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Almost, Maine

Almost, Maine ebook ISBN: 9780822221562
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
Author: John Cariani
Number of Pages: 75 
File: almost-maine.pdf
Reads: 13477


THE STORY: On a cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter, all is not quite what it seems in the remote, mythical town of Almost, Maine. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, Almost's residents find themselves falling

Almost Ring Theory

Almost Ring Theory ebook ISBN: 9783540405948
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Ofer Gabber
Number of Pages: 307 
File: almost-ring-theory.pdf
Reads: 6589317


Almost Complex and Complex Structures

Almost Complex and Complex Structures ebook ISBN: 9789810217129
Publisher: World Scientific
Author: C. C. Hsiung
Number of Pages: 310 
File: almost-complex-and-complex-structures.pdf
Reads: 8404416


This book gives a self-contained fundamental study of the subject. Besides the following special features it contains the author's detailed solution to the long-standing unsolved problem in the theory of complex manifolds: Does there exist a complex structure on the six-sphere? The special features of the book are: a classification of almost complex (and similarly, almost Hermitian) structures together with inclusion relations; discussions about various known almost Hermitian structures; a necessary and sufficient condition for a general almost Hermitian manifold to have constant holomorphic sectional (or bisectional) curvature and similar conditions for various special almost Hermitian manifolds; some complex Laplacians together with some of their relationships with the real Laplacian; the spectral geometry of Riemannian manifolds and some general almost Hermitian manifolds including K„hlerian manifolds as a special case; conditions for an almost complex structure to be a complex structure; some vanishing theorems for Riemannian and almost Hermitian manifolds.

Pseudo Almost Periodic Functions in Banach Spaces

Pseudo Almost Periodic Functions in Banach Spaces ebook ISBN: 9781600216374
Publisher: Nova Publishers
Author: Toka Diagana
Number of Pages: 132 
File: pseudo-almost-periodic-functions-in-banach-spaces.pdf
Reads: 7773892


"This book provides the reader with a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the concepts of almost periodicity and pseudo almost periodicity as well as their applications to differential equations, partial differential equations, integral equations, and partial neutral functional differential equations with delay on Banach spaces. Further, the book offers various sufficient conditions, which do guarantee the existence and uniqueness of pseudo almost periodic solutions to the heat equation, reaction-diffusion equation, transport equation, logistic equation with delay, and neutral partial functional differential equations with delays arising in control systems."--BOOK JACKET.

Almost Blue

Almost Blue ebook ISBN: 9780822221654
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
Author: Keith Reddin
Number of Pages: 47 
File: almost-blue.pdf
Reads: 1045782


THE STORY: ALMOST BLUE is a stage noir set in a seedy rooming house. A man just out of prison trying to stay straight, a strange loner down the hall who writes pornographic greeting cards, a violent ex-con who wants to settle old scores. And of cou

Almost Periodic Oscillations and Waves

Almost Periodic Oscillations and Waves ebook ISBN: 0387098194
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Constantin Corduneanu
Number of Pages: 308 
File: almost-periodic-oscillations-and-waves.pdf
Reads: 4167322


This text is well-designed with respect to the exposition from the preliminary to the more advanced and the applications interwoven throughout. It provides the essential foundations for the theory as well as the basic facts relating to almost periodicity. In six structured and self-contained chapters, the author unifies the treatment of various classes of almost periodic functions, while uniquely addressing oscillations and waves in the almost periodic case. This is the first text to present the latest results in almost periodic oscillations and waves. The presentation level and inclusion of several clearly presented proofs make this work ideal for graduate students in engineering and science. The concept of almost periodicity is widely applicable to continuuum mechanics, electromagnetic theory, plasma physics, dynamical systems, and astronomy, which makes the book a useful tool for mathematicians and physicists.

