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All the Dancing Birds

All the Dancing Birds ebook ISBN: 9780985070007
Author: Auburn McCanta
Number of Pages: 250 
File: all-the-dancing-birds.pdf
Reads: 2384976


Lillie Claire Glidden is unraveling. She knows she's in trouble when she finds her wallet and keys deep in the refrigerator, smelling of lettuce and forgetfulness. And not even her favorite California red wine can dull the pain of the dreaded diagnosis: Alzheimer's. As language starts to fail her and words disappear, Lillie Claire is determined to find a way to pass on the lessons she learned as a child on a Southern porch. Surrounded by family and caregivers, she fights to hold on to the details of her life, and to recognize the woman in the mirror for as long as possible. Told from Lillie Claire's perspective, All the Dancing Birds offers beautiful and terrifying insight into the secret mind of those touched-and ultimately changed-by the mystery of Alzheimer's disease.

Being Dakota

Being Dakota ebook ISBN: 9780873515306
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society
Author: Amos E. Oneroad,Alanson Skinner
Number of Pages: 214 
File: being-dakota.pdf
Reads: 8947990


A CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title. Amos E. Oneroad moved in two worlds. Educated in traditional Dakota ways, he also earned a divinity degree from Columbia University and become a Presbyterian minister. In 1914 he began working with Alanson B. Skinner, a student of anthropology whom he met in New York City. Oneroad wrote these stories; Skinner planned to edit and publish the work. But Skinner's untimely death in 1925 thwarted their plans, and the manuscript languished for seventy-five years in a California library. Laura L. Anderson, who teaches anthropology at the University of Oklahoma, has edited this unusual document, which offers a fresh look at what it means to be Dakota.

Tales with Tails

Tales with Tails ebook ISBN: 9781591582694
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
Author: ABC-CLIO, LLC,Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: tales-with-tails.pdf
Reads: 2039204


Society and the Dance

Society and the Dance ebook ISBN: 9780521315500
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Professor of African Anthropology School of Oriental and African Studies Paul Spencer,Paul Spencer
Number of Pages: 224 
File: society-and-the-dance.pdf
Reads: 2421947


Presenting seven examples from Africa, Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Oceania, this study attempts to further the anthropological understanding of dance's social significance and critical relevance by exploring it as a reflection of social forces.

A Bird Watcher in Kenya

A Bird Watcher in Kenya ebook ISBN:
Author: Vernon Donald Van Someren
Number of Pages: 270 
File: a-bird-watcher-in-kenya.pdf
Reads: 9759736


The Dancing Spider

The Dancing Spider ebook ISBN: 9780871292384
Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
Author: Marilyn Kluge,Marilyn Osterman
Number of Pages: 63 
File: the-dancing-spider.pdf
Reads: 6427177


A West African storyteller tells the tale of Ananse the spider, showing how little creatures must stick together in order to do big things.

The Dance of the Seagull

The Dance of the Seagull ebook ISBN: 1101603089
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Andrea Camilleri
Number of Pages: 288 
File: the-dance-of-the-seagull.pdf
Reads: 6268033


The latest from the New York Times bestselling author of The Potter's Field, winner of the Crime Writers' Association's International Dagger Award, and The Age of Doubt With Inspector Montalbano's most recent outings hitting the New York Times bestseller list, Andrea Camilleri's darkly refined Italian mysteries have become favorites of American crime novel fans. This latest installment finds Montalbano in search of his missing right-hand man. Before leaving for vacation with Livia, Montalbano witnesses a seagull doing an odd dance on the beach outside his home, when the bird suddenly drops dead. Stopping in at his office for a quick check before heading off, he notices that Fazio is nowhere to be found and soon learns that he was last seen on the docks, secretly working on a case. Montalbano sets out to find him and discovers that the seagull's dance of death may provide the key to understanding a macabre world of sadism, extortion, and murder.


