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Amazing Grief

Amazing Grief ebook ISBN: 9780615506852
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: amazing-grief.pdf
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Amazing Grief: A Healing Guide for Parents of Young Addicts, by Reverend Charles F. Harper, M. Div., is a hands-on, interactive guide that represents 30 years of working closely with addicted young people in crisis. As the title suggests, the 300-page book offers a powerful and hopeful refuge for parents who often have few answers for their agony outside of conventional and often very expensive treatment programs for their children.Harper, a recovering addict, ex-advertising executive, senior pastor, spiritual counselor, and graduate of Yale Divinity School, has worked with over 200 families devastated by the addictions and behaviors of their sons and daughters.His conclusion? "Parents are the most neglected partners in the recovery of a young addict. Yet a parent's emotional and spiritual good health is essential to the recovery of their child. Specifically an addict is twice as likely to recover when parents focus on their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being."Harper offers his well-articulated "11 Stages of Grief" to help parents cope with the loss of innocence of their children and the overwhelming guilt and shame they often feel after the shock of discovering that their son or daughter is an addict. For each stage of grief, Harper presents a composite portrait of a fictitious family based on his direct experience with addicted teens and their parents. Universal themes of addiction and recovery are revealed in the raw, in-your-face drama and wreckage wrought by addiction. Then a transformative antidote to each stage of grief is presented as a virtueanger has its antidote in forbearance, denial has its antidote in honesty. This helps parents find inner strength as they creatively process their grief. Powerful exercises, meditations and prayers accompany a discussion of each stage of grief to assist families on their journey. The meditations and prayers are also available as free downloads on will be introducing Amazing Grief to the addiction education program at the College Recovery Community in Palm Desert. He is also available for consultations, speaking engagements, and workshops. Rev. Harper can be contacted at 203-695-1317, by email at [email protected] or online at

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening ebook ISBN: 9781452545783
Publisher: BalboaPress
Author: Oziris M. Stoltz
Number of Pages: 120 
File: spiritual-awakening.pdf
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The wisdom that the 2012 code can inspire in us is to look directly at our lives, right here and now: What are our spiritual guiding principles? How can we live in greater harmony with all our personal relations? How can we embody genuine compassion? How can we become increasingly aware and self-reflective? How can we deepen our humility? How can we share our talents and gifts as a way to influence our culture and help manifest the new paradigm? How can we be of service to life, and positively contribute to the whole? How can we cultivate a balance of being and doing, receptivity and action? On this diverse planet, we all have different strengths, different abilities, different callings. Rather than looking to the world to show us our path, we need to look deep within our spiritual being and listen to our inner sense of how to navigate these times of the great unknown. It is essential we learn to hear the voice of our inner wisdom, our spiritual self. No one can give us wisdom; it is within all of us, born of our own direct experience. We each have our own direct connection to our spirit, and we must keep learning how to hear our divine, intuitive directives, whispering within. Th is ability to hear the voice of our inner guidance is the most practical skill we can cultivate in these times. It is what will inform us to how to synchronize in the right place at the right time.


Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Author: Alice M. Lebron, LCSW, MSWAC, BCD Emeritus
Number of Pages: 482 
File: a-handbook-for-the-treatment-of-alcoholism-addiction-family-involvement-and-recovery.pdf
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Alcoholism, like other forms of addiction, is a complex disease, but treatment does not have to be complicated. The stigma/shame of the disease comes from the behaviors developed from the disease. These behaviors must be addressed and changed using a therapy program. Sobriety is more than abstinence and relapse prevention. Family members are severely emotionally and mentally injured and need as much treatment as the alcoholic/addict so they can become healthy persons. A clinical social worker, author Alice M. Lebron has dedicated her career to finding and developing information to help individuals suffering from alcoholism/addiction, as well people directly affected by the disease-their families. The author believes that “recovery enables a person to become the person they were born to become,” and through this book, she aims to guide you and your family down the path of change and healing, which she has been doing for more than forty years.

