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All You Desire

All You Desire ebook ISBN: 1101543469
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Kirsten Miller
Number of Pages: 432 
File: all-you-desire.pdf
Reads: 4903832


With Beau's life at stake, will Haven have to forsake Iain for good? Find out in the stunning sequel to The Eternal Ones. Haven Moore would like to believe that Adam Rosier and his sinister Ouroboros Society are a distant memory. But then her best friend, Beau Decker, disappears, and a cabal of women known as the Horae claim that Adam is responsible. The Horae have spent centuries scheming to destroy Adam. They tell Haven that she alone holds the clue to Beau's disappearance--and they'll help her only if she promises to lure Adam into their clutches. It's a plan the Horae believe may save the world, and one Haven and Iain fear may destroy the happiness they've been chasing for two thousand years. Because when Haven gets closer to Adam, he proves more alluring than she ever anticipated.

The Answer to All You Desire Is Within You... You Are Worthy

The Answer to All You Desire Is Within You... You Are Worthy ebook ISBN: 150435253X
Publisher: Balboa Press
Author: Shona Ann Hill
Number of Pages: 134 
File: the-answer-to-all-you-desire-is-within-you-you-are-worthy.pdf
Reads: 2623982


The Answer to All You Desire is Within You ... You Are Worthy is Shona Ann Hills first book. It is incredibly insightful, wise and informative. As we move into a new way of being, this book provides powerful wisdom and processes to aid us in achieving our heartfelt desires and goals. No matter where we are within ourselves, or how far we are along the journey to our dreams, there are processes that can make our lives better, and take us forward faster. This book contains the wisdom required to take us forward to fulfil our dreams and bring them into our reality. What could be better than that? It is varied and covers many aspects of spirituality. You finish this book feeling empowered, inspired, with a deep inner belief that anything and everything you have ever dreamed of is possible for you.

All You Desire: Purgatory Club Box Set

All You Desire: Purgatory Club Box Set ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Eliza Gayle
Author: E.M. Gayle,Eliza Gayle
Number of Pages: 200 
File: all-you-desire-purgatory-club-box-set.pdf
Reads: 4278985


"This is one of those books that will forever stay in the "To Be Read" file. I intend to recommend this book to many of my friends, and when I do so, I will be quite vocal about just how much I liked it..." ~ The Romance Studio "This story sizzles from the first sentence to the last." ~ Fallen Angel Reviews "If you want a steamy read, complete with bondage, a little spanking and to drool over heroes, then look no further than Purgatory." ~ Whipped Cream Reviews Welcome to Purgatory! A club for every desire. In E.M. Gayle's sexy Purgatory series, club goers delve into their secret fantasies that include bondage, exhibitionism, flogging, and fire play. Beneath every secret desire is the need for more, the hope to find the one. A Dominant or submissive of their dreams. Are you up for a taste of Purgatory? This 4 in 1 bundle includes Book 1: Roped, Book 2: Watch Me, Book 3: Teased and Book 4: Burn. If you enjoyed this BDSM Romance series, you might want to check out Eliza's Pleasure Playground series that begins with, Play With Me. Would you like to find out when new books are released and be notified of contests? Please sign up for my VIP newsletter! Visit my website at and subscribe.

Your Path Direct to the Goal You Desire

Your Path Direct to the Goal You Desire ebook ISBN: 9780787305291
Publisher: Health Research Books
Author: Brown Landone
Number of Pages: 518 
File: your-path-direct-to-the-goal-you-desire.pdf
Reads: 9774605


104 lessons. Contents: Joy is Best; Ten Essential Attitudes; Pray for the Best; Receiving the Best; Sacrifice the Least for the Best; Unity of Desires; Scattered Desires Defeat the Best; Use All Things to Attain the Best; Dare to Act; God Ever.

Top 10 success principle to achieve anything in life you desire.

Top 10 success principle to achieve anything in life you desire. ebook ISBN: 3743802627
Publisher: BookRix
Author: Sanjay Gupta
Number of Pages: 77 
File: top-10-success-principle-to-achieve-anything-in-life-you-desire.pdf
Reads: 3093518


If people uses the principles, I am about to disclose in next 10 chapters, then they could double their income and double their time-off in less than 3 years, if my principles don't work than they can provide negative feedback where ever possible with rating as 1 but if my principals worked than they have to write positive feedback on my book + they have to ask at least 20 of their friends and relatives to purchase my book as my ideas works. Anyway you need to provide feedback on my book! If I can do it so can you. The fact is that, anyone can have kinds of results; I am producing on regular basis. All you have to do is decide what it is you want, believe you deserve it, and practice the success principles mentioned in this book. These principals will work for everybody weather you are daily wager, driver, doctor, engineer, manager, architect, clerk, salesman, housewife, student, unemployed or a multimillionaire the fundamentals are the same for all people and all professions. And if you apply them with discipline day in day out, than it will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams.

