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All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run

All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run ebook ISBN: 9781530507825
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Rosamund Snow
Number of Pages: 300 
File: all-washed-up-and-nowhere-to-run.pdf
Reads: 2783799


One Moment. One mistake changes her life forever... When a horrific event turns a holiday of a lifetime into a nightmare, Lara Adams finds herself stranded on a remote tropical island. She joins three previously-shipwrecked men already waiting for rescue. One of the men proves to be something of a distraction from the beautiful, but unforgiving environment where everyday is a struggle for survival. He is handsome, charming and intelligent, but also bitter and angry thanks to sixteen years on the island. Lara initially clashes with this particular member of their tiny island community. But as they are forced to live alongside one another as fellow castaways, she starts to see another side to his personality and finds herself increasingly drawn to him... Lara tries to ignore her growing attraction to him, but finds it hard to avoid since on the island there really is nowhere to run... All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run is a compelling story of unexpected love, friendship and redemption set against a stunningly beautiful, but dangerous backdrop. What people are saying about All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run: ..".Page-turning escapism..." ..".A modern and gripping story of romance and survival on a seemingly-idyllic tropical island..."

Life, Love, and Letting Go

Life, Love, and Letting Go ebook ISBN: 1469111772
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Laura A. Fisher
Number of Pages: 106 
File: life-love-and-letting-go.pdf
Reads: 8761318


“Life, Love and Letting Go”, is a collection of poems by Laura A. Fisher that were written between the years of 1996-2006. The poems speak about the many aspects of life. It speaks of family, love, lust, lost, slavery, pain, war and many other things. I began writing in elementary school where my 5th grade teacher Ms Quattlander told me I had a way with words. There are so many things that people neglect to notice, or are yet to understand; so through my poems I want to help them to see life in a different light. Notice things they’ve ignored and open up both their minds and hearts to things that they have long ago shut out and cast away. If you enjoyed this book, look out for my next book “Inside the heart of a glass knight”.

The Ninth Sabbat

The Ninth Sabbat ebook ISBN: 1469701197
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Richard Haddock
Number of Pages: 284 
File: the-ninth-sabbat.pdf
Reads: 7713862


All DC police sergeant Mike Wesley wants to do is coast through his last year before retiring, but when he is assigned a 21 year old female rookie to "mentor", she turns their first murder case into a serial killer scenario that covers 20 years and scores of Satanic-type murders. When his partner targets a local businessman as a suspect, Wesley is caught between his quest for the truth and his Captain's orders to squelch the investigation. As they shadow the suspect, Wesley discovers an even greater scope to the murders than his partner had imagined. When he bypasses his Captain and goes to the FBI, Wesley discovers the impact of high-level politics on law enforcement, the pervasiveness of Satanic cult behavior, and uncovers the shocking truth behind "the crime of the century." Will you believe what the story suggets, a crime so staggering as to defy belief, or is this just another clever horror story? There's only one way to find out.

Maggie Craig

Maggie Craig ebook ISBN: 1448107849
Publisher: Random House
Author: Joseph,Marie Joseph
Number of Pages: 272 
File: maggie-craig.pdf
Reads: 6875987


At the turn of the century, the North of England was a hard, bleak world. A world where joy and love were the words in someone else's book - where men were resigned and women oppressed. Strong-willed and spirited, rebellious and beautiful, Maggie Craig flew in the face of the harshness of that world ... and found her passion was to cost her dearly all her life.


Folly ebook ISBN: 9780307567550
Publisher: Bantam
Author: Laurie R. King
Number of Pages: 432 
File: folly.pdf
Reads: 655816


An acclaimed master of suspense creates a heroine you will never forget in this superbly chilling novel of a woman who begins a desperate undertaking that may transform her life -- or end it. What happens if your worst fears aren't all in your mind? Rae Newborn is a woman on the edge: on the edge of sanity, on the edge of tragedy, and now on the edge of the world. She has moved to an island at the far reaches of the continent to restore the house of an equally haunted figure, her mysterious great-uncle; but as her life begins to rebuild itself along with the house, his story starts to wrap around hers. Powerful forces are stirring, but Rae cannot see where her reality leaves off and his fate begins. Fifty-two years old, Rae must battle the feelings that have long tormented her -- panic, melancholy, and a skin-crawling sense of watchers behind the trees. Before she came here, she believed that most of the things she feared existed only in her mind. And who can say, as disturbing incidents multiply, if any of the watchers on Folly Island might be real? Is Rae paranoid, as her family and the police believe, or is the threat real? Is the island alive with promise -- or with dangers? With Folly, award-winning author Laurie R. King once again powerfully redefines psychological suspense on a sophisticated and harrowing new level, and proves why legions of readers and reviewers have named her a master of the genre. From the Hardcover edition.