Almost French

Almost French ebook ISBN: 1101097817
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Sarah Turnbull
Number of Pages: 320 
File: almost-french.pdf
Reads: 4814057


The charming true story of a spirited young woman who finds adventure--and the love of her life--in Paris. "This isn't like me. I'm not the sort of girl who crosses continents to meet up with a man she hardly knows. Paris hadn't even been part of my travel plan..." A delightful, fresh twist on the travel memoir, Almost French takes us on a tour that is fraught with culture clashes but rife with deadpan humor. Sarah Turnbull's stint in Paris was only supposed to last a week. Chance had brought Sarah and Frédéric together in Bucharest, and on impulse she decided to take him up on his offer to visit him in the world's most romantic city. Sacrificing Vegemite for vichyssoise, the feisty Sydney journalist does her best to fit in, although her conversation, her laugh, and even her wardrobe advertise her foreigner status. But as she navigates the highs and lows of this strange new world, from life in a bustling quatier and surviving Parisian dinner parties to covering the haute couture fashion shows and discovering the hard way the paradoxes of France today, little by little Sarah falls under its spell: maddening, mysterious, and charged with that French specialty-séduction. An entertaining tale of being a fish out of water, Almost French is an enthralling read as Sarah Turnbull leads us on a magical tour of this seductive place-and culture-that has captured her heart

Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven ebook ISBN: 9781426883903
Publisher: Steeple Hill
Author: Jillian Hart
Number of Pages: 224 
File: almost-heaven.pdf
Reads: 9659400


SMALL-TOWN BLESSINGS Nursing a broken heart and wounded spirit, Kendra McKaslin vowed to make a fresh start—alone. But then everything changed when handsome sheriff Cameron Durango showed up at her run-down riding stable to give her some much-needed business. Seeing this honorable lawman again brought all those locked-away memories flooding back. For he alone knew the secret of her past relationship—and she'd always cherish his exquisite kindness during that night when things had gone terribly wrong. Now, as Cameron gathered her in his strong, sheltering arms to offer her love and comfort, the irresistibly charmed small-town girl wondered if having him here was a sign from heaven. Could all of her dreams finally be coming true?

Very Little-- Almost Nothing

Very Little-- Almost Nothing ebook ISBN: 9780415340496
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Simon Critchley
Number of Pages: 276 
File: very-little-almost-nothing.pdf
Reads: 6501533


Very Little ... Almost Nothing puts the question of the meaning of life back at the centre of intellectual debate. Its central concern is how we can find a meaning to human finitude without recourse to anything that transcends that finitude. A profound but secular meditation on the theme of death, Critchley traces the idea of nihilism through Blanchot, Levinas, Jena Romanticism and Cavell, culminating in a reading of Beckett, in many ways the hero of the book. In this second edition, Simon Critchley has added a revealing and extended new preface, and a new chapter on Wallace Stevens which reflects on the idea of poetry as philosophy.

Almost Alice

Almost Alice ebook ISBN: 1416995013
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Number of Pages: 288 
File: almost-alice.pdf
Reads: 5724540


Is it possible to be too good of a friend—too understanding, too always there, too much like a doormat? Alice has always been a best friend to Pamela and Liz. But she’s starting to wonder where that leaves her: What am I? An ear for listening? An arm around the shoulder? And then there’s Patrick—after ending their relationship two years ago, he’s suddenly calling again, and wants to take her to his senior prom. What does that mean? As Alice tries to figure out who she is in relation to her friends, she learns one thing: Aometimes friends need you more than they let on...especially when the unthinkable happens

Almost Automorphic and Almost Periodic Functions in Abstract Spaces

Almost Automorphic and Almost Periodic Functions in Abstract Spaces ebook ISBN: 9780306466861
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Gaston M. N'Guérékata
Number of Pages: 138 
File: almost-automorphic-and-almost-periodic-functions-in-abstract-spaces.pdf
Reads: 1516920


Almost Automorphic and Almost Periodic Functions in Abstract Spaces introduces and develops the theory of almost automorphic vector-valued functions in Bochner's sense and the study of almost periodic functions in a locally convex space in a homogenous and unified manner. It also applies the results obtained to study almost automorphic solutions of abstract differential equations, expanding the core topics with a plethora of groundbreaking new results and applications. For the sake of clarity, and to spare the reader unnecessary technical hurdles, the concepts are studied using classical methods of functional analysis.