Monstre ebook ISBN: 2749157528
Publisher: Cherche Midi
Author: Gérard DEPARDIEU
Number of Pages: 124 
File: monstre.pdf
Reads: 8966395


"Il faut laisser sortir ses monstres, si on ne veut pas que ce soient eux qui nous bouffent." J'ai connu un potier dans le Berry : quand ça le faisait chier de faire des assiettes, toujours les mêmes, il prenait sa terre et il faisait un monstre. Un énorme monstre. En terre cuite. Et il disait : "Je fais ça parce qu'il faut que ça sorte ! J'en ai plein comme ça à l'intérieur de moi !" Il avait raison. Il faut laisser sortir ses monstres, si on ne veut pas que ce soient eux qui nous bouffent.

The Stillness The Dancing

The Stillness The Dancing ebook ISBN: 1447222679
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Wendy Perriam
Number of Pages: 552 
File: the-stillness-the-dancing.pdf
Reads: 2444759


Abandoned by God and her husband, twin totems of her life to date, Morna Gordon embarks on a voyage of discovery, travelling first to California where she undergoes a series of extraordinary experiences, ending up in Disneyland, ‘the happiest place on earth’ – though not for her. Shaken, she flees to a near-deserted island in the Hebrides where David, historian and researcher, is working on the Life of a seventh-century saint. Morna, translator by profession, has to learn, through David and his saint, a new interpretation of the world. Her contribution to his work helps forge a powerful bond between them, and slowly, movingly, and despite the still smarting slap-down of the Catholic Church, they discover body as well as soul. The novel also explores the lives of Morna’s mother and daughter, charting Bea’s private crisis of faith and Chris’s stormy journey to maturity. Complex ties and tensions bind these three generations of women, all of whom suffer a ‘sea-change’. The Stillness The Dancing juxtaposes youth with age, the rational with the numinous, subatomic physics with ancient pagan ritual, the grab-all twentieth century with the hair-shirt idealism of the Age of the Saints. It is a novel full of contrasts – switching boldly from humour to tragedy and broaching vital themes of faith and doubt, sham and self-delusion, while losing nothing of the uninhibited exuberance for which Wendy Perriam is known. ‘Unashamedly sexual, yet profoundly spiritual . . . a remarkable novel. It must be read.’ Fay Weldon

Ever After High Shorts: Duchess Swan and the Next Top Bird

Ever After High Shorts: Duchess Swan and the Next Top Bird ebook ISBN: 0349124582
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Suzanne Selfors
Number of Pages: 16 
File: ever-after-high-shorts-duchess-swan-and-the-next-top-bird.pdf
Reads: 2573880


At Ever After High, Duchess Swan knows that her pet swan is the most talented bird of all - even more talented than Daring Charming's pet peacock! Duchess arranges a Feathered Friends Talent Show to prove it, once and for all. But will stage fright get the best of the bird who does ballet? Or can she shine in the spotlight? Read this original short story about Duchess and her pet swan, Pirouette. This story by Suzanne Selfors is a companion to her novel Next Top Villain

The Dancing Porch

The Dancing Porch ebook ISBN: 1438992017
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Harry Adams
Number of Pages: 368 
File: the-dancing-porch.pdf
Reads: 5167925


The dancing porch on the Victorian home owned by the Schultz family in Fort Myers, Florida, played a big part of Hank's life with their daughter Kate Schultz, the love of hisl life. While at college Savannah, looking remarkably like Kate, became Hank's second love. Hank's career as an executive for HoneyS, a restaurant chain, takes many twists and turns as he discovers a crime syndicate owns the company. Charley Cohen, a psychopathic family member of the crime syndicate, plots to manipulate Hank to ensure business failure and personal tragedy. Their lives became entwined in a triangle of love, jealousy, and deceit. Kate's untimely disappearance remains a mystery to Hank until an unexpected event with Savannah reveals the real truth.

