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Ameritopia ebook ISBN: 1439173281
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Mark R. Levin
Number of Pages: 288 
File: ameritopia.pdf
Reads: 7106987


In his acclaimed #1 New York Times bestseller, Mark R. Levin explores the psychology, motivations, and history of the utopian movement, its architects—the Founding Fathers, and its modern-day disciples—and how the individual and American society are being devoured by it. Levin asks, what is this utopian force that both allures a free people and destroys them? Levin digs deep into the past and draws astoundingly relevant parallels to contemporary America from Plato’s Republic, Thomas More’s Utopia, Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan, and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, as well as from the critical works of John Locke, Charles Montesquieu, Alexis de Tocqueville, and other philosophical pioneers who brilliantly diagnosed the nature of man and government. As Levin meticulously pursues his subject, the reader joins him in an enlightening and compelling journey. And in the end, Levin’s message is clear: the American republic is in great peril. The people must now choose between utopianism or liberty. President Ronald Reagan warned, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Levin agrees, and with Ameritopia, delivers another modern political classic, an indispensable guide for America in our time and in the future.

Summary: Ameritopia

Summary: Ameritopia ebook ISBN: 2511000113
Publisher: Primento
Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Number of Pages: 44 
File: summary-ameritopia.pdf
Reads: 6874073


The must-read summary of Mark Levin's book: "Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America". This complete summary of "Ameritopia" by Mark Levin, a New York Times #1 bestseller outlines the author's description of an ideal, utopian American society. He argues that when the government enacts laws to create distribute wealth in a fairer way, they are in reality getting closer to tyranny. The popular work leaves the reader with a compelling message about freedom and the threat posed to the American republic. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Gain deeper understanding of American utopianism and its effects on modern society • Expand your knowledge of American politics and economics To learn more, read "Ameritopia" and discover Mark Levin's analysis of the American utopian movement and how it poses a very real threat to freedom and democracy.

Ameritopia and Other Poems

Ameritopia and Other Poems ebook ISBN: 1434951901
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Author: Glenn Edward Arnett
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: ameritopia-and-other-poems.pdf
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Ameritopia ebook ISBN: 9781507795989
Author: Kate Ritter
Number of Pages: 418 
File: ameritopia.pdf
Reads: 6599017


War and crime are relics of the past. Violence and non-tolerance have been bred out of the population. How? As a result of too much god-play, men have all but wiped themselves off the face of the planet. Women have inherited the Earth. But the species must carry on... Daily monotony and curiosity about historic tales of romance overwhelm inexperienced and mannerly researcher Evelyn Knight. Consequently, she risks the comfortable life she's always known and ventures into one of the last strongholds of men, tucked into the foothills of Colorado: The Rock. Inside, Eve is pushed to the breaking point when confronted with everything she has been missing on the outside: aggression, betrayal, duplicity, and could it be... love? Not the kind of love portrayed in the Austen novels she grew up with... something more raw and incalculable. Ameritopia defies gender roles and the status quo in a way that just might help you rediscover life (and love) with new hope.

Ameritopia 2075

Ameritopia 2075 ebook ISBN: 9781480114890
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Author: Corey L. Simmins
Number of Pages: 284 
File: ameritopia-2075.pdf
Reads: 155351