Almost Home

Almost Home ebook ISBN: 1452091579
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Mary Ellen Camden
Number of Pages: 232 
File: almost-home.pdf
Reads: 7443018


Mary Beth Winston, a divorced mother of two grown girls, had her own very successful business, a lovely home and two very entertaining spaniels. She lived a pretty uneventful life until the day she returned from work to find her dogs running loose, her boyfriend, Bob, brutally murdered in her foyer, and herself the main suspect in a homicide. it just kept getting better and better. She discovered that the man whom she had believed to be her soul mate was married, ostensibly happily married with three children. Although Mary Beth seemed to be the primary suspect in the murder, she And The police sergeant, who was the only investigator, became romantically involved; and he used his position take suspicion off her, and to gain more and more control over her. She soon realized she had a very dangerous ally, and that the cure might be much worse than the disease.

Almost Everyone's Guide to Science

Almost Everyone's Guide to Science ebook ISBN: 9780300084603
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author: John Gribbin,Mary Gribbin
Number of Pages: 232 
File: almost-everyone-s-guide-to-science.pdf
Reads: 6066673


Discusses the major issues in science, including the structure of particles within the atom, origins of species, and the birth of the universe.

Almost Periodic Stochastic Processes

Almost Periodic Stochastic Processes ebook ISBN: 1441994769
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Paul H. Bezandry,Toka Diagana
Number of Pages: 235 
File: almost-periodic-stochastic-processes.pdf
Reads: 9893420


This book lays the foundations for a theory on almost periodic stochastic processes and their applications to various stochastic differential equations, functional differential equations with delay, partial differential equations, and difference equations. It is in part a sequel of authors recent work on almost periodic stochastic difference and differential equations and has the particularity to be the first book that is entirely devoted to almost periodic random processes and their applications. The topics treated in it range from existence, uniqueness, and stability of solutions for abstract stochastic difference and differential equations.


Almost ebook ISBN:
Publisher: All-Seeing Books
Author: Zia Black
Number of Pages: 106 
File: almost.pdf
Reads: 5860024


Almost doesn't count...Almost, a vengeful tale with a sprinkle of bloodthirst. Andy's rocky marriage was over. Not anymore. If he reaches the airport in time, he'll get another chance. But it won't be easy. Bad luck will push him to the limit, and beyond. If he snaps, the marriage won't end in divorce, but death. Book keywords: conspiracy, serial killer, dark, disturbing, vigilante justice, murder, vengeful

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect ebook ISBN: 1459272129
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Marilyn Tracy
Number of Pages: 256 
File: almost-perfect.pdf
Reads: 4539631


ALMOST, TEXAS In a stranger's arms HER ALMOST PERFECT PROTECTOR He'd rescued her daughters, moved to her ramshackle ranch and vowed to protect her family with his life. Single mom Carolyn Leary knew Pete Jackson was a tall, broad-shouldered godsend. But her self-proclaimed bodyguard was also a man—one who filled her with long-suppressed desires. Yes, Pete Jackson was almost perfect. He'd accepted the job for the total sum of a little girl's allowance and room and board. But the stranger she'd taken into her home—not to mention her heart—might just be a murderer. ALMOST, TEXAS. In a town called Almost, Texas, a hazard-free happily-ever-after is almost always guaranteed….

Almost Automorphic Type and Almost Periodic Type Functions in Abstract Spaces

Almost Automorphic Type and Almost Periodic Type Functions in Abstract Spaces ebook ISBN: 3319008498
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Toka Diagana
Number of Pages: 303 
File: almost-automorphic-type-and-almost-periodic-type-functions-in-abstract-spaces.pdf
Reads: 4690961


This book presents a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of almost periodicity, asymptotic almost periodicity, almost automorphy, asymptotic almost automorphy, pseudo-almost periodicity, and pseudo-almost automorphy as well as their recent generalizations. Some of the results presented are either new or else cannot be easily found in the mathematical literature. Despite the noticeable and rapid progress made on these important topics, the only standard references that currently exist on those new classes of functions and their applications are still scattered research articles. One of the main objectives of this book is to close that gap. The prerequisites for the book is the basic introductory course in real analysis. Depending on the background of the student, the book may be suitable for a beginning graduate and/or advanced undergraduate student. Moreover, it will be of a great interest to researchers in mathematics as well as in engineering, in physics, and related areas. Further, some parts of the book may be used for various graduate and undergraduate courses.