Everything You Desire

Everything You Desire ebook ISBN: 9788188575985
Author: Harshdeep Jolly
Number of Pages: 270 
File: everything-you-desire.pdf
Reads: 2330575


Personal experiences of the author during his study time at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India, for two years.

How to Manifest Anything You Desire

How to Manifest Anything You Desire ebook ISBN: 9781735138107
Author: Peter Adams
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: how-to-manifest-anything-you-desire.pdf
Reads: 5437085


How to Manifest Anything You Desire is a guide book that will show you how to manifest the life of your dreams, whatever they may be. Unlike other books on the law of attraction, the Author has successfully used the techniques contained within to manifest miracles in his life. When you are finished with this book, you will have all of the tools that you will need to create and experience the life you desire.Please Visit

The Complete Conversations with God

The Complete Conversations with God ebook ISBN: 1101657766
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Number of Pages: 752 
File: the-complete-conversations-with-god.pdf
Reads: 8114831


To mark the tenth anniversary of the publication of Conversations with God, Book 1, all three of the most essential books in Neale Donald Walsch's seminal trilogy are brought together in one beautiful volume just in time for the gift-giving season. Conversations with God, Book 1 was the start of Neale Donald Walsch's ongoing dialogue with God. The trilogy contains the most essential truths and lessons for spiritual seekers, and these books are the bestselling of all the author's works. Featuring a new foreword by the author, printed throughout in two colors, and inserted in a fully enclosed full-color box, this remarkable book will be a Christmas gift to treasure.

Whatever You Ask in Prayer

Whatever You Ask in Prayer ebook ISBN: 143496311X
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Author: Wesley Adams
Number of Pages: 122 
File: whatever-you-ask-in-prayer.pdf
Reads: 372146


The Greater Spiritual Responsiveness of Body and Awakening the Brain of Spirit

The Greater Spiritual Responsiveness of Body and Awakening the Brain of Spirit ebook ISBN: 9780787311056
Publisher: Health Research Books
Author: Brown Landone
Number of Pages: 150 
File: the-greater-spiritual-responsiveness-of-body-and-awakening-the-brain-of-spirit.pdf
Reads: 3460847


Contents: the Gate to the Path; Tones of Cathedral Bells in Your Body; Four Brains & Improvement vs. Transformation; Two Stupendous Truths - Life & Death Reversed; Spiritualized Matter & Responsiveness; the Seven God Rays of Creation; Spoken Word -.


Desire ebook ISBN: 9781452505794
Publisher: BalboaPress
Author: Leon Beaton
Number of Pages: 128 
File: desire.pdf
Reads: 2093571


You can transform your potential into a new reality. By tapping into your divine inspiration, you can discover the skills you need to create the life you desire and deserve. If you’re like most people, you will awake one morning and ask yourself the big question of life: “What am I to be in this world?” If you feel that your life is not what it was intended to be, or that it’s just not all that you dream it could be, you have the capacity to change that. By discovering your own inner guidance, greatness and potential, you can live a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy. Leon Beaton has spent more than thirty years helping young adults realize what makes them unique, powerful, and valuable. Now he shares the best of his experience with you in Desire: Connecting with Your Divine Inspiration. Once you learn how to connect with your divine inspiration, you’ll discover the skills to live the life you were destined to live. Desire: What is it that you really want to do with your life? Energy: Discover how to access the inner energy you require to achieve your desire. Success: What is success and how do you define it for yourself? Intuition: Discover how to activate your own internal guidance system. Result: Discover how to achieve the results you’re destined to create in your life. Evolve: Discover how to trust, follow and appreciate your evolving life journey. Your body intuitively knows what you are to be in your life. Now you can learn to consciously tune in to it for guidance and follow your intuition.

Get All You Want

Get All You Want ebook ISBN: 1615797408
Publisher: Xulon Press
Author: Taiwo Odukoya
Number of Pages: 76 
File: get-all-you-want.pdf
Reads: 2424796


Get All You Want "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."-Sir Winston Churchill Being blessed is only the first step towards fulfilling God's purpose for our lives; there is always the ultimate for anyone who is located in God's will to attain-becoming a blessing. What many do not know however is that striving to be a blessing, whatever one's level in life, will always open the floodgates of God's blessing over one's life. It is a divine principle: the more you give, the more you get. The reverse also holds true: the less you give, the less you get. This book will motivate you to give-and teach you how to give-to get all you want. Pastor Taiwo Odukoya Taiwo Odukoya is the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church in Lagos, Nigeria. A petroleum engineer by training, he has received numerous awards, including a couple of honorary doctorates, for his contributions to nation-building, especially leadership development; his mentoring capabilities; and his high moral standards. He was voted one of the 12 most inspiring leaders in Nigeria in a 2006 survey conducted by Leadership & Lifestyle (a London-based magazine). He is a writer, motivator, highly sought conference speaker and marriage counsellor, and presides over several ministries and initiatives geared towards empowering people and families for life, ministry as well as leadership. He is blessed with three children-a boy and two girls.