Country Life

Country Life ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: country-life.pdf
Reads: 346185


Demons of the Dancing Gods

Demons of the Dancing Gods ebook ISBN: 057509835X
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Jack L. Chalker
Number of Pages: 192 
File: demons-of-the-dancing-gods.pdf
Reads: 3126232


In Husaquahr, the world of magic beyond the Sea of Dreams, the battle had been won. All seemed peaceful. But Throckmorton P. Ruddygore, master sorcerer, knew better. Far to the south, on the River of Dancing Gods, the Dark Baron plotted with a Demon Prince to wage the final war that would bring about Armageddon. Someone had to make the dangerous trip into the unknown to spy on the conspirators. And so Ruddygore called again on the services of his erstwhile human helpers- Joe, who had become a superbarbarian hero with an enchanted sword, and Marge, now changed to a flying fairy woman. But could two fragile people from the Earth Prime - even with some magic ingredients- survive in this new, bitter struggle to good versus evil?

The Return of the Dancing Master

The Return of the Dancing Master ebook ISBN: 1595586156
Publisher: New Press/ORIM
Author: Henning Mankell
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-return-of-the-dancing-master.pdf
Reads: 3615899


From the New York Times–bestselling author of the Kurt Wallander novels: An “absorbing” and “chilling” historical mystery “dripping with evil atmosphere” (The Times, London). December 12, 1945. The Third Reich lies in ruins as a British warplane lands in Bückeburg, Germany. A man carrying a small black bag quickly disembarks and travels to Hamelin, where he disappears behind the prison gates. Early the next day, England’s most experienced hangman executes twelve war criminals. Fifty-four years later, retired policeman Herbert Molin is found brutally slaughtered on his remote farm in Härjedalen, Sweden. The police discover strange tracks in the blood on the floor . . . as if someone had been practicing the tango. Stefan Lindman is a young police officer who has just been diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. When he reads about the murder of his former colleague, he decides to travel north and find out what happened. Soon he is enmeshed in a puzzling investigation with no witnesses and no discernible motives. Terrified of the illness that could take his life, Lindman becomes more and more reckless as he uncovers the links between Molin’s death, World War II, and an underground neo-Nazi network. Mankell’s impeccably researched historical thriller is “a worthy successor to the Wallander whodunits” (The Sunday Telegraph). “[Mankell] never fails to find a deep vein of humanity within the perpetually furrowed brows of his troubled cops.” —Booklist

The Dancing Waves

The Dancing Waves ebook ISBN: 1465329595
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Mrs. Grandma
Number of Pages: 65 
File: the-dancing-waves.pdf
Reads: 5300299


THE DANCING WAVES is a collection of poems for children which the author has written over the years. All of them are biographical or autobiographical though names have been changed to maintain privacy.

Galapagos at the Crossroads

Galapagos at the Crossroads ebook ISBN: 1426204353
Publisher: National Geographic Books
Author: Carol Ann Bassett
Number of Pages: 304 
File: galapagos-at-the-crossroads.pdf
Reads: 5231049


As eloquent as it is alarming, Carol Ann Bassett’s portrait of today’s Galápagos depicts a deadly collision of economics, politics, and the environment that may destroy one of the world’s last Edens. For millions, the Galápagos Islands represent nature at its most unspoiled, an inviolate place famed for its rare flora and fauna. But soon today’s 30,000 human residents could surpass 50,000. Add invasive species, floods of tourists, and unresolved conflicts between Ecuadorian laws and local concerns, and it’s easy to see why the Galápagos were recently added to UNESCO’s World Heritage in Danger list. Each chapter in this provocative, perceptive book focuses on a specific person or group with a stake in the Galápagos’ natural resources—from tour companies whose activities are often illegal and not always green, to creationist guides who lead tours with no mention of evolution, from fishermen up in arms over lobster quotas, to modern-day pirates who poach endangered marine species. Bassett presents a perspective as readable as it is sensible. Told with wit, passion, and grace, the Galápagos story serves as a miniature model of Earth itself, a perfect example of how an environment can be destroyed-- and what is being done to preserve these islands before it's too late.