Dying of the Light

Dying of the Light ebook ISBN: 9780553900972
Publisher: Bantam
Author: George R. R. Martin
Number of Pages: 288 
File: dying-of-the-light.pdf
Reads: 3435464


In this unforgettable space opera, #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin presents a chilling vision of eternal night—a volatile world where cultures clash, codes of honor do not exist, and the hunter and the hunted are often interchangeable. A whisperjewel has summoned Dirk t’Larien to Worlorn, and a love he thinks he lost. But Worlorn isn’t the world Dirk imagined, and Gwen Delvano is no longer the woman he once knew. She is bound to another man, and to a dying planet that is trapped in twilight. Gwen needs Dirk’s protection, and he will do anything to keep her safe, even if it means challenging the barbaric man who has claimed her. But an impenetrable veil of secrecy surrounds them all, and it’s becoming impossible for Dirk to distinguish between his allies and his enemies. In this dangerous triangle, one is hurtling toward escape, another toward revenge, and the last toward a brutal, untimely demise. “Dying of the Light blew the doors off of my idea of what fiction could be and could do, what a work of unbridled imagination could make a reader feel and believe.”—Michael Chabon “Slick science fiction . . . the Wild West in outer space.”—Los Angeles Times “Something special which will keep Worlorn and its people in the reader’s mind long after the final page is read.”—Galileo magazine “The galactic background is excellent. . . . Martin knows how to hold the reader.”—Asimov’s “George R. R. Martin has the voice of a poet and a mind like a steel trap.”—Algis Budrys

Whirlwind of African Insanity

Whirlwind of African Insanity ebook ISBN: 1479711675
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Lawrence N. Zarkpah
Number of Pages: 277 
File: whirlwind-of-african-insanity.pdf
Reads: 9737424


Liberia, a small West African nation imploded in a civil war that began on December 24, 1989. By the time the war ended fourteen years later, more than 250,000 lives had been taken. Many people sought refuge in camps throughout West Africa. In the war, children were trained to become killing machines, and women and young girls were held as sex slaves. Charles Taylor, the main mastermind behind this rebellion, was elected President of Liberia in 1997. Liberians thought that his presidency would lead to the end of the civil war, but it only extended the war. Adding to the pressure, Taylor faced accusations of war crimes. He relinquished power in August 2003 and was escorted to Nigeria where he was subsequently arrested and taken to the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Whirlwind of African Insanity is not just my story. It resonates with the countless voices of children who suffer and die in wars about which they know nothing. The book also provides some of the reasons why Africa is and may forever remain plagued. It presents two arguments about the real causes of Africas disasters and is written on behalf of underprivileged children whose cries for help are drowned in oceans of selfish politics and whose lives are buried in the explosions of wars. It is also a story about survival in hellish conditions and optimism when there is nothing about which to be optimistic.

Night Waking

Night Waking ebook ISBN: 1847083757
Publisher: Granta Books
Author: Sarah Moss
Number of Pages: 416 
File: night-waking.pdf
Reads: 7437310


Historian Anna Bennett has a book to write. She also has an insomniac toddler, a precocious, death-obsessed seven-year-old, and a frequently absent ecologist husband who has brought them all to Colsay, a desolate island in the Hebrides, so he can count the puffins. Ferociously sleep-deprived, torn between mothering and her desire for the pleasures of work and solitude, Anna becomes haunted by the discovery of a baby's skeleton in the garden of their house. Her narrative is punctuated by letters home, written 200 years before, by May, a young, middle-class midwife desperately trying to introduce modern medicine to the suspicious, insular islanders. The lives of these two characters intersect unexpectedly in this deeply moving but also at times blackly funny story about maternal ambivalence, the way we try to control children, and about women's vexed and passionate relationship with work. Moss's second novel displays an exciting expansion of her range - showing her to be both an excellent comic writer and a novelist of great emotional depth.

