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Amber and Blue II-Victory

Amber and Blue II-Victory ebook ISBN: 9781534861084
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: K. R. Rowe
Number of Pages: 244 
File: amber-and-blue-ii-victory.pdf
Reads: 3392960


Their love fated, their lives complete, Alex and Grace finally begin to plan a perfect future together. But their peaceful existence is soon shattered by the ghosts from their tormented past. Angered, the unforgiving family of the man Grace shot in self-defense demands retribution for his death. Defeated and fighting his own demons, struggling with the pain of Grace's rejection, Lucien slips back into the only way of life he's ever known-that of a criminal. Danger lurks in the form of revenge and Lucien is disturbed when Alex ignores his warning. Torn between losing his own sanity and risking everything, a gnawing obsession soon burns out of control. In an ultimate act of betrayal, Lucien unwittingly exposes Grace to a merciless world of violence and vigilante justice. Isolated and alone, Grace seeks solace in a group of new friends, but will her comfort come at the cost of her own mortality? Will Lucien and Alex destroy one another in a final deadly clash, or will a vicious man from Lucien's past return to destroy them all?

Serçe Limani, Vol 2

Serçe Limani, Vol 2 ebook ISBN: 160344064X
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
Author: George F. Bass,Berta Lledo,Sheila Matthews,Robert H. Brill
Number of Pages: 536 
File: serçe-limani-vol-2.pdf
Reads: 3008724


For almost a millennium, a modest wooden ship lay underwater off the coast of Serçe Limani, Turkey, filled with evidence of trade and objects of daily life. The ship, now excavated by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University, trafficked in both the Byzantine and Islamic worlds of its time. Known as "the Glass Wreck," it bore cargo that included three metric tons of glass cullet, including broken Islamic vessels and eighty pieces of intact glassware, along with various artifacts of ship life. This second volume of the discovery’s investigation focuses on the excavation, conservation, and study of the glass found in the wreckage. The extensive catalog will be a valuable tool for archaeologists and scholars of Islamic glass and Islamic trade. Further, the systematic methodology and presentation of such a large undertaking will serve as a model for future study across many disciplines.

Mastering the Nikon

Mastering the Nikon ebook ISBN: 1933952806
Publisher: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
Author: Darrell Young
Number of Pages: 479 
File: mastering-the-nikon.pdf
Reads: 477099


Young explores the features and capabilities of the camera in a way that far surpasses the user's manual. He guides readers through features with step-by-step setting adjustments; color illustrations; and detailed how, when, and why explanations for each option.

Life in Amber

Life in Amber ebook ISBN: 9780804720014
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Author: George O. Poinar
Number of Pages: 350 
File: life-in-amber.pdf
Reads: 1337580


"Amber is a semi-precious gem that is formed over eons by natural forces out of the resin of trees. Human fascination with amber dates back to prehistoric times, when it was probably considered to have magical powers and was used for adornment and trade. Amber amulets and beads dating from 35,000 to 1,800 B.C. have been found, and where they have been found (for example in graves hundreds of miles from their chemically determined origins) has often helped to establish ancient trade routes." "The preservative qualities of plant resins were well known by the ancients. The Egyptians used resins to embalm their dead, and the Greeks used them to preserve their wine. Amber often preserved fossils, frequently in a pristine state, of all kinds of animal and plant organisms that made contact with the sticky substance and became trapped in it. These fossils include such fragile organisms as nematodes and mushrooms that ordinarily are not preserved under normal processes of fossilization, as well as larger organisms like scorpions and lizards, and the fossils are preserved in their full three-dimensional form, complete with minute details of scales, mouth parts, antennae, and hairs. It has even been suggested that viable DNA may persist in some amber-trapped organisms." "This book is a compendium of all that we know about life found in amber. It surveys all life forms, from microbes to vertebrates and plants, that have been reported from amber deposits throughout the world, beginning with the earliest pieces dating from some 300 million years ago. It also describes the formation of amber and the location, geological history, and early exploration of the major world amber deposits, including those still being worked today." "The book also provides practical information on how to determine fake amber containing present-day forms of life. It can serve as a beginning for tracing the geological history of a particular group of animals or plants or even reconstructing ancient paleoenvironments, and because amber fossils are preserved so completely, in a transparent medium, they can be intimately compared with related living species. Finally, the book discusses what amber fossils can tell us about evolution and speciation, cellular preservation, and paleosymbiosis." "The book is illustrated with 37 color photographs, 154 black-and-white photographs and drawings, and 8 maps."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Selection and Application of Warning Lights on Roadway Operations Equipment

