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Amber House

Amber House ebook ISBN: 9781484410646
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Author: Kelly Moore,Tucker Reed
Number of Pages: 384 
File: amber-house.pdf
Reads: 7810111


After her grandmother's death Sarah Parsons, nearly sixteen, delights in exploring her family's centuries-old Maryland estate with new friend Jackson, but soon she is having vivid visions of her ancestors, one of whom may be a threat to Sarah's autis

2020 - 2021 Teacher Planner

2020 - 2021 Teacher Planner ebook ISBN:
Author: Amber House
Number of Pages: 145 
File: 2020-2021-teacher-planner.pdf
Reads: 7952726


A simple teacher planner for the 2020 - 2021 school year. Includes:Year At A GlanceMonthly Calendars Weekly Lesson Planning Pages (3 subject)Notes Section (to keep all of your meeting notes in one place)

Il passato di Amber House

Il passato di Amber House ebook ISBN: 8858820231
Publisher: Feltrinelli Editore
Author: Kelly Moore,Larkin Reed,Tucker Reed
Number of Pages: 336 
File: il-passato-di-amber-house.pdf
Reads: 5456079


Sarah si è trasferita ad Amber House, l’antica tenuta di famiglia in cui riecheggiano ricordi spettrali del passato. Un passato in cui qualcosa è andato storto, le cui stonature risuonano con forza nel presente: i coloni non hanno conquistato l’indipendenza nel 1776, l’America è diventata una società razzista e arretrata, i nazisti hanno vinto la guerra e conquistato gran parte del mondo. Tormentata dalle visioni di un passato alternativo, Sarah cerca di ambientarsi nella nuova casa: aiuta i genitori nell’allestimento di un’importante mostra, flirta con l’affascinante Richard Hathaway e fa nuovamente amicizia con Jackson, compagno di giochi della sua infanzia. Ma quando gli eventi intorno a lei arriveranno a minacciare chi le sta a cuore, dovrà chiedere aiuto alle persone più vicine per una scelta che metterà di nuovo in gioco la sua vita e il corso del tempo. In questo secondo episodio della trilogia di Amber House l’azione prende il sopravvento sull’introspezione e il piccolo mondo misterioso della vecchia casa di famiglia si allarga fino a diventare un affresco ampio e credibile degli ultimi tre secoli di Storia.

Amber's Revenge

Amber's Revenge ebook ISBN: 1606965875
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Author: K. Kitson
Number of Pages: 200 
File: amber-s-revenge.pdf
Reads: 8304732


A senior in high school, Amber hopes to attend college and escape the people she has grown to hate. Since her parents' divorce, she has shouldered the burden of responsibility, she does all the household chores, handles all the finances, and supplements her mother's meager income by having yard sales and doing without. To everyone's dismay, Amber looks and acts more like her vicious, man-hating mother every day. Amber's Revenge details Amber's struggle as she approaches a crossroad in her life, looking only in the wrong direction. In his first published work, author Keith Kitson takes you through six crucial days in Amber's life in this coming-of-age story that will resonate with anyone who has faced difficult choices. Follow along as God puts the people Amber needs in her path and discover the most compelling argument against Amber's Revenge.

Teen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle: Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay & Teen Ghost at Dead Lake

Teen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle: Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay & Teen Ghost at Dead Lake ebook ISBN:
Publisher: R. Barri Flowers
Author: R. Barri Flowers
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: teen-haunted-house-mysteries-bundle-ghost-girl-in-shadow-bay-teen-ghost-at-dead-lake.pdf
Reads: 6984632