America in 2075 has achieved a state of Utopia. Following the political coup-d'état of 2025 by the “Militant Moderates”, led by the irascible and Machiavellian Johannes Schmitt, America resolved all of its early 21st Century social and economic issues: gay marriage, health care, abortion, immigration, welfare, education, and debt. With the elimination of liberal and conservative zealots and through the careful measurement of student data in the high schools, the educational system works with federal government forces to ensure that the perfectly administered economy offers a Brave New World-esque supply of workers, intellects, technicians, immigrants and other cogs in the American economic engine. Follow the coming of age of two young outstanding teachers, Murray Mallory Moore and Jacob Wilde, who upon their recent nomination to the Academy of Principals, find that during their training, they will enter a secret society which works in conjunction with Homeland Security to ensure the smooth operation of America's Utopian society by extending that usage of educational data to hunt down the pariah students of America in the most Orwellian manner. As Moore and Wilde are exposed to the dark underbelly of America's perceived idyllic state—student assassinations—set up by Senator Schmitt's Great Compromise of 2025, a moral crevasse explodes between Moore and Wilde as they come to grips with this Swiftian world where logos takes precedence over pathos. Follow Murray Mallory Moore and Jacob Wilde's strange rite-of-passage as the Department of Homeland Security conducts bizarre team-building skills and enigmatic psyche tests regarding prospective teachers' respective dogmas. Discover the benevolently heinous events—terrorist attacks, political murder, citizenship revocation, institutionalized deportations, and student assassination—which are utilized to maintain this terrible beauty that has become Ameritopia. Travel from America's Mid-West town of Cincinnati to the Grand Canyon back to Washington D.C. and then, for the final test, the island of Guam, a penal colony, where America sends its societal degenerates for the remainder of their lives. Steeped with literary and historical references, inundated with SAT/ACT preparatory vocabulary, and sprinkled with copious literary allusions, this politically castigating novel which targets the Millennial Generation and has been stylistically composed to utilize the crafts of Orwell, Huxley, Swift, Joyce, Hardy, and Heinlein in hopes of being taught in America's high schools, begs the young adults of the United States to wrestle with the political conundrums of their generation and asks how far down a road of dystopian practices should America go in order to achieve Utopia.

Americanizing Britain

Americanizing Britain ebook ISBN: 0199942668
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Genevieve Abravanel
Number of Pages: 224 
File: americanizing-britain.pdf
Reads: 6812367


How did Great Britain, which entered the twentieth century as a dominant empire, reinvent itself in reaction to its fears and fantasies about the United States? Investigating the anxieties caused by the invasion of American culture-from jazz to Ford motorcars to Hollywood films-during the first half of the twentieth century, Genevieve Abravanel theorizes the rise of the American Entertainment Empire as a new style of imperialism that threatened Britain's own. In the early twentieth century, the United States excited a range of utopian and dystopian energies in Britain. Authors who might ordinarily seem to have little in common-H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, and Virginia Woolf-began to imagine Britain's future through America. Abravanel explores how these novelists fashioned transatlantic fictions as a response to the encroaching presence of Uncle Sam. She then turns her attention to the arrival of jazz after World War I, showing how a range of writers, from Elizabeth Bowen to W.H. Auden, deployed the new music as a metaphor for the modernization of England. The global phenomenon of Hollywood film proved even more menacing than the jazz craze, prompting nostalgia for English folk culture and a lament for Britain's literary heritage. Abravanel then refracts British debates about America through the writing of two key cultural critics: F.R. Leavis and T.S. Eliot. In so doing, she demonstrates the interdependencies of some of the most cherished categories of literary study-language, nation, and artistic value-by situating the high-low debates within a transatlantic framework.

Eternal Vigilance

Eternal Vigilance ebook ISBN: 1796093238
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Ralph L. Bayrer
Number of Pages: 342 
File: eternal-vigilance.pdf
Reads: 8142882


Your argument of how to protect the goose that laid the golden egg by defending freedom, civil society, and capitalism from the pernicious effects of Progressivism seems compelling to me. Moreover your account of the rise of progressivism in the must reading for anyone who would take a stand on political issues. And no one who reads your accounts of the rise and fall of free-people-free market models of government in other societies can fail to agree with you about the value of government allowing the market to operate as freely as possible. It is a very informative summary of an enormous amount of data that I have not seen elsewhere, and a powerful empirical argument. - Phillip Scribner, Associate Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, American University

The Liberty Amendments

The Liberty Amendments ebook ISBN: 1451606273
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Mark R. Levin
Number of Pages: 257 
File: the-liberty-amendments.pdf
Reads: 6126074


A new book on how to fix the U.S. government by the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia.


L'utopie ebook ISBN:
Author: Sir Thomas More (Saint)
Number of Pages: 308 
File: l-utopie.pdf
Reads: 4053001


The Teavangelicals

The Teavangelicals ebook ISBN: 0310335620
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: David Brody
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-teavangelicals.pdf
Reads: 3166232


