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Alis Grave Nil

Alis Grave Nil ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Barbara Schaer
Author: Barbara Schaer
Number of Pages: 407 
File: alis-grave-nil.pdf
Reads: 2017042


Sara è pronta per un altro giorno della sua solita vita. La scuola, i dispetti della sorella Reb, le malignità delle vecchie amiche e la certezza di non contare granchè. E' sicura che l'amore non faccia per lei e che le favole siano solo invenzioni per sognatrici. Ma proprio quel giorno, in un incontro tutt'altro che casuale, conosce Eric. Bellissimo e misterioso, protettivo e minaccioso, Sara intuisce che Eric è decisamente più che un ragazzo normale, ma quello che proprio non può immaginare è che la loro storia sia cominciata molto prima di incontrarsi e che le parole latine tatuate sul suo braccio nascondano un inquietante segreto... Senza curarsi di quanto il principe si confonda pericolosamente con il cacciatore, Sara dovrà lottare con tutta se stessa per opporsi alle forze oscure che minacciano di separarli per sempre e far vivere l'amore da fiaba che ha sempre desiderato. Recensito positivamente su oltre 40 blog: «La lettura risulta fluida, veloce, accattivante al punto da non poter smettere, ma di desiderare leggerlo tutto d'un fiato. Assolutamente non prevedibile, è ricco di colpi di scena, fino all'ultima pagina, alla quale si giunge con la tensione alle stelle. Barbara Schaer riesce a farci affezionare, con un solo libro, ai suoi personaggi, così ben definiti e a tutto tondo che sembrerà di conoscerli e di gioire e soffrire insieme a loro.» Romanticamente Fantasy «.. trovare, invece, delle gran belle storie d'amore, capaci di farci trepidare, emozionare, piangere dalla sorpresa, è molto più raro. Eppure, io sono stata fortunata, perché ho incontrato una storia d'amore così nel romanzo di una giovane esordiente, "Alis Grave Nil", e ne sono rimasta davvero colpita. Una storia raccontata con dolcezza, una storia con dei protagonisti che si presenteranno a voi poco a poco fino a farsi amare totalmente, una storia che inizia in nessun modo straordinario ma che straordinaria lo diventa leggendola.» Coffee and Books «Ho letto questo libro in un giorno. L'ho praticamente divorato. E questo dovrebbe bastare a farvi capire qual è il mio giudizio su Alis Grave Nil...un libro che si legge tutto d'un fiato, scorrevole, fluido, mai noioso con personaggi ben caratterizzati e descrizioni giuste che non spezzano il ritmo del racconto.» Inside a Book

Тамблеры. Alis Grave Nil

Тамблеры. Alis Grave Nil ebook ISBN: 5040369743
Publisher: Litres
Author: Аркадий Уткин,Линда Йонненберг
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: Тамблеры-alis-grave-nil.pdf
Reads: 6835554


Интеллектуальный триллер «Тамблеры», глава из которого была опубликована в журнале Сноб, с первых строк захватывает читателя. Психологический реализм, переплетаясь со взрывным юмором и хитросплетениями непредсказуемого сюжета, зовет за собой в странный мир неземных существ с земными проблемами и человеческими чувствами. Поддайся любопытству и открой для себя волшебную вселенную Тамблеров: они созданы из света и пришли нести свет, но столкнувшись с нашим миром и силами зла, вынуждены измениться...

Alphabets & Scripts Tattoo Design Directory

Alphabets & Scripts Tattoo Design Directory ebook ISBN: 9780785825784
Publisher: Book Sales Inc
Author: Vince Hemingson
Number of Pages: 192 
File: alphabets-scripts-tattoo-design-directory.pdf
Reads: 2945443


If you are thinking of getting a written tattoo, the examples and symbolic explanation of the mantras, alphabets, and fonts featured in this book will inform and inspire.

