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All Around the Town

All Around the Town ebook ISBN: 0671793489
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Number of Pages: 341 
File: all-around-the-town.pdf
Reads: 4400169


A student obsessed with her English professor is accused of his murder, but cannot remember how her fingerprints could possibly have been found at the scene of the crime

Nous n'irons plus au bois

Nous n'irons plus au bois ebook ISBN: 2226238166
Publisher: Albin Michel
Author: Mary Higgins Clark,Anne Damour
Number of Pages: 352 
File: nous-n-irons-plus-au-bois.pdf
Reads: 8884362


Laurie Kenyon, vingt et un ans, est arrêtée pour le meurtre de son professeur. Tout l'accuse sans équivoque possible. Cependant Laurie ne se souvient de rien. Sarah, elle, refuse de croire que sa soeur est coupable. Avec l'aide d'un psychiatre, elle va peu à peu faire revivre le terrible passé de Laurie : son enlèvement à quatre ans, les violences qu'elles a subies, les graves troubles de la personnalité qu'elle a développés depuis, à son insu. Mais au même moment, le danger rôde à nouveau : le couple kidnappeur, qui a retrouvé sa trace, redoute ses révélations... La romancière de La Nuit du renard, Grand Prix de littérature policière 1980, nous entraîne dans un suspense où se mêlent à chaque page l'angoisse, les cauchemars de l'enfance, la folie.

The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus ebook ISBN: 9781404804340
Publisher: Capstone
Author: Ann Owen
Number of Pages: 24 
File: the-wheels-on-the-bus.pdf
Reads: 8117021


Presents an illustrated version of the traditional song along with some discussion of its folk origins. Includes music and the words to nine verses.

Sheila Lukins All Around the World Cookbook

Sheila Lukins All Around the World Cookbook ebook ISBN: 0761172017
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Author: Sheila Lukins
Number of Pages: 591 
File: sheila-lukins-all-around-the-world-cookbook.pdf
Reads: 8567147


A culinary genius who helped change the way America eats, Sheila Lukins is the cook behind the phenomenal success of The Silver Palate Cookbooks and The New Basics Cookbook, with over 5 million copies in print. Now Sheila embarks on her first solo journey, visiting 33 countries on a cooks tour of cuisines, ingredients, and tastes. The result is pure alchemy--a new kind of American cookbook that reinterprets the best of the worlds food in 450 dazzling, original recipes. In addition, there are new wines to discover, menus to experiment with, ingredients to learn, spice cabinets to raid--and travelogues to savor. Main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club's HomeStyle Books and Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service; and selection of the Quality Paperback Book Club.

Teaching Town

Teaching Town ebook ISBN: 9781570290695
Publisher: Totline Publications
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 158 
File: teaching-town.pdf
Reads: 6403288


Around the Town of Saratoga

Around the Town of Saratoga ebook ISBN: 1439610207
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: Thomas N. Wood III
Number of Pages: 128 
File: around-the-town-of-saratoga.pdf
Reads: 9151588


As the American struggle for independence intensified, Saratoga became a focal point of warring activities. Both colonists and loyalists maintained forts, camps, and officer headquarters within town. In 1777, after the two Battles of Saratoga, American forces gained the surrender of British Gen. John Burgoyne, thus turning the tide of the Revolutionary War. The name Saratoga comes from the Mohawk word meaning either “place of the swift water” or “hillside country of the great river.” True to its name, the town spreads across rolling hills along the western side of the Hudson River. The river itself, together with two early main roads and a canal, brought prosperity to the area. Saratoga became a major shipping terminal. The town boundaries changed several times throughout the years, but the rural character of the town and the spirit of its residents remained constant.

All Around the Year

All Around the Year ebook ISBN: 9780252065163
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Author: Jack Santino
Number of Pages: 227 
File: all-around-the-year.pdf
Reads: 5145633


Whether they're decorating Easter trees or celebrating Wagner's birthday by playing recordings of his Ring cycle operas and incinerating a model of Valhalla on an outdoor barbecue to the closing strains of "Gotterdämerung," Americans know both how to create and how to celebrate holidays. Jack Santino's guide to such frivolity is a wonderfully readable exploration of holidays, periods of festivity, and life-cycle rituals and celebrations. Santino draws on history, anthropology, popular culture, and folklore to show the intricate relationships between holidays and the roles that celebrations and rituals play in people's lives.

All Around the Town

All Around the Town ebook ISBN: 9781454912569
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
Author: Veronika Klimova
Number of Pages: 54 
File: all-around-the-town.pdf
Reads: 989518


Six miniature books representing common buildings in a town identify such vocabulary objects as teacher, ambulance, bakery, fire truck, and police officer.

