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Allies of the Storm

Allies of the Storm ebook ISBN: 1465323759
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Alan Lynn
Number of Pages: 147 
File: allies-of-the-storm.pdf
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For most Americans, the Gulf War was half way around the world but brought to us Up, Close and Personal via our televisions and radios. Remember riding that smart bomb right through the window on the evening news.? You probably even know someone who wrote letters to a soldier or sailor during Desert Shield and/or Desert Storm. (My pen-pal was in Kansas City and she still warms a spot in my heart.) It was all about oil, right.? Or, was it about protecting the people of Kuwait from the bullies descending out of Iraq.? Or, was it about cleaning out the old rusty weapons from our stockpiles to make room for the new stuff.? Who knows, maybe Sadam didnt sleep well one night and decided to take it out on his neighbor and just happened to do it when President Bush was having a bad hair day. Or, maybe Allies of the Storm lets you ride along with John, a Navy pilot, who gets sent to the Persian Gulf to get past the biases of newscasters, theologians and consultants to the war machine. Johns sole purpose is to get to the bottom of things and report his observations directly back to Washington. John, the Navys answer to Superman (after all, he can fly), still has to deal with his more down to earth human side. Friends, loyalties, duty, romance, observations and daydreams each let you see a little more into what makes John both a superhero and the boy next door. It was about oil, right.? You decide...

The Guns of Independence

The Guns of Independence ebook ISBN: 1611210054
Publisher: Savas Beatie
Author: Jerome Greene
Number of Pages: 360 
File: the-guns-of-independence.pdf
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The siege of Yorktown in the fall of 1781 was the single most decisive engagement of the American Revolution. The campaign has all the drama any historian or student could want: the war's top generals and admirals pitted against one another; decisive naval engagements; cavalry fighting; siege warfare; night bayonet attacks; and much more. Until now, however, no modern scholarly treatment of the entire campaign has been produced. By the summer of 1781, America had been at war with England for six years. No one believed in 1775 that the colonists would put up such a long and credible struggle. France sided with the colonies as early as 1778, but it was the dispatch of 5,500 infantry under Comte de Rochambeau in the summer of 1780 that shifted the tide of war against the British. In early 1781, after his victories in the Southern Colonies, Lord Cornwallis marched his army north into Virginia. Cornwallis believed the Americans could be decisively defeated in Virginia and the war brought to an end. George Washington believed Cornwallis's move was a strategic blunder, and he moved vigorously to exploit it. Feinting against General Clinton and the British stronghold of New York, Washington marched his army quickly south. With the assistance of Rochambeau's infantry and a key French naval victory at the Battle off the Capes in September, Washington trapped Cornwallis on the tip of a narrow Virginia peninsula at a place called Yorktown. And so it began. Operating on the belief that Clinton was about to arrive with reinforcements, Cornwallis confidently remained within Yorktown's inadequate defenses. Determined that nothing short of outright surrender would suffice, his opponent labored day and night to achieve that end. Washington's brilliance was on display as he skillfully constricted Cornwallis's position by digging entrenchments, erecting redoubts and artillery batteries, and launching well-timed attacks to capture key enemy positions. The nearly flawless Allied campaign sealed Cornwallis's fate. Trapped inside crumbling defenses, he surrendered on October 19, 1781, effectively ending the war in North America. Penned by historian Jerome A. Greene, The Guns of Independence: The Siege of Yorktown, 1781 offers a complete and balanced examination of the siege and the participants involved. Greene's study is based upon extensive archival research and firsthand archaeological investigation of the battlefield. This fresh and invigorating study will satisfy everyone interested in American Revolutionary history, artillery, siege tactics, and brilliant leadership. About the Author: Jerome A. Greene is a historian with the National Park Service. He is the author or editor of many books, including Morning Star Dawn: The Powder River Expedition and the Northern Cheyenne, 1876, and his most recent effort, Washita: The U.S. Army and the Southern Cheyennes, 1867-1869. He lives in Colorado.