L'année de la pensée magique

L'année de la pensée magique ebook ISBN: 2246804922
Publisher: Grasset
Author: Joan Didion
Number of Pages: 288 
File: l-année-de-la-pensée-magique.pdf
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Une soirée ordinaire, fin décembre à New York. Joan Didion s'apprête à dîner avec son mari, l'écrivain John Gregory Dunne - quand ce dernier s’écroule sur la table de la salle à manger, victime d'une crise cardiaque foudroyante. Pendant une année entière, Didion essaiera de se résoudre à la mort du compagnon de toute sa vie, tout en s'occupant de leur fille, plongée dans le coma suite à une grave pneumonie. La souffrance, l'incompréhension, l'incrédulité, la méditation obsessionnelle autour de cet événement si commun et pourtant inconcevable : dans un récit impressionnant de sobriété et d'implacable honnêteté, Didion raconte la folie du deuil et dissèque, entre sécheresse clinique et monologue intérieur, la plus indicible expérience - et sa rédemption par la littérature. « Quintessence du style, son écriture est la fusion du feu et de la glace. Laconique, tenue, sèche, cruelle et lyrique à la fois. (...) Disons que ce serait la version féminine de Samuel Beckett, en lunettes noires, qui siroterait un cocktail au bord d’une piscine californienne. Disons que s’il y avait des “premières dames” de la littérature américaine, Joan Didion serait sa Jackie Kennedy. » (Myriam Anderson, Le Figaro Magazine, 9 septembre 2006)

Thriving After Trauma

Thriving After Trauma ebook ISBN: 1538125617
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Author: Shari Botwin
Number of Pages: 272 
File: thriving-after-trauma.pdf
Reads: 4546356


Thriving After Trauma addresses readers who have experience trauma or loss due to a variety of experience – whether accident, abuse, or injury. Shari Botwin shows readers, through personal stories, how many who have experienced the worst kinds of trauma have managed to move on and thrive beyond their experiences. Often, those who live through trauma come away with feelings of shame, guilt, anger, and despair. These are common, even normal, responses in the immediate aftermath. Left unaddressed, though, those feelings may develop into substance abuse problems, eating disorders, depression, or anxiety. Learning how to move on, to pick up and live life again, takes effort and guidance. Botwin guides readers through the stories of others who have gone on to live fulfilling, happy lives, and provides tips and tools for healing and moving on. Letting go of the shame, guilt, anger and fear associated with tragic events is crucial to reclaiming a full life. Strategies such as, journaling, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral restructuring, and healthy relationships to aid in recovery are explored and explained, so readers can adopt those strategies that work best for them. It is not the trauma itself that results in so many people developing self-destructive tendencies and life threatening illnesses. It is the lack of having a way to digest and make sense of the trauma-related feelings that can lead one to mental illness, disconnection, and in some cases, even death. Readers will learn how to live with the trauma versus how to get over the trauma, so they can move forward healthfully and mindfully.


Wild ebook ISBN: 2081298066
Publisher: Arthaud
Author: Cheryl Strayed
Number of Pages: 480 
File: wild.pdf
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Best-seller du New York Times. Lorsque sur un coup de tête, Cheryl Strayed boucle son sac à dos, elle n’a aucune idée de ce qui l’attend. Tout ce qu’elle sait, c’est que sa vie est un désastre. Entre une mère trop aimée, brutalement disparue, un divorce douloureux et un lourd passé de junkie, Cheryl vacille. Pour tenir debout et affronter les fantômes de son passé, elle choisit de s’en remettre à la nature et de marcher. Elle part seule pour une randonnée de mille sept cents kilomètres sur le Chemin des crêtes du Pacifique, un parcours abrupt et sauvage de l’Ouest américain. Au fil de cette longue route, elle va surmonter douleurs et fatigue pour renouer avec elle-même et finalement trouver sa voie. Franche, dynamique et un brin déjantée, Cheryl Strayed nous entraîne grâce à ce récit humain et bouleversant sur les chemins d’une renaissance.

The Angry Child

The Angry Child ebook ISBN: 0307432750
Publisher: Harmony
Author: Dr. Timothy Murphy
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-angry-child.pdf
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Every child has an off day when nothing seems to go right, but for some, angry outbursts, frustration, and resentment are the norm. When a child's anger threatens to jeopardize his school and social life and introduces an element of strain into the family dynamics that affects every member, it's time for a parent to ask: When is angry too angry? Child psychologist Dr. Tim Murphy has addressed this very question with hundreds of families, helping them to understand both the causes and the repercussions of childhood anger and to devise effective strategies for defusing the time bomb in their midst. Whether it's a toddler staging a tantrum, a grade-schooler unable to make friends, or a sulking preteen who greets every adult request with antagonism, parents of angry children are baffled by both the depth and the root of their child's unhappiness. And when small social problems and household disputes regularly escalate into full-fledged battles, it's nearly impossible for parents to distance themselves enough from the situation to find a perspective that will remedy it. With simple, direct techniques, Dr. Murphy shows it is possible to help an angry child understand what triggers his outbursts and develop new approaches for coping with potentially explosive situations. Identifying the ten telling characteristics of an angry child, Dr. Murphy provides examples from his clinical experience to help adults guide their children to more appropriate responses. Dr. Murphy also alerts readers to parenting styles that work best for these volatile children, explaining how a parent's own behavior can sometimes escalate a child's meltdowns. He pinpoints the moments when anger moves from a normal emotional expression to an extreme one, indicative of a larger problem. In a special chapter devoted to winning daily battles, Dr. Murphy offers advice on situations in which an angry child's temper is most likely to flare. The Angry Child is destined to be a classic. With real solutions for the concerns of millions of parents, Dr. Murphy offers answers and hope for the families and educators of unhappy children of all ages. From the Hardcover edition.

