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Amatore's Restaurant

Amatore's Restaurant ebook ISBN: 9781505447415
Author: James Sillwood
Number of Pages: 388 
File: amatore-s-restaurant.pdf
Reads: 2620725


The international cast of the Recreative Theatre Company meet for their end-of-season dinner at Ristorante Amatore. During the evening each guest recalls a past liaison, an encounter which has made an impression in their life: stories of love and tales of deceit. A common theme begins to unfold: hidden truths behind the motives for seduction. As the evening draws to a close emotions rise to the surface, declarations of love are expressed, jealousies and resentments run deep. Some will think of the evening as a success, others will regard it as a disaster. Chapter 1: Audition Determined to take the lead, Cordelia picks up a man at a bar in Berlin, takes him back to his hotel room and seduces him. Chapter 2: The VenetianFrustrated with her life in Venice, Chiara attempts to show her girlfriend, Lucia, just what her cheating husband is capable of. Chapter 3: Narcissus Through the WindowOne afternoon, while rehearsing her striptease in front of the mirror, Emily discovers she has an unwelcome spectator. Chapter 4: Blind Man's BluffAfter a successful drugs deal, Pierre attempts to trick his young companion only to discover later he is the one who has been well and truly duped. Chapter 5: The Waitress's Bus StopFreya is biding her time in Amsterdam when she is seduced by Ana, a German actress she meets in a caf�. But there is something strange about Freya: something she's hiding about her past.Chapter 6: BodyworkJane meets up with a man who reminds her of her past. She readily submits to his demands, finding sexual fulfilment through his aggressive and controlling personality. Chapter 7: Reflections on a JourneyThe prim and proper Miss Gray meets an elusive and handsome stranger on her regular train journey. Chapter 8: The VideoWhen a new scene opened in Colin's favourite pornographic film he was shocked to see his wife taking the starring role with two other performers. Chapter 9: Missing JournalsEarly one morning Dr Jethro Jenkins witnesses Frau Eisler seducing three young men working in the grounds of her villa. Chapter 10: The Garden CentreLucy Sutton, determined to seek revenge on her interfering neighbour, gets more than she dreams of when she employs a Swedish gardener from her local garden centre. Chapter 11: Pipe Dream Ashley is forced to hide in the airing cupboard and has no option than to watch her partner take a shower with the Afou. Chapter 12: Calle ManjonLuisa Rodriguez remembers the day she invited Merc� over for one of their games of S&M. Chapter 13: Business ProspectsAs a diversion from her dull routine, Dawn Bush travels to the city each week to work in a massage parlour. Chapter 14: La Belle CharenteWhen Aunt Nicole's reckless behaviour spirals dangerously out of control Dale is forced to acknowledge her true nature. Chapter 15: Post ScriptMichael describes his feelings as he watches Stephanie relieve her sexual frustration. Chapter 16: Masquerade Colette Durrent recalls the time when she and her tenant, Richard, have a special arrangement on rent day. Chapter 17: Sweet OfferingsMario Amatore is in a panic in the kitchen and enlists the help of the blind guest, Monsieur Raul. Chapter 18: Distant Relations Ana makes a shocking discovery about Freya and thinks back to the year before in Amsterdam. Chapter 19: Tactical Ruse Richard recalls the day when the twins convinced him their intentions for him were genuine. Chapter 20: Past Imperfect Rachael remembers how intrigued she was by her German student. Chapter 21: The DanceAs they dance to Ravel's Bolero, Rachael tells her partner about the dream of visiting her in the night. Chapter 22: Liaisons Some of the guests leave the restaurant together, excited by the thought of what is yet to come.Chapter 23: Monsieur Henri Charlotte tells how she spent a long hot summer in Brittany enamoured by the charming Monsieur Henri.

COSTA BRAVA 2018/2019 Petit Futé

COSTA BRAVA 2018/2019 Petit Futé ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Le Petit Futé
Author: Dominique Auzias,Jean-Paul Labourdette
Number of Pages: 336 
File: costa-brava-2018-2019-petit-futé.pdf
Reads: 3673025


Criques rocheuses et immenses plages de sables fins bordées de soleil : la côte sauvage espagnole a tout pour faire rêver. Conçu pour répondre aux attentes des mordus des bords de mer et d'eau turquoise, ce guide se voulait aussi un précieux compagnon pour tous ceux qui ne se satisfont pas seulement du farniente. En répertoriant les incontournables mais aussi les bons plans loin des sentiers surpeuplés et les bonnes adresses, Petit Futé propose de redécouvrir cette destination. Et ces côtes espagnoles ne manquent pas d'atouts. Les paysages varient énormément jusque dans l'arrière- pays et offrent des possibilités considérables d'activités pour se défouler ou se ressourcer. Sur la Costa Brava, les Îles Medes, le massif du Montgrí ou les villes médiévales de Pals et Peratallada sont autant de lieux insolites et négligés. Sur la Costa Dorada, ce sont les vestiges romains de Tarragona qui attirent l'attention. Un patrimoine riche et méconnu que le guide du Petit Futé se propose de vous faire découvrir. De quoi concilier tous les plaisirs sans passer à côté de ce qui fait tout le charme de cette splendide région.

