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Alibi Junior High

Alibi Junior High ebook ISBN: 1416948147
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Greg Logsted
Number of Pages: 256 
File: alibi-junior-high.pdf
Reads: 7960280


After thirteen-year-old Cody and his father, an undercover agent, are nearly killed, Cody moves in with his aunt in Connecticut, where he is helped with his adjustment to the trials of attending public school for the first time and investigating a threat in nearby woods by a wounded Iraq War veteran.

Get Those Guys Reading! Fiction and Series Books that Boys Will Love

Get Those Guys Reading! Fiction and Series Books that Boys Will Love ebook ISBN: 159884847X
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Kathleen A. Baxter,Marcia Agness Kochel
Number of Pages: 220 
File: get-those-guys-reading-fiction-and-series-books-that-boys-will-love.pdf
Reads: 1461986


Want to identify fiction books that boys in grades three through nine will find irresistible? This guide reveals dozens of worthwhile recommendations in categories ranging from adventure stories and sports novels to horror, humorous, and science fiction books.

The Alibi Café, and Other Stories

The Alibi Café, and Other Stories ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Bkmk Pr/Umkc
Author: Mary Troy
Number of Pages: 139 
File: the-alibi-café-and-other-stories.pdf
Reads: 924510


Fiction. "What virtually all the characters share is a profound sense of ironic detachment that keeps the world at a protective remove. Although Mary Troy could portray them merely as hapless losers, she wisely chooses to let us glimpse the resignation behind their struggles" --New York Times Book Review.

Les extraordinaires aventures d'Alfred Kropp

Les extraordinaires aventures d'Alfred Kropp ebook ISBN: 9782070573363
Author: Rick Yancey
Number of Pages: 314 
File: les-extraordinaires-aventures-d-alfred-kropp.pdf
Reads: 4259628


Alfred Kropp, l'antihéros : quinze ans, timide, maladroit, il va sauver le monde... par accident ! L'épée mythique et toute-puissante de la légende de la Table ronde, Excalibur, est tombée aux mains d'un homme diabolique. Une action haletante, effrénée avec chevaliers, agents secrets, tueurs à moto... Un humour décapant, des émotions fortes, de grands sentiments. Un fantastique destin !

Qui ment ?

Qui ment ? ebook ISBN: 2092575228
Publisher: Nathan
Author: Karen M. McManus
Number of Pages: 464 
File: qui-ment.pdf
Reads: 248856


Une intello, un sportif, un délinquant, une reine de beauté... un meurtrier. Qui allez-vous croire ? Dans un lycée américain, cinq adolescents sont collés : Bronwyn (l'élève parfaite), Addy (la fille populaire), Nate (le délinquant), Cooper (la star du baseball) et Simon (le gossip boy du lycée). Mais Simon ne ressortira jamais vivant de cette heure de colle... Et les enquêteurs en sont vite sûrs, sa mort n'est pas accidentelle. Dès lors qu'un article écrit par Simon contenant des révélations sur chacun d'eux est découvert, Bronwyn, Addy, Nate et Cooper deviennent les principaux suspects du meurtre. Ce qui est sûr, c'est qu'ils ont tous quelque chose à cacher...

The Butterfly Changes

The Butterfly Changes ebook ISBN: 1496917235
Publisher: Author House
Author: A. Princess
Number of Pages: 108 
File: the-butterfly-changes.pdf
Reads: 9715416


Sacred Reola Johnson is the eldest child born to a young couple named Essie Mae and Abraham Johnson. Both still teenagers at the time of her birth. Essie and Abraham gave Sacred away to Abraham's sister, Jackie Lewis, who took the role of a mother in Sacred's life. As Sacred grew up, she came to love the life she had with her Aunt Jackie. Despite her alcoholism demostrated the kind of love that Sacred never received from her absent mother. There were, however other women who filled the role that her own mother failed to fulfill. But despite the love and attention she got from these women, Sacred was still laid to bare the pain caused by family members and the sexual abuse inflicted by different men. Sacred's story is of survival from the heartaches and abuse she suffered as a child, and failed and abusive relationships she had gotten into.

