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Contemporary Moral Problems: War, Terrorism, Torture and Assassination

Contemporary Moral Problems: War, Terrorism, Torture and Assassination ebook ISBN: 1111523517
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Author: James E. White
Number of Pages: 128 
File: contemporary-moral-problems-war-terrorism-torture-and-assassination.pdf
Reads: 2626212


Excerpted chapters from the ninth edition of White CONTEMPORARY MORAL PROBLEMS made available to provide readers with a brief anthology for the study of the ethics of war, terrorism, torture, and assassination. Supported with problem cases, an illuminating introductory essay, and study questions, this text will engage students in one of the most crucial moral debates of our time. Readings representing divergent viewpoints will challenge them to develop their own critical positions. This text is available either as a standalone reader or can be bundled with any other Wadsworth title. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Understanding International Counter Terrorism

Understanding International Counter Terrorism ebook ISBN: 158112905X
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Author: A. Hunsicker
Number of Pages: 476 
File: understanding-international-counter-terrorism.pdf
Reads: 4842433


Understanding of Operational Counter Terrorism is one serious effort to lay out a comprehensive strategy of how to deal with a whole gamut of possible terrorist incidents by using a language that any person or first responders like policemen, security personnel, firemen, paramedics, etc. can understand. This guide covers everything from bombings and hostage- taking, to NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Terrorism, what needs to be done before, during, and after an event. This manual combines what minimally needs to be understood about Operational Counter- Terrorism by the government- level policy maker, while at the same time helping the personnel on the first responder level who are planning to cope with what must at least initially seem like an overwhelming attack. Terrorism is global and any part of this guide can easily be adapted and translated to any region, law and government in the world. This manual should make clear that the only way, to effectively deal with terrorism is to have a thorough understanding of its present-day characteristics such as who is involved and what weapons and tactics are the terrorists likely to be using. The players on the Counter- Terrorism team need to take stock of what is in their tool boxes; what works and what is required; what new capabilities need to be developed in order to face not only today's terrorist, but also tomorrow's as well.

Terrorism and the Politics of Fear

Terrorism and the Politics of Fear ebook ISBN: 9780759109193
Publisher: Rowman Altamira
Author: David L. Altheide,Professor David L Altheide
Number of Pages: 247 
File: terrorism-and-the-politics-of-fear.pdf
Reads: 9915031


Terrorism and the Politics of Fear shows how the mass media and propaganda about fear of crime and terrorism contribute to social policies that promote social control and threaten civil liberties. This excellent treatment of a timely subject will be indispensable to teachers and students of sociology, media, politics, and criminology studies.

The Girl Who Was on Fire - Booster Pack

The Girl Who Was on Fire - Booster Pack ebook ISBN: 1936661608
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Author: Leah Wilson
Number of Pages: 96 
File: the-girl-who-was-on-fire-booster-pack.pdf
Reads: 6754780


This e-book only Booster Pack is designed for readers who have read the first edition of The Girl Who Was on Fire. The Booster Pack includes ONLY the three brand new essays included in The Girl Who Was on Fire - Movie Edition, plus access to 10,000 words of extra, e-book only content: the contributors' thoughts on the Hunger Games film. The first edition of The Girl Who Was on Fire offered even more to think about for readers already engrossed by the world of the Hunger Games. From the trilogy’s darker themes of violence and social control to reality television, fashion and weaponry, the collection’s exploration of the Hunger Games by other YA writers revealed exactly how rich, and how perilous, protagonist Katniss’ world really is. These three new essays discuss game theory in the Hunger Games, mixed opinions about Mockingjay, and why we shouldn't forget about Gale, just because Katniss chose Peeta. This e-book also gives you access to special content from our writers right after the release of The Hunger Games on the big screen: their thoughts on the film.

Hoarders, Doomsday Preppers, and the Culture of Apocalypse

Hoarders, Doomsday Preppers, and the Culture of Apocalypse ebook ISBN: 1137468084
Publisher: Springer
Author: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Number of Pages: 78 
File: hoarders-doomsday-preppers-and-the-culture-of-apocalypse.pdf
Reads: 997451


The culture of twenty-first century America revolves around narcissistic death, violence, and visions of doom. Foster explores this culture of the apocalypse, from hoarding and gluttony to visions of the post-apocalyptic world.

