naive but alluring undercover police detective, Amy Galler.

The Ironclad Alibi

The Ironclad Alibi ebook ISBN: 1504020057
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: Michael Kilian
Number of Pages: 311 
File: the-ironclad-alibi.pdf
Reads: 9135013


Raines goes behind enemy lines to investigate a Confederate ship in this “colorful and exciting” mystery “that entertains from start to finish” (Publishers Weekly). It’s been years since Harrison Raines set foot in Richmond. Although a proud Virginian, he fled the South before the Civil War, unable to bear the evil of slavery. In 1862, battles rage on all sides of the Confederate capital, but Raines is not here as a soldier—he comes as a spy. Union intelligence, led by the formidable Allen Pinkerton, has sent him to steal the plans for a rumored Confederate superweapon: a seagoing ship clad entirely in iron that could break the Union blockade and turn the war around. Raines may be in home territory, but he is not at ease. In Richmond, they hang spies. While investigating the ship known as “the Monster,” Raines’s closest friend—a freed slave named Caesar Augustus—is arrested for murder. Saving Augustus from the gallows will take quick wit, daring, and influence at the highest levels of the Confederacy. The Ironclad Alibi is the 3rd book in the Harrison Raines Civil War Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

When the Bishop Needs an Alibi

When the Bishop Needs an Alibi ebook ISBN: 0736966498
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Author: Vannetta Chapman
Number of Pages: 352 
File: when-the-bishop-needs-an-alibi.pdf
Reads: 8013433


A Terrible Secret Hides in the Bulrushes Amish bishop Henry Lapp eagerly awaits the annual arrival of 20,000 sandhill cranes to the San Luis Valley of Colorado. But his visit to the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge reveals more than just a miracle of God's creation. Hidden among the bulrushes and cattails is the deceased body of a young woman. As the local authorities attempt to unravel the mystery, Henry feels God's calling to use his extraordinary talent to aid in the investigation. His ability to draw from memory in photographic detail could help solve this puzzling case. Henry's closest friend, Emma Fisher, has always urged him to embrace his gift. As their relationship deepens, Henry realizes his involvement could put him and those he loves in the direct path of a killer, one who is willing to do anything to cover up a brutal crime, including framing the bishop. When the Bishop Needs an Alibi is a compelling story of faith, friendship, and finding courage only God can provide.

School of the Citizen Soldier

School of the Citizen Soldier ebook ISBN:
Author: Robert Allen Griffin,Ronald Montgomery Shaw
Number of Pages: 558 
File: school-of-the-citizen-soldier.pdf
Reads: 3733506


Alberta Alibi

Alberta Alibi ebook ISBN: 1554694353
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Author: Dayle Campbell Gaetz
Number of Pages: 208 
File: alberta-alibi.pdf
Reads: 8973295


Sheila, Rusty and Katie are on the road again. Fresh from their adventures in Barkerville, the trio is now in southern Alberta. Sheila has been anxiously anticipating her reunion with her father and is worried about how they will get along. Her fears are confirmed when they arrive at the Triple W Ranch and he is not there to greet them. When the police arrive, Sheila finds that her father is in big trouble. Developers want to take over his land to build new housing and a golf course and when the night watchman at the development is shot, all the evidence points to Sheila's father. Sheila tries to help out, but the clues she finds only make things worse. Is Sheila's dad guilty? She doesn't think so and with help from the others sets out to prove it. Alberta Alibi is the third of three books in a series. Book one is Mystery From History Book two is Barkerville Gold


Alibi ebook ISBN: 9780515139464
Publisher: Jove Publications
Author: Stephen M. Murphy
Number of Pages: 384 
File: alibi.pdf
Reads: 566665


When former Boston lawyer Dutch Francis takes the case of a troubled young man who stands accused of murdering a local high school football star as a favor to his childhood friend, his investigation to prove the innocence of his client takes a deadly turn when he uncovers a shocking conspiracy. Original.