Selection and Application of Warning Lights on Roadway Operations Equipment ebook ISBN: 0309117577
Publisher: Transportation Research Board
Author: Ronald Bruce Gibbons
Number of Pages: 40 
File: selection-and-application-of-warning-lights-on-roadway-operations-equipment.pdf
Reads: 7789406


TRB¿s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 624: Selection and Application of Warning Lights on Roadway Operations Equipment explores recommended guidelines for the selection and application of warning lights on roadway operations equipment.

Amber Brown Is Feeling Blue

Amber Brown Is Feeling Blue ebook ISBN: 1101657189
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Paula Danziger
Number of Pages: 160 
File: amber-brown-is-feeling-blue.pdf
Reads: 2758920


Wow! Mom's boyfriend Max has invited Amber and her mom to Walla Walla, Washington for Thanksgiving. And Amber's dad is coming home from Paris to live nearby. Life couldn't be better. Until Amber's dad calls. He's expecting Amber to spend Thanksgiving with him in New York City. And the grownups are leaving it up to Amber to decide what to do.Suddenly, Amber feels as if she is in the middle of a bad dream...which only gets worse when she goes to school and meets the new girl -- Kelly Green. No one in the class has ever had a two-color name like Amber Brown. Hannah Burton smirks and says, "Let the color wars begin!" Home. School. Nothing is going right. What to do? Amber Brown is feeling blue.

Admiralty Manual of Seamanship

Admiralty Manual of Seamanship ebook ISBN: 9780117726963
Publisher: The Stationery Office
Author: Great Britain. Ministry of Defence (Navy)
Number of Pages: 798 
File: admiralty-manual-of-seamanship.pdf
Reads: 240507


Admiralty Manual of Seamanship

Designing the World's Best Bars

Designing the World's Best Bars ebook ISBN: 9781584710899
Publisher: Visual Reference Publications
Author: Martin M. Pegler
Number of Pages: 175 
File: designing-the-world-s-best-bars.pdf
Reads: 7625863


In Designing the World's Best Bars you will embark on a world tour of the newest, most innovative and intriguing drinking establishments. Welcome to the wonderful world of today's bars: all kinds of bars in all kinds of settings in all parts of the world. From the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas to the subtle sophistication of Berlin, Sydney and Toronto; sample the retro glamour of art deco and art moderne reinterpreted in lounges in Chicago, New York City and Garden City, NY; the fun and relaxing bars in Rome and New Orleans; the sporting ambience of Pasadena, Biloxi and Bossier City. Have a unique beer experience in Hamburg, Omaha and Pasadena or in the newest wine, beer and cheese bars in Philadelphia. We are extremely pleased to note that some of today's leading designers of bars, lounges and restaurants have permitted us to show examples of their work in a collection that literally spans from Singapore to Sydney to Sao Paulo in Brazil, across the USA from San Francisco to Chicago, Miami and New York to Europe highlighting London, Milan, Rome, Berlin and Hamburg.

Butterfly in Amber and Other Fragments of a Life

Butterfly in Amber and Other Fragments of a Life ebook ISBN: 073880567X
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Janet Jacobs
Number of Pages: 118 
File: butterfly-in-amber-and-other-fragments-of-a-life.pdf
Reads: 3859242


