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American Lion

American Lion ebook ISBN: 9781588368225
Publisher: Random House
Author: Jon Meacham
Number of Pages: 512 
File: american-lion.pdf
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The definitive biography of a larger-than-life president who defied norms, divided a nation, and changed Washington forever Andrew Jackson, his intimate circle of friends, and his tumultuous times are at the heart of this remarkable book about the man who rose from nothing to create the modern presidency. Beloved and hated, venerated and reviled, Andrew Jackson was an orphan who fought his way to the pinnacle of power, bending the nation to his will in the cause of democracy. Jackson’s election in 1828 ushered in a new and lasting era in which the people, not distant elites, were the guiding force in American politics. Democracy made its stand in the Jackson years, and he gave voice to the hopes and the fears of a restless, changing nation facing challenging times at home and threats abroad. To tell the saga of Jackson’s presidency, acclaimed author Jon Meacham goes inside the Jackson White House. Drawing on newly discovered family letters and papers, he details the human drama–the family, the women, and the inner circle of advisers– that shaped Jackson’s private world through years of storm and victory. One of our most significant yet dimly recalled presidents, Jackson was a battle-hardened warrior, the founder of the Democratic Party, and the architect of the presidency as we know it. His story is one of violence, sex, courage, and tragedy. With his powerful persona, his evident bravery, and his mystical connection to the people, Jackson moved the White House from the periphery of government to the center of national action, articulating a vision of change that challenged entrenched interests to heed the popular will– or face his formidable wrath. The greatest of the presidents who have followed Jackson in the White House–from Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt to FDR to Truman–have found inspiration in his example, and virtue in his vision. Jackson was the most contradictory of men. The architect of the removal of Indians from their native lands, he was warmly sentimental and risked everything to give more power to ordinary citizens. He was, in short, a lot like his country: alternately kind and vicious, brilliant and blind; and a man who fought a lifelong war to keep the republic safe–no matter what it took.


Publisher: Alessandro Boccaletti
Author: Alessandro Boccaletti
Number of Pages: 87 
File: big-fat-american-lion-book.pdf
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Our population is facing a global health crisis at the hands of rising obesity rates. But fortunately, Alessandro Boccaletti, BS, MBA, is here to show you how you can take responsibility for your health in Big, Fat American Lion Book. Let the comical Big Fat Lion be your guide as you look for simple ways to improve your health. Together, you will learn the factors driving up obesity rates through plenty of eye-opening US and world statistics. Boccaletti not only investigates the concerns surrounding obesity, but he also outlines the ways overweight or obese individuals can still live healthy lives. The best part? Boccaletti is on your side. Everything here is easy to read and lighthearted—highlighting the importance of the issue without scaring you away with too much jargon. As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle. Let this book arm you with everything you need to know to understand obesity and take control of your life.

Hunting American Lions

Hunting American Lions ebook ISBN: 1446545415
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
Author: Frank C. Hibben
Number of Pages: 244 
File: hunting-american-lions.pdf
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Annotated Bibliography of Quaternary Vertebrates of Northern North America

Annotated Bibliography of Quaternary Vertebrates of Northern North America ebook ISBN: 9780802048172
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: Donna Naughton,Canadian Museum of Nature
Number of Pages: 539 
File: annotated-bibliography-of-quaternary-vertebrates-of-northern-north-america.pdf
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This book focuses on highlights (species mentioned, locality, geological age, stratigraphic positions, etc.) of nearly 1000 items published between 1821 and 2000, dealing with the remains of vertebrates that lived from about 2 million to 5000 years ago.

American Bison

American Bison ebook ISBN: 9780520233386
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Dale F. Lott
Number of Pages: 229 
File: american-bison.pdf
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A behavioral ecologist details the history of the American bison, covering such topics as bison physiology, conservation efforts, and the relationship of bison to neighbors including badgers, wolves, prairie dogs, and coyotes.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson ebook ISBN: 9782808008150
Number of Pages: 72 
File: andrew-jackson.pdf
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Ice Age Giants of the South

Ice Age Giants of the South ebook ISBN: 9781561641956
Publisher: Pineapple Press Inc
Author: Judy Cutchins,Ginny Johnston
Number of Pages: 48 
File: ice-age-giants-of-the-south.pdf
Reads: 2351936


Chronicles recent archaeological discoveries of fossils in the Southern States.