The Dancing Years

The Dancing Years ebook ISBN: 0748122613
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Number of Pages: 640 
File: the-dancing-years.pdf
Reads: 8802123


1919. As the euphoria of the Armistice fades, the nation counts the cost: millions dead or disabled, unemployment, strikes and shortages. As prices and taxes rise, it becomes harder to remember what the war was for. Teddy tries to recreate balance but then a trip to France to see the place where Ned fell has unforeseen consequences; Polly, grieving for Erich Kuppel, persuades her father to send her to New York. Despite Prohibtion, the great city, pulsing with life, promises her a fresh start; Jessie and Bertie, detained in London by Bertie's job, long to start their new life together; Jack becomes a pioneer of civil aviation, but when the company fails he's faced with unemployment, with a growing family to support. The generation that saw things no man should see must find relief from their own memories. A new world is struggling to be born out of the ashes; but as long as the music lasts, they will keep on dancing.

The Memory Book

The Memory Book ebook ISBN: 2371021261
Publisher: Lumen
Author: Lara Avery
Number of Pages: 306 
File: the-memory-book.pdf
Reads: 6666842


Une maladie rare qui vous fait perdre la mémoire ? L'indomptable Sam ne compte pas se laisser abattre pour autant ! On me dit que ma mémoire ne sera plus jamais la même, que je vais commencer à oublier des choses. Au début juste quelques-unes, mais ensuite beaucoup plus. Alors je t'écris, cher futur moi, pour que tu te souviennes ! Sam a toujours eu un plan : sortir première du lycée et filer vivre à New York. Rien ne l'en empêchera – pas même une anomalie génétique rare qui, lentement, va commencer à lui voler ses souvenirs, puis sa santé. Désormais, ce qu'il lui faut, c'est un nouveau plan. C'est ainsi que naît son projet : ce sont les notes qu'elle s'envoie à elle-même dans le futur, la trace des heures, petites et grandes, qu'elle vit. C'est là qu'elle consignera chaque détail proche de la perfection de son premier rendez-vous avec son amour de toujours, Stuart. Le but ? Contre toute attente, contre vents et marées : ne rien oublier. Au détour des pages de The Memory Book, mélange étonnant d'extraits de son journal, de notes personnelles et de messages de son entourage, vous ne pourrez que tomber amoureux de Sam, une fille comme aucune autre qui apprend à vivre sa vie à pleines dents, même si ce n'est pas celle qu'elle avait planifiée.

Comme un chant d'oiseau

Comme un chant d'oiseau ebook ISBN: 9782220024837
Publisher: Desclée de Brouwer
Author: Anthony De Mello,Ernest Richer
Number of Pages: 128 
File: comme-un-chant-d-oiseau.pdf
Reads: 2697596


Disparu prématurément en 1987, à l'âge de 55 ans, Anthony De Mello est désormais considéré comme un des grands maîtres spirituels de notre temps. Ses œuvres, publiées en plusieurs langues, connaissent un succès grandissant à travers le monde. Esprit profondément original, il réussit, comme peu d'autres ont su le faire, une admirable synthèse entre les traditions orientales et la spiritualité de tradition chrétienne. De sources et de tons très divers (russes, chinois, hindous, bouddhiques ou chrétiens), les histoires qui composent ce recueil illustrent chacune à leur manière une des multiples facettes de l'enseignement d'Anthony De Mello.

Voices from Hudson Bay

Voices from Hudson Bay ebook ISBN: 9780773514416
Publisher: McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP
Author: Flora Beardy,Robert Coutts
Number of Pages: 158 
File: voices-from-hudson-bay.pdf
Reads: 1663464


In Voices from Hudson Bay Cree elders recall the daily lives and experiences of the men and women who lived and worked at the Hudson's Bay Company post at York Factory in Manitoba. Their stories, their memories of family, community, and daily life, define their past and provide insights into a way of life that has largely disappeared in northern Canada.