The Blue Recluse

The Blue Recluse ebook ISBN: 1496950313
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Jason Nachbaur
Number of Pages: 130 
File: the-blue-recluse.pdf
Reads: 1146537


There should be more. But I know there’s more in store. Good morning again, sunshine, my friend. Get up. Get going. You were meant to fly. First step out the door, and this was just my creative way to beg for your change. I see it every day, and we could never be the same. Individually different, and I’ve earned that respect. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for the support. This is just another doomsday report.- Hick* When the wind blows. When the wind blows you can feel the air, You can feel the air as it passes through your hair. Say I was indoors. Indoors at an airport café chair. I wouldn’t feel the air. I wouldn’t feel the air until you stepped past me, from here to over there.

A Cry for Ever

A Cry for Ever ebook ISBN: 1847477526
Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd
Author: Georgina Wakefieldpeglerpegler
Number of Pages: 205 
File: a-cry-for-ever.pdf
Reads: 9487119


Description The book consists of 30 Nursery Rhymes and 6 true case histories about Addicts the Author met during research for the book. Craig O'halloran was found dead in the gutter after overdosing on Heroin. His Sister gave permission for his name to be used and for his diary charting the last months of his life to be used. Other chapters include information about Narcotics Anonymous meetings attended by the Author. Georgina Wakefield felt compelled to write this book because of the growing body of evidence that points to the risks that illegal drugs use can be a trigger for the onset of mental disorders. Her son Christian suffers from Schizophrenia and while Georgina does not maintain that illegal drugs caused his illness she does feel that their use may have played a part in it's beginnings. About the Author Georgina Wakefield has been both a Service Users and a Carer she runs a small Management Consultancy entitled "Spotlight On Schizophrenia" and has developed her work, delivering 'The Carers Perspective' over the last 10+ years. She writes books, poems and supports material with family photo's .Her family have been involved in 6 videos and TV programmes about mental illness, and the impact on families. Her family support her, with her husband Paul she attends events and speaks publicly all over the Country. Georgina works for The Institute of Psychiatry on 3 Nurse training Courses other clients include various Universities and NHS Trusts. She has an overriding passion to raise the profile of severe mental illness. quote: "We must do all we can to help people to see that this can happen to any one of us at anytime in our lives. Anyone unlucky enough to become a victim of such a tragic life event deserves our utmost respect"

A Forgotten Land

A Forgotten Land ebook ISBN: 9655242161
Publisher: Urim Publications
Author: Lisa Cooper
Number of Pages: 230 
File: a-forgotten-land.pdf
Reads: 8236790


Based on recorded conversations Lisa Cooper’s father had with his mother, Pearl, about her early life in Ukraine, A Forgotten Land is the story of one Jewish family in the Russian Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, set within the wider context of pogroms, World War I, the Russian Revolution, and civil war. The book weaves personal tragedy and the little-known history of the period together as Pearl finds her comfortable family life shattered first by the early death of her mother and later by the Bolshevik Revolution and all that follows.

The Boyer Brothers of Baseball

The Boyer Brothers of Baseball ebook ISBN: 1476617368
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Lew Freedman
Number of Pages: 252 
File: the-boyer-brothers-of-baseball.pdf
Reads: 2027230


This the story of the seven baseball-playing Boyer brothers from western Missouri who signed professional contracts in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Led by oldest brother Cloyd, a pitcher, third baseman Ken and third baseman Clete, three of the seven brothers reached the majors. This book recounts their hardscrabble upbringing and how they fought their way to success. Initially discouraged by arm injuries that curtailed his big-league career, Cloyd became a coach and manager at the minor and major league levels, and remained in the game for nearly half a century. The most accomplished, Ken, became a perennial National League All-Star, and was the 1964 Most Valuable Player. In the 1960s, he was the face of the St. Louis Cardinals, and after his playing days ended he returned to manage the team. Clete gained prominence as a regular for the American League champion New York Yankees, and competed in five World Series before starring in the National League and concluding his career in Japan. While they did not make it to the top, the other four brothers enrich the story with their own baseball histories, and help illustrate how the closeness of the family helped each of them succeed.