Mimmy and Sophie

Mimmy and Sophie ebook ISBN:
Author: Miriam Cohen
Number of Pages: 68 
File: mimmy-and-sophie.pdf
Reads: 8856703


Describes the experiences of two sisters growing up in Brooklyn in the time of Shirley Temple movies and trolleys.

All Around the Track

All Around the Track ebook ISBN: 0786482435
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Anne B. Jones,Rex White
Number of Pages: 256 
File: all-around-the-track.pdf
Reads: 2453628


From authors Anne Jones and former NASCAR champion Rex White, here are oral histories of more than 50 individuals from stock car and drag racing’s not-so-distant past and present. Rich with original interviews and previously unpublished material, it includes drivers such as David Pearson, Junior Johnson, Bobby Allison, Bob Glidden and Hubert Platt; mechanics and builders; track crew; sportswriters; and owners such as Joe and J.D. Gibbs. Features many photographs and a foreword by Atlanta Motor Speedway President Ed Clark.

All Around the Town

All Around the Town ebook ISBN: 1786259664
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
Author: Herbert Asbury
Number of Pages: 169 
File: all-around-the-town.pdf
Reads: 3713904


In the immediate sequel to The Gangs of New York, Herbert Asbury expands his purview beyond the Five Corners into a wonderful and surprising history of the whole city of New York. All Around the Town brings to authentic life a memorable range of characters, grifters, murderers and madmen. From “The Sawing-Off of Manhattan Island” to “The Wickedest Man in New York” to “The Flour Riot of 1837,” these twenty-three lively and accessible accounts make for top-notch, eccentric popular history as told by a master.

Teach Me-- English

Teach Me-- English ebook ISBN: 9780934633581
Publisher: Teach Me Tapes
Author: Judy Mahoney
Number of Pages: 20 
File: teach-me-english.pdf
Reads: 4398565


For ages 2-12. Includes a 45-minute CD and 20-page colouring book that includes all lyrics and translations.

Blossoms Around The Circles: Hidden Truth Poems

Blossoms Around The Circles: Hidden Truth Poems ebook ISBN: 1481745344
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Cheryl Freier
Number of Pages: 144 
File: blossoms-around-the-circles-hidden-truth-poems.pdf
Reads: 6308066


This is a powerful and poignant book, which is so special in its entirety. It specifically tells what the victim is thinking as he is developing a new life and progressing as the blossoms do on the flowers on the circle of life.

Multimodal Texts from Around the World

Multimodal Texts from Around the World ebook ISBN: 023035534X
Publisher: Springer
Author: W. Bowcher
Number of Pages: 330 
File: multimodal-texts-from-around-the-world.pdf
Reads: 1334419


A first in multimodal/multisemiotic discourse studies this collection of original articles by international scholars focuses primarily on texts from non-English speaking contexts. The illuminating insights enhance our understanding of how language and other semiotic resources construe specific cultural and social concerns.

Positive Pete Saves Wokville

Positive Pete Saves Wokville ebook ISBN: 0988488329
Publisher: Mobile Mission Publishing
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 44 
File: positive-pete-saves-wokville.pdf
Reads: 1989247


In the Town All Year 'Round

In the Town All Year 'Round ebook ISBN: 9780811864749
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Author: Rotraut Susanne Berner
Number of Pages: 72 
File: in-the-town-all-year-round.pdf
Reads: 5514961


Pictures depict busy people in a town throughout the year.

Sparkle Tales and Rhymes B

Sparkle Tales and Rhymes B ebook ISBN: 9788177011043
Publisher: Nettikadan Corporation
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: sparkle-tales-and-rhymes-b.pdf
Reads: 5855470


Folk Tale Plays from Around the World That Kids Will Love

Folk Tale Plays from Around the World That Kids Will Love ebook ISBN: 9780439222570
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Author: Marci Appelbaum,Jeff Catanese
Number of Pages: 80 
File: folk-tale-plays-from-around-the-world-that-kids-will-love.pdf
Reads: 4624452


"Eight short read-aloud plays with engaging activities that build reading skills, add spark to social studies lessons, and explore diverse cultures"--Cover.

Guitar Tab- Easy Folk Songs from Around the World

Guitar Tab- Easy Folk Songs from Around the World ebook ISBN: 9781929395583
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Howard Wallach
Number of Pages: 47 
File: guitar-tab-easy-folk-songs-from-around-the-world.pdf
Reads: 5325720


A wonderful collection of 20 popular, beautiful and fun-to-play songs for beginning to intermediate guitar students. The melody, an easy strumming pattern, chord diagrams and complete lyrics are provided with each song, so students can choose to either play the melody or strum to accompany themselves as they sing. Large-sized music, TAB and diagrams make the songs easy to read, even for beginners. The 48-page book also contains a review of music reading, tablature and chord diagrams. This handy songbook is the perfect tool for guitar teachers seeking fun musical activities to keep their students happy and involved with music making.