A busy and successful travel consultant, Julie Ellisons life evolved from the most harrowing of beginnings; she married at seventeen to escape her mothers fierce Hollywood ambitions for her, only to be deserted by her husband a few months later leaving her pregnant and facing the birth of their child alone. She entered a second marriage hoping desperately to find a sustaining love for herself and her child, only to have that fail too. Now, grateful that her daughter has weathered her own difficult passage to adulthood, Julie falls in love with Paul Bassett, a young international investment banker who is about to move to London. This poignant journal-like account begins in New York and takes the reader on a roller coaster of countries and emotions that span a mere year. Their meetings are ecstatic, fleeting and bittersweet, for Paul is married and the father of two young children. Because of her own past Julie painfully identifies with his family and empathizes about the loss they will suffer if they lose him. Paul determines to leave his marriage once he stabilizes his financial life, and as the months pass he is able to achieve his goal. His wife agrees to a divorce and he departs for New York to join Julie and celebrate their future. The profound relief she finally feels intensifies Julies enormous exhilaration. But the news of a terrible plane crash in Paris gives her a sense of foreboding that turns out to be uncannily accurate; in a last minute change of plans Paul boarded the ill-fated plane. There are no survivors. In a series of brief scenes that distill Julies grief, Butterfly in Amber piercingly conveys how she manages to absorb his loss, decide to embrace life again, and commemorate their love in an act that affirms it forever. Gordon McKenzie of the London newspaper, The Mail on Sunday describes Butterfly in Amber as a modern day "Brief Encounter". Two short stories, "The Eves of Christmas "and "The Excursion" offer variations on these themes. These stories are based on the experiences, dreams, failures, disappointments and hopes of Ms. Jacobs. They combine to create "Butterfly in Amber and Other Fragments of a Life", an affecting collection about the nature of loss and the miracle of human capacity for recovery and renewal. Jacket and author photos by Ted Fine

Nikon D3000

Nikon D3000 ebook ISBN: 9781600596704
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Simon Stafford
Number of Pages: 303 
File: nikon-d3000.pdf
Reads: 694871


- Nikon’s newest entry-level model: well-priced, a great value, and sure to be a big seller with the general public - Covers the new and exclusive Guide Mode Feature, which displays selectable menus in the LCD that guide photographers step by step through the settings - Stafford is the technical editor of Nikon Owner magazine, a lifelong Nikon shooter, a contributor to several photo magazines, and the author of more than 13 Magic Lantern Guides

Web of Destiny

Web of Destiny ebook ISBN: 0307561518
Publisher: Multnomah
Author: Al Lacy,Joanna Lacy
Number of Pages: 304 
File: web-of-destiny.pdf
Reads: 5412679


The Kane Legacy: faith, love, courage, and strength. In nineteenth-century Texas, they’re going to need it. Alan Kane lost a beloved brother at the Alamo and grieves terribly. His one consolation is that he will be reunited with Adam someday in heaven. Meanwhile the United States seems to be caught in a web of destiny to fight Mexico. When General Sam Houston prepares to face off against General Santa Anna, the three remaining Kane brothers volunteer once again, leaving their heavy-hearted wives on the Diamond K Ranch. Who will return this time when the guns are silent and the dust has settled? Can Alan let go of his brother Adam and freely love the woman he left behind? Can the Kane men make a difference in the war that threatens to destroy all they’ve worked to build? And will peace ever be theirs amid the rages of war? Spanning a decade in the lives of the Kane family, Web of Destiny follows a loving Christian family through victory, loss, guilt, tears, and valor. It will stir the heart of anyone who has ever loved, lost, or sacrificed for a cause.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D For Dummies

Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D For Dummies ebook ISBN: 1118461908
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Julie Adair King
Number of Pages: 416 
File: canon-eos-rebel-t4i-650d-for-dummies.pdf
Reads: 910498


An easy-to-follow guide to Canon's first touchscreen dSLR Canon calls the EOS Rebel T4i/650D its most consumer-friendly dSLR, but there's still a lot to learn. Expert author and photography instructor Julie Adair King handles the subject in a step-by-step style that will boost your confidence. If this is your first dSLR, you'll find all the information you need to get going with your new camera and start taking great pictures. More than 300 fabulous full-color photos illustrate all the camera features and also show you what you and your Rebel T4i/650D can achieve. Canon's EOS Rebel T4i/650D is a consumer-friendly dSLR with touchscreen controls, expanded autofocus features, and improved low-light shooting capabilities; this friendly guide explains all the controls and helps you gain confidence with the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D camera Bestselling author Julie Adair King covers using auto, live view, and playback modes; how to dial in exposure and lighting controls; and how to manipulate focus and color Offers advice on situational shots, explains how to get images onto a computer for editing, and shows how to print photos or post them online Presents professional editing tips and plenty of beautiful full-color images showing what you can achieve Popular author has written more than 15 For Dummies books on Nikon and Canon cameras Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D For Dummies is the perfect how-to guide for anyone venturing into dSLR photography with this popular new model.