Enigme à Conja Creek - La rançon du passé - L'ange de la nuit

Enigme à Conja Creek - La rançon du passé - L'ange de la nuit ebook ISBN: 2280325381
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Carla Cassidy,Merline Lovelace,Jan Hambright
Number of Pages: 544 
File: enigme-à-conja-creek-la-rançon-du-passé-l-ange-de-la-nuit.pdf
Reads: 6023607


Les mystères de Conja Creek, Carla Cassidy Il paraît qu’il a tué sa femme... Ces paroles, entendues dans un café sur la route de Conja Creek, résonnent dans la tête d’Amanda tandis qu’elle s’avance vers Sawyer Bennett. Se peut-il que cet homme, qui vient de l’engager pour tirer Mélanie, sa fille de huit ans, du mutisme dans lequel elle s’est réfugiée depuis la mort de sa mère, soit un meurtrier ? Amanda se refuse à y croire. Pourtant, elle le sait, elle devra se méfier de lui. Car elle s’apprête à le côtoyer de près dans l’atmosphère brûlante de ce coin de Louisiane isolé... La rançon du passé, Merline Lovelace Lorsque Nick Jensen, son patron, l’invite à passer la soirée avec lui, l’agent Mackenzie Blair hésite à accepter. Ne s’est-elle pas juré de ne plus jamais s’engager dans une relation amoureuse ? Pourtant, quand au cours du dîner, deux hommes manquent d’assassiner Nick, Mackenzie comprend qu’il est trop tard : elle est tombée amoureuse de lui... Résolue à découvrir qui en veut à son supérieur, elle décide d’enquêter sur Nick... et découvre que celui-ci a un passé trouble, et bien des secrets à cacher. L’ange de la nuit, Jan Hambright Une femme tout de blanc vêtue. Comme un ange au milieu des flammes... Chargé d’enquêter sur une série d’incendies survenus à Montgomery, en Alabama, Kade Decker n’en revient pas : la même jeune femme apparaît sur toutes les vidéos tournées sur les lieux du drame. A l’affût d’un indice, il repasse en boucle ces images qui le fascinent : qui est cette étrange beauté ? La criminelle qu’il recherche ? Persuadé en tout cas qu’il tient là une des clés de l’énigme, Kade décide de tout mettre en œuvre pour la retrouver...

Retour à Clay Creek - L'innocence en question (Harlequin Black Rose)

Retour à Clay Creek - L'innocence en question (Harlequin Black Rose) ebook ISBN: 2280277026
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Carla Cassidy,Beverly Bird
Number of Pages: 512 
File: retour-à-clay-creek-l-innocence-en-question-harlequin-black-rose.pdf
Reads: 4425632


Retour à Clay Creek, Carla Cassidy Lorsqu'elle apprend que sa mère est morte, Sarah Calhoun est sous le choc. Car, la veille encore, elle lui a parlé, et celle-ci était en parfaite santé... Résolue à découvrir ce qui lui est réellement arrivé, Sarah décide de retourner à Clay Creek, la ville de son enfance, qu'elle a quittée quelques années plus tôt. Mais, une fois sur place, elle reçoit des menaces et le chien de sa sœur est empoisonné. Persuadée désormais que quelqu'un en veut à sa famille, elle comprend qu'elle n'a plus le choix : elle doit faire appel à Reese Walker, le shérif de la ville. Reese, qu'elle a passionnément aimé six ans plus tôt avant de le quitter sans un mot d'explication, et qui ignore toujours qu'il est le père d'une petite fille de cinq ans. L'innocence en question, Beverly Bird Le jour où on lui confie le dossier d'Aidan McKenna, un policier soupçonné de corruption, Grace Simkanian est persuadée de devoir, une fois de plus, oublier son image d'avocate intègre pour défendre un client dont elle réprouve les actions. Pourtant, quand elle le rencontre, dans une cellule grise et humide de la prison de Philadelphie, elle est désemparée. Car en plus d'être doté d'un charme évident, cet homme aussi troublant qu'énigmatique crie haut et fort son innocence. Résolue à découvrir s'il la manipule, ou s'il est innocent et a bien reçu d'inquiétantes menaces comme il le prétend, Grace décide de prendre le risque de le faire libérer. Sans se douter qu'en agissant ainsi, c'est non seulement son cœur mais aussi sa vie qu'elle met en danger.

