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American Suicide

American Suicide ebook ISBN: 9780813516103
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Author: Howard I. Kushner
Number of Pages: 284 
File: american-suicide.pdf
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Religion and Suicide in the African-American Community

Religion and Suicide in the African-American Community ebook ISBN: 9780313284700
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Author: Kevin E. Early
Number of Pages: 132 
File: religion-and-suicide-in-the-african-american-community.pdf
Reads: 734970


Suicide among African Americans occurs at about half the rate with which it occurs among white Americans. Why is the black rate of suicide so much lower, particularly when one considers the effects of racism and other socio-economic factors? One answer that has been offered is that churches within the African-American community have a greater influence than among white Americans and that black churches provide amelioration of social forces that would otherwise lead to suicide. Now, for the first time, Early provides an in-depth ethnographic examination of the impact of the black church and confirms that there is a consensus within the black community opposed to the concept of suicide.

Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today

Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today ebook ISBN: 9780313347511
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Edith Wen-Chu Chen
Number of Pages: 1005 
File: encyclopedia-of-asian-american-issues-today.pdf
Reads: 7268114


This two volume encyclopedia set focuses on the full expanse of contemporary Asian American experiences in the United States. Drawing on over two decades of research, it takes an unprecedented look at the major issues confronting the Asian American community as a whole, and the specific ethnic identities within that community -- from established groups such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Americans to newer groups such as Cambodian and Hmong Americans. The volumes offer 110 entries on the current state of affairs, controversies, successes, and outlooks for future for Asian Americans. The set is divided into 11 thematic sections including diversity and demographics; education; health; identity; immigrants, refugees, and citizenship; law; media; politics; war; work and economy; youth, family, and the aged. Contributors include leading experts in the fields of Asian American studies, education, public health, political science, law, economics, and psychology.

Suicide in America

Suicide in America ebook ISBN: 9780393313680
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Author: Herbert Hendin
Number of Pages: 312 
File: suicide-in-america.pdf
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A groundbreaking book about suicide.

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Suicide Assessment and Management

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Suicide Assessment and Management ebook ISBN: 1585624144
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
Author: Robert I. Simon,Robert E. Hales
Number of Pages: 744 
File: the-american-psychiatric-publishing-textbook-of-suicide-assessment-and-management.pdf
Reads: 4970887


This new edition of Textbook of Suicide Assessment and Management follows the natural sequence of events in evaluating and treating patients: assessment, major mental disorders, treatment, treatment settings, special populations, special topics, prevention, and the aftermath of suicide.

Preventing Adolescent Suicide

Preventing Adolescent Suicide ebook ISBN: 9780915202744
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Author: Dave Capuzzi,Larry B. Golden
Number of Pages: 491 
File: preventing-adolescent-suicide.pdf
Reads: 2551993


This book deals with the realities of adolescent suicide. It consists of 15 chapters organized under 5 major headings: The Problem of Adolescent Suicide (chapters 1 and 2); A Profile of the Attempter (chapters 3-6); Assessing Lethality (chapters 7 and 8); Prevention and Intervention (chapters 9-14); and Legal Issues (chapter 15). Individual chapters include: (1) "Adolescent Suicide: An Introduction to Issues and Interventions" (Dave Capuzzi & Larry Golden); (2) "Societal Trends and the World of the Adolescent" (Jan Gill-Wigal); (3) "Behavioral Indicators" (Arlene Metha & Helen Dunham); (4) "Personality Variables" (Sharla Nichols & Daniel Fasko, Jr.); (5) "Thinking Patterns and Motivation" (Patricia Velkoff & Thomas Huberty); (6) "Depression" (J. Jeffries McWhirter & Timothy Kigin); (7) "Psychological Assessment" (Fred Alberts, Jr.); (8) "'Signatures' of Suicide" (Carol Tomlinson-Keasey & Charles Blake Keasey); (9) "Overview of Prevention" (Richard Nelson); (10) "A Model Prevention Program" (Beverly Celotta, Golda Jacobs, Susan Keys & Geneva Cannon); (11); Interventions with Native Americans" (James Jordan); (12) "Interventions with College Campus Populations" (Allen Ottens, Lynn Fisher-McCanne & Alan Farber); (13) "Crisis Intervention" (Rosemary Thompson); (14) "Family Therapy and Networking" (Artis Palmo & Linda Palmo); and (15) "Legal Considerations for the Practitioner" (J. Jeffries McWhirter & Robert McWhirter). (NB)

Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife

Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife ebook ISBN: 0313350663
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Jonathan H. X. Lee,Kathleen M. Nadeau
Number of Pages: 1254 
File: encyclopedia-of-asian-american-folklore-and-folklife.pdf
Reads: 6508481


This comprehensive compilation of entries documents the origins, transmissions, and transformations of Asian American folklore and folklife. * More than 600 entries * Contributions from more than 170 expert contributors * Introductory essays covering disciplinary theories and methods in the study of folklore and folklife * An appendix of Asian American folktales