The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion

The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion ebook ISBN: 1595808590
Publisher: Santa Monica Press
Author: Zack Arnstein,Larry Arnstein
Number of Pages: 168 
File: the-ultimate-counterterrorist-home-companion.pdf
Reads: 6581509


We all know how our government is fighting global terrorism, but what are you doing to help? Probably not much. The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion can change that. It’s the definitive guide to how you can be a soldier in the War on Terrorism without having to leave your kitchen. This illustrated manual will expertly train you and your entire family in: • Spying on your neighbors • Turning common household objects into useful terror-fighting weapons • Baking your way to homeland security • Making your antiterrorism drills more kid friendly • Planting booby traps and land mines in your home and garden • Strategic mail-opening strategies • Making your own color-coded terrorism alert chart From the moment you get up in the morning (at a different time every day to keep attackers off balance!) to your final closet and under-the-bed check at night, you’ll want to keep The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion close at hand. (In fact, if you don’t buy this book, you are acting in a suspicious manner, in our opinion!)

The Films of George Roy Hill

The Films of George Roy Hill ebook ISBN: 9780786419319
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Andrew Horton
Number of Pages: 210 
File: the-films-of-george-roy-hill.pdf
Reads: 274068


As late as 1976, George Roy Hill was the first and only director to have two films on the all-time top ten box office hits: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting (both starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman). A filmmaker with a diverse background in music, drama and television, Hill proved to be a popular storyteller in a variety of genres. His films are tied to important American themes and reflect an ironic, bittersweet vision of life. The book begins with a discussion of the way Hill's films often make their most important statements on the subtextual level. The stories entertain, but the subtext is often disturbing, contradictory, unresolved. Hill felt that all of his major characters create an environment, a fantasy, an illusion, and then go on to make it happen. It continues by tracing the thematic characteristics that are consistent with Hill's depiction of protagonists who create their own environments and then attempt to inhabit them. Then, individual chapters study in detail the art, craft and style of each of his films, including Thoroughly Modern Millie, Slaughterhouse Five, A Little Romance, The World According to Garp, Little Drummer Girl and Hill's last film Funny Farm.

Tom Petty: Rock ‘n’ Roll Guardian

Tom Petty: Rock ‘n’ Roll Guardian ebook ISBN: 085712868X
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Author: Andrea M. Rotondo
Number of Pages: 384 
File: tom-petty-rock-n-roll-guardian.pdf
Reads: 6223110


Tom Petty: Rock 'n' Roll Guardian is the first intimate portrait of one of rock’s most enduring figures. Songs like American Girl, The Waiting and I Won’t Back Down have touched people from all walks of life because he sung about what he knew – love won, love lost and hardship overcome. Tom Petty’s predisposition to find trouble was always matched by his steely determination to overcome it. After shaky beginnings with his first band, Tom Petty steered his way through bankruptcy, drama and personal loss – including the deaths of his bandmates Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Heartbreakers bassist Howie Epstein – to forge a lasting impact on the world, selling more than 80 million records worldwide. In the wake of his death, this celebratory Omnibus Enhanced edition now features curated Spotify playlists of his early influences, his collaborations and his greatest songs. Additionally, an interactive Digital Timeline of his life charts his uncertain path with video footage of interviews, live performances and more. Born too late to be in the vanguard of rock ’n’ roll first time round, he has nonetheless proved a truly memorable keeper of the flame. This is his remarkable story...

Such a Dark Thing

Such a Dark Thing ebook ISBN: 1630878189
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: M. Jess Peacock
Number of Pages: 168 
File: such-a-dark-thing.pdf
Reads: 3546221


Evil, death, demons, reanimation, and resurrection. While such topics are often reserved for the darker mindscapes of the vampire subgenre within popular culture, they are equally integral elements of religious history and belief. Despite the cultural shift of presenting vampires in a secular light, the traditional figure of the vampire within cinema and literature has a rich legacy of serving as a theological marker. Whether as a symbol of the allure of sin, as an apologetic for assorted religious icons, or as a gateway into a discussion of liberationist theology, the vampire has served as a spiritual touchstone from Bram Stoker's Dracula, to Stephen King's Salem's Lot, to the HBO television series True Blood. In Such a Dark Thing, Jess Peacock examines how the figure of the vampire is able to traverse and interconnect theology and academia within the larger popular culture in a compelling and engaging manner. The vampire straddles the ineffable chasm between life and death and speaks to the transcendent in all of us, tapping into our fundamental curiosity of what, if anything, exists beyond the mortal coil, giving us a glimpse into the interminable while maintaining a cultural currency that is never dead and buried.