The Teavangelicals is a one-of-a-kind book chock-full of original reporting from the 2012 presidential race with an up-close look at how evangelicals and the Tea Party are plotting strategy to reclaim America. In his trademark breezy, funny, and engaging style, David Brody takes you inside the blossoming Teavangelical movement and describes how it is having a major effect on today’s politics with an eye on dominating the political affairs of tomorrow. The author takes his niche for getting interviews and inside access with all the big-name political and evangelical newsmakers and now shares that exclusive access with readers. The author offers a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse along the campaign trail within the three key factions working tirelessly to overcome President Obama and his political machine: evangelicals, the Tea Party and the GOP presidential contenders. Brody, embedded with leading Tea Party and evangelical groups, shares what he learned from private emails, memos, and conversations that shed light on campaign strategy and voter mobilization efforts. In addition, this book highlights Brody’s exclusive interviews, stories, and travels with all the 2012 GOP presidential candidates as they try to be the candidate that takes on President Obama and ultimately change the course of direction in America. The author travels to the key early Primary states of Iowa and South Carolina where Evangelicals will have a major say in who the GOP nominates for President. The author gives readers the inside scoop on the power of evangelical groups and how they’re making a difference early on in the process. Additionally, how will these GOP candidates appeal to evangelicals and how well will it work out? At the same time, the candidates are catering to the Tea Party crowd. We’ll go inside the living rooms of major Tea Party organizers to get inside access on the chatter. Are these presidential candidates passing the Tea Party “smell test”?

Je m'appelle Radar

Je m'appelle Radar ebook ISBN: 2841118959
Publisher: Nil
Author: Reif LARSEN
Number of Pages: 673 
File: je-m-appelle-radar.pdf
Reads: 787123


L'histoire est un cercle, et la vie un spectacle de marionnettes... Au commencement, Radar. Il naît dans le New Jersey en 1975 alors qu'une panne d'électricité plonge l'hôpital dans le noir. Le petit garçon vient au monde avec une peau d'un " noir d'aubergine " tandis que ses parents, Charlene et Kermin, sont blancs et que Charlene est une femme fidèle. Déboussolée, elle le soumet à une batterie de tests. Après des années de vaine quête auprès de différents médecins, Charlene et Kermin tentent un ultime essai : ils acceptent la bizarre invitation de Kirkenesferda, un groupe d'artistes-scientifiques du Grand Nord norvégien... Un roman-kaléidoscope foisonnant, jubilatoire, culotté et mordant, qui joue de tous les genres et de toutes les traditions pour bousculer le lecteur, le conquérir... et l'enchanter. " Captivant, magistral. Un roman multiforme passionnant. " Publishers Weekly

The Death of Liberalism

The Death of Liberalism ebook ISBN: 1595554890
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: R. Emmett Tyrrell
Number of Pages: 208 
File: the-death-of-liberalism.pdf
Reads: 206531


The grave is dug, the headstone carved, the hearse idling out front. A once-potent political and cultural scourge of our time, Liberalism, is breathing its last?and loudest?breaths. In this provocative postmortem, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. traces the dubious rise and inevitable fall of the deeply flawed Liberal-Progressive movement, which has culminated in the nation's first stealth socialist, President Barack Obama?the unwitting pallbearer for American Liberalism. While exposing this nonsensical worldview, Tyrrell also winsomely reaffirms the timeless values Liberalism has endeavored to undermine: free enterprise, personal liberty, limited government, empiricism, reason, and common sense. Ultimately, Tyrrell welcomes conservatives, moderates, independents, and the heretofore apolitical to step forward at this crucial juncture, and take the final steps necessary to administer Liberalism's last rites. "From Harry Truman to Ed Koch to McGovern, Liberalism has been in decline. With Obama, Liberalism is dead. Now comes Crony Capitalism. This is a hilarious and profound book?especially because Tyrrell sees the value of Fox News nd Talk Radio." ?Sean Hannity, author of Conservative Victory, and radio host of The Sean Hannity Show and Fox News Channel's Hannity. "R. Emmett Tyrrell . . . chronicles with growing joyfulness the high points of Liberalism's demise until we get to 2010 and Liberalism's lurch into the grave. . . A wonderful read and a fitting send-off to a very dreary ideology." ?Mark Levin, host of The Mark Levin Radio Show and author of the bestsellers Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia "The Death of Liberalism is a dashing, sharp, well-argued and succinct tract for the times. Mr. Tyrrell is a controversialist of stature, a polemicist of robust energy and a man who knows how to present his case with power and precision."?Paul Johnson, author of Modern Times, Intellectuals, and A History of the American People