Teen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle contains two complete YA ghost mystery novels by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay and Teen Ghost at Dead Lake. Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay Three years after her father was killed, sixteen-year-old Peyton Delaney, her mother, Melody, and new stepfather, Vance McIntyre, relocate to Shadow Bay, Minnesota and move into an old Victorian. They are unaware of the house's dark history--fifty years ago, a jealous husband snapped, murdering his wife, her lover, and sixteen-year-old daughter before killing himself. But when Peyton begins to have nightmares about the crime and is haunted by a ghostly teenage girl named Caitlyn, she begins to investigate with the help of the caretaker's cute son, Bryant. As the two delve into the supernatural mystery surrounding the house, they discover that the events that led to the tragedy of fifty years ago are somehow intertwined with the present. In other words, history is repeating itself and Peyton, Bryant, and their parents are being drawn into a disturbing case of jealousy, possession, revenge, and murder, while seemingly powerless to prevent the inevitable from taking place all over again. Caitlyn is a ghost who has had to relive the nightmare of being murdered by her father for half a century. When Peyton and her family arrive at the house where Caitlyn’s spirit has remained trapped, she feels a connection to Peyton and knows instinctively that it will take the two of them to not only free Caitlyn at long last, but to prevent her tragedy from becoming one that Peyton too must endure. Teen Ghost at Dead Lake When sixteen-year-old Paige Preston and her mother relocated to Dead Lake, Michigan, they were unaware that a seventeen-year-old previous resident of their house had killed himself by jumping off a cliff into the lake six months earlier. But was it really suicide? Noah Snyder is a ghost. At least he thinks so. Only he's not sure how he died. He recruits the attractive Paige to help him get to the bottom of the mystery so he can move on. Before he died, Noah was the captain of the boys swim team and popular at Dead Lake High School. He had also suffered from depression after losing his father when Noah was just a boy. Paige, who had initially believed she was dealing with an imposter Noah, is stunned to find out that he is a real ghost and that there were more than a few people who may have wanted him dead. Being attracted to a cute teen ghost is no small feat as Paige tries to adjust to life in a new town and help unravel the mystery of his death. In the process, she soon finds herself in danger, as someone wants to keep a deadly secret at all costs. Praise for R. Barri Flowers “Great mystery and I loved the narration. The narrator really brought the story to life! I will highly recommend this mystery to my friends and family!” -- Amazon reviewer on Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay "This was like 'Sweet Valley High' meets 'True Blood'.... Fans of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series will enjoy this series. Great for young readers!" - Jessica's Reviews on Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter “This book has some serious potential with a really unique idea!... I think my students would really love this book.” -- Brittany Elsen, Book Reviewer on Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter “The story was fast paced and had a lot of twist and turns... I would recommend this book for people who enjoy a good vampire YA book, it's packed with teenage drama and triangles that will keep you turning the pages.” -- Ordinary Girlz Book Reviews on Out for Blood “A very interesting concept and world that Flowers has written. With the introduction of a few more key players, I see some real potential in the future of the series.” -- Hot Off the Shelves on Out for Blood

The House of Fame

The House of Fame ebook ISBN: 0349143838
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Oliver Harris
Number of Pages: 352 
File: the-house-of-fame.pdf
Reads: 4745676


'Mazy, pacy London noir' Ian Rankin Ten days after the station closed, he was informed he'd been officially suspended pending a hearing over allegations of gross misconduct. No details. A few hours after that, he got a call from a man who wouldn't give his name but told him he was under surveillance...They were bracing themselves for a shit-storm. Stay safe, the caller said, and hung up. Amber Knight is hot property - pop star, film star, front-page gossip. DC Nick Belsey is less celebrated. He can't shake his habit of getting into serious trouble and his career at Hampstead CID is coming to a dishonourable end. He is currently of no fixed address - squatting in a disused police station round the corner from Amber's swanky Primrose Hill mansion. But a knock on the door from a frantic and confused woman looking for her missing son is about to lead Belsey straight into the heart of Amber's glittering life. When a body is found and a twisted crime spree ensues, Belsey finds himself dangerously embroiled in a world of celebrity, obsession, glamour and desperation. Praise for The House of Fame 'Harris has a terrific sense of place, hurtling between the wealthiest and most-run-down areas of London... The plot unfolds in a chilling and totally unexpected direction' Sunday Times 'A fast-paced thriller that is also nuanced and evocative...hats off to Harris, who has, once again, managed it with style and authority' Guardian 'Gripping, and Oliver Harris is punchy and perceptive' The Times

The Mystery of the Blue Velvet Pouches & Amber Rose

The Mystery of the Blue Velvet Pouches & Amber Rose ebook ISBN: 0359704328
Author: Pattimari Cacciolfi
Number of Pages: 186 
File: the-mystery-of-the-blue-velvet-pouches-amber-rose.pdf
Reads: 4650014


Five authors wrote the book; each completed a chapter and sent it to the next in rotation. They did not confer with each other but managed to seamlessly blend the story together to the unexpected conclusion. Something strange is going on in Queens, New York where children are being kidnapped with only a blue velvet bag and a wooden cross left behind. Is it a sign that the children are still alive? No one knows. Some think so. Amber's husband, a billionaire of old money who owns a famous winery tells Amber Rose he cremated their baby girl because he didn't want her to be upset by seeing her dead. Was she dreaming? Or is her baby girl alive and kidnapped? This mystery has many twists and turns and will keep you guessing throughout the book ? until the very end. You may think you know who the kidnapper is, and then you may be wrong too.