The Jewish Woman Next Door

The Jewish Woman Next Door ebook ISBN: 9655241815
Publisher: Urim Publications
Author: Debby Flancbaum
Number of Pages: 135 
File: the-jewish-woman-next-door.pdf
Reads: 3111468


The women profiled in this collection of absorbing essays—some known throughout the world, others known only within their own communities—all share one key trait: whether religious or secular, they are driven by their commitment to Judaism to engage in acts of kindness. In profiling women such as Ruth Gruber, who helped hundreds of Jewish refugees escape from war-torn Europe, or Wendy Kay, who regularly invites teenagers to her home for Shabbat, The Jewish Woman Next Door provides contemporary role models that readers will admire and be able to emulate.

The American Novel of War

The American Novel of War ebook ISBN: 0786492708
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Wallis R. Sanborn, III
Number of Pages: 242 
File: the-american-novel-of-war.pdf
Reads: 212264


In song, verse, narrative, and dramatic form, war literature has existed for nearly all of recorded history. Accounts of war continue to occupy American bestseller lists and the stacks of American libraries. This innovative work establishes the American novel of war as its own sub-genre within American war literature, creating standards by which such works can be classified and critically and popularly analyzed. Each chapter identifies a defining characteristic, analyzes existing criticism, and explores the characteristic in American war novels of record. Topics include violence, war rhetoric, the death of noncombatants, and terrain as an enemy.

Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott ebook ISBN: 0786485930
Publisher: McFarland
Author: William B. Parrill
Number of Pages: 189 
File: ridley-scott.pdf
Reads: 3306434


Ridley Scott, the director of such seminal films as Blade Runner, Alien and Thelma & Louise, is one of the most important directors of the last fifty years. Unlike many directors, Scott has been remarkably transparent about his craft, offering the audience glimpses into his creative process. This book explores Scott’s oeuvre in depth, devoting a chapter to his 22 primary works, from his first effort, Boy and Bicycle (1962), through Robin Hood (2010). Topics discussed include the critical reception of the films, and the ways in which Scott’s works function as cinematic mediators of issues such as religion, women’s rights and history.

The 13th Target

The 13th Target ebook ISBN: 1615953957
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Author: Mark de Castrique
Number of Pages: 304 
File: the-13th-target.pdf
Reads: 4543339


From the author of Blackman's Coffin, one of Amazon's Top 10 Mysteries for 2008 When his wife dies of ovarian cancer, Russell Mullins quits the Secret Service to repurpose his life. He joins a Washington D.C. private protection company and is assigned to guard Paul Luguire, a Federal Reserve executive and its chief liaison with the U.S. Treasury. Mullins and Luguire form a strong friendship. So when a police detective calls in the middle of the night with word of Luguire's suicide, Mullins doesn't buy it. His doubts are reinforced by Amanda Church, a former Secret Service colleague now in the Federal Reserve's cyber-security unit. She uncovered a suspicious financial transaction initiated by Luguire only days before his death. He authorized unrequested funds to be transferred from the Federal Reserve to a regional bank. Even stranger, after Luguire's suicide, Amanda finds the transaction has been erased from Federal Reserve records. The regional bank now shows the money wired from an offshore account in the name of Russell Mullins. Someone is setting Rusty up. And when the bank president is murdered, Mullins rockets to the top of the suspect list. As a tenacious reporter develops leads, Mullins follows a conspiratorial trail of killing and kidnapping that leads from a shadowy mastermind to the possible destruction of America's financial system. In an age of Wall Street meltdowns and downgrading of the U.S. credit rating, the secretive Federal Reserve has a pivotal role. Twelve targets are known. The clock is ticking. What, or who, is the thirteenth?

