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Sacred Geographies of Ancient Amazonia

Sacred Geographies of Ancient Amazonia ebook ISBN: 131542052X
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Denise P Schaan
Number of Pages: 233 
File: sacred-geographies-of-ancient-amazonia.pdf
Reads: 809388


The legendary El Dorado—the city of gold—remains a mere legend, but astonishing new discoveries are revealing a major civilization in ancient Amazonia that was more complex than anyone previously dreamed. Scholars have long insisted that the Amazonian ecosystem placed severe limits on the size and complexity of its ancient cultures, but leading researcher Denise Schaan reverses that view, synthesizing exciting new evidence of large-scale land and resource management to tell a new history of indigenous Amazonia. Schaan also engages fundamental debates about the development of social complexity and the importance of ancient Amazonia from a global perspective. This innovative, interdisciplinary book is a major contribution to the study of human-environment relations, social complexity, and past and present indigenous societies.

Cultivated Landscapes of Native Amazonia and the Andes

Cultivated Landscapes of Native Amazonia and the Andes ebook ISBN: 9780199257690
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
Author: William M. Denevan
Number of Pages: 396 
File: cultivated-landscapes-of-native-amazonia-and-the-andes.pdf
Reads: 9927919


The Andes and Amazonia are two of the harshest regions on earth. The opportunities for productive agriculture, even with modern methods, seem limited given conditions of climate, terrain, and soils. Nevertheless, indigenous people, both prehistoric and more recent, developed systems ofcultivation that have been intensive, highly productive, and sustainable, reclaiming marginal lands and supporting large numbers of people and complex socities.This valuable reference work examines native South American agriculture. Its focus is on field types and field technologies, including agricultural landforms such as terraces, canals, and drained fields which have persisted for hundreds of years. The evidence utilized comes from abandoned fields,historical documents, and current practices. What emerges is a picture of indigenous farming practices in rain forests, savannas, swamps, rugged mountains, and deserts. This knowledge provides unique techniques and some basic principles for farming difficult environments.


Andes ebook ISBN:
Author: Mariusz S. Ziólkowski
Number of Pages: 604 
File: andes.pdf
Reads: 8996542


Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia

Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia ebook ISBN: 1607320959
Publisher: University Press of Colorado
Author: Alf Hornborg,Jonathan D. Hill
Number of Pages: 380 
File: ethnicity-in-ancient-amazonia.pdf
Reads: 5117897


A transdisciplinary collaboration among ethnologists, linguists, and archaeologists, Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia traces the emergence, expansion, and decline of cultural identities in indigenous Amazonia. Hornborg and Hill argue that the tendency to link language, culture, and biology--essentialist notions of ethnic identities--is a Eurocentric bias that has characterized largely inaccurate explanations of the distribution of ethnic groups and languages in Amazonia. The evidence, however, suggests a much more fluid relationship among geography, language use, ethnic identity, and genetics. In Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia, leading linguists, ethnographers, ethnohistorians, and archaeologists interpret their research from a unique nonessentialist perspective to form a more accurate picture of the ethnolinguistic diversity in this area. Revealing how ethnic identity construction is constantly in flux, contributors show how such processes can be traced through different ethnic markers such as pottery styles and languages. Scholars and students studying lowland South America will be especially interested, as will anthropologists intrigued by its cutting-edge, interdisciplinary approach.


EMERGENCE OF POTTERY PB ebook ISBN: 9781560985174
Publisher: Smithsonian
Number of Pages: 285 
File: emergence-of-pottery-pb.pdf
Reads: 1229253


Includes chapters by A.C. Roosevelt on Amazonia; A. Oyuela-Caycedo on San Jacinto I, Colombia; C. Rodr iguez on north coastal Colombia; J.E. Damp and L.P. Vargas on Valdivia, Ecuador; R. Cooke on Monagrillo, Panama; J.W. Hoopes on the Central American isthmus; B. Arroyo on El Salvador; and J.E. Cla

Human Impacts on Amazonia

Human Impacts on Amazonia ebook ISBN: 0231517351
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Author: Darrell A. Posey,Michael J. Balick
Number of Pages: 392 
File: human-impacts-on-amazonia.pdf
Reads: 1169538


From the pre-Columbian era to the present, native Amazonians have shaped the land around them, emphasizing utilization, conservation, and sustainability. These priorities stand in stark contrast to colonial and contemporary exploitation of Amazonia by outside interests. With essays from environmental scientists, botanists, and anthropologists, this volume explores the various effects of human development on Amazonia. The contributors argue that by protecting and drawing on local knowledge and values, further environmental ruin can be avoided.