Not Your Mother's Vampire

Not Your Mother's Vampire ebook ISBN: 1461670144
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
Author: Deborah Wilson Overstreet
Number of Pages: 170 
File: not-your-mother-s-vampire.pdf
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Not Your Mother's Vampire analyzes twenty current young adult vampire novels and also addresses Buffy the Vampire Slayer-all vampire representations aimed at younger audiences. The book's structure includes an overview of vampire scholarship, an analysis of vampire characters (featuring an exploration of vampire conventions and vampires and sexuality), an analysis of human characters (featuring an exploration of those humans who fight vampires and those who date vampires), and an analysis of the vampire characters from the Buffyverse.

The Battle of Marston Moor 1644

The Battle of Marston Moor 1644 ebook ISBN: 0752496379
Publisher: The History Press
Author: John Barratt
Number of Pages: 160 
File: the-battle-of-marston-moor-1644.pdf
Reads: 515763


On 2 July 1644, six miles from York, 18,000 Royalists led by Prince Rupert, the nephew of King Charles I, fought 27,000 Parliamentarians in an attempt to relieve the Royalist force besieged at York. He failed. The defeat was catastrophic and the North was lost to Parliamentarian troops. John Barratt looks afresh at the battle and explores the disagreements among the Royalist leaders that had a devastating effect on the outcome of the battle.

History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France

History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France ebook ISBN: 110802422X
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: William Francis Patrick Napier,Patrick Napier
Number of Pages: 736 
File: history-of-the-war-in-the-peninsula-and-in-the-south-of-france.pdf
Reads: 2981172


This classic history of the Peninsular War was first published by a participant, Lieutenant-Colonel Napier, between 1828 and 1840.

With the Allies to Pekin: A Tale of the Relief of the Legations

With the Allies to Pekin: A Tale of the Relief of the Legations ebook ISBN: 1465603174
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
Author: George Alfred Henty
Number of Pages: 384 
File: with-the-allies-to-pekin-a-tale-of-the-relief-of-the-legations.pdf
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The campaign which ended with the relief of the Pekin Legations is unique in its way, carried on as it was by an army made up of almost all the nationalities of Europe. The quarrel originated in the rising of a mob of ruffians who were known by us under the name of Boxers. The movement spread like wildfire, and soon developed into the wholesale massacre of the missionaries of Northern China. The Empress, seeing the formidable nature of the rising, and hoping to gain by it the expulsion of all foreigners from her dominions, allied herself with the Boxers, besieged the various Legations, and attacked Tientsin, which stands upon the river by which the trade with Pekin is carried on. Admiral Seymour, with a force of little over a thousand men, marched to the relief of the Legations. The railway, however, was cut both before and behind him, and after severe fighting he retired upon a Chinese fortress a few miles from Tientsin, where he maintained himself until he was relieved by another force which had arrived by sea and had destroyed the forts at the mouth of the river. Tientsin itself was captured by the allies after one day_s hard fighting, and the army then advanced to the relief of the Legations. The opposition they met with was trifling in comparison with that which they had encountered at Tientsin, and they arrived at Pekin not a moment too soon. It was found that the Legations had been very hard pressed, some of them having been destroyed by fire. But the garrison had maintained a heroic defence, aided by the native Christians who had escaped the massacre and taken refuge with them, and who had done excellent work in the building and constant repair of the defences, sometimes under the heavy fire of the enemy. The Empress had fled, but negotiations were opened with her and terms of peace were ultimately agreed to.


Assassin ebook ISBN: 9781412817592
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Author: John Bowyer Bell
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: assassin.pdf
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Night of the Fête

Night of the Fête ebook ISBN: 1780884427
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
Author: V S Rose
Number of Pages: 264 
File: night-of-the-fête.pdf
Reads: 8836934