China Girl

China Girl ebook ISBN: 1942360592
Publisher: Twice Pi Press
Author: Erec Stebbins
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: china-girl.pdf
Reads: 8785067


“CHINA GIRL” SPINS TALE OF A FAR-RIGHT TRUMPLANDIAN DYSTOPIA “Raw and powerful writing...passionate and unafraid...edgy, powerful and filled with non-stop tension. A politically charged nightmare that explodes off the pages in a terrifying tale. This one deserves a spot on that must read shelf. Just save room for the entire series.” -Tome Tender "Erec Stebbins is back with easily the best and most frightening book in the series. The riveting story moves at a lightning pace and is impossible to put down. A chilling parable." -Internet Review of Books NEW THRILLER ASKS “WHAT IF?” IN EXPLOSIVE READ  NEVER AGAIN. A fascist administration rounds up undesirables. Terrorist groups strike governmental and religious targets. The Constitution is under assault. Erec Stebbins’s China Girl is a controversial look at an America that is all too close to reality, radioactive in its timely examination of extremism in the nation. “Stebbins is the master of the thinking reader’s techno-thriller” -The Internet Review of Books Imagine an America where Donald Trump was competent and disciplined. Where the Democratic Party succumbed to internal divisions and badly lost the 2018 House elections. Where the most extreme policies of the Far Right were implemented with little opposition across the nation. Mix in the extreme action and unusual plots for which author Erec Stebbins is known. “A monster new talent in the thriller genre” -author Allan Leverone This is the dystopian world of China Girl. It’s a contemporary thriller that asks a controversial "what if?" The plot immerses a diverse and unusual cast of characters into a nightmarish scenario. When the government goes rogue and commits atrocities, who is the terrorist and who the hero? China Girl is a political techno-thriller with international and crime elements, very topical to current events, touching on biotechnology, anti-democratic movements, and the rights of marginalized groups (especially immigrants) in Western societies. It picks up four years after the election of white nationalist and demagogue Daniel Suite. Deep State operatives and domestic terrorists battle to thwart an increasingly genocidal regime hell-bent on “white-washing” America through ethnic cleansing by any means necessary.

Utopia and Terror in Contemporary American Fiction

Utopia and Terror in Contemporary American Fiction ebook ISBN: 1136774874
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Judie Newman
Number of Pages: 182 
File: utopia-and-terror-in-contemporary-american-fiction.pdf
Reads: 7016141


This book examines the quest for/failure of Utopia across a range of contemporary American/transnational fictions in relation to terror and globalization through authors such as Susan Choi, André Dubus, Dalia Sofer, and John Updike. While recent critical thinkers have reengaged with Utopia, the possibility of terror — whether state or non-state, external or homegrown — shadows Utopian imaginings. Terror and Utopia are linked in fiction through the exploration of the commodification of affect, a phenomenon of a globalized world in which feelings are managed, homogenized across cultures, exaggerated, or expunged according to a dominant model. Narrative approaches to the terrorist offer a means to investigate the ways in which fiction can resist commodification of affect, and maintain a reasoned but imaginative vision of possibilities for human community. Newman explores topics such as the first American bestseller with a Muslim protagonist, the links between writer and terrorist, the work of Iranian-Jewish Americans, and the relation of race and religion to Utopian thought.


Autopia ebook ISBN: 9781861891327
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Author: Peter Wollen,Joe Kerr
Number of Pages: 400 
File: autopia.pdf
Reads: 1297452


The reach of the car today is almost universal, and its effect on landscapes, cityscapes, cultures – indeed, on the very fabric of the modern world – is profound. Cars have brought benefits to individuals in terms of mobility and expanded horizons, but the cost has been very high in terms of damage to the environment and the consumption of precious resources. Despite the growing belief that a Faustian price is now being paid for the freedom cars have bestowed on us, we are none the less manufacturing them in ever greater numbers. Autopia is the first book to explore the culture of the motor car in the widest possible sense. Featuring newly commissioned essays by writers, critics, historians, artists and film-makers, as well as reprinting key texts, it examines the effect of the car throughout the world, including the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, China, Cuba, India and South Africa. In this book the car is treated neither as a technological fetish object nor as an instrument of danger. Instead, it is examined as a hugely important determinant of 20th-century culture, neither wholly good nor an unmitigated disaster, and certainly endlessly fascinating. Contributors include Michael Bracewell, Ziauddin Sardar, Al Rees, Martin Pawley, Donald Richie and Peter Hamilton. Key texts by Marshall Berman, Jane Jacobs, Roland Barthes, Marc Augé and others.