Au revoir Blaireau (un album à écouter)

Au revoir Blaireau (un album à écouter) ebook ISBN: 2075029083
Publisher: Gallimard Jeunesse
Author: Susan Varley
Number of Pages: 48 
File: au-revoir-blaireau-un-album-à-écouter.pdf
Reads: 5216652


Un album L'heure des histoires avec lecture audio. Le vieux Blaireau va mourir, mais il existera toujours dans le cœur de ceux qui l'aiment, grâce aux souvenirs qu'il leur laisse. Les amis de Blaireau évoquent tout ce qu'il leur a appris et laissé en cadeau et, peu à peu, apprivoisent leur chagrin. Un album très poétique, aussi bien dans le texte que dans les illustrations à la plume et à l’encre, en demi-teintes. Les paysages sont juste évoqués. Une grande douceur et une grande sérénité se dégagent de l’ensemble, favorisant l’idée que cet au revoir est porteur d’espérance. Un grand classique qui aborde avec espoir la disparition d'un être cher. Un ton juste, beaucoup de finesse et de sensibilité : un livre exceptionnel. Prix de la Fondation de France. Prix des Treize. Mother Goose Award (Prix du Meilleur Nouveau Talent).

Le Fil Invisible

Le Fil Invisible ebook ISBN: 9781443177368
Publisher: Les editions Scholastic
Author: Patrice Karst
Number of Pages: 40 
File: le-fil-invisible.pdf
Reads: 9192619


See below for English description. Parents, enseignants, psychologues et travailleurs sociaux sont tous du même avis : Le fil invisible est l'outil parfait pour faire face à toutes sortes de situations telles que l'anxiété de séparation, la solitude et le deuil. Dans cette histoire réconfortante, une mère explique à ses deux enfants qu'ils sont reliés par un fil invisible. Les enfants pensent que c'est impossible, mais ils veulent tout de même savoir de quel genre de fil il s'agit. La réponse est une évidence bien simple qui nous unit tous : ce fil invisible est fait d'amour. Même si on ne peut pas le voir, on peut le sentir au fond de notre cour et savoir qu'on est toujours liés à ceux qu'on aime. Cet album touchant, qui s'adresse aux jeunes de tous âges, permet d'explorer les liens intangibles, mais indestructibles qui nous unissent les uns aux autres, en plus d'entamer des discussions plus profondes sur l'amour. Parents, educators, therapists, and social workers alike have declared Le fil invisible the perfect tool for coping with all kinds of separation anxiety, loss, and grief. In this relatable and reassuring contemporary classic, a mother tells her two children that they're all connected by an invisible string. "That's impossible!" the children insist, but still they want to know more. "What kind of string?" The answer is the simple truth that binds us all: an Invisible String made of love. Even though you can't see it with your eyes, you can feel it deep in your heart, and know that you are always connected to the ones you love. This heartwarming picture book for all ages explores questions about the intangible yet unbreakable connections between us, and opens up deeper conversations about love. Original title: The Invisible String

Finding Meaning

Finding Meaning ebook ISBN: 1501192736
Publisher: Scribner
Author: David Kessler
Number of Pages: 272 
File: finding-meaning.pdf
Reads: 9136254


