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All Life is Problem Solving

All Life is Problem Solving ebook ISBN: 1135973059
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Karl Popper
Number of Pages: 190 
File: all-life-is-problem-solving.pdf
Reads: 7184517


'Never before has there been so many and such dreadful weapons in so many irresponsible hands.' - Karl Popper, from the Preface All Life is Problem Solving is a stimulating and provocative selection of Popper's writings on his main preoccupations during the last twenty-five years of his life. This collection illuminates Popper's process of working out key formulations in his theory of science, and indicates his view of the state of the world at the end of the Cold War and after the collapse of communism.

Conjectures et réfutations

Conjectures et réfutations ebook ISBN: 9782228138703
Author: Karl R. Popper
Number of Pages: 610 
File: conjectures-et-réfutations.pdf
Reads: 895025


Cet ouvrage contient l'essentiel de la philosophie de Karl Popper et prolonge, en le complétant par de nouveaux développements, son livre sur la Logique de la découverte scientifique. Popper s'emploie à justifier le rationalisme critique à travers des articles et des communications répartis sur une quinzaine d'années et dont les thèmes vont de l'histoire de la philosophie antique (Présocratiques, Platon, Aristote, atomisme) à la réflexion sur l'histoire et sur la politique, mais aussi sur leur théorie, avec des considérations sur Descartes, Bacon, Hume et surtout Kant, qui demeure la référence privilégiée. L'auteur traite aussi de la théorie du savoir scientifique, de l'épistémologie de la logique, de la physique et de la théorie des probabilités. Le rationalisme critique se veut polémique : les discussions avec le Cercle de Vienne, avec Carnap et avec Wittgenstein, puis avec la philosophie analytique anglo-saxonne et, dans une moindre mesure, avec l'Ecole de Francfort (sur l'opinion publique et la dialectique, par exemple) traversent l'ensemble de l'ouvrage et lui confèrent sa tonalité. En matière de philosophie politique, Popper, non sans rappeler Raymond Aron, tient à distinguer nettement l'originalité de Marx de ses avatars idéologiques. Il poursuit la critique libérale de l'utopie thématisée dans de précédents ouvrages, tout en reconnaissant que sa foi en la raison constitue un postulat philosophique, une sorte de pari moderne. L'ouvrage permet de lire en perspective l'ensemble de l'oeuvre de l'auteur qui a présidé, récemment, à de nouvelles percées dans les domaines de la biologie et de la mécanique quantique.

Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology

Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology ebook ISBN: 1135596913
Publisher: Routledge
Author: David Jonassen,Michael J. Spector,Marcy Driscoll,M. David Merrill,Jeroen van Merrienboer
Number of Pages: 1296 
File: handbook-of-research-on-educational-communications-and-technology.pdf
Reads: 7407385


First Published in 2008. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Learning to Solve Problems

Learning to Solve Problems ebook ISBN: 1136941886
Publisher: Routledge
Author: David H. Jonassen
Number of Pages: 472 
File: learning-to-solve-problems.pdf
Reads: 8124363


This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date look at problem solving research and practice over the last fifteen years. The first chapter describes differences in types of problems, individual differences among problem-solvers, as well as the domain and context within which a problem is being solved. Part one describes six kinds of problems and the methods required to solve them. Part two goes beyond traditional discussions of case design and introduces six different purposes or functions of cases, the building blocks of problem-solving learning environments. It also describes methods for constructing cases to support problem solving. Part three introduces a number of cognitive skills required for studying cases and solving problems. Finally, Part four describes several methods for assessing problem solving. Key features includes: Teaching Focus – The book is not merely a review of research. It also provides specific research-based advice on how to design problem-solving learning environments. Illustrative Cases – A rich array of cases illustrates how to build problem-solving learning environments. Part two introduces six different functions of cases and also describes the parameters of a case. Chapter Integration – Key theories and concepts are addressed across chapters and links to other chapters are made explicit. The idea is to show how different kinds of problems, cases, skills, and assessments are integrated. Author expertise – A prolific researcher and writer, the author has been researching and publishing books and articles on learning to solve problems for the past fifteen years. This book is appropriate for advanced courses in instructional design and technology, science education, applied cognitive psychology, thinking and reasoning, and educational psychology. Instructional designers, especially those involved in designing problem-based learning, as well as curriculum designers who seek new ways of structuring curriculum will find it an invaluable reference tool.

