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Aliss ebook ISBN: 282385584X
Publisher: 12-21
Author: Patrick SENÉCAL
Number of Pages: 371 
File: aliss.pdf
Reads: 8306755


Alice au pays des merveilles – contemporaine, initiatique et gothique ! Alice a dix-huit ans. Curieuse, intelligente et fonceuse, elle décide un jour de quitter sa province pour s'installer à Montréal. La métropole. La ville de tous les possibles. À son arrivée, suite à une rencontre inattendue, Alice débarque dans un quartier peuplé d'excentriques. Comme Charles, mathématicien dandy et tourmenté ; Verrue, fumeur de joints et amateur de chansons populaires ; Andromaque, poétesse et tenancière d'un club de strip-tease un peu " spécial " ; ou les inquiétants Bone et Chair, fascinés par la torture. Alice mord la vie à pleines dents, prête à tout pour entrer dans le mystérieux Palais, où les hôtes privilégiés de la Reine Rouge se réunissent pour laisser libre cours à leurs fantasmes les plus extravagants, ou les plus cruels...

Aliss at the Fire (Norwegian Literature Series)

Aliss at the Fire (Norwegian Literature Series) ebook ISBN: 1564785734
Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
Author: Jon Fosse,Damion Searls
Number of Pages: 107 
File: aliss-at-the-fire-norwegian-literature-series.pdf
Reads: 5675598


A visionary masterpiece from “the new Ibsen.”

Operation Aliss

Operation Aliss ebook ISBN: 9788440467423
Author: Alexandre Eléazar
Number of Pages: 385 
File: operation-aliss.pdf
Reads: 9939695


ALISS Quarterly

ALISS Quarterly ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: aliss-quarterly.pdf
Reads: 1404110


Animatronic Lips with Speech Simulation (ALiSS)

Animatronic Lips with Speech Simulation (ALiSS) ebook ISBN:
Author: Adam A. Jones
Number of Pages: 112 
File: animatronic-lips-with-speech-simulation-aliss.pdf
Reads: 6216946


An examination of a project to build mechatronic lips and jaw capable of accurately mimicking human speech with the use of software to translate written text into synchronized motion and sound.

Get in Trouble

Get in Trouble ebook ISBN: 0804179719
Publisher: Random House
Author: Kelly Link
Number of Pages: 352 
File: get-in-trouble.pdf
Reads: 6801711


FINALIST FOR THE PULITZER PRIZE • NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A bewitching story collection from a writer hailed as “the most darkly playful voice in American fiction” (Michael Chabon) and “a national treasure” (Neil Gaiman). NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY BookPage • BuzzFeed • Chicago Tribune • Kirkus Reviews • NPR • San Francisco Chronicle • Slate • Time • Toronto Star • The Washington Post She has been hailed by Michael Chabon as “the most darkly playful voice in American fiction” and by Neil Gaiman as “a national treasure.” Now Kelly Link’s eagerly awaited new collection—her first for adult readers in a decade—proves indelibly that this bewitchingly original writer is among the finest we have. Link has won an ardent following for her ability, with each new short story, to take readers deeply into an unforgettable, brilliantly constructed fictional universe. The nine exquisite examples in this collection show her in full command of her formidable powers. In “The Summer People,” a young girl in rural North Carolina serves as uneasy caretaker to the mysterious, never-quite-glimpsed visitors who inhabit the cottage behind her house. In “I Can See Right Through You,” a middle-aged movie star makes a disturbing trip to the Florida swamp where his former on- and off-screen love interest is shooting a ghost-hunting reality show. In “The New Boyfriend,” a suburban slumber party takes an unusual turn, and a teenage friendship is tested, when the spoiled birthday girl opens her big present: a life-size animated doll. Hurricanes, astronauts, evil twins, bootleggers, Ouija boards, iguanas, The Wizard of Oz, superheroes, the Pyramids . . . These are just some of the talismans of an imagination as capacious and as full of wonder as that of any writer today. But as fantastical as these stories can be, they are always grounded by sly humor and an innate generosity of feeling for the frailty—and the hidden strengths—of human beings. In Get in Trouble, this one-of-a-kind talent expands the boundaries of what short fiction can do. Praise for Get in Trouble “Ridiculously brilliant . . . These stories make you laugh while staring into the void.”—The Boston Globe “When it comes to literary magic, Link is the real deal: clever, surprising, affecting, fluid and funny.”—San Francisco Chronicle