Animal Myths and Metaphors in South America

Animal Myths and Metaphors in South America ebook ISBN: 9780874802054
Publisher: University of Utah Press
Author: Gary Urton
Number of Pages: 327 
File: animal-myths-and-metaphors-in-south-america.pdf
Reads: 2312982


What similarities and differences do humans see between themselves and animals? Why do people commonly make metaphorical comparisons between human beings or social groups and animals, and to what degree are people's attitudes and beliefs about animals parallel to or contingent upon their attitudes and beliefs about human beings and human society? This collection of articles considers these issues. The issues are basic in any study of "totemism," or human and animal relationships, and they have been discussed in anthropological literature since the time of Lewis Henry Morgan's work on Iroquois social organization. The contributors to this anthology have not limited themselves to the notion that clans and moieties are the only sources and objects of metaphorical comparisons between humans and animals. They suggest a shift in perspective that has metaphorical comparisons generated by conceived similarities and differences between animals and particular types of human beings. Some examples of this include macaw fledglings as adolescents; pumas as fully initiated men, and foxes as young married men. With this shift of emphasis, a significantly different analytic focus in the study of human-animal relations is produced.

Deep Alberta

Deep Alberta ebook ISBN: 0888648510
Publisher: University of Alberta
Author: John Acorn
Number of Pages: 200 
File: deep-alberta.pdf
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Alberta is well known for its fossil treasures, and author John Acorn is as keen on the long-dead creatures of Alberta as he is on the living. Here, John features 80 of the most noteworthy fossils, fossil locations, and fossil hunters from this most palaeontological of provinces. There's more to the story of "deep Alberta" than dinosaurs, but dinosaur fans will find all their favourite beasts here as well -- from Edmontosaurus to Tyrannosaurus rex, and everything in-between. Then there are the surprises, such as the world's oldest pike, the discovery of a venomous mammal, and the fossils found in such unlikely places as Edmonton and Calgary. Prepared with the collaboration of palaeontologists around Alberta, and the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum, this is a book that is long overdue, and that deserves a place on everyone's bookshelf.

Theodore Roosevelt et la lutte contre la corruption

Theodore Roosevelt et la lutte contre la corruption ebook ISBN: 2806254388
Publisher: 50 Minutes
Author: Jérémy Rocteur,50 minutes,
Number of Pages: 32 
File: theodore-roosevelt-et-la-lutte-contre-la-corruption.pdf
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Découvrez enfin tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur Theodore Roosevelt en moins d’une heure ! Élu en 1901 pour succéder à William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt devient, à 42 ans, le plus jeune président des États-Unis. Au cours de ses deux mandats, il n’aura de cesse de combattre les dérives du libéralisme et de défendre les droits des travailleurs, dans une optique résolument progressiste. C’est aussi grâce à lui que s’affirme, plus que jamais, l’impérialisme bienveillant à l’américaine : il s’agira désormais de défendre les intérêts américains, tout en veillant au maintien de la paix mondiale. Ce livre vous permettra d’en savoir plus sur : • La vie du président • Le contexte politique et social de l’époque • Les temps forts de son action politique • Les répercussions de ses mandats Le mot de l’éditeur : « Dans ce numéro de la collection « 50MINUTES | Grands Présidents », Jérémy Rocteur nous présente l’un des plus importants résidents de la Maison-Blanche, Theodore Roosevelt. Jouissant encore aujourd’hui d’une renommée restée intacte, l’homme n’hésite pas à défendre ses propres convictions, même s’il a fallu pour cela prendre ses distances par rapport à son parti. Grâce à lui, les États-Unis gagnent en visibilité à l’échelle internationale et peuvent désormais affirmer leur impérialisme bienveillant. » Stéphanie Dagrain À PROPOS DE LA SÉRIE 50MINUTES | Grands Présidents La série « Grands Présidents » de la collection « 50MINUTES » présente plus de cinquante hommes politiques qui ont marqué l’histoire. Chaque livre a été pensé pour les lecteurs curieux qui veulent faire le tour d’un sujet précis, tout en allant à l’essentiel, et ce en moins d’une heure. Nos auteurs combinent les faits historiques, les analyses et les nouvelles perspectives pour rendre accessibles des siècles d’histoire.


Notebook ebook ISBN:
Author: Kuto10252 B99r
Number of Pages: 125 
File: notebook.pdf
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Amazing notebook you must have.................................................................

Dwight Eisenhower and American Foreign Policy during the 1960s

Dwight Eisenhower and American Foreign Policy during the 1960s ebook ISBN: 1498506801
Publisher: Lexington Books
Author: Richard M. Filipink, Jr.
Number of Pages: 162 
File: dwight-eisenhower-and-american-foreign-policy-during-the-1960s.pdf
Reads: 3814063


American foreign policy during the 1960s took an aggressive stance against communism as a result of the actions of former president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Through contact with John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, Eisenhower constrained the choices available to his successors and shaped the politics and policies of the United States.