Karl Popper and the Social Sciences

Karl Popper and the Social Sciences ebook ISBN: 0791482219
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: William A. Gorton
Number of Pages: 157 
File: karl-popper-and-the-social-sciences.pdf
Reads: 6087576


The first systematic treatment of Karl Popper’s contribution to the philosophy of the social sciences.

Bounds of Freedom

Bounds of Freedom ebook ISBN: 9789042018723
Publisher: Rodopi
Author: Mahasweta Chaudhury
Number of Pages: 192 
File: bounds-of-freedom.pdf
Reads: 9698901


Dr Chaudhury is concerned to defend what is responsible and hopeful in contemporary ecological thinking, but to avoid the trap of denying that any positive contribution can be made by western science and technology. Critical rationalists do not need to agree with her suggestions and recommendations in order to welcome her positioning of environmental issues alongside the traditional human and political debates about freedom. The Indian perspective that informs this book is particularly impressive and interesting. David Miller (University of Warwick) Professor Mahasweta Chaudhury is Professor for Philosophy at Calcutta University in India. In the late sixties she studied at the London School of Economics under Karl Popper, John Watkins, Alan Musgrave and Imre Lakatos.

Karl Popper and the Two New Secrets of Life

Karl Popper and the Two New Secrets of Life ebook ISBN: 9783161532078
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
Author: Hans-Joachim Niemann
Number of Pages: 164 
File: karl-popper-and-the-two-new-secrets-of-life.pdf
Reads: 1463157


The story of how humans and all living things came into existence is told in two widely believed versions: the Book of Genesis and Darwin's Origin of Species . It was the philosopher Karl Popper who presented us with a third story, no less important. His New Interpretation of Darwinism denies the creative power of blind chance and natural selection and establishes knowledge and activity of all living beings as the real driving forces of evolution. Thus, spiritual elements are back in the theory of evolution, and in Popper's view "the entire evolution is an adventure of the mind." In this book, Hans-Joachim Niemann establishes Karl Popper as an eminent philosopher of biology. In the first chapter, biographical details are unearthed concerning how Popper's biological interests were inspired by a biological meeting in the old windmill at Hunstanton in 1936. The second chapter focusses on the year 1986 when Popper, in several lectures, summarized the results of his life-long biological thinking. The most important of these, the Medawar Lecture given at the Royal Society London, was lost for a long time and is now printed in the Appendix. A new world view begins to emerge that is completely different from Creationism or Darwinism. Twenty years after Popper's death, the last chapter looks back on his biological thoughts in the light of new results of molecular biology. His attack at that time on long-lasting dogmas of evolutionary theory turned out to be largely justified. The new biology seems even well suited to support Popper's endeavour to overcome the gloomy aspects of Darwinism that have made organisms passive parts of a machinery of deadly competition. Neither blind chance nor natural selection are the creative forces of all life, but rather knowledge and activity. How they came into existence is still a secret and a worthwhile research programme.--

Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Instructional Design and Training Delivery

Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Instructional Design and Training Delivery ebook ISBN: 047019068X
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Kenneth H. Silber,Wellesley R. Foshay
Number of Pages: 800 
File: handbook-of-improving-performance-in-the-workplace-instructional-design-and-training-delivery.pdf
Reads: 5376233


Each volume in this set provides a current review of all information available for the three core areas of improving performance in the workplace: instructional design and training delivery, intervention selection and implementation, measurement and evaluation.

Philosophy of Educational Research

Philosophy of Educational Research ebook ISBN: 1472575369
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Richard Pring
Number of Pages: 256 
File: philosophy-of-educational-research.pdf
Reads: 6605922


This classic text in educational research literature has been thoroughly updated to take into account new philosophical theories and the current political context for educational research. Remaining, however, are the three, key central themes: the nature of social science in general; the nature of educational enquiry in particular; and the links between the language and concepts of research, on the one hand, and those of practice and policy on the other. In analyzing and interrelating these themes, Richard Pring shows their relationship to such central philosophical concepts as meaning, truth, and objectivity.