The Alibi Breakfast

The Alibi Breakfast ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Permanent PressPub Company
Author: Larry Duberstein
Number of Pages: 229 
File: the-alibi-breakfast.pdf
Reads: 36245


Writer Maurice Locksley, his two sons from different marriages, and his daughter and her French boyfriend, spend the summer in the Poconos building a cabin--without getting permission from the local building department--while Maurice's wife is in California having a screenplay produced

Antidotes for an Alibi

Antidotes for an Alibi ebook ISBN: 9780975922750
Publisher: Blazevox Books
Author: Amy King
Number of Pages: 67 
File: antidotes-for-an-alibi.pdf
Reads: 9425615


Jordan's Creek

Jordan's Creek ebook ISBN: 146532237X
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Victoria Arnett
Number of Pages: 236 
File: jordan-s-creek.pdf
Reads: 7635793


After a clandestine rendezvous, a handsome and wealthy heir to a jewelry store chain finds himself in hot water. When he is charged and jailed for a crime, he didnt commit. During a lengthy trial, and an even longer investigation, some things discovered send his world whirling into a frenzy of events placing a strain on his marriage causing him to come to terms with things he never dreamed possible as the mystery and intrigue unravels.

Mermaid in Chelsea Creek

Mermaid in Chelsea Creek ebook ISBN: 1938073827
Publisher: McSweeney\'s
Author: Michelle Tea
Number of Pages: 240 
File: mermaid-in-chelsea-creek.pdf
Reads: 1501329


Everyone in the broken-down town of Chelsea, Massachussetts, has a story too worn to repeat—from the girls who play the pass-out game just to feel like they're somewhere else, to the packs of aimless teenage boys, to the old women from far away who left everything behind. But there’s one story they all still tell: the oldest and saddest but most hopeful story, the one about the girl who will be able to take their twisted world and straighten it out. The girl who will bring the magic. Could Sophie Swankowski be that girl? With her tangled hair and grubby clothes, her weird habits and her visions of a filthy, swearing mermaid who comes to her when she’s unconscious, Sophie could be the one to uncover the power flowing beneath Chelsea’s potholed streets and sludge-filled rivers, and the one to fight the evil that flows there, too. Sophie might discover her destiny, and maybe even in time to save them all.

Lakeland Boating

Lakeland Boating ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: lakeland-boating.pdf
Reads: 9411403


Deceit, Lies, and Alibi's 2

Deceit, Lies, and Alibi's 2 ebook ISBN: 9780986321245
Author: Shontaiye
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: deceit-lies-and-alibi-s-2.pdf
Reads: 9697428


Poor decisions caused from his own hands has Noah's former "perfect" life in disarray. Still trying to win Shaleea back and end his relationship with Eve for good, Noah finds that a new threat lingers in the air. When startling revelations are made by everyone around him, Noah finds his back against the wall and willing to risk everything to have things the way he wants. Going back to the old Noah he does what he knows best: seize through force.With Mann's newfound wealth going to his head, he feels that he can have whatever he wants, even if it means taking it again. Things get blurry when that something he wants happens to belong to someone else that will do anything to keep it.What started off as revenge has Shaleea up shit's creek with no paddle. A storm is brewing and she finds herself right at the center.Refusing to be left out in the cold, Eve is still hell bent on having Noah for herself. However, when her plan to get Noah backfires, Eve finds herself back to square one but this time with baggage. She shifts her focus to retribution but this time the stakes are higher and she soon finds out who she's playing with, and just how serious the game has gotten.