Be More Confident

Be More Confident ebook ISBN: 1473654289
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Paul Jenner
Number of Pages: 304 
File: be-more-confident.pdf
Reads: 5147776


Self-confidence is a crucial ingredient in your personal skill-set; whether you need to demonstrate your aptitude at work or feel calmer and less anxious in social situations, being able to express yourself with confidence and appear at ease is well within your reach. Be More Confident brings the social networking strategies of the business and professional world to your personal life, helping you to overcome shyness, win friends and make an impact in every social situation. It uses proven techniques, interactive tools, case studies and motivational advice to help you communicate better, and relate to others in a natural way. If you've always been a little shy, it will give you practical help on everything from body language to great conversation openers. Covering work, home, relationships, social media and every other area of your daily routine, this practical, outcome-focused book will help you you feel better not only about yourself, but about the way in which you talk to people, make friends, and make an impression. ABOUT THE SERIES People have been learning with Teach Yourself since 1938. With a vast range of practical, how-to guides covering language learning, lifestyle, hobbies, business, psychology and self-help, there's a Teach Yourself book for whatever you want to do. Join more than 60 million people who have reached their goals with Teach Yourself, and never stop learning.

New Beginnings - The Rosewoods Series - Books 1 - 3

New Beginnings - The Rosewoods Series - Books 1 - 3 ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Over The Cliff Publishing
Author: Katrina Abbott
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: new-beginnings-the-rosewoods-series-books-1-3.pdf
Reads: 7325179


Books 1 - 3 in The Rosewoods Series - an exciting new Young Adult series for readers who love fun, flirty love stories. TAKING THE REINS (Book 1) Brooklyn Prescott (if that’s even her real name) is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she’s moved back to the States after two years living in London. Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior’s education: boys. But luckily for Brooklyn, and the rest of the Rosewood girls, there’s a boys’ boarding school, The Westwood Academy, just a few miles away. On her very first day, Brooklyn meets Will, a gorgeous and flirty boy on campus to help with move in. But is he who she thinks he is? And what about Brady, the cute stable boy? Or Jared, the former child actor with his grown-up good looks who can always make her laugh? As Brooklyn settles in at Rosewood, she’s faced with new friends, new challenges and new opportunities to make herself into the girl she always wanted to be. Whoever that might be. MASQUERADE (Book 2) Halloween is coming and everyone knows what that means: costume party! For Brooklyn Prescott, the best thing about being the new school liaison was supposed to be planning the Halloween dance. Who doesn't want to escape herself, even if it's just for one night? But The Rosewood School for Academic Excellence has banned costumes and now Brooklyn's faced with the possibility of her first event being a total flop. Not to mention that she's planning the dance with Dave, the sexy and neglected boyfriend of her roommate, Emmie. Awkward! It's not like planning the dance is her only concern either. On top of classes she's got equestrian team practice, and Coach Fleming has been acting very oddly. Talked into sneaking out to collect some intel with her friends, Brooklyn may have stumbled onto a huge, juicy secret that could involve the coach in a potentially career-ending scandal. And then there's Jared, who seemed to be into her, but has suddenly disappeared without a trace - not even a text message. Things at Rosewood are getting complicated for Brooklyn, just as she's starting to fit in. The more she tries to uncover the secrets surrounding her, the more she realizes that her friends and even the faculty are all wearing masks. Does she dare look underneath them? Or does she put on one of her own? PLAYING THE PART (Book 3) Kaylee Bennett has never felt like she really fit in at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, but this year she feels even more like an outsider. Life has done a one-eighty for Kaylee and as she returns to the posh school for girls, she can’t bring herself to tell her secret to her friends and definitely not her long term crush, Phillip Carson. Not that Kaylee could ever imagine he would be attracted to a quiet bookworm like her anyway. But then there’s Declan Ryan, the gorgeous exchange student who seems to be interested, until Kaylee finds out his secret and why he might actually be into her, and it has nothing to do with her charm or love of English literature. To complicate matters, Kaylee gets stuck running the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, directing both Declan and Phillip with the help of Rosewood’s sexy first year teacher, Mr. Stratton—as if the Westwood boys weren’t enough of a distraction! Determined to stay away from Declan and make things work with Phillip, Kaylee isolates herself from her friends and hides out in the house of cards she’s built to protect herself, but how long will it stay standing?