Pennies on the Tracks

Pennies on the Tracks ebook ISBN: 1411657632
Author: Danny Lee Ingram
Number of Pages: 84 
File: pennies-on-the-tracks.pdf
Reads: 7313295


Danny Lee Ingram....Dangling from a rope in an Appalachian cave or trembling from vertigo on a canyon ledge, wrestling a chain-scarred boulder or arguing with a wily Leprechaun, Ingram's short story characters bring to life humor, challenge, regret, and hope. After decades of procrastination, a field worker finally decides to attend his high school reunion. Another character seeks understanding of a journey into the Southern river wilds to evict its backwoods inhabitants. In contrast, some stories deal with the laughter in life, such as a frustrated student who never seems to have the correct time and an inebriated musician tackling an unfamiliar delta dish. These stories are sure to bring chuckles and tears, reflection and foresight, and you'll find yourself reading them, sharing them, again and again.

Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights ebook ISBN: 1599832941
Publisher: Urban Books
Author: Erica Lewis
Number of Pages: 352 
File: arlington-heights.pdf
Reads: 6827705


Arlington Heights follows the course of a gifted and beautiful black woman who overcomes the stigmata of a youth of mistakes to become one of the more powerful forces in New York's fashion and business scene. Arlington Cavanaugh has past her prime as a model and has committed her life to the building of the highly regarded fashion magazine, HEIGHTS. Through the novel she takes a journey that speaks not only to the incredible climb up the ladder of success, but also details all of the consequences of decisions made along the way by a woman so focused on escape from her past that she nearly loses her soul.

Calling Me Home

Calling Me Home ebook ISBN: 1250014530
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Julie Kibler
Number of Pages: 336 
File: calling-me-home.pdf
Reads: 4876332


A National Best Seller! Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler is a soaring debut interweaving the story of a heartbreaking, forbidden love in 1930s Kentucky with an unlikely modern-day friendship Eighty-nine-year-old Isabelle McAllister has a favor to ask her hairdresser Dorrie Curtis. It's a big one. Isabelle wants Dorrie, a black single mom in her thirties, to drop everything to drive her from her home in Arlington, Texas, to a funeral in Cincinnati. With no clear explanation why. Tomorrow. Dorrie, fleeing problems of her own and curious whether she can unlock the secrets of Isabelle's guarded past, scarcely hesitates before agreeing, not knowing it will be a journey that changes both their lives. Over the years, Dorrie and Isabelle have developed more than just a business relationship. They are friends. But Dorrie, fretting over the new man in her life and her teenage son's irresponsible choices, still wonders why Isabelle chose her. Isabelle confesses that, as a willful teen in 1930s Kentucky, she fell deeply in love with Robert Prewitt, a would-be doctor and the black son of her family's housekeeper—in a town where blacks weren't allowed after dark. The tale of their forbidden relationship and its tragic consequences makes it clear Dorrie and Isabelle are headed for a gathering of the utmost importance and that the history of Isabelle's first and greatest love just might help Dorrie find her own way.

A Gift from Nowhere

A Gift from Nowhere ebook ISBN: 1469130912
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Henriette Pruger
Number of Pages: 85 
File: a-gift-from-nowhere.pdf
Reads: 4521360


Coming from an immigrant family, the English language has been a large part of my life. Ever since I wrote my fi rst play where T.H.R.U.S.H. kidnapped the Beatles and U.N.C.L.E. helped fi nd them, Ive always wanted to be a writer. I was nine years old. I love words so much I became an English major in school. Shakespeare became my best friend. Life is full of dramas and words are the actors. I hope this will be the start of my dream.