Les deux problèmes fondamentaux de la théorie de la connaissance

Les deux problèmes fondamentaux de la théorie de la connaissance ebook ISBN: 9782705663704
Publisher: Editions Hermann
Author: Karl R. Popper
Number of Pages: 468 
File: les-deux-problèmes-fondamentaux-de-la-théorie-de-la-connaissance.pdf
Reads: 4262623


Premier livre de Karl Popper, rédigé entre 1930 et 1933, cet ouvrage a été publié en Allemagne en 1979. Les deux problèmes fondamentaux qui lui donnent son titre, inspiré de Schopenhauer, sont le problème de l'induction: "Peut-on savoir plus que l'on sait ?" et le problème de la démarcation: "Quand une science n'est-elle pas une science ?" Loin d'être une simple esquisse - bien au contraire, puisque la célèbre Logique de la découverte scientifique n'en était à l'origine qu'un résumé -, cette première formulation du falsificationnisme popperien anticipe certaines idées qui ne réapparaîtront que bien plus tard. L'analyse critique, précise et systématique, des différentes théories de la connaissance -Kant, Fries, le conventionnalisme, le positivisme logique et Wittgenstein-, à laquelle il est ici procédé, confère à l'ouvrage une dimension historique et philosophique originale. Les notes de 1975 et l'introduction de 1978, ajoutées par l'auteur plus de quarante ans après la rédaction de cet Urtext, constituent une exceptionnelle mise en perspective de l'œuvre et contribuent à en faire une véritable somme ; il y a là une voie d'accès privilégiée à la pensée d'un des grands philosophes de ce siècle.

John Dewey

John Dewey ebook ISBN: 1441124594
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Richard Pring
Number of Pages: 208 
File: john-dewey.pdf
Reads: 2199918


Bertrand Russell's History of Philosophy refers to Dewey as 'generally admitted to be the leading living philosopher of America'. This honourable mention lay partly in his pragmatic theory of meaning, through which so many baffling philosophical problems were claimed to have been solved – as well as educational ones. It is in connection with his educational ideas, however, that Dewey became either famous or infamous. In the United States he had been seen both as saviour of American education by those who welcomed a more child-centred curriculum, and yet as 'worse than Hitler' by those who saw his ideas as undermining traditional education – an accusation shared by his detractors in Britain. This account seeks to bring together Dewey's educational thinking and its frequently forgotten foundations in a pragmatic theory of meaning. In so doing, the book seeks to show that John Dewey is 'a philosopher of education for our time'.

Separation, Assimilation, or Accommodation: Contrasting Ethnic Minority Policies

Separation, Assimilation, or Accommodation: Contrasting Ethnic Minority Policies ebook ISBN: 0313095345
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Terrence E. Cook
Number of Pages: 216 
File: separation-assimilation-or-accommodation-contrasting-ethnic-minority-policies.pdf
Reads: 2663913


Ethnic violence is rampant, but avoidable. Cook compares and contrasts all major options in ethnic minority policy, including forms of separation, assimilation, or accommodation typically favored by subordinate ethnic groups. Topics include segregation and genocide, emigrations and secessionist struggles, attempts at cultural annihilation, assimilating for individual or collective opportunities, accommodations as minimal concessions in such things as tolerance, special group rights or power-sharing, and accommodations as maximal demands on those same themes. Grounded in current concrete examples, Cook's analysis brings coherence to a confused and often lethal political problem.

Cellular Signal Processing

Cellular Signal Processing ebook ISBN: 1136977244
Publisher: Garland Science
Author: Friedrich Marks,Ursula KlingmÙller,Karin Müller-Decker
Number of Pages: 656 
File: cellular-signal-processing.pdf
Reads: 1251610


Cellular Signal Processing is intended for use in signal transduction courses for undergraduate and graduate students. It offers a unifying view of cell signaling that is based on the concept of protein interactions acting as sophisticated data processing networks that govern intracellular and extracellular communication. The content is guided by three major principles that are central to signal transduction: the protein network, its energy supply, and its evolution. It includes coverage of all important aspects of cell signaling, ranging from prokaryotic signal transduction to neuronal signaling. It also highlights the clinical aspects of cell signaling in health and disease.

Towards A Semantic Web

Towards A Semantic Web ebook ISBN: 178063174X
Publisher: Elsevier
Author: Bill Cope,Mary Kalantzis,Liam Magee
Number of Pages: 544 
File: towards-a-semantic-web.pdf
Reads: 842779


This book addresses the question of how knowledge is currently documented, and may soon be documented in the context of what it calls ‘semantic publishing’. This takes two forms: a more narrowly and technically defined ‘semantic web’; as well as a broader notion of semantic publishing. This book examines the ways in which knowledge is represented in journal articles and books. By contrast, it goes on to explore the potential impacts of semantic publishing on academic research and authorship. It sets this in the context of changing knowledge ecologies: the way research is done; the way knowledge is represented and; the modes of knowledge access used by researchers, students and the general public. Provides an introduction to the ‘semantic web’ and semantic publishing for readers outside the field of computer science Discusses the relevance of the ‘semantic web’ and semantic publishing more broadly, and its application to academic research Examines the changing ecologies of knowledge production