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect ebook ISBN: 1493019511
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: Joe Cox
Number of Pages: 280 
File: almost-perfect.pdf
Reads: 9487302


The rich, poignant tales of major league baseball’s most hard-luck fraternity—the pitchers of its Almost-Perfect Games From 1908 to 2015, there have been thirteen pitchers who have begun Major League Baseball games by retiring the first twenty-six opposing batters, but then, one out from completing a perfect game, somehow faltering (or having perfection stolen from them). Three other pitchers did successfully retire twenty-seven batters in a row, but are still not credited with perfect games. While stories of pitching the perfect game have been told and retold, Almost Perfect looks at how baseball, at its core, is about heartbreak, and these sixteen men are closer to what baseball really is, and why we remain invested in the sport. Author Joe Cox visits this notion through a century of baseball and through these sixteen pitchers—recounting their games in thrilling fashion, telling the personal stories of the fascinating (and very human) baseball figures involved, and exploring the historical American and baseball backdrops of each flawed gem. From George “Hooks” Wiltse's nearly perfect game in 1908 to “Hard Luck” Harvey Haddix’s 12-inning, 36-consecutive-outs performance on May 26, 1959 (the most astounding single-game pitching performance in baseball history) to Max Scherzer’s near miss in 2015, Joe Cox’s book captures the action, the humanity, and the history of the national pastime’s greatest “almosts.”

Topics in Almost Automorphy

Topics in Almost Automorphy ebook ISBN: 0387274391
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Gaston M. N'Guérékata
Number of Pages: 168 
File: topics-in-almost-automorphy.pdf
Reads: 6631868


Since the publication of our first book [80], there has been a real resiu-gence of interest in the study of almost automorphic functions and their applications ([16, 17, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 40, 41, 42, 46, 51, 58, 74, 75, 77, 78, 79]). New methods (method of invariant s- spaces, uniform spectrum), and new concepts (almost periodicity and almost automorphy in fuzzy settings) have been introduced in the literature. The range of applications include at present linear and nonlinear evolution equations, integro-differential and functional-differential equations, dynamical systems, etc...It has become imperative to take a bearing of the main steps of the the ory. That is the main purpose of this monograph. It is intended to inform the reader and pave the road to more research in the field. It is not a self contained book. In fact, [80] remains the basic reference and fimdamental source of information on these topics. Chapter 1 is an introductory one. However, it contains also some recent contributions to the theory of almost automorphic functions in abstract spaces. VIII Preface Chapter 2 is devoted to the existence of almost automorphic solutions to some Unear and nonUnear evolution equations. It con tains many new results. Chapter 3 introduces to almost periodicity in fuzzy settings with applications to differential equations in fuzzy settings. It is based on a work by B. Bede and S. G. Gal [40].

Almost Periodic Solutions of Differential Equations in Banach Spaces

Almost Periodic Solutions of Differential Equations in Banach Spaces ebook ISBN: 1482263165
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Yoshiyuki Hino,Toshiki Naito,Nguyen VanMinh,Jong Son Shin
Number of Pages: 264 
File: almost-periodic-solutions-of-differential-equations-in-banach-spaces.pdf
Reads: 416392


This monograph presents recent developments in spectral conditions for the existence of periodic and almost periodic solutions of inhomogenous equations in Banach Spaces. Many of the results represent significant advances in this area. In particular, the authors systematically present a new approach based on the so-called evolution semigroups with an original decomposition technique. The book also extends classical techniques, such as fixed points and stability methods, to abstract functional differential equations with applications to partial functional differential equations. Almost Periodic Solutions of Differential Equations in Banach Spaces will appeal to anyone working in mathematical analysis.