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Ambushed in Paradise

Ambushed in Paradise ebook ISBN: 9780998440422
Author: Deborah Brown
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: ambushed-in-paradise.pdf
Reads: 65704


The Keys is a great place to hide a seashell bucket full of secrets. Creole...shot...dead. Three words Madison Westin never thought she'd hear in the same sentence. Creole promised. He pinky swore on it. But even through a blur of tears fed by prescription-strength margaritas, Madison can tell when things are shady. Sure, Creole was undercover, but she deserves more than sketchy non-answers, an urn of ashes, and a secret life crawling out of the woodwork. Nothing's adding up, nothing that remotely sounds like the Creole she knew and loved. Calling in every one of her IOU's-only to find some of her most reliable information sources drying up-Madison sets out to dig up what really happened to Creole. She never thought the truth would wrap its arms around her and make her wonder if she's chasing a ghost... or taking a vacation from sanity. Ambushed in Paradise is book #12 in the action-packed Paradise series. Come along with Madison and Fab as they dig up the truth and share more than one hair raising adventure.


Ambushed ebook ISBN: 1477262997
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Wil Tustin
Number of Pages: 314 
File: ambushed.pdf
Reads: 3950612


We will all be ambushed at some point in our lives. The ultimate query is how we will react to this event. This novel focuses on how Paul, a self-driven man, dealt with his life changing confrontations. Paul was a criminal, terrorist, and murderer. After he was ambushed, he went from persecutor to being persecuted and from taking life to giving life. His ambushed transformed his life from successful to significant. When historians throughout history list the most influential men and women, Paul is frequently mentioned as the second most influential person to have lived. Pauls life was filled with endless highs and lows. This novel looks at how he dealt with success, hardships and unforeseen events. His response to these external events enabled him to become an outstanding student, stimulating teacher, and devoted encourager. His life has caused all of us to make a decision regarding our future and the way we treat others.

Soldier In Paradise

Soldier In Paradise ebook ISBN: 1463439628
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Steven S. Cullen
Number of Pages: 276 
File: soldier-in-paradise.pdf
Reads: 1988475


Soldier In Paradise is a novel depicting the human experience of life through the eyes of war. Th is fi ctional autobiography follows the trials and tribulations of one young man’s journey out of childhood adolescence and into the prison of memories inescapable by any means. Th e struggle to forget the pain, wrestle with guilt, and relish the good that comes with moving on and starting a new life is one battle that continues to be fought by Veterans everyday. Steven S. Cullen’s evocative and vibrant writing leaves the reader poised to truly grasp the physical and emotional passage through life during and after Vietnam. "Let each man hear his own music and live by it. Th e drums roll one way for one man, I guess, and another way for another. You have to listen to your own."- Audie Murphy

Double Play: Ambushed! / High-Caliber Cowboy

Double Play: Ambushed! / High-Caliber Cowboy ebook ISBN: 1474032931
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Author: B.J. Daniels
Number of Pages: 512 
File: double-play-ambushed-high-caliber-cowboy.pdf
Reads: 2836818


Suspense, passion, cowboys and the wide skies of Montana–all the hallmarks of New York Times bestselling author B.J. Daniels combine in this thrilling volume! AMBUSHED!


Paradise ebook ISBN: 1589397193
Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing
Author: Frank Jakobs
Number of Pages: 240 
File: paradise.pdf
Reads: 7683807