In this groundbreaking new work, David Kessler—an expert on grief and the coauthor with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross of the iconic On Grief and Grieving—journeys beyond the classic five stages to discover a sixth stage: meaning. In 1969, Elisabeth Kübler Ross first identified the stages of dying in her transformative book On Death and Dying. Decades later, she and David Kessler wrote the classic On Grief and Grieving, introducing the stages of grief with the same transformative pragmatism and compassion. Now, based on hard-earned personal experiences, as well as knowledge and wisdom earned through decades of work with the grieving, Kessler introduces a critical sixth stage. Many people look for “closure” after a loss. Kessler argues that it’s finding meaning beyond the stages of grief most of us are familiar with—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—that can transform grief into a more peaceful and hopeful experience. In this book, Kessler gives readers a roadmap to remembering those who have died with more love than pain; he shows us how to move forward in a way that honors our loved ones. Kessler’s insight is both professional and intensely personal. His journey with grief began when, as a child, he witnessed a mass shooting at the same time his mother was dying. For most of his life, Kessler taught physicians, nurses, counselors, police, and first responders about end of life, trauma, and grief, as well as leading talks and retreats for those experiencing grief. Despite his knowledge, his life was upended by the sudden death of his twenty-one-year-old son. How does the grief expert handle such a tragic loss? He knew he had to find a way through this unexpected, devastating loss, a way that would honor his son. That, ultimately, was the sixth state of grief—meaning. In Finding Meaning, Kessler shares the insights, collective wisdom, and powerful tools that will help those experiencing loss. Finding Meaning is a necessary addition to grief literature and a vital guide to healing from tremendous loss. This is an inspiring, deeply intelligent must-read for anyone looking to journey away from suffering, through loss, and towards meaning.

Les dépendances, ces fantômes insatiables

Les dépendances, ces fantômes insatiables ebook ISBN: 9782761925099
Author: Gabor Maté
Number of Pages: 408 
File: les-dépendances-ces-fantômes-insatiables.pdf
Reads: 2697826


Drogues, alcool, tabac, travail, nourriture, sexe, jeu et achats compulsifs : qu'est-ce qui cloche dans nos vies pour que nous ayons recours à des moyens aussi destructeurs pour nous réconforter? Et pourquoi est-il si difficile de renoncer à ces habitudes, même lorsqu'elles mettent notre santé en péril, détruisent. nos relations et ruinent nos vies? l'auteur examine les dépendances épidémiques dans notre société, nous dit pourquoi nous y sommes si vulnérables et ce qu'il faut faire pour nous libérer de leur emprise sur nos émotions et nos comportements. Résumé audacieux de l'expérience clinique, alliant intuition et recherche de pointe, cet ouvrage lève le voile sur cette étonnante faiblesse humaine et propose une approche d'aide empreinte de compassion, non seulement à l'intention des toxicomanes, mais aussi de ceux d'entre nous qui ont des comportements compulsifs.

Savoir lâcher prise

Savoir lâcher prise ebook ISBN: 9782290027417
Publisher: J\'Ai Lu
Author: Melody Beattie
Number of Pages: 412 
File: savoir-lâcher-prise.pdf
Reads: 2756591


Souffrez-vous de dépendance, de peur, de culpabilité, de colère ou de perfectionnisme ? Spécialiste mondiale de la codépendance et du développement personnel, Melody Beattie nous invite à un travail émotionnel, mental et spirituel pour accéder à une vie meilleure et à des relations plus saines. En faisant face à nos émotions enfouies et en lâchant prise, nous commençons à nous accepter, à nous respecter et à nous affirmer. Chaque jour de l'année offre ainsi une occasion de commencer une vie nouvelle. Dans "Savoir lâcher prise", Melody Beattie nous le rappelle et nous montre le chemin d'une authentique guérison intérieure.

Quill & Quire

Quill & Quire ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: quill-quire.pdf
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AJL Newsletter

AJL Newsletter ebook ISBN:
Author: Association of Jewish Libraries
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: ajl-newsletter.pdf
Reads: 6798299


Une chanson pour l'oiseau

Une chanson pour l'oiseau ebook ISBN: 9782278070862
Publisher: Didier Jeunesse
Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Number of Pages: 42 
File: une-chanson-pour-l-oiseau.pdf
Reads: 4998418


Paru initialement en 1938 au sein d'un recueil de Margaret Wise Brown (1910-1952), Une chanson pour l'oiseau n'a été publié sous la forme d'un album illustré par Remy Charlip (1929-2012) qu'en 1958. Est-ce parce qu'ils sont tous deux enfants de Brooklyn que leurs oeuvres ont fini par se croiser ? Malgré la vingtaine d'années qui les séparent, ils possèdent en effet bien des choses en commun, dont une certaine indépendance d'esprit et un mépris des conventions qui les ont placés à l'avant-garde de leurs contemporains. Et même si l'auteur est décédé depuis six ans quand paraît la version illustrée de Remy Charlip, on retrouve chez ces deux insatiables créateurs le souhait de s'adresser aux enfants en évacuant tout superflu - une façon singulière d'aller droit au coeur de leur public.