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Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
Author: Tracy Sinclair,REIKO KISHIDA
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: an-american-princess.pdf
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Shannon always wanted to be a princess. So it’s like a dream when she wins a game show and the prize is to spend two weeks living like one. She arrives at the castle with a pounding heart, but the cold eyes of King Michel await her. His cheerless greeting confuses her and she finds herself thinking about him all the time. Before she realizes what’s happened, she’s head over heels for Michel!

American Princess

American Princess ebook ISBN: 0451490916
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Stephanie Marie Thornton
Number of Pages: 448 
File: american-princess.pdf
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“Presidential darling, America’s sweetheart, national rebel: Teddy Roosevelt’s swashbuckling daughter Alice springs to life in this raucous anthem to a remarkable woman.”—Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network A sweeping novel from renowned author Stephanie Marie Thornton... Alice may be the president's daughter, but she's nobody's darling. As bold as her signature color Alice Blue, the gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking, poker-playing First Daughter discovers that the only way for a woman to stand out in Washington is to make waves--oceans of them. With the canny sophistication of the savviest politician on the Hill, Alice uses her celebrity to her advantage, testing the limits of her power and the seductive thrill of political entanglements. But Washington, DC is rife with heartaches and betrayals, and when Alice falls hard for a smooth-talking congressman it will take everything this rebel has to emerge triumphant and claim her place as an American icon. As Alice soldiers through the devastation of two world wars and brazens out a cutting feud with her famous Roosevelt cousins, it's no wonder everyone in the capital refers to her as the Other Washington Monument--and Alice intends to outlast them all.

American Princess

American Princess ebook ISBN: 0773599924
Publisher: McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP
Author: Laurie Dennett
Number of Pages: 411 
File: american-princess.pdf
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In An American Princess, Laurie Dennett relates the remarkable story of a New England girl whose wealth, intelligence, and charm took her to the heart of aristocratic and intellectual Europe. Marguerite Chapin (1880-1963) was the product of two cultures: her father's enterprising American one, and her mother's French heritage, which enabled her to move to Paris when she inherited a fortune at age twenty-one. There, she studied singing with the greatest tenor of the age, commissioned paintings from artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard, and André Derain, and drew upon her many friendships with writers to found and edit the pioneering literary review Commerce. Her marriage, in 1911, to the composer Prince Roffredo Caetani, a member of one of Italy's oldest dynasties, added a whole new dimension to her life. Not only did it bring her a title, but happiness, two children, and a set of extraordinarily talented in-laws. When Marguerite and Roffredo moved to Rome in 1932, Ninfa, the estate where the Caetani family had created a garden among the ruins of a medieval town, offered a refuge from fascism and an outlet for creativity. At age sixty-eight, having survived the death of her son, the war and the occupation, Marguerite launched the international review Botteghe Oscure. Its aim was to reclaim respectability for Italian writing, but through her discerning and generous editorial vision, it became a showcase for writers everywhere. An engrossing biography based on extensive original research, An American Princess celebrates Marguerite Chapin Caetani's impressive accomplishments and legacy.

His American Princess

His American Princess ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Pamela DuMond
Author: Pamela DuMond
Number of Pages: 200 
File: his-american-princess.pdf
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Too filthy to be a fairy tale… A few years ago, I was an impoverished cocktail waitress struggling to pay the bills. Now I’m marrying gorgeous Maximillian Rochartè, the Prince of Bellèno. Or at least I’m trying to. Pompous windbag Archbishop Causesdesperdeus claims we’re not legally wed. Says we have to track down the unauthorized priest who performed our ceremony, convince him to scrub his name off the license, and get re-married before the paparazzi blows the scandal wide open. But Max must serve his obligatory Guard duty, so it falls on Leo, his brother the Crown Prince -- who recently admitted he’s 'got feelings' for me, the Ladies-in-Waiting, and me to travel to Italy and do whatever it takes get this messy, sexy job done. What could possibly go wrong? PRAISE for THE CROWN AFFAIR "O-M-Freaking-G!!!... I loved this one! I just couldn’t read it fast enough." BCherry 27 "... thanks to the … very dirty mind of a very hot ginger prince." Rae Sonethyn "...heart all mushing, sexy and delightfully entertaining romantic comedy." A. Reviewer One click this LOL, gorgeous, smutty, Rom-Com. The American Princess © 2018 is the re-imagined, ‘smuttier’ version of Royally Wed: The Poser © 2017. Additional content has been added to the original story.