État de siège

État de siège ebook ISBN: 2221242343
Publisher: Robert Laffont
Author: Michael WOLFF
Number of Pages: 379 
File: État-de-siège.pdf
Reads: 6792501


Après le best-seller international Le Feu et la Fureur, voici la saison 2 de la présidence la plus extravagante de l'histoire des États-Unis. Deux ans au sommet du monde n'ont pas assagi Donald Trump, plus impulsif et versatile que jamais. Mais la roue de la fortune a tourné : les procureurs fédéraux scrutent ses affaires ; ses anciens alliés politiques cherchent à le faire chuter ; ses opposants démocrates n'ont pas renoncé à le destituer. Et pourtant, Donald Trump se sent invincible. Il s'expose, s'exprime, s'enflamme, ce qui le rend vulnérable. Cette présidence anormale va-t-elle atteindre son point de rupture et imploser ? Enquête de première main et récit romanesque d'un règne hors norme, État de siège dresse le portrait d'un président à nul autre pareil. Entouré d'ennemis et aveugle à son sort, Trump est décidément le leader le plus stupéfiant de l'histoire américaine. " Faut savoir jouer. Je joue bien. Mieux que personne peut-être. Je crois que je suis le meilleur. Je suis très bon. Très tranquille. La plupart des gens ont peur qu'il arrive le pire. Mais le pire n'arrive pas, sauf si vous êtes stupide. Et je ne suis pas stupide. " Donald Trump

Stolen Sovereignty

Stolen Sovereignty ebook ISBN: 9781944229290
Publisher: WND Books
Author: Daniel Horowitz
Number of Pages: 352 
File: stolen-sovereignty.pdf
Reads: 8870605


In STOLEN SOVEREIGNTY Horowitz reveals just how disenfranchised voters have become. On issue after issue we are witnessing a transformation of our society before our very eyes, all without the ability to stop it through the political process. We are becoming a government not of the people, by the people, for the people, but of the elites by the justices and for the few.First the courts went after your income. Then they went after the right to abortion. Then the right for men to marry men and women to marry women. Next they will go after the right to our sovereign borders. Where will it end?It is the legislative branch that gives the people their voice. With a weak congress, the people will suffer at the hands of a tyrannical few. By ceding the power of the purse, willfully ignoring executive overreach, blindly confirming judicial nominees, and writing statutes so broadly they transfer full legislative power to the president, the past few generations of congressmen have helped the executive branch and the courts crush their own power. STOLEN SOVEREIGNTY is a book defending sovereignty and society from the courts. Horowitz masterfully explains the legal foundations of this great nation and how the three branches of government are designed to keep the people free. He outlines how the recent overreach of the judicial branch has led to the extinguishing of the voice of the people. And most important, he provides solutions as the looming immigration crisis overshadows the political landscape.As we hunger for leaders who will steer the country back on the track of liberty and justice for all, we must ensure we are never one court decision or one executive order away from losing our society, sovereignty, and government. The courts have spoken. Now, it s time for the American people to reclaim their sovereignty."

Book of L.o.f.i.

Book of L.o.f.i. ebook ISBN: 9781500437107
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Corey L. Simmins
Number of Pages: 202 
File: book-of-l-o-f-i.pdf
Reads: 1793435


Faith versus fanaticism! Zeal for zealotry! Follow young Sam Wolfe, recently expelled to Lord of the Flies Island, the sobriquet bestowed upon America's Penal Colony, as he transforms from neophyte American criminal exile to faithful Messiah to radicalized fanatic. This quasi-allegorical tale takes place in future America (2075) which has evolved into a pseudo-utopia with roaring economy and social harmony. However, stranded upon an island filled with America's societal deviants, pariahs, and criminals has placed Wolfe in a precarious predicament until he discovers an underground lair inhabited by a man, Kellas Somervell, convinced that young Sam has been sent by God to construct a new society on the island of Guam. Wolfe, under Somervell's guidance, leads a violent and bloody resistance to challenge the island's military authority and moral inequity, all as he contemplates the influence of and justification by the Almighty.