Popper, Objectivity and the Growth of Knowledge

Popper, Objectivity and the Growth of Knowledge ebook ISBN: 1441144374
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: John H. Sceski
Number of Pages: 174 
File: popper-objectivity-and-the-growth-of-knowledge.pdf
Reads: 54738


John H. Sceski argues that Karl Popper's philosophy offers a radical treatment of objectivity that can reconcile freedom and progress in a manner that preserves the best elements of the Enlightenment tradition. His book traces the development of Popper's account of objectivity by examining his original contributions to key issues in the philosophy of science. Popper's early confrontation with logical positivism, his rarely discussed four-fold treatment of the problem of induction, and his theory of propensities and evolutionary epistemology are linked in a novel way to produce a coherent and philosophically relevant picture of objectivity. Sceski also explores and clarifies many central issues in the philosophy of science such as probabilistic support, verisimilitude, and the relationship between special relativity and indeterminism. He concludes that Popper's account of objectivity can best bridge the gap between Enlightenment aims for science and freedom and post-modern misgivings about 'truth', by developing a philosophy that is non-foundationalist yet able to account for the growth of knowledge.


(EPub) ebook ISBN: 1455266965
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
Author: Ian S S McDonald,International Monetary Fund
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: epub.pdf
Reads: 9073662


The Web edition of the IMF Survey is updated several times a week, and contains a wealth of articles about topical policy and economic issues in the news. Access the latest IMF research, read interviews, and listen to podcasts given by top IMF economists on important issues in the global economy.

Unended Quest

Unended Quest ebook ISBN: 1134449712
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Karl Popper
Number of Pages: 328 
File: unended-quest.pdf
Reads: 2584898


At the age of eight, Karl Popper was puzzling over the idea of infinity and by fifteen was beginning to take a keen interest in his father's well-stocked library of books. Unended Quest recounts these moments and many others in the life of one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century, providing an indispensable account of the ideas that influenced him most. As an introduction to Popper's philosophy, Unended Quest also shines. Popper lucidly explains the central ideas in his work, making this book ideal for anyone coming to Popper's life and work for the first time.

Essential Song

Essential Song ebook ISBN: 1554588197
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
Author: Lynn Whidden
Number of Pages: 192 
File: essential-song.pdf
Reads: 1352849


Audio Files located on Soundcloud Essential Song: Three Decades of Northern Cree Music, a study of subarctic Cree hunting songs, is the first detailed ethnomusicology of the northern Cree of Quebec and Manitoba. The result of more than two decades spent in the North learning from the Cree, Lynn Whidden’s account discusses the tradition of the hunting songs, their meanings and origins, and their importance to the hunt. She also examines women’s songs, and traces the impact of social change—including the introduction of hymns, Gospel tunes, and country music—on the song traditions of these communities. The book also explores the introduction of powwow song into the subarctic and the Crees struggle to maintain their Aboriginal heritage—to find a kind of song that, like the hunting songs, can serve as a spiritual guide and force. Including profiles of the hunters and their songs and accompanied (online) by original audio tracks of more than fifty Cree hunting songs, Essential Song makes an important contribution to ethnomusicology, social history, and Aboriginal studies.

Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings

Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings ebook ISBN: 9783642197000
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Michael St.Pierre,Gesine Hofinger,Cornelius Buerschaper,Robert Simon
Number of Pages: 346 
File: crisis-management-in-acute-care-settings.pdf
Reads: 6740198


Critical situations in acute and emergency care are one of the great clinical challenges because of the uncertainty, high stakes, time pressure, and stress that are involved. This book provides a comprehensive outline of all the human factors issues relevant to patient safety during acute care. Following an initial section discussing the basic principles of human behavior and decision making, the various influences on safe patient care are discussed in depth. These are divided into three interacting groups: individual factors, team factors, and organizational factors. Relevant psychological theories are carefully examined, and case studies and descriptions of proven strategies help to ground these theories in daily practice. This newly revised edition, in which each chapter has been enlarged and updated, will help both physicians and non-physicians to better understand the principles of human behavior and decision making in critical situations and thus to provide safer treatment.