Death of a Jewish American Princess

Death of a Jewish American Princess ebook ISBN: 0307831167
Publisher: Villard
Author: Shirley Frondorf
Number of Pages: 280 
File: death-of-a-jewish-american-princess.pdf
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In 1982, a sensational murder trial in Phoenix, Arizona, reverberated throughout the legal community. Restaurateur Steven Steinberg, who killed his wife by stabbing her 26 times, was acquitted; his legal defense portrayed the victim as an overpowering "Jewish American Princess" whose excesses may have provoked her violent end. Examining the structure of the defense's case, Frondorf, an attorney who was previously a psychiatric social worker, follows the theme that made Elana Steinberg the villain, instead of the victim, of the piece. The defense's forensic presentation, bolstered by testimony from psychiatrists, maintained that Steinberg committed the crime while sleepwalking, an abnormality allegedly brought on by the intemperate spending of his wife. Frondorf recreates the trial whose outcome scarred the tightly knit Jewish community of Phoenix.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple ebook ISBN: 1493026925
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: Anne Edwards
Number of Pages: 460 
File: shirley-temple.pdf
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At the age of five, Shirley Temple became the world’s most famous and acclaimed child—the most talented, beautiful child performer ever to capture the public’s imagination. By the time she was ten, she had either met or had received words of admiration from almost everyone of distinction. Nine-tenths of the world could recognize her on sight. She single-handedly cheered an entire nation caught in the firm grip of a depression. Her films saved a major studio from bankruptcy. She earned more than the President of the United States and lived in her own junior-sized San Simeon. As lionized, idolized and protected as royalty, Shirley Temple was the one and only American Princess. Shirley Temple is brought into focus in this definitive, intimate portrait of her as a child and as the woman that child became: a woman forced to live her entire life in the shadow of her own past glory. We follow the tumultuous events and disappointments that marked Shirley Temple’s meteoric rise to unprecedented fame as a child star, her fall as an adolescent who had outgrown her appeal, and her surprising ascent into a word figure as ambassador to the United Nations, Chief of Protocol for the United States, and Ambassador to Ghana; her “princess in the tower” upbringing that isolated her from friends and real child’s play and from studio co-workers as well; her obsessive relationship with her mother, Gertrude, who lived her life through her famous daughter; her power over one of Hollywood’s greatest despots—Darryl Zanuck; her fairy-tale marriage to John Agar that became a nightmare filled with flaunted infidelities and alcoholism; her romance with Charles Black and her transformation from film start to society matron, television tycoon, to American diplomat; her courageous battle with cancer; and her ever-present realization that “little Shirley Temple’s” greatness would always exceed that of the grown woman. Shirley Temple’s most notable diplomatic achievement was her appointment by President H.W. Bush as the first and only female ambassador to Czechoslovakia. She was present during the Velvet Revolution, which brought about the end of Communism in the country, and she played a critical role in hastening the end of the Communist regime by openly sympathizing with anti-Communist dissidents and later establishing formal diplomatic relations with the newly elected government led by Václav Havel. She took the unusual step of personally accompanying Havel on his first official visit to Washington, riding along on the same plane. Anne Edwards has had the cooperation of those who have been closest to Shirley Temple in all stages of her unique life. She has written a book that does not spare the truth, and is as glittering an expose of Hollywood and its power brokers as any bestselling novel of that genre. Shirley Temple: American Princess is a moving and inspirational story that gives great insight into the privileged corridors of fame and glory where only the legendary figures of our times have walked.

An American Princess

An American Princess ebook ISBN: 9781503951839
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
Author: Annejet van der Zijl
Number of Pages: 234 
File: an-american-princess.pdf
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Born to a pioneering family in Upstate New York in the late 1800s, Allene Tew was beautiful, impetuous, and frustrated by the confines of her small hometown. At eighteen, she met Tod Hostetter at a local dance, having no idea that the mercurial charmer she would impulsively wed was heir to one of the wealthiest families in America. But when he died twelve years later, Allene packed her bags for New York City. From the vantage point of the American upper class, Allene embodied the tumultuous Gilded Age. Over the course of four more marriages, she weathered personal tragedies during World War I and the catastrophic financial reversals of the crash of 1929. From the castles and châteaus of Europe, she witnessed the Russian Revolution and became a princess. And from the hopes of a young girl from Jamestown, New York, Allene Tew would become the epitome of both a pursuer and survivor of the American Dream.

The Jewish American Princess Joke Book

The Jewish American Princess Joke Book ebook ISBN: 9781535077606
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Goldie Lox
Number of Pages: 138 
File: the-jewish-american-princess-joke-book.pdf
Reads: 3499326


Jewish American Princess and Jewish women jokes by Goldie Lox

True Grace

True Grace ebook ISBN: 9780739481219
Author: Wendy Leigh
Number of Pages: 650 
File: true-grace.pdf
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American Princess

American Princess ebook ISBN: 0062859447
Publisher: HarperCollins
Author: Leslie Carroll
Number of Pages: 256 
File: american-princess.pdf
Reads: 8656188