Suicide in American Indians

Suicide in American Indians ebook ISBN: 9781590330043
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
Author: David Lester
Number of Pages: 203 
File: suicide-in-american-indians.pdf
Reads: 7282610


A demographic analysis of suicide rates among American and Canadian Indians. Lester examines the validity of statistical information finding a higher suicide incidence than current figures present, discussing general patterns, causes, psychological and sociological factors, suicide rates in different tribes, and suggesting methods of preventing suicide in American Indian culture--strategies that involve higher levels of assimilation. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Death and the American South

Death and the American South ebook ISBN: 1107084202
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Craig Thompson Friend,Lorri Glover
Number of Pages: 280 
File: death-and-the-american-south.pdf
Reads: 5328177


Death and the American South is an edited collection of twelve never-before-published essays, featuring leading senior scholars as well as influential up-and-coming historians. The contributors use a variety of methodological approaches for their research and explore different parts of the South and varying themes in history.

The Suicide of American Christianity

The Suicide of American Christianity ebook ISBN: 1449750249
Publisher: WestBow Press
Author: Michael D. Lemay
Number of Pages: 332 
File: the-suicide-of-american-christianity.pdf
Reads: 7975245


The author--host of the daily Christian radio show Stand up for the truth--shares his observations on the influence of secular humanism on the current and future states of American Christianity while detailing his perceptions of secular humanism within current American culture.

Suicide Movies

Suicide Movies ebook ISBN: 1616763906
Publisher: Hogrefe Publishing
Author: Steven Stack,Barbara Bowman
Number of Pages: 308 
File: suicide-movies.pdf
Reads: 9269334


How is suicide portrayed in the cinema and what does it mean for suicide prevention? The first-ever comprehensive study of film suicide analyzes more than 1,500 film suicides. The portrayal of suicide in cinema can impact public understanding and effective prevention of suicide. This book presents the first-ever comprehensive analysis of how suicide has been portrayed in films over 110 years, based on a thorough evaluation of more than 1,500 film suicides – 1,377 in American films, 135 in British films. One striking finding is that while the research literature generally attributes suicide to individual psychiatric or mental health issues, cinema and film solidly endorse more social causes. In a compelling blend of social science and humanities approaches, the authors use quantitative methods, as well as the voices of scriptwriters, directors, actors, and actresses, dozens of illustrative frame-grabs, and numerous case examples to answer core questions such as: Are we guilty of over-neglecting social factors in suicide prevention and research? Do cinematic portrayals distort or accurately reflect the nature of suicide in the real world? Has film presentation of suicide changed over 110 years? What are the literary roots of cinema portrayals? This unique book makes fascinating reading for all concerned with suicide prevention, as well as areas such as sociology, film and media studies, and mass communication.

Practicing Forgiveness: Aftermath of the First Suicide Bombing of an American Target

Practicing Forgiveness: Aftermath of the First Suicide Bombing of an American Target ebook ISBN: 1413425194
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Margaret Powell
Number of Pages: 112 
File: practicing-forgiveness-aftermath-of-the-first-suicide-bombing-of-an-american-target.pdf
Reads: 9885602


"The massive truck bomb that destroyed the American Embassy in Beirut in April 1983 targeted the symbol of the United States in Lebanon. The why and how of that terrorist incident have frequently been explored. The human consequences have recieved less attention. In her book, Practicing forgiveness: Aftermath of the First Suicide Bombing of an American Target - Beirut, Lebanon, Margaret Powell has weitten movingly about those human consequences. She describes what happened to the McIntyre family when their husband and father, my friend and coleague, Bill McINtyre was killed. Mrs. Powell rushed from the United States to Beirut to care for Bill's widow, also injured in the attack, and bring her home. Her story touched me deeply with its pathos, humor, courage, and compassion. A wonderful book.U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, Robert S. Dillon.

Suicide in African Americans

Suicide in African Americans ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
Author: David Lester
Number of Pages: 239 
File: suicide-in-african-americans.pdf
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Suicide in African Americans

The Self in European and North American Culture

The Self in European and North American Culture ebook ISBN: 9401103313
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: J.H. Oosterwegel,R.A. Wicklund
Number of Pages: 395 
File: the-self-in-european-and-north-american-culture.pdf
Reads: 8588399


How diverse or potentially overlapping are the numerous self-models, self-theories, and directions of self-research? It has become clear that the processes associated with the self are complex and diverse, and that many of the approaches associated with the self have been pursued in isolation. Moreover, the fact of there being different traditions within developmental and social psychology, as well as different traditions in Europe and North America, has also led to a certain cacophony when we examine the self-field as a whole. The chapters here confront these differences, trying to come to terms with phenomena that are overarching, that extend through the dimensions of developmental psychology, social psychology, motivation psychology, and parts of clinical psychology. The book as whole gives a clear presentation of the issues, questions and phenomena that surface in research fields known as self psychology.