London, England: Ahmed is a handsome and exceptionally charming jet-setter with a taste for fine wine and an eye for beautiful women. His true passion however is something far more sinister. Two years following the end of the second Gulf War, he detonates a bomb in a popular London dance club. This vicious act is but the first in a series of increasingly brutal attacks he executes throughout Europe, confounding Police agencies on both sides of the Atlantic. Acapulco, Mexico: A team of Mexican rebels is hired to kidnap several small groups of American tourists, and then turn them over to a wealthy Saudi Oil baron. Fancying himself as the next Bin Laden, the man who calls himself Mohammed intends to use the hostages in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the U.S. Government. Virginia, USA: Marie, the beautiful long-time girlfriend of a well connected U.S. Congressman hatches a plot more treacherous than anything previously attempted on American soil. She is Ahmed and Mohammed's beloved younger sister and the inspiration for their acts of terror. A group of friends take a long awaited vacation trip to Acapulco. Their world is abruptly torn apart when half of the group fall victim to Saudi kidnappers. With the U.S. government reluctant to alienate its Saudi allies over the abductions and unwilling to cut a deal with the terrorists, these very ordinary Americans are forced to take matters into their own hands. They are assisted by some unlikely new friends including an aging millionaire, his two buffoonish bodyguards and a former CIA analyst who now makes his living as a drug trafficker in the Middle East. Together they must find and rescue their loved ones and in the process prevent acataclysm that could alter the course of U.S. history.

Abyssinian Chronicles

Abyssinian Chronicles ebook ISBN: 030778780X
Publisher: Vintage
Author: Moses Isegawa
Number of Pages: 480 
File: abyssinian-chronicles.pdf
Reads: 2307539


Every once in a while there emerges a literary voice with the power and urgency to immerse readers deep within a previously "invisible" culture. From a young African writer who has already earned comparisons to Salman Rushdie and Gabriel Garcia Marquez comes this masterful saga of life in 20th-century Uganda. The teller of this panoramic tale is Mugezi, a quick-witted, sharp-eyed man whose life encompasses the traditional and the modern, the peaceful and the insanely violent, the despotic and the democratic. Born in a rural community in the early 1960s, he is raised by his grandfather, a deposed clan chief, and his great-aunt, or "grandmother," after his parents immigrate to the capital city of Kampala. At age nine, he leaves behind his secure life in the village to join his parents and siblings in the city, where he is first exposed to the despotism and hardship that he will contend with in the years to come. The nightmare reign of Idi Amin and its chaotic aftermath are the backdrop to Mugezi's troubled coming-of-age: his constant struggle with his harsh mother and austere father; his years spent as caregiver to his parents' ever-growing brood of children; his sojourn in a horrifically repressive Catholic seminary. He goes to work as a high school teacher, becomes enmeshed in a tragic romance, finds himself drawn into a dubious, potentially dangerous alliance with the military after Amin's fall and witnesses the widespread ravages of the AIDS virus. Finally, sickened by personal loss and national tragedy, he manages to immigrate to Amsterdam. The details of Mugezi's life provide a foundation for Isegawa's brilliant and profoundly illuminating portrait of the contemporary, postcolonial African experience. Filled with extraordinary characters, animated by a wicked sense of humor and guided by an intense yet clear-eyed compassion, Abyssianian Chronicles is our introduction to a superlative new writer.

Martyrs in Paradise

Martyrs in Paradise ebook ISBN: 1449008828
Publisher: Author House
Author: Peter L. Wong
Number of Pages: 660 
File: martyrs-in-paradise.pdf
Reads: 3096224


The quiet moments of global terrorism are over. They were silently on the move and highly motivated against the USA, first and foremost. To the radical extremist fascists international terrorists network, the USA was the easiest to infiltrate amongst the worlds super powers. Their ultimate target was the entertainment capital of the world, the city of sin and pleasure for the western free world. Assisted by human traffickers and smugglers, this time, thei suicidal martyr is a Woman of Mass Destruction (WMD). Westernized and American educated, desired by almost every man, a woman well adorned as well as scorned, the self appointed terrorist, the self declared jihadist, the self-anointed martyr is now ready to make her move. It all began in an island archipelago in the Pacific, where three young men who started out as childhood friends were separated by fate. One became the most wanted notorious non Christian rebel leader in that region, another became a hardened military combat zone officer and the third became an American. Noor was a casualty turned weapon against the Infidels. Her mission before she perishes was to inflict as much damage and pain to portions of the society that caused her miseries. To make their statement that the war against terrorism is not over, and will not be over, and will not be won by the Infidels. Noor was the networks ultimate weapon against the USA as the start of reviving the plan to totally disabling the US Mainland was initiated. She has been very well prepared for a self declared war compounded by ideological pressures from her own kind covering under the protection of religion. Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival. W. Edwards Deming (1900-1993)