A behind-the-scenes look into the life of Meghan Markle and her romance with Prince Harry—a dishy, delightful must-read filled with exclusive insights for anyone obsessed with the Royal Family. Leslie Carroll’s books on royalty are “an irresistible combination of People Magazine and the History Channel.”—Chicago Tribune When Prince Harry of Wales took his American girlfriend, Meghan Markle, to have tea with his grandmother the queen, avid royal watchers had a hunch that a royal wedding was not far off. That prediction came true on November 27, 2017, when the gorgeous, glamorous twosome announced their engagement to the world. As they prepare to tie the knot in a stunning ceremony on May 19, 2018, that will be unprecedented in royal history, people are clamoring to know more about the beautiful American who captured Prince Harry’s heart. Born and raised in Los Angeles to a white father of German, English, and Irish descent and an African American mother whose ancestors had been enslaved on a Georgia plantation, Meghan has proudly embraced her biracial heritage. In addition to being a star of the popular television series Suits, she is devoted to her humanitarian work—a passion she shares with Harry. Though Meghan was married once before, Prince Harry is a modern royal, and the Windsors have welcomed her into the tight-knit clan they call “The Firm.” Even a generation ago, it would have been unthinkable, as well as impermissible, for any member of Great Britain’s royal family to consider marrying someone like Meghan. Professional actresses were considered scandalous and barely respectable. And the last time an American divorcee married into the Royal Family, it provoked a constitutional crisis! In American Princess, Leslie Carroll provides context to Harry and Meghan’s romance by leading readers through centuries of Britain’s rule-breaking royal marriages, as well as the love matches that were never permitted to make it to the altar; followed by a never-before-seen glimpse into the little-known life of the woman bringing the Royal Family into the 21st century; and her dazzling, thoroughly modern romance with Prince Harry.

The Jewish American Princess Handbook

The Jewish American Princess Handbook ebook ISBN: 9780943084022
Publisher: Turnbull & Willoughby Pub
Author: Debbie Haback,Sandy Barnett Toback
Number of Pages: 144 
File: the-jewish-american-princess-handbook.pdf
Reads: 9268136


The Humor Prism in 20th-century America

The Humor Prism in 20th-century America ebook ISBN: 9780814325971
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
Author: Joseph Boskin
Number of Pages: 268 
File: the-humor-prism-in-20th-century-america.pdf
Reads: 9205399


The Humor Prism in Twentieth-Century America explores to what extent and in what ways American humor in the twentieth century reflects history.

Theater in Israel

Theater in Israel ebook ISBN: 9780472106073
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Author: Linda Ben-Zvi,Professor of Theatre Studies and Professor Emerita English and Theatre Linda Ben-Zvi,University of Michigan Press
Number of Pages: 450 
File: theater-in-israel.pdf
Reads: 113805


The first book-length investigation of theater and drama in Israel


Pocahontas ebook ISBN: 0698185269
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Joyce Milton
Number of Pages: 48 
File: pocahontas.pdf
Reads: 760207


Pocahontas is famous for saving the life of Captain John Smith, the man she loved. At least that’s what legend tells us. Now read the true story of this Native American princess.

The BAP Handbook

The BAP Handbook ebook ISBN: 0307432947
Publisher: Crown Archetype
Author: Ginger Wilson,Kalyn Johnson,Tracey Lewis,Karla Lightfoot
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-bap-handbook.pdf
Reads: 4287111


"Finally, a book about the Black American Princess! If you're already a BAP or just want to act like one, this book is for you!" — E. Lynn Harris, author of Not a Day Goes By In the bestselling tradition of The Official Preppy Handbook, here is a must-have manual for the BAP and those who love her. Black American Princess: 1 : a pampered female of African American descent, born to an upper-middle or upper-class family 2 : an African American female whose life experiences give her a sense of royalty and entitlement 3 : BAP (acronym) : colloquial expression 4 : an African American female accustomed to the best and nothing less. Drawn from hours of interviews, archival research, and frequent visits to Prada, The Black American Princess Handbook offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at this exclusive lifestyle. Your total guide to BAP speak, BAP style, and BAP history, this one-of-a-kind book explains everything you ever wanted know about living the BAP life–from breaking in a shop-a-phobic dad to planning a magical BAP debutante ball. In addition, you'll learn why a true BAP cleans her house before the housekeeper arrives, what to do if your Baby BAP wants to play sports, and whether it's OK for a relative to sing "I Believe I Can Fly" at a BAP wedding. Also featuring spot-the-BAP checklists, suggestions for top BAP colleges, a Who's Who of famous BAPs, a glossary (including essential French phrases), actual diary entries and e-mails from BAPS of all ages, and crucial chapters such as "It's High Noon-Do You Know Where Your Groove Is?" The Black American Princess Handbook is destined to become a coveted treasure for BAPs worldwide. And, published just in time for graduation, it's sure to be at the top of every BAP's shopping list. From the Trade Paperback edition.