Le pouvoir de la vulnérabilité

Le pouvoir de la vulnérabilité ebook ISBN: 2813212164
Publisher: Guy Trédaniel
Author: Brené Brown,Catherine Vaudrey
Number of Pages: 320 
File: le-pouvoir-de-la-vulnérabilité.pdf
Reads: 2870714


Nous avons en horreur la vulnérabilité. Nous voulons être parfaits, puissants, sûrs de nous. Nous croyons que la distance, la froideur, l'inaccessibilité et la maîtrise contribuent à notre prestige. Que nous serions mésestimés si nous venions à être trop ouverts. Nous adoptons l'anxiété en tant que style de vie, la productivité en tant que valeur essentielle, et le perfectionnisme en tant qu'idéal. Et si la vulnérabilité n'était pas une faiblesse, mais au contraire signe de force et de courage ? Car à trop vouloir être parfaits, nous avons peur de l'échec et éprouvons un sentiment d'insuffisance. Nous endossons notre armure avant de pénétrer dans l'arène de la vie, en sacrifiant des relations et des opportunités qui ne reviendront pas. Nous gaspillons un temps précieux en tournant le temps à nos dons merveilleux. Alors plutôt que de rester assis sur le banc de touche, et d'émettre sans cesse des jugements et des conseils, mieux vaut oser se découvrir et accepter d'être vulnérable. Vivre de manière entière, en troquant le culte du contrôle contre le lâcher-prise et l'ouverture émotionnelle. Oser être vulnérable, c'est cela le courage.

Something Wrong

Something Wrong ebook ISBN: 1471913481
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Dell Shannon
Number of Pages: 240 
File: something-wrong.pdf
Reads: 1465507


'The best American police procedural of the year' Anthony Boucher Sergeant Ivor Maddox and the Wilcox Street precinct do not have time to rest on their laurels. Currently there is a curious wave of shoplifting among teenagers, an elderly pensioner has been shot dead from the window of a passing car, a six-month-old baby has disappeared from his pram and a pregnant fifteen-year-old has died of an overdose of an unusual drug - a terrible accident or murder?

Can I Really Relate?

Can I Really Relate? ebook ISBN: 9780781440882
Publisher: David C Cook
Author: Darrell Pearson,Marv Penner,Kara Eckmann,Duffy Robbins,Jan Johnson
Number of Pages: 256 
File: can-i-really-relate.pdf
Reads: 8997367


Your youth group is like no other-so a cookie-cutter curriculum just won't do. With a single book you have the basics for 15 complete sessions-and you can put it all together in a way that works for you. Each topic has been developed by ministry experts to be teen-relevant and spiritually enriching. Each five-session book also includes a 14-point plan for customizing your program, a selection of ice breakers, thought provokers, reproducible handouts, and an encouraging how-to article from well-known youth ministry experts! Can I Really Relate? Parent Pains--Bringing Some Peace to Your Place (Shows kids how to work out conflicts over rules, trust, and their growing need for independence. Discover practical "household hints" from God's Word.) Extreme Friendship--Mind-Blowing Ideas about Friendship from Jesus' Own Life (Challenges teens to be the kind of friend Jesus was on earth.) Which Way to God?--What Other Religions Believe (Helps kids understand classmates and neighbors who believe in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Learn to respect others and share their own faith with them.) Features: 400+ options for full customization 15 sessions with reproducible resources

Through the Opening Door

Through the Opening Door ebook ISBN: 1469771853
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Nona Baldwin Brown
Number of Pages: 92 
File: through-the-opening-door.pdf
Reads: 6122360


I also began to recognize the Depressions effect on everyday life, including my familys. I learned not only to be thrifty, but more importantly that I would probably have to work for a living after I graduated In this, I was probably ahead of the economic curve, as I wondered how my Vassar courses would prepare me to earn a living after graduation. - 1937 Adventurous, practical, and resolute, pioneer journalist Nona Baldwin Brown has led an accomplished life, with a high-profile, globe-trotting newspaper career spanning more than three decades, including World War II, labor unionization, the civil rights movement, and the Kennedy era. Written with astonishing clarity and depicted by well-preserved photographs, her memoir illuminates not only her inspiring success in a mans world but also the ideological tides of the twentieth century.

Play it Safe

Play it Safe ebook ISBN: 1466064544
Publisher: Kristen Ashley
Author: Kristen Ashley
Number of Pages: 238 
File: play-it-safe.pdf
Reads: 9616810


No connections. Play it safe. These were the rules Ivey lived her life by. Until she hit Mustang, Colorado, a perfectly imperfect town where the citizens were welcoming and one of them included the tall, beautiful, macho man rancher cowboy, Grayson Cody. On the run for a decade, Ivey knew she was supposed to play it safe. But she was tired of being on the run. She wanted a normal. She wanted real. She wanted a home. And she wanted Grayson Cody. And Grayson Cody wanted Ivey. No one who looked at them couldn’t see they belonged together. There was one man in this world for Ivey and one woman in this world for Grayson Cody. So they fell in love. But just as quickly as they fell together, they were betrayed and torn apart. Separated for years, Ivey was certain her life would not include her rancher cowboy. Until the town of Mustang reached out to her when Gray was in trouble. Even though she thought he broke her heart, she charged in to help. Then Gray and Ivey discovered they were betrayed and, not only that, Gray had an enemy who would stop at nothing to defeat him.


Report ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: report.pdf
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