A Cuban in Paradise

A Cuban in Paradise ebook ISBN: 1475961383
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Antonio J. Guernica
Number of Pages: 294 
File: a-cuban-in-paradise.pdf
Reads: 5989901


In 1953, Alfonso Candela is a likeable rogue who loves his privileged life in Santiago de Cuba. Unfortunately, Fidel Castro has other plans for him. As the Cuban Revolution takes root and irrevocably tears at the fabric of Alfonso’s personal paradise, he and his family attempt to go about their daily lives, despite the mounting threats that surround them. When approached by a rebel who wants their weekend home to help dethrone Batista in the name of democracy, the Candelas are seemingly left with no choice but to comply. His wife, Mirta, befriends Teodora, who channels her interest in her neighbors’ affairs into revolutionary purpose and tries to recruit Alfonso to join the militia. With their family splintered and in exile, the Candelas must reinvent their lives in an alien land. But when Castro finally opens the gates of Mariel, Alfonso returns, intent on seeking redemption. In this historical saga, the essence of the Cuban Revolution is captured through one family’s eyes as they reflect on a life that could have been and the generation that must create a new paradise in exile.


Ambushed ebook ISBN: 9780974451602
Author: Anne DuBose Joslin
Number of Pages: 510 
File: ambushed.pdf
Reads: 4702694


Paradise Lust

Paradise Lust ebook ISBN: 0802195636
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Author: Brook Wilensky-Lanford
Number of Pages: 321 
File: paradise-lust.pdf
Reads: 5200805


A “certainly weird . . . strangely wonderful . . . [and] often irresistible” search to find the real Garden of Eden (The New York Times Book Review). Where, precisely, was God’s Paradise? St. Augustine had a theory. So did medieval monks, John Calvin and Christopher Columbus. But when Darwin’s theory of evolution changed our understanding of human origins, shouldn’t the desire to put a literal Eden on the map have faded away? Not so fast. This “gloriously researched, pluckily written historical and anecdotal assay of humankind’s age-old quixotic quest for the exact location of the Biblical garden” (Elle) explores an obsession that has consumed scientists and theologians alike for centuries. To this day, the search continues, taken up by amateur explorers, clergymen, scholars, engineers and educators—romantic seekers all who started with the same simple-sounding Bible verses, only to end up at a different spot on the globe: Sri Lanka, the Seychelles, the North Pole, Mesopotamia, China, Iraq—and Ohio. Inspired by an Eden seeker in her own family, “Wilensky-Lanford approaches her subjects with respect, enthusiasm and conscientious research” (San Francisco Chronicle) as she traverses a century-spanning history provoking surprising insights into where we came from, what we did wrong, and where we go from here. And it all makes for “a lively journey” (Kirkus Reviews).

Burning Paradise

Burning Paradise ebook ISBN: 1466800763
Publisher: Macmillan
Author: Robert Charles Wilson
Number of Pages: 320 
File: burning-paradise.pdf
Reads: 2980857


From Robert Charles Wilson, the author of the Hugo-winning Spin, comes Burning Paradise, a new tale of humans coming to grips with a universe of implacable strangeness. Cassie Klyne, nineteen years old, lives in the United States in the year 2015—but it's not our United States, and it's not our 2015. Cassie's world has been at peace since the Great Armistice of 1918. There was no World War II, no Great Depression. Poverty is declining, prosperity is increasing everywhere; social instability is rare. But Cassie knows the world isn't what it seems. Her parents were part of a group who gradually discovered the awful truth: that for decades—back to the dawn of radio communications—human progress has been interfered with, made more peaceful and benign, by an extraterrestrial entity. That by interfering with our communications, this entity has tweaked history in massive and subtle ways. That humanity is, for purposes unknown, being farmed. Cassie's parents were killed for this knowledge, along with most of the other members of their group. Since then, the survivors have scattered and gone into hiding. Cassie and her younger brother Thomas now live with her aunt Nerissa, who shares these dangerous secrets. Others live nearby. For eight years they have attempted to lead unexceptional lives in order to escape detection. The tactic has worked. Until now. Because the killers are back. And they're not human. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Bruised Paradise