Night of the Fete is a contemporary fantasy story that explores the negative and positive impacts of biotechnology. It is based in the UK and France, taking place in Knole Park in Sevenoaks, Market Harborough in Leicestershire and Collioure in France. The story concerns three types of beings in Sevenoaks: humans, fairies and a race of small flying squirrels with glowing auras, called Pevi. The Pevi's existence is being threatened by a decrease in the concentration of positive ions in the atmosphere. Rick Johnston is a young research scientist working at a biotechnology company, developing green technology to generate electricity and clean drinking water from dirty African pond water. When the fairies and Pevi make themselves and their problem known to Rick and Kathleen, Rick's girlfriend's mother, the two humans are determined to help them. But what is causing the atmospheric change - and can Rick and Kathleen find a solution to save the Pevi from disaster in time? And how will Rick's complex relationship with Kathleen develop? Night of the Fete is a work of fun and fast-paced adult fiction that will also appeal to older teens. Readers will be charmed by the delightful Pevi, amused by the antics of the fairies and the creatures that live in the park and be able to relate to the lives and difficult romantic relationships of the characters in the story. The book, which provides a unique blend of fantasy and scientific technology, has similarities to Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison and C. S. Lewis' books on Narnia.

Out of the Italian Night

Out of the Italian Night ebook ISBN: 1473817013
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Author: Maurice G. Lihou
Number of Pages: 208 
File: out-of-the-italian-night.pdf
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During 1944 and 1945 the squadrons of 205 Group were launching air attacks from bases in Italy. In many ways their efforts were the same as those of aircrew attached to Bomber Command in Britain, yet conditions for the men were very different. The men fought their war as much against the weather, as against the enemy. The Wimpy, as the Wellington was affectionately known, had been operational when war was declared and five years on their young crews were still taking them into battle. Maurice Lihou joined the RAF in 1939, just before the outbreak of war. He trained as a wireless operator to become aircrew, but found himself working in ground stations. He decided to re-muster as a pilot and completed his training in Canada where he was awarded his wings. He soon became captain of an aircraft and ferried a Wellington to North Africa. He was then posted to Italy and joined No 37 Squadron, becoming involved in various operations to harass the retreating German army.

Salerno 1943

Salerno 1943 ebook ISBN: 1473817854
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Author: Angus Konstam
Number of Pages: 192 
File: salerno-1943.pdf
Reads: 4849863


In September 1943, in the first weeks of the Allied campaign to liberate Italy, an Anglo-American invasion force of over 80,000 men was nearly beaten back into the sea by the German defenders in a ferocious ten-day battle at Salerno, south of Naples. This is the story of the tense, bitter struggle around the Salerno beach-head which decided the issue and changed the course of the campaign - for those ten critical days the fate of Italy hung in the balance. Using documentary records, memoirs and eyewitness accounts from all sides, Angus Konstam recreates every stage of the battle at every level as it happened, day by day, hour by hour. His painstakingly researched account offers a fresh perspective on a decisive battle that has been neglected by British and American historians in recent years, and it gives a fascinating insight into the realities of warfare in Europe 60 years ago.

Martha Graham in Love and War

Martha Graham in Love and War ebook ISBN: 019996923X
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Mark Franko
Number of Pages: 240 
File: martha-graham-in-love-and-war.pdf
Reads: 6502138


Often called the Picasso, Stravinsky, or Frank Lloyd Wright of the dance world, Martha Graham revolutionized ballet stages across the globe. Using newly discovered archival sources, award-winning choreographer and dance historian Mark Franko reframes Graham's most famous creations, those from the World War II era, by restoring their rich historical and personal context. Graham matured as an artist during the global crisis of fascism, the conflict of World War II, and the post-war period that ushered in the Cold War. Franko focuses on four of her most powerful works, American Document (1938), Appalachian Spring (1944), Night Journey (1948), and Voyage (1953), tracing their connections to Graham's intense feelings of anti-fascism and her fascination with psychoanalysis. Moreover, Franko explores Graham's intense personal and professional bond with dancer and choreographer Erick Hawkins. The author traces the impact of their constantly changing feelings about each other and about their work, and how Graham wove together strands of love, passion, politics, and myth to create a unique and iconically American school of choreography and dance.

Birds Every Child Should Know

Birds Every Child Should Know ebook ISBN: 146551600X
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
Author: Neltje Blanchan
Number of Pages: 281 
File: birds-every-child-should-know.pdf
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