Italian Milwaukee

Italian Milwaukee ebook ISBN: 9780738533537
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: Martin Hintz
Number of Pages: 128 
File: italian-milwaukee.pdf
Reads: 4613974


Milwaukee's Italian families have a distinguished heritage, one that began in a great rush to the city shortly before the turn of the 19th century. Seeking a way out of the economic misery of their homeland, tens of thousands of Italians made their way to the Midwest, lured by the promise of Milwaukee's well-paying factory and service industry jobs. The emigres brought their colorful traditions and culture with them, making themselves at home in close-knit neighborhoods. Arrivals from various villages settled into specific blocks, with a widespread Sicilian contingent living in the old Third Ward, while Italians from the north settled in Bay View. Others moved into the Brady Street area. Not afraid to work, at first the Italians were railroad employees, fruit peddlers, refuse collectors, shopkeepers, tavern owners, or skilled craft workers in the masonry and stone trades. Today, the descendants of those first arrivals make up an extraordinary share of Milwaukee's business leaders, politicians, clergy, restaurateurs, and educators, while others have become police officers and military personnel. The Italian Community Center and Festa Italiana continue to provide marvelous opportunities to socialize.

Eleven Days in August

Eleven Days in August ebook ISBN: 1412086485
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Amatore Mille
Number of Pages: 221 
File: eleven-days-in-august.pdf
Reads: 691329


A funny, poignant memoir of the author's annual eleven day transition from Wall Street to his family's Italian sausage business at the Wisconsin State Fair. A return to family, hometown...and self. Great Americana! Welcome to the August lives of Amatore Mille and his family. The year is 2001...and 1957...and 1973 - actually, every year, since 1932 - when the Milles began an August summer tradition of selling Italian sausage sandwiches at The Wisconsin State Fair. You are about to enter a world where Italian immigrant grandparents leave their indelible mark on three subsequent generations, where a father, in his inimitable way, focuses on the family business...and his family...for eleven days of each summer, and where children grow up with sawdust underfoot and State Fair attractions all around. In episodes that move between present and past, the author takes you on a tour of family escapades that, in turn, are laugh-out-loud funny...and touching...where grandma, with no experience, is forced to drive expensive cars, grandpa provides light-hearted amusement (but little work), and the author, through misadventures and near-tragedy, finally learns what the family business is really all about.

Frommer's Italy

Frommer's Italy ebook ISBN: 9780132173575
Author: Darwin Porter
Number of Pages: 588 
File: frommer-s-italy.pdf
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Dictionnaire étymologique, historique et anecdotique des proverbes et des locutions proverbiales de la langue française en rapport avec des proverbes et des locutions proverbiales des autres langues

Dictionnaire étymologique, historique et anecdotique des proverbes et des locutions proverbiales de la langue française en rapport avec des proverbes et des locutions proverbiales des autres langues ebook ISBN:
Author: Pierre Marie Quitard
Number of Pages: 701 
File: dictionnaire-étymologique-historique-et-anecdotique-des-proverbes-et-des-locutions-proverbiales-de-la-langue-française-en-rapport-avec-des-proverbes-et-des-locutions-proverbiales-des-autres-langues.pdf
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Guide to Italy

Guide to Italy ebook ISBN: 9788885824270
Publisher: Gedi (Gruppo Editoriale)
Author: Giorgio Lindo,Federico U. D'Amato
Number of Pages: 328 
File: guide-to-italy.pdf
Reads: 2148624


Acknowledged as the premier Italian guide, this revised handbook includes updated ratings of restaurants--more than 500--and hotels. It also features dozens of locations of related interest, including best places for ice cream, pastry, pizza, and coffee.

Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series

Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series ebook ISBN:
Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: catalog-of-copyright-entries-third-series.pdf
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The record of each copyright registration listed in the Catalog includes a description of the work copyrighted and data relating to the copyright claim (the name of the copyright claimant as given in the application for registration, the copyright date, the copyright registration number, etc.).

Les Misérables Tome III: Marius: Large Print

Les Misérables Tome III: Marius: Large Print ebook ISBN: 9781798486597
Publisher: Independently Published
Author: Victor Hugo
Number of Pages: 310 
File: les-misérables-tome-iii-marius-large-print.pdf
Reads: 6743078


" 1831 et 1832, les deux années qui se rattachent immédiatement à la Révolution de Juillet, sont un des moments les plus particuliers et les plus frappants de l'histoire. Ces deux années au milieu de celles qui les précèdent et qui les suivent sont comme deux montagnes. Elles ont la grandeur révolutionnaire. On y distingue des précipices. Les masses sociales, les assises mêmes de la civilisation, le groupe solide des intérêts superposés et adhérents, les profils séculaires de l'antique formation française, y apparaissent et y disparaissent à chaque instant à travers les nuages orageux des systèmes, des passions et des théories. Ces apparitions et ces disparitions ont été nommées la résistance et le mouvement. Par intervalles on y voit luire la vérité, ce jour de l'âme humaine.


Florilegium ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: florilegium.pdf
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Punch ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: punch.pdf
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Guide du Routard Brésil 2019

Guide du Routard Brésil 2019 ebook ISBN: 201707814X
Publisher: Hachette Tourisme
Author: Collectif
Number of Pages: 684 
File: guide-du-routard-brésil-2019.pdf
Reads: 9987809


Le Routard, le meilleur compagnon de voyage depuis 45 ans. Dans cette nouvelle édition du Routard Brésil vous trouverez une première partie en couleurs avec des cartes et des photos, pour découvrir plus facilement le pays et repérer nos coups de cœur ; des suggestions d’itinéraires et des informations pratiques pour organiser votre séjour ; des adresses souvent introuvables ailleurs ; des visites culturelles originales en dehors des sentiers battus ; des infos remises à jour chaque année et plus de 63 cartes et plans détaillés. Merci à tous les Routards qui partagent nos convictions : Liberté et indépendance d’esprit ; découverte et partage ; sincérité, tolérance et respect des autres.