The Lost Frontier

The Lost Frontier ebook ISBN: 1623563356
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Author: Mark Asquith
Number of Pages: 240 
File: the-lost-frontier.pdf
Reads: 1734268


The success of The Shipping News and the film of Brokeback Mountain brought Proulx international recognition, but their success merely confirms what literary critics have known for some time: Proulx is one of the most provocative and stylistically innovative writers in America today. She is at her best in the short story format, and the best of these are to be found in her Wyoming trilogy, in which she turns her eye on America's West-both past and present. Yet despite the vast amount of print expended reviewing her books, there has been nothing published on the Wyoming Stories. There is appetite for such a work; the plethora of critical work on McCarthy's Border Trilogy indicates that the reinvention of the West is a subject for serious academic study. Annie Proulx's Wyoming Stories fills this critical void by offering a detailed examination of the key stories in the trilogy: Close Range (1999) , Bad Dirt (2004), Fine Just the Way it Is (2008). The chapters are arranged according to western archetypes-the Pioneer, Rancher, Cowboy, Indian, and, arguably, the most important character of them all in Proulx's fiction: Landscape. Annie Proulx's Wyoming Stories offers students a clear sense of the novelist's early life and work, stylistic influences and the characteristics of her fiction and an understanding of where the Wyoming Stories, and Annie Proulx's work as a whole, fits into traditional and contemporary writing about the American West.

An American Bride in Kabul

An American Bride in Kabul ebook ISBN: 1137365579
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Phyllis Chesler
Number of Pages: 256 
File: an-american-bride-in-kabul.pdf
Reads: 895383


Few westerners will ever be able to understand Muslim or Afghan society unless they are part of a Muslim family. Twenty years old and in love, Phyllis Chesler, a Jewish-American girl from Brooklyn, embarked on an adventure that has lasted for more than a half-century. In 1961, when she arrived in Kabul with her Afghan bridegroom, authorities took away her American passport. Chesler was now the property of her husband's family and had no rights of citizenship. Back in Afghanistan, her husband, a wealthy, westernized foreign college student with dreams of reforming his country, reverted to traditional and tribal customs. Chesler found herself unexpectedly trapped in a posh polygamous family, with no chance of escape. She fought against her seclusion and lack of freedom, her Afghan family's attempts to convert her from Judaism to Islam, and her husband's wish to permanently tie her to the country through childbirth. Drawing upon her personal diaries, Chesler recounts her ordeal, the nature of gender apartheid—and her longing to explore this beautiful, ancient, and exotic country and culture. Chesler nearly died there but she managed to get out, returned to her studies in America, and became an author and an ardent activist for women's rights throughout the world. An American Bride in Kabul is the story of how a naïve American girl learned to see the world through eastern as well as western eyes and came to appreciate Enlightenment values. This dramatic tale re-creates a time gone by, a place that is no more, and shares the way in which Chesler turned adversity into a passion for world-wide social, educational, and political reform.

Firearms, Explosives and Terrorists

Firearms, Explosives and Terrorists ebook ISBN: 1437942032
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Author: Frank R. Lautenberg
Number of Pages: 13 
File: firearms-explosives-and-terrorists.pdf
Reads: 8139326


Instead of making us safer, U.S. law is enabling suspected terrorists to purchase the guns and explosives they need to carry out an attack. The ¿Terror Gap¿ ¿- which prohibits the gov¿t. from stopping people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns and explosives -- must be closed before it is too late. Given the trend in terror attacks toward firearms and explosives, this loophole in the law is a clear and present danger to the safety of Americans. Contents of this report: Commando-style attacks abroad; The growing threat at home; Current U.S. gun laws increase risk of commando attacks; Avail. of firearms and explosives in the U.S.; Proposed legislation that will help prevent the next attack. Charts and tables. A print on demand pub.

I Am an American

I Am an American ebook ISBN: 184150422X
Publisher: Intellect Books
Author: Cynthia Weber
Number of Pages: 223 
File: i-am-an-american.pdf
Reads: 9166704


A memoir of one American's journey through post-9/11 US in search of the lived realities behind the phrase 'I am an American'.