Native Americans and Suicide

Native Americans and Suicide ebook ISBN: 1888064722
Publisher: Lichtenstein Creative Media
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: native-americans-and-suicide.pdf
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Cultural Diversity and Suicide

Cultural Diversity and Suicide ebook ISBN: 1317786599
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Mark M Leach
Number of Pages: 278 
File: cultural-diversity-and-suicide.pdf
Reads: 1497824


This book adds a vital and overlooked dimension—diversity—to suicide assessments and interventions The literature on the relationship between culture and suicide has historically been widely scattered and often difficult to find. Cultural Diversity and Suicide summarizes that widespread literature so that counselors can begin to include diversity issues as important variables that can help them become even more effective when conducting suicide assessments or interventions. For ease of reading, Cultural Diversity and Suicide is divided into chapters based on ethnicity. The book avoids broad generalizations whenever possible, thus each chapter specifically discusses critical within-group variables (issues relating to gender, age, religion, and sexuality) that should be considered when conducting suicide assessments and interventions. Each chapter includes at least one case study and incorporates clear headings that make it simple to find specific information. Cultural Diversity and Suicide is not a book of cookie-cutter approaches to suicide prevention, nor is it a primer for the novice. Rather, it has been carefully designed to help counselors and counselors-in-training gain a fuller understanding of the issues that may lead individuals from diverse backgrounds to consider suicide—and the cultural aspects of an individual’s heritage that can influence that person’s decision. Written for professionals who have a pre-existing understanding of how to work with suicidal clients, the book begins with a concise but essential overview of traditional suicide risk factors and a brief assessment model (an excellent “memory refresher”), and then moves quickly into specific diversity issues relevant to: European Americans African Americans Asian Americans Hispanic Americans Native Americans Cultural Diversity and Suicide explores ethnicity and its relationship to suicide (for example, suicide rate and reason differences based on ethnic group or ethnic identity), plus meaningful within-group variables such as: lesbian/gay/bisexual issues and the increase in suicide rate based on sexual orientation and sexual identity religious differences—suicide rates among various religious groups, religious differences in views of suicide, views of the afterlife, burial practices, and views of lesbian/gay/bisexual people cultural buffers, such as extended family and religious practice suicide prevention interventions based on cultural differences (essentially, how traditional suicide prevention programs can be altered to include new variables) This book is essential reading for everyone doing the vital work of conducting suicide assessments and interventions. Please consider making it part of your professional/teaching collection today.

Salvation and Suicide

Salvation and Suicide ebook ISBN: 9780253216328
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Author: David Chidester
Number of Pages: 190 
File: salvation-and-suicide.pdf
Reads: 6528058


Praise for the first edition: "[This] ambitious and courageous book [is a] benchmark of theology by which questions about the meaningful history of the Peoples Temple may be measured." --Journal of the American Academy of Religion Re-issued in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the mass suicides at Jonestown, this revised edition of David Chidester's pathbreaking book features a new prologue that considers the meaning of the tragedy for a post-Waco, post-9/11 world. For Chidester, Jonestown recalls the American religious commitment to redemptive sacrifice, which for Jim Jones meant saving his followers from the evils of capitalist society. "Jonestown is ancient history," writes Chidester, but it does provide us with an opportunity "to reflect upon the strangeness of familiar... promises of redemption through sacrifice."

Multicultural Perspectives In Social Work Practice with Families, 3rd Edition

Multicultural Perspectives In Social Work Practice with Families, 3rd Edition ebook ISBN: 082610830X
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Author: Elaine P. Congress, MSSW, DSW,Manny J. Gonzalez, DSW
Number of Pages: 408 
File: multicultural-perspectives-in-social-work-practice-with-families-3rd-edition.pdf
Reads: 7681408


Multicultural Perspectives in Social Work Practice with Families is in its thirdedition and continues to expand the depth and breadth with which culturemay be understood and the impact of culture in working with families.Congress, Gonzalez, and their contributors have updated this text to includea focus on evidence-based practice, 10 additional chapters, revision of avaluable assessment tool, and a culturagram. This book clearly is an essentialresource for social workers committed to culturally sensitive practice."--Journal of Teaching in Social Work Encompassing the most current issues faced by multicultural families across the lifespan and the social workers who serve them, this popular textbook contains ten new chapters and provides content that has been significantly expanded throughout. These new and reconceived chapters offer professors and social work graduate students a broader and more comprehensive take on the key issues that arise when treating families from diverse cultural backgrounds and current, evidence-based models for assessment and treatment. New chapters include: Evidence-based models of care for ethnically-diverse families Practice with Asian-American families Practice with Native American and indigenous families Practice with Hispanic families Practice with Arab families Practice with adolescents Practice with families when there is risk of suicide Practice with families dealing with substance use and abuse Practice with families around health issues Legal issues with immigrants Contributors to the text are leaders in the field of multicultural issues that encompass a wide range of racial and ethnic populations. Updated case studies, vignettes, and statistical data illustrate the book's content.