Resource Management in Amazonia

Resource Management in Amazonia ebook ISBN:
Publisher: New York Botanical Garden PressDept
Author: Darrell Addison Posey
Number of Pages: 287 
File: resource-management-in-amazonia.pdf
Reads: 9085906


Theoretical approaches to resource management. The culture of amazonian forests. Models of native and folk adaptation in the Amazon. Resource management in Amazonia before the conquest: beyond ethnographic projection. Process as resource: the traditional agricultural ideology of Bora and Huastec resource management and its implications for research. Use, perception, and manipulation of resources. Use of plant resources by the Chácobo. Rainy seasons and constellations: the desâna economic calendar. Yanoama horticulture in the Parima highlands of Venezuela Ka'apor case. Management of a tropical scrub savanna by the Gorotire Kayapó of Brazil. Preliminary results on soil management techniques of the Kayapó indians. Ecological basis of Amuesha agriculture, Peruvian upper Amazon. How the Machiguenga manage resources: conservation or exploitation of nature? Succession management and resource distribution in an Amazonian rain forest. Managing rivers of hunger: the Tukano of Brazil. A neglected human resource in Amazonia: the Amazon caboclo. The perception of ecological zones and natural resources in the Brazilian Amazon: an ethnoecology of Lake Coari.

Map of Bones

Map of Bones ebook ISBN: 1409105865
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: James Rollins
Number of Pages: 528 
File: map-of-bones.pdf
Reads: 7557032


The horrific theft of a priceless relic...a secret society reaching back to the Middle Ages...and the top-flight US team who must stop them. A heart-stopping SIGMA Force thriller from NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author James Rollins. When a group of parishioners is burned to death in a German cathedral, the US sends in SIGMA Force. For this tragedy is more than a case of arson - someone has stolen the priceless treasure stored in the cathedral's golden reliquary: the bones of the biblical Three Kings. Commander Gray Pierce leads a team on the hunt for the Royal Dragon Court, a clandestine aristocratic fraternity of alchemists that dates back to the Middle Ages and seeks to establish a new world order using the mystical bones. Pierce and his team follow a trail that leads from Europe's Gothic cathedrals through the remnants of the seven wonders of the ancient world to a mystical place where science and religion unite to unleash a threat not seen since the beginning of time itself...


Sandstorm ebook ISBN: 1409106004
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: James Rollins
Number of Pages: 608 
File: sandstorm.pdf
Reads: 9903201


'Rollins is what you might end up with if you tossed Michael Crichton and Dan Brown into a particle accelerator together' New York Times An inexplicable explosion rocks the antiquities collection of a London museum - and sets off alarms in clandestine organisations around the world... Lady Kara Kensington's family paid a high price in money and blood to found the gallery that now lies in ruins. And her search for answers is about to lead her into a world she never imagined existed: a lost city, buried beneath the Arabian desert, where something astonishing is waiting... A covert government operative hunting down a traitor is being drawn there. But at the end of a perilous journey lies an ageless power that can create a utopia - or tear down everything humankind has built over millennia of civilisation... 'A non-stop thrill-a-minute ride' Tess Gerritsen

Social Science Monographs

Social Science Monographs ebook ISBN:
Author: Pan American Union. Social Science Section
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: social-science-monographs.pdf
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The Doomsday Key

The Doomsday Key ebook ISBN: 1409107140
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: James Rollins
Number of Pages: 352 
File: the-doomsday-key.pdf
Reads: 8961340


Three brutal murders, three high-profile victims, three bodies marked with a mysterious and archaic symbol...The massive SIGMA Force thriller from the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of MAP OF BONES and THE LAST ORACLE. At Princeton University, a famed geneticist dies inside a biohazard lab. In Rome, a Vatican archaeologist is found dead in the heart of St Peter's Basilica. In Africa, a US Senator's son is slain within a Red Cross camp in Ghana. These three murders on three continents bear a horrifying tie: all the victims are marked by a Druidic pagan cross burned into their flesh. The bizarre murders thrust Commander Gray Pierce and SIGMA Force into a global hunt for a powerful group of industrialists who have a stranglehold on the world's food supply. Aided by two women from his past, Gray flees a trio of high-tech assassins as he pieces together the clues. But saving the world comes at a price: Pierce must sacrifice one of the women. Yet even that price might not be enough, for, as he soon discovers, the only true path to salvation lies with the Doomsday Key.