Amber Janusson and the Battle for the Magic Lands

Amber Janusson and the Battle for the Magic Lands ebook ISBN: 0595777953
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Helen Cardwell
Number of Pages: 124 
File: amber-janusson-and-the-battle-for-the-magic-lands.pdf
Reads: 9964979


Amber can hardly believe her luck. She has a new job, great friends, no parents and has even managed to find the time to date. Incredibly, The Magic Lands are reasonably peaceful. Or are they? With Morrigan around trouble is never far away. Why does Amber seem to be having more close calls than usual? Who is the mysterious figure in black? And why is The Protector ignoring all the signs that say trouble is brewing? It's not long before Amber realizes that by ignoring her instincts, she's not only risking her own safety but also the lives and freedom of everyone in The Magic Lands.

I segreti di Amber House

I segreti di Amber House ebook ISBN: 9788807910272
Author: Kelly Moore,Larkin Reed,Tucker Reed
Number of Pages: 365 
File: i-segreti-di-amber-house.pdf
Reads: 4868707


The Bloody Rose

The Bloody Rose ebook ISBN: 1463449860
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Chrissy Yacoub
Number of Pages: 340 
File: the-bloody-rose.pdf
Reads: 1421385


Hope Lovett, Dominic Whitaker and their son Taylor are running The Lovett Lighthouse that serves as a shelter for battered hearts. But with a disturbing and eclectic guest list the atmosphere at the inn is anything but trite. On Taylor’s sixteenth birthday Hope discovers the killer who kidnapped Taylor eight years ago and committed a series of murders on the island, was released from the mental institution after spending the last eight years in therapy. The killer visits Hope with a peace offering - a red rose – the same day the first of a series of new murders begins to occur on the island by what is now dubbed as The Bloody Rose Killer since all the victims are left with a bloody red rose by their bodies. Hope is convinced the killer is back for vengeance but Dominic suspects that something more sinister is at work. Meanwhile, Taylor has questions about Amber and how his biological father Curtis died – questions that nobody seems to know the real answers to except for the killer. As the situation escalates Taylor rebels against his parents and their warnings, which drives him right into the The Bloody Rose Killer’s hands.

Amber Roses

Amber Roses ebook ISBN: 1628571551
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Author: Patrick Gormley
Number of Pages: 70 
File: amber-roses.pdf
Reads: 4893700


Amber Roses is a special poetry collection that touches on many topics. Patrick Gormley shares his verses and views on life. He includes humorous poems, romantic poems, and poems full of wonderful stories that will suit all readers. In a world full of roses, poetry lovers will enjoy the first verse of his "Amber Roses" poem: Amber roses growing bright in the sunshine, pure delight so very pleasing to the eye underneath a crimson sky. About the Author Patrick Gormley has been writing poetry for twelve years. His first book was a book of limericks titled Northern Irelaugh, which provides a humorous look at Northern Ireland. He lives in the small town of Newtownstewart, Ireland. Publisher's website: http: //

Dr House - Trousse de survie du série-addict

Dr House - Trousse de survie du série-addict ebook ISBN: 2809809224
Publisher: L\'Archipel
Author: Elise Petter
Number of Pages: 178 
File: dr-house-trousse-de-survie-du-série-addict.pdf
Reads: 4947282


Cynique et irrespectueux, génial et odieux, Gregory House suscite admiration ou exaspération... mais ne laisse personne indifférent ! Des millions de spectateurs suivent les enquêtes de ce maître de l'objectivité scientifique, se réjouissent de ses sarcasmes et de ses caprices.Dr House : le guide non officiel révèle les coulisses de la série. On y découvre l'équipe de producteurs et scénaristes à l'origine du feuilleton, des anecdotes sur la vie ou la carrière des acteurs, dont le charismatique Dr House, Hugh Laurie. La seconde partie de l'ouvrage aborde personnages, intrigues amoureuses, lieux, cas médicaux, exemples de consultation type, meilleures répliques. Rien n'est oublié, pas même un guide complet des épisodes des saisons 4 et 5 et d'un aperçu de la saison 6.

My Family and Other Freaks

My Family and Other Freaks ebook ISBN: 1780873565
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Carol Midgley
Number of Pages: 256 
File: my-family-and-other-freaks.pdf
Reads: 9253900


Danielle is doomed in love and has the parents from hell. Her mum and dad are embarrassingly scruffy and their car bonnet is a different colour to the rest of the car. Worst of all, they're still in love, which is totally gross considering how ancient they are. Her best friend is a (nice) nerd, her love-rival is an airhead and her dog Simon is in love with an Ugg boot. Despite all this, she hatches a plan - indeed many plans - to win the gorgeous Damien's affections. But when she brings Simon to the park to show him off in front of Damien, a smelly little accident lands Danielle with the nickname 'Dench the Stench'. Could things get any worse? When Simon is accused of biting children in the neighbourhood and her Dad decides to have him taken away, Danielle's life truly begins to unravel. And then her mother announces she's pregnant - again - which gives Danielle's schoolmates even more ammunition with which to make fun of her. Will Damian ever notice her? Can she save Simon? And will Danielle ever live her family down?