Thought and Belief

Thought and Belief ebook ISBN: 1449071821
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Jami Sell
Number of Pages: 116 
File: thought-and-belief.pdf
Reads: 5007672


Your Success Is Only A Thought Away! Do you want to fulfill your destiny? Have you read books about the "law of attraction" or "manifesting" and wondered why you are still not having the success that you expected? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions then Thought And Belief is what you have been hoping for! In his new book author and Life Strategist Jami Sell explains how the mind can sabotage your ability to produce what you desire. Thought And Belief tells you how to release your fears, change your thoughts, and outlines Five Steps To Manifest Your Desire. In Thought And Belief Jami gives you the means to understand how your mind functions and provides a list of Twelve Ways That Your Thinking Interacts With The Process Of Creation. Jami shares his personal insights and delightful stories in a concise and simple form that is easy to understand and implement into your own life. Once you understand how your mind "thinks about its own thinking" you can change your belief system and the way that you feel and enable yourself to establish The Seven Ways To Create Your Destiny! Unresolved or undetected fears and the resulting thoughts and emotions can stall your progress and leave you feeling defeated. Thought And Belief reveals the process to finding and incorporating the limitless possibilities and potentials that exist all around you. Move ahead with your goals and take charge of your future through Thought And Belief!

The Woman I Desire to Be

The Woman I Desire to Be ebook ISBN: 1490711910
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Joseph A. Siju
Number of Pages: 94 
File: the-woman-i-desire-to-be.pdf
Reads: 5430118


This book is a must-read for every woman with a purpose. It reminds you of the reasons why you were created, highlights some of the challenges women face, and encourages you to maximize your potentials. It uses the life of a Godly woman to help you discover your purpose. It describes the various personalities and how to be your best in a very diverse world. The principles and information Joseph presents will not only inspire you but will enforce you to fulfill your long-expected desire as a woman. You will learn: about your make up, your personality strength, about your relationships, the power of desire, the place you are supposed to be, what to do to become who you desire to be, and your warfare as a woman. The Woman I Desire to Be will help you acquire what it takes to have a fulfilled, purposeful life.

The Unseen World

The Unseen World ebook ISBN: 0595262937
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Goldie Knight
Number of Pages: 188 
File: the-unseen-world.pdf
Reads: 5662859


The truth of one's being is printed within the pages of this book. It points the way to uncover one's Unseen World. For eons of time, Man has not been aware of things unseen. This book provides the keys to open the door to your Unseen World.

The Power Within You

The Power Within You ebook ISBN: 1466912618
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Setjhaba Msibi
Number of Pages: 152 
File: the-power-within-you.pdf
Reads: 8288401


Sometimes, we spend time and focus on the problems instead of searching for The Power Within Us. You dont need a high IQ, University or College degree to discover the spirit of love that lives inside of you. There is great power that enables you to face your problems, poverty, lack of money and loneliness. This empowering and motivating book contains life principles that Setjhaba has learnt and it will make you realize how you are loved by the Universe. After reading this book you will learn that all things we need or want starts within before they manifest to the outside. We are born to be successful and everyone has the power to attract good life and prosperity. The book talks about, A young boy born in poverty but believed in success until its manifestation, Love is the invisible force of attraction called "GOD", How to experience abundance, How to focus in your dream and believe in it, Elevating your thinking, Determining your destiny, Discovering peace within you,

The Happiness Book

The Happiness Book ebook ISBN: 0595431186
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Sandra Masters
Number of Pages: 176 
File: the-happiness-book.pdf
Reads: 7210314


Starting at a very young age, especially in my early teens, I discovered that I naturally had an intense yearning to know Who God really was on an intimate level, and to also know who I was as one who is, in fact, made in the perfect image and likeness of God. I am happy to say that this most incredible and inspiring life-expanding journey is still in process, and I imagine and hope that it always will be! I can honestly say that every day of my life is, and has been, a most amazing adventure filled with life-transforming questions and answers, as to how to live life in a more spiritually advantageous manner. For this reason I sincerely desire to convey to you, communicated through these ten lessons for happiness, products of my heart and soul, the same excitement and happiness that I have experienced throughout the years attaining my own inner experience and realization of oneness with the Presence of God!