Indigenous Peoples and the Future of Amazonia

Indigenous Peoples and the Future of Amazonia ebook ISBN:
Author: Leslie Elmer Sponsel
Number of Pages: 312 
File: indigenous-peoples-and-the-future-of-amazonia.pdf
Reads: 4008360


This timely book provides the first examination of the relationship between cultural and environmental variation in the Amazon, with special reference to the survival and welfare of indigenous societies. The particular strength of this collection is that it emphasizes ongoing changing elements rather than static ones in Amazonian human ecology in the context of colonization. Leslie Sponsel and twelve other contributors, including archaeologists, biological anthropologists, cultural ecologists, and nutritionists, review traditional and changing adaptations of indigenous societies to Amazonian ecosystems; they analyze the challenges presented to indigenes by the massive cultural and environmental impact of Westernization. They also discuss the applications of research results to the needs, interests, and priorities of indigenous societies. In his concluding chapter, Sponsel calls for anthropologists to contribute through their research to the empowerment of indigenous communities and organizations. "In the Amazon the only people who already know and practice ecologically sound economies are most indigenous societies. Documenting their ecologically sound values, knowledge, and technology is one of the most important tasks for cultural ecology".

Amazônia Ocidental

Amazônia Ocidental ebook ISBN:
Author: Martti Pärssinen,Antti Korpisaari
Number of Pages: 201 
File: amazônia-ocidental.pdf
Reads: 8216942


Preface / Martti Pärssinen and Antti Korpisaari -- Environmental disturbance factors and human settlement dynamics in western Amazonia: an introduction / Martti Pärssinen -- Fortifications related to the Inca expansion / Martti Pärssinen, Ari Siiriäinen and Antti Korpisaari -- When did the Guaraní expansion toward the Andean foothills begin? / Martti Pärssinen -- Appendix: Three facsimile copies of titles of encomienda grants given by Andrés Manso (1563) / Martti Pärssinen -- Geometrically patterned ancient earthworks in the Rio Branco Region of Acre, Brazil : new evidence of ancient chiefdom formations in Amazonian interfluvial terra firme environment / Martti Pärssinen, Alceu Ranzi, Sanna Saunaluoma and Ari Siiriäinen -- Geoglifos: patrimônio cultural do Acre / Alceu Ranzi.

Islands in the Rainforest

Islands in the Rainforest ebook ISBN: 1598746340
Publisher: Left Coast Press
Author: Stéphen Rostain
Number of Pages: 277 
File: islands-in-the-rainforest.pdf
Reads: 5137948


Covers the area between the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, the Cassiquiare Canal, and the Atlantic Ocean (Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, parts of Brazil, parts of Venezuela).

Time and Complexity in Historical Ecology

Time and Complexity in Historical Ecology ebook ISBN: 0231509618
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Author: William L. Balée,Clark L. Erickson
Number of Pages: 432 
File: time-and-complexity-in-historical-ecology.pdf
Reads: 9172197


This collection of studies by anthropologists, botanists, ecologists, and biologists is an important contribution to the emerging field of historical ecology. The book combines cutting-edge research with new perspectives to emphasize the close relationship between humans and their natural environment. Contributors examine how alterations in the natural world mirror human cultures, societies, and languages. Treating the landscape like a text, these researchers decipher patterns and meaning in the Ecuadorian Andes, Amazonia, the desert coast of Peru, and other regions in the neotropics. They show how local peoples have changed the landscape over time to fit their needs by managing and modifying species diversity, enhancing landscape heterogeneity, and controlling ecological disturbance. In turn, the environment itself becomes a form of architecture rich with historical and archaeological significance. Time and Complexity in Historical Ecology explores thousands of years of ecological history while also addressing important contemporary issues, such as biodiversity and genetic variation and change. Engagingly written and expertly researched, this book introduces and exemplifies a unique method for better understanding the link between humans and the biosphere.