Inventing the Potential of Rhetorical Culture

Inventing the Potential of Rhetorical Culture ebook ISBN: 0271045809
Publisher: Penn State Press
Author: Erik Doxtader
Number of Pages: 183 
File: inventing-the-potential-of-rhetorical-culture.pdf
Reads: 8622828


"Examines Thomas Farrell's provocative defense of rhetoric and argues for the contemporary importance of rhetorical theory and practice"--Provided by publisher.

The Whispers in the Walls (Scarlet and Ivy, Book 2)

The Whispers in the Walls (Scarlet and Ivy, Book 2) ebook ISBN: 0007589212
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Author: Sophie Cleverly
Number of Pages: 288 
File: the-whispers-in-the-walls-scarlet-and-ivy-book-2.pdf
Reads: 5891787


Scarlet and Ivy return to Rookwood School – in their second spine-tingling mystery adventure! Perfect for fans of MURDER MOST UNLADYLIKE.

Book of Colours

Book of Colours ebook ISBN: 1460707052
Publisher: HarperCollins
Author: Robyn Cadwallader
Number of Pages: 368 
File: book-of-colours.pdf
Reads: 8061949


From Robyn Cadwallader, author of the internationally acclaimed novel The Anchoress, comes a deeply profound and moving novel of the importance of creativity and the power of connection, told through the story of the commissioning of a gorgeously decorated medieval manuscript, a Book of Hours. London, 1321: In a small shop in Paternoster Row, three people are drawn together around the creation of a magnificent book, an illuminated manuscript of prayers, a book of hours. Even though the commission seems to answer the aspirations of each one of them, their own desires and ambitions threaten its completion. As each struggles to see the book come into being, it will change everything they have understood about their place in the world. In many ways, this is a story about power - it is also a novel about the place of women in the roiling and turbulent world of the early fourteenth century; what power they have, how they wield it, and just how temporary and conditional it is. Rich, deep, sensuous and full of life, Book of Colours is also, most movingly, a profoundly beautiful story about creativity and connection, and our instinctive need to understand our world and communicate with others through the pages of a book. 'Robyn Cadwallader fashions words with the same delicate, colourful intensity that her 14th century illuminators brought to their illustrated manuscripts. Book of Colours brings alive a harsh but rich past, filled with the fantasies, fears, sly wit and tender longings of the medieval imagination.' Sarah Dunant 'Book of Colours shows the depth of possibility a book might hold - all the while shimmering with the beauty and fragility of an ancient gilded page.' Eleanor Limprecht 'Extraordinary ... a real sensory experience ... suffused with colours' ABC Radio National The Bookshelf Praise for The Anchoress: 'So beautiful, so rich, so strange, unexpected and thoughtful - also suspenseful. I loved this book.' Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love 'Affecting ... finely drawn ... a considerable achievement.' Sarah Dunant, New York Times 'Elegant and eloquent' Irish Mail 'Cadwallader's writing evokes a heightened attention to the senses: you might never read a novel so sensuous yet unconcerned with romantic love. For this alone it is worth seeking out. But also because The Anchoress achieves what every historical novel attempts: reimagining the past while opening a new window - like a squint, perhaps - to our present lives.' Sydney Morning Herald 'A novel of page-turning grace' Newtown Review of Books


Verbum ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: verbum.pdf
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Onislayer ebook ISBN: 1301587680
Publisher: Barbara Schaer
Author: Barbara Schaer
Number of Pages: 427 
File: onislayer.pdf
Reads: 1807473