Bruised Paradise ebook ISBN: 9780252065378
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Author: Kevin Stein
Number of Pages: 72 
File: bruised-paradise.pdf
Reads: 9898527


Stein's poems reveal the constancy of the American quest for work, family, and dignity, even as they evoke the bruised but still redemptive fruit of human compassion.

Paradise City

Paradise City ebook ISBN: 0733633870
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: C.J. Duggan
Number of Pages: 336 
File: paradise-city.pdf
Reads: 4260847


There's trouble waiting in Paradise. Quiet country-girl Lexie Atkinson is about to get an education she'll never forget. Sent from her family's remote rural property to live in the glittering beachside Paradise City for her final school year, she is plunged into a place where looks can kill and vicious rumours can make or break you. Lexie just wants to fly under the radar...until she meets Luke Ballantine. Impulsive and charming, one thing is clear: Luke is sexier than any guy she has ever known. Suddenly good girl Lexie is breaking all the rules - getting detention, sneaking out to late-night parties, hanging out with boys - and then rumours start swirling...about her! Everything changes fast and Lexie will soon find out if Luke Ballantine is going to be good for her...or very, very bad? A funny, sexy and romantic novel from the bestselling author of the Summer series. 'Paradise City is the same brand of feel good, fun and sexy romance that I have come to love from this author' - Book Briefs 'I love Duggan's writing and Paradise City was a hoot. I cannot wait for the next book! Is it August yet?' - Reading With ABC 'I loved this book - it's the perfect beach read.' - Flying Through Pages 'I loved every moment . . . C. J. is a born storyteller that breathes a realism into her characters and situations that we've all found ourselves in.' - Diva Book Nerd 'Duggan's writing is addictive, and I really didn't want to put this book down.' - Escape Into Words 'Paradise City is going to be on my mind until I can get my greedy eyes on Paradise Road. I need that book yesterday!' - Book Cat Pin 'A fast paced fun read with so many steamy situations.' - Dreamy Addictions 'Guaranteed her readers will come back for more.' - My Guilty Obsession 'Drama, deception, love and a little mystery . . . the ending left me hungry for the next book! I can't wait for Paradise Road!' - Paranormal Tendencies on Goodreads 'A bit of Home and Away meets Puberty Blues feel about the novel makes is a great read for older teens and YA. I will be desperately waiting for part 2 in September.' Samantha on Goodreads 'Again Ms Duggan had created a winner. Paradise City was a perfect introduction to the series and characters. I was left needing more and it had so much laugh-out-loud fun. This really did have everything from intrigue to addiction, realism of high school antics, steamy sizzles and fast paced readability. I am certainly hooked and desperately want more of all these characters. I highly recommend this to all new adult readers, fan-bloody-tastic!' - Turner's Antics 'This is my first taste of Duggan's work and it won't be the last ... It's a story that will have you coming back for more.' - Sassy Book Lovers 'convincing and authentic ... Perfect for fans of Abbi Glines and Anna Todd, Paradise City is a fun and exciting read about love, family and surviving high school.' - Fictional Thoughts

Rascals in Paradise

Rascals in Paradise ebook ISBN: 0804151512
Publisher: Dial Press Trade Paperback
Author: James A. Michener,A. Grove Day
Number of Pages: 400 
File: rascals-in-paradise.pdf
Reads: 7229700