Loving Circumstances

Loving Circumstances ebook ISBN: 1465322213
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Rita Johnson
Number of Pages: 171 
File: loving-circumstances.pdf
Reads: 2367091


Amber Taylor had been taught to abstain from sex until she got married. Her vow to do just that wasnt difficult given the choices that presented themselves. As a result she became a workaholic who didnt have time for the challenges of a relationship. Trey Anderson, with his gorgeous smile and charming personality came along and changed her perception of that. She was hopelessly in love with him, which was something she swore shed never do. Shed seen the devastation being in love could cause. But the love of her life brought the baggage of his life before her and lies and attempted murder became a reality.

House for All Seasons

House for All Seasons ebook ISBN: 1922052051
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Jenn J. McLeod
Number of Pages: 474 
File: house-for-all-seasons.pdf
Reads: 3591054


Bequeathed a century-old house, four estranged friends return to their home town, Calingarry Crossing, where each must stay for a season to fulfil the wishes of their beloved benefactor, Gypsy. Here they finally face the consequences of the tragic accident that occurred twenty years ago and changed their lives forever. Sara, a breast cancer survivor afraid to fall in love; Poppy, an ambitious journo craving her father’s approval; Amber, a spoilt socialite looking for some purpose to life; Caitlin, a doctor frustrated by a controlling family At Dandelion House, each will discover something about themselves and a secret that will bind them forever.

Amber Road

Amber Road ebook ISBN: 074142035X
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Author: John Boland
Number of Pages: 276 
File: amber-road.pdf
Reads: 1427350


On a quest to fulfill her dying father's request, she may be in a race with her own health. Native American mysticism + a journey of love and self-discovery

The Life and Death of Sir Astanax Knight

The Life and Death of Sir Astanax Knight ebook ISBN: 0595289126
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Travis Gill
Number of Pages: 136 
File: the-life-and-death-of-sir-astanax-knight.pdf
Reads: 338808


The Life And Death Of Sir Astanax Knight is a story based on dreams and visions of a past life, if there ever is such a thing. It follows the life of Sir Astanax Knight, through his young age of misunderstandings of knights, to his first and last loves. It shares some facts of knighthood with it as well. Sir Astanax is also plagued by a woman who appears only in his dreams. Who this beautiful woman is, is a mystery. This is my first, and perhaps only book, but I believe you will find enjoyment out of reading this tale of chivalry, sword fighting, war, love, adventure, and greed in my book, The Life And Death Of Sir Astanax Knight.


Confusion ebook ISBN: 1615796320
Publisher: Xulon Press
Author: Norm Salter
Number of Pages: 390 
File: confusion.pdf
Reads: 1021555


Norm Salter wrote this based on all the good and bad situations he has seen from his experiences. He gleaned knowledge from his contacts over the years while contracting and coaching. Much of the book is based on actual events that touched his life. He compiled and tied it all together in this novel, which he hopes people can use as a resource to learn or it may be something they relate to. Norman Salter was born during the Great Depression and grew up in Livingston, Illinois. He was a diver in the U. S. Navy and had duty on a destroyer during the Korean War. Married in 1956 and has 3 children, Shrisse, Bill and Sallie Anne. Self employed as a Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor for over 40 years. Has coached high school football and girls basketball. He enjoys fishing, sports and more fishing. Norm resides with his wife of 52 years in San Diego County. Look for Norm's next book, The Last Mission, coming soon.

Night Watch

Night Watch ebook ISBN: 1460355660
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Number of Pages: 384 
File: night-watch.pdf
Reads: 1162726


New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann has thrilled audiences with her Tall, Dark and Dangerous series. Experience it here with a hero who must face the most daring adventure of all—falling in love. How can he choose between an old flame and a new spark? When US Navy SEAL Chief Wes Skelly is sent to LA on assignment, he reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date with Brittany Evans, the sister-in-law of a fellow SEAL. After all, he's been secretly pining for a very unavailable woman and he needs to get over her. So what does he have to lose? Plenty, as it turns out. Because suddenly the woman he'd thought he could never have is single. However, so is Brittany—and she's in danger because of him. He knows he can keep her safe… Book 11 of Tall, Dark & Dangerous series. Originally published in 2003.