The Bewitching Twin

The Bewitching Twin ebook ISBN: 006221232X
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Donna Fletcher
Number of Pages: 384 
File: the-bewitching-twin.pdf
Reads: 4474678


Popular author Donna Fletcher completes her identical twin sisters series in this spellbinding story about a man's fight for the love of his life. Rogan of the Wolf clan needs a healer to cure a relentless illness that is claiming the lives of his people. Hearing of Aliss's legendary healing skills, he abducts her from her clan Hellewyk. Distraught by the kidnapping and fearing she will never see her pregnant twin sister again, Aliss strikes a bargain with the wolf. She agrees to help him only if he will return her home after she mends them. Despite the circumstances, as Aliss settles in with Rogan's clan, the unlikely pair begins to fall in love. All is well until she learns the true reason Rogan abducted her. Aliss was to be ransomed for property rightfully belonging to the Wolf. Although Aliss feels the fool for being so easily led and caught in the Wolf's trap, it is Rogan who is ensnared and who now must prove his love for her means more than anything else in his life.

Identifying and Implementing Corridor Safety Improvements

Identifying and Implementing Corridor Safety Improvements ebook ISBN:
Author: Jerome P. Breyer
Number of Pages: 135 
File: identifying-and-implementing-corridor-safety-improvements.pdf
Reads: 5846407


This paper explores Arizona's ability to adopt the FHWA Corridor Safety Improvement Program (CSIP) model and adapt it to work within the institutional, jurisdictional, resource, and funding framework of Arizona. The results of the project indicate that: 1) ADOT is only one of several state agencies that have a hand in promoting and providing highway safety; 2) All agencies that endeavor to improve highway safety should collaborate and focus on high-risk corridors to effectively develop multi-objective action plans and implement the most appropriate countermeasures; 3) The identification of high risk spots and corridors can be greatly assisted using contemporary Geographic Information Systems (GIS) spatial analysis tools and the Accident Location Identification Surveillance System (ALISS) crash database; and 4) The ADOT photo log and Global Positioning System (GPS)-derived corridor centerline files add a unique level of comprehension of safety problems by showing signing/striping/guardrail conditions in plan and profile views overlain with the ALISS crash history and a link to a photo log image of the roadway.

Crash Data Collection and Analysis System

Crash Data Collection and Analysis System ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 83 
File: crash-data-collection-and-analysis-system.pdf
Reads: 9257911


Seeking to identify how Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) could accomplish the greatest service improvements with the most efficient use of funds, ADOT engaged ARCADIS to perform a Crash Data Collection and Analysis study and examine the possibilities offered by technological innovations such as Electronic Data Entry (EDE), Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The study resulted in a comprehensive report with three components: an examination of best practices in use in the United States today, a use case and gap analysis examining ADOT's current data work, and a technical memorandum outlining how changes could be implemented.

Tos #88 Across The Universe

Tos #88 Across The Universe ebook ISBN: 1471107620
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: P Sargent
Number of Pages: 288 
File: tos-88-across-the-universe.pdf
Reads: 2178708


When the Enterprise discovers a colony ship launched from Earth at sublight speeds in the 22nd century, Captain Kirk decides to help the settlers on their way to their intended destination. But their new planet may not be the haven that they hoped for, and the threat it holds may be only slightly less deadly than the menace they have unintentionally brought with them.