Alex fa la spogliarellista al Blue Hell. E' bella, cinica e sembra che non le importi di nulla e di nessuno, tranne che della sua amica Sam. Eppure, sotto ai tatuaggi, alla folle acconciatura asimmetrica e alla violenta aggressività, nasconde un orribile passato e una letale sete di vendetta. Quando la sua guerra personale incrocia quella degli Onislayer, valorosi cacciatori di demoni giapponesi, i suoi segreti sconvolgono per sempre le loro vite, in particolare quella del loro leader, l'affascinante e tormentato Jin. Dall'autrice di Alis Grave Nil una saga completamente nuova che fra sanguinose battaglie, passioni travolgenti e oscure profezie vi lascerà senza fiato! Recensito positivamente su oltre 40 blog: «Onislayer è uno dei libri che ho apprezzato di più in assoluto. Chi segue il blog sa bene che ne leggo almeno un paio alla settimana, quindi giudicate voi il valore di questa affermazione. In definitiva un libro che tiene con il fiato sospeso, che fa emozionare e anche contorcere lo stomaco. Consigliatissimo.» Ispirazione - il blog di Ilaria Goffredo «Questa storia mi ha davvero colpita, c'è tutto, passione, azione, romanticismo, mistero. È un mix perfetto che rende il libro intrigante e piacevole. Complimenti a Barbara Schaer che ha dimostrato ancora una volta di essere una scrittrice di vero talento, autrice di un altro libro che mi ha lasciata senza parole.» Innamorata dei Libri «Onislayer l'ho divorato e l'ho amato profondamente, grazie alla sua trama originale e mai noiosa, ai suoi personaggi perfetti... Barbara Schaer ha creato un mondo che è un piccolo capolavoro, ha dato vita a dei personaggi che, vi renderete conto, sarà impossibile non amare. Questo romanzo merita assolutamente di essere annoverato tra le mie migliori letture di quest'anno.» Coffee & Books «Un libro stupendo, coinvolgente, incredibile, di un'autrice italiana che merita tantissimo. Insomma, un piccolo capolavoro. Un libro che tiene incollati alle sue pagine fino alla conclusione, che non annoia mai, che non delude, senza momenti di stallo.» Inside a Book

Gilson Martins

Gilson Martins ebook ISBN:
Author: Gilson Martins
Number of Pages: 88 
File: gilson-martins.pdf
Reads: 5938109



Gangsterland ebook ISBN: 237056041X
Publisher: Super 8 éditions
Author: Tod GOLDBERG
Number of Pages: 311 
File: gangsterland.pdf
Reads: 7403996


Un rabbin à Las Vegas : ça va saigner ! " Infiniment lisible, infiniment drôle, et infiniment meilleur que tout ce que vous pourrez lire cette année. " Craig Johnson Tueur à la solde de la mafia de Chicago, Sal Cupertine est ce qui se fait de mieux dans le genre : discret, redoutablement efficace et doté d'une mémoire hors norme, il ne laisse jamais la moindre trace derrière lui. Jusqu'au jour où une opération tourne mal – très mal. Après avoir été contraint d'éliminer trois agents du FBI, Sal quitte la ville, caché dans un camion réfrigéré. Sa carrière est terminée. À moins que... Une opération chirurgicale plus tard, Sal Cupertine n'est plus : il a laissé la place au rabbin David Cohen, officiant à Las Vegas. À sa propre surprise, notre homme, désormais capable de citer des passages entiers du Talmud, se prend au jeu. Mais ses employeurs n'en ont pas terminé avec lui. Le cimetière dont Cohen a la responsabilité est utilisé par la mafia comme plaque tournante de trafics en tout genre et, pour ne rien arranger, le FBI est toujours à ses trousses. Bandit d'un côté, homme de Dieu de l'autre, Sal ne va pas s'en tirer si aisément !