Son of Fortune

Son of Fortune ebook ISBN: 037589585X
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Author: Victoria McKernan
Number of Pages: 288 
File: son-of-fortune.pdf
Reads: 5846469


Aiden Lynch is a survivor—only 16 years old, he's seen himself through near-starvation on the Kansas prairie, a brutal journey on the Oregon trail, and backbreaking work in a lumber camp. Now he's reached the glittering city of San Francisco, and though his future is uncertain, promise lies ahead. Luck seems to favor him as he manages to stay one step ahead of trouble, even in the city's notoriously dangerous Barbary Coast. And it is pure fortune that leads him to a wealthy family, and then the high-stakes poker game in which he wins a ship—fully outfitted and ready for trade. The trade he has inherited: importing guano, a highly potent fertilizer, from island mines in Peru. But what he finds in Peru is a savage business—conditions at the mines are unthinkable, the workers forced into servitude. When Aiden becomes involved with a miner who claims to be a kidnapped Chinese nobleman, all his loyalties are called into question, and he's plunged into a dangerous game.

Looking Good

Looking Good ebook ISBN: 1897142781
Publisher: Brindle and Glass
Author: Keith Maillard
Number of Pages: 448 
File: looking-good.pdf
Reads: 7156780


The Summer of Love is already like a distant memory; the psychedelic underground has turned in on itself. John Dupre has deserted a perfectly satisfying life as a student in Toronto, drawn back to the US by the need to make a difference in the Revolution. He's living in Boston—under an assumed name because he's on the FBI's wanted list for draft evasion. His best friend is Tom Parker, an ex—GI turned righteous drug dealer. When John, Tom, and the militant feminist and Situationist Pam Zalman seize control of an underground newspaper and are put on the Weatherman hit list, there's really no place to hide—they're wanted on all sides. It's the year of the Harvard Square riot, the invasion of Cambodia, and Kent State. Campuses across America are host to demonstrations and riots. Burning ROTC buildings has become an everyday pastime. Pam and John forge a relationship where they're struggling against sex roles. The Left is splintering into ever smaller and crazier micro—factions. And that's when things begin to get really weird . . . Looking Good is a masterfully crafted, meticulously reconstructed social history of the '60s counterculture and a searching examination of gender identity—the magnificent, explosive climax to Difficulty at the Beginning.

Broken Threads of Hope

Broken Threads of Hope ebook ISBN: 0595853218
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Margo Georgakis
Number of Pages: 58 
File: broken-threads-of-hope.pdf
Reads: 7673990


Told through a number of profound voices, this intriguing collection of six short stories recounts events from the lives of four generations of a Greek family who experience poverty, violence, war, and tragedy from pre-World War II until the present. On the heels of World War II, Eleni is a young girl living in a refugee camp in northern Greece where she meets and falls in love with Kostas, a fellow refugee. The tragedy of war binds them together, but in the end proves a significant threat to their union. Their son, Thanos, grows up with little regard for societal rules and chooses to earn a living as a fisherman who wanders from coastal village to coastal village. But a bizarre entanglement with a young woman possessing supernatural abilities may have deadly consequences for Thanos. Thanos's daughter, Rose, is a Canadian immigrant. After she discovers a past lover's betrayal and becomes the victim of a violent armed robbery, she struggles with her mental health and plots revenge. Written in the genre of magic realism, Broken Threads of Hope explores the obstacles and barriers inherent in life. Author Margo Georgakis portrays one Greek family's struggle to transcend their physical environment to find healing and retribution.

That Girl From Nowhere

That Girl From Nowhere ebook ISBN: 1473507294
Publisher: Random House
Author: Dorothy Koomson
Number of Pages: 464 
File: that-girl-from-nowhere.pdf
Reads: 8743661


From the bestselling author of The Ice Cream Girls, The Woman He Loved Before and My Best Friend's Girl, an emotional story about love, identity and the meaning of family. ‘Where are you coming from with that accent of yours?’ he asks. ‘Nowhere,’ I reply. ‘I’m from nowhere.’ ‘Everyone’s from somewhere,’ he says. ‘Not me,’ I reply silently. Clemency Smittson was adopted as a baby and the only connection she has to her birth mother is a cardboard box hand-decorated with butterflies. Now an adult, Clem decides to make a drastic life change and move to Brighton, where she was born. Clem has no idea that while there she'll meet someone who knows all about her butterfly box and what happened to her birth parents. As the tangled truths about her adoption and childhood start to unravel, a series of shocking events cause Clem to reassess whether the price of having contact with her birth family could be too high to pay...