In a thrilling collection of nonfiction adventure stories, James A. Michener returns to the most dazzling place on Earth: the islands that inspired Tales of the South Pacific. Co-written with A. Grove Day, Rascals in Paradise offers portraits of ten scandalous men and women, some infamous and some overlooked, including Sam Comstock, a mutinous sailor whose delusions of grandeur became a nightmare; Will Mariner, a golden-haired youth who used his charm to win over his captors; and William Bligh, the notorious HMS Bounty captain who may not have been the monster history remembers him as. From lifelong buccaneers to lapsed noblemen, in Michener and Day’s capable hands these rogues become the stuff of legend. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Hawaii. Praise for Rascals in Paradise “The best book about those far-scattered islands that has appeared in a long time . . . a portfolio of rare and ruthless personalities that is calculated to make the curliest hair stand straight on end.”—The New York Times “[Combines] research and scholarship (A. Grove Day was a professor at the University of Hawaii) with a gift for spinning a yarn and depicting character (Michener, journalist and novelist, needs no introduction).”—Kirkus Reviews

The Last Good Paradise

The Last Good Paradise ebook ISBN: 146684230X
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Tatjana Soli
Number of Pages: 320 
File: the-last-good-paradise.pdf
Reads: 9788136


From Tatjana Soli, the bestselling author of The Lotus Eaters and The Forgetting Tree, comes a black comedy set on an island resort, where guests attempting to flee their troubles realize they can't escape who they are. On a small, unnamed coral atoll in the South Pacific, a group of troubled dreamers must face the possibility that the hopes they've labored after so single-mindedly might not lead them to the happiness they feel they were promised. Ann and Richard, an aspiring, Los Angeles power couple, are already sensing the cracks in their version of the American dream when their life unexpectedly implodes, leading them to brashly run away from home to a Robinson Crusoe idyll. Dex Cooper, lead singer of the rock band, Prospero, is facing his own slide from greatness, experimenting with artistic asceticism while accompanied by his sexy, young, and increasingly entrepreneurial muse, Wende. Loren, the French owner of the resort sauvage, has made his own Gauguin-like retreat from the world years before, only to find that the modern world has become impossible to disconnect from. Titi, descendent of Tahitian royalty, worker, and eventual inheritor of the resort, must fashion a vision of the island's future that includes its indigenous people, while her partner, Cooked, is torn between anarchy and lust. By turns funny and tragic, The Last Good Paradise explores our modern, complex and often, self-contradictory discontents, crafting an exhilarating and darkly satirical story about our need to connect in an increasingly networked but isolating world.

The Farther Side of Paradise

The Farther Side of Paradise ebook ISBN: 1499053800
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: W. Thomas McDaniel Jr.
Number of Pages: 526 
File: the-farther-side-of-paradise.pdf
Reads: 3570783


Man’s Flight Through Life Is Sustained By The Power Of His Knowledge Of Jesus Christ

A Strange Kind of Paradise

A Strange Kind of Paradise ebook ISBN: 144819220X
Publisher: Random House
Author: Sam Miller
Number of Pages: 432 
File: a-strange-kind-of-paradise.pdf
Reads: 4103583


A Strange Kind of Paradise is an exploration of India’s past and present, from the perspective of a foreigner who has lived in India for many years. Sam Miller investigates how the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Europeans and Americans – everyone really, except for Indians themselves – came to imagine India. His account of the engagement between foreigners and India spans the centuries from Alexander the Great to Slumdog Millionaire. It features, among many others, Thomas the Apostle, the Chinese monk Xuanzang, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Vasco da Gama, Babur, Clive of India, several Victorian pornographers, Mark Twain, E. M. Forster, Allen Ginsberg, the Beatles and Steve Jobs. Interspersed between these tales is the story of Sam Miller’s own 25-year-long love affair with India. The result is a spellbinding, 2,500-year-long journey through Indian history, culture and society, in the company of an author who informs, educates and entertains in equal measure, as he travels in the footsteps of foreign chroniclers, exposes some of their fabulous fantasies and overturns long-held stereotypes about race, identity and migration. At once scholarly and thought-provoking, delightfully eccentric and laugh-out-loud funny, this book is destined to become a much-loved classic.