Un dernier verre au bar sans nom

Un dernier verre au bar sans nom ebook ISBN: 9782366241914
Author: Don Carpenter
Number of Pages: 381 
File: un-dernier-verre-au-bar-sans-nom.pdf
Reads: 2361055


Oeuvre posthume, «Un dernier verre au bar sans nom» met en scène un couple d'écrivains, Jaime Froward et Charlie Monel, depuis leur rencontre à l'université jusqu'au moment de leur séparation, une quinzaine d'années plus tard. Tableau de la vie littéraire sur la côte Ouest des Etats-Unis au tournant des années 1960-70, le roman concentre la plupart des thématiques chères à Carpenter : comme «Sale Temps pour les braves», le livre présente un épisode carcéral ; comme dans «Deux Comédiens», Hollywood y apparaît dans sa démesure et sa folie ; comme dans tous ses romans, la fragilité des destins humains et l'angoisse de la perte, la dépression et la nécessité de faire face apparaissent comme les motifs majeurs de ce livre – avec, comme un corollaire inéluctable, comme une évidence bien ancrée au cœur de ces vies : l'alcool. Le livre s'ouvre sur la gueule de bois consécutive au mariage express de Jaime et Charlie, et s'achève sur ces mots « il lui restait beaucoup de verres à boire ». La publication de ce roman demeuré inédit vingt ans après la mort de l'auteur, dont l'édition a été confiée à Jonathan Lethem, a fait événement aux Etats-Unis.

Patrologiae cursus completus, seu, Bibliotheca universalis, integra, uniformis, commoda, oeconomica omnium SS. patrum, doctorum, scriptorumque ecclesiasticorum sive latinorum, sive graecorum qui ab aevo apostolico ad aetatem Innocenti III (ann. 1216) pro Latinis et ad Photii tempora (ann. 863) pro Graecis floruerunt

Patrologiae cursus completus, seu, Bibliotheca universalis, integra, uniformis, commoda, oeconomica omnium SS. patrum, doctorum, scriptorumque ecclesiasticorum sive latinorum, sive graecorum qui ab aevo apostolico ad aetatem Innocenti III (ann. 1216) pro Latinis et ad Photii tempora (ann. 863) pro Graecis floruerunt ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: patrologiae-cursus-completus-seu-bibliotheca-universalis-integra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium-ss-patrum-doctorum-scriptorumque-ecclesiasticorum-sive-latinorum-sive-graecorum-qui-ab-aevo-apostolico-ad-aetatem-innocenti-iii-ann-1216-pro-latinis-et-ad-photii-tempora-ann-863-pro-graecis-floruerunt.pdf
Reads: 9972766


La France et l'Égypte de 1882 à 1914

La France et l'Égypte de 1882 à 1914 ebook ISBN: 2821828624
Publisher: Institut de la gestion publique et du développement économique
Author: Samir Saul
Number of Pages: 787 
File: la-france-et-l-Égypte-de-1882-à-1914.pdf
Reads: 3010072


À partir de l’étude des relations économiques et financières entre la France et l’Égypte de la fin du XIXe siècle à 1914, l’auteur s’interroge sur leurs implications politiques dans les relations internationales. Il démontre que, de 1882 à 1914, l’Égypte, alors sous tutelle britannique, est l’une des principales destinations de l’épargne française. La masse des capitaux français exportés en Égypte atteint un sommet inégalé avant ou après ces trois décennies. Pourquoi les intérêts français se sont-ils maintenus dans un pays occupé par une autre puissance ? Quelle est leur influence dans la rivalité franco-britannique en Égypte ? Samir Saul répond à ces questions en s’appuyant notamment sur l’histoire des entreprises qui font appel aux capitaux français, des plus modestes aux plus grandes : Suez, le Crédit foncier égyptien, les Sucreries. Il détaille l’évolution de leur structure financière, de la composition de leur conseil, de leurs activités et de leurs performances. Il insiste, en particulier, sur le contrôle des capitaux exportés, sur la relation entre la structure des entreprises et les modes de contrôle, ainsi que sur les conséquences autant pour la société égyptienne que pour les capitaux étrangers. Il propose enfin une réinterprétation de la question de l’impérialisme. Ce travail repose sur l’exploitation de nombreux fonds d’archives publiques et privées, françaises, égyptiennes, britanniques et belges. Les archives des entreprises françaises sont utilisées pour la première fois.