Inside Apple

Inside Apple ebook ISBN: 2100594214
Publisher: Dunod
Author: Adam Lashinsky
Number of Pages: 272 
File: inside-apple.pdf
Reads: 548605


Journaliste spécialisé dans les nouvelles technologies, Adam Lashinsky a enquêté pendant de long mois sur Apple et raconte dans cet ouvrage très documenté quelques-uns des secrets les mieux gardés de la firme à la pomme en matière d’innovation, de marketing, de communication, de management et de lobbying. Il revient sur l’histoire de la compagnie et s’attarde sur la personnalité de Steve Jobs et la façon dont celui-ci a façonné l’entreprise. Il offre également de nombreux éclairages sur les pièges qui attendent Apple depuis la disparition de son charismatique fondateur. Nouveau format, nouveau prix et édition actualisée : quel avenir pour Apple ? Records de cotation boursière et lancements de nouveaux produits ne suffisent pas tout à fait à rassurer les fans de la marque, inquiétés par quelques « couacs » (application ratée, nouvel iPhone perfectible...). L’auteur fait le point sur ces derniers développements et sur les premiers mois de gouvernance de Tim Cook, le successeur de Steve Jobs. Il donne son avis sur l’avenir de l’entreprise.

Our Police

Our Police ebook ISBN: 1534429514
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Jack E. Levin
Number of Pages: 40 
File: our-police.pdf
Reads: 5080142


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Jack E. Levin comes a brand-new picture book that celebrates the brave men and women in blue—our police force. In Our Police, Jack E. Levin uses his distinctive, vivid style to honor the brave men and women in uniform who spend their lives protecting us. He showcases the many members of the force—from the traffic police to the patrol car officers, the state troopers to the helicopter police­—who are all dedicated and committed to protect and serve all the people of their community each and every day. Levin created this story to help young people see the police force as friends, guardians, and protectors, who work tirelessly to keep our world safe and secure. Our Police includes a foreword by his son, New York Times bestselling author Mark R. Levin.

Prendre son envol - Les combats de l'une des femmes les plus inspirantes au monde

Prendre son envol - Les combats de l'une des femmes les plus inspirantes au monde ebook ISBN: 2749940672
Publisher: Michel Lafon
Author: Melinda Gates
Number of Pages: 229 
File: prendre-son-envol-les-combats-de-l-une-des-femmes-les-plus-inspirantes-au-monde.pdf
Reads: 3604992


Les combats d'une des femmes les plus inspirantes au monde. Avec sincérité et émotion, Melinda Gates partage son parcours et ses réflexions pour un monde plus généreux qui offrirait aux femmes les mêmes opportunités qu'aux hommes. Des réflexions issues de ses voyages à la rencontre des plus démunis : des enfants déscolarisés ou mariés de force, des femmes victimes de violences... Leur émancipation est devenue son cheval de bataille. Car aider les autres à s'élever, c'est s'élever soi-même. " Pendant des années, le travail de Melinda Gates a amélioré les conditions de vie de millions de personnes à travers le monde. Mais peu de gens connaissaient la femme extraordinaire derrière la philanthrope jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Avec ce livre sincère et généreux, Melinda partage les expériences qui l'ont façonnée, les valeurs qui l'animent, les personnes qui l'ont inspirée, et le futur qu'elle s'efforce d'accomplir, un futur où toutes les femmes seront enfin sur un pied d'égalité. " Sheryl Sandberg, directrice de Facebook " Ce livre est un manifeste indispensable pour une société égalitaire où les femmes sont valorisées et reconnues à tous les niveaux. Un message dont nous avons plus que jamais besoin. " Malala Yousafzai, prix Nobel de la paix

You Might Be a Liberal

You Might Be a Liberal ebook ISBN: 9781479204984
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Author: C. Edmund Wright
Number of Pages: 344 
File: you-might-be-a-liberal.pdf
Reads: 2898429


Called "rocking great fun that hits liberals in their weak spot, reality,” by Mary Matalin, You Might Be a Liberal ties humor, analogy, irony and stories into a fun journey that exposes liberals as the hidden problem behind everything that is going wrong. You will want to get a copy for yourself - and one for every self righteous liberal you know. You Might Be a Liberal includes some 600 "if/then" jokes about liberals, and over 30 hard hitting, clever and sometimes jaw dropping commentaries by C. Edmund Wright - as well as a few surprises. As Herman Cain says, "C. Edmund Wright's sharp wit has been a must-read on the web for years, and now you must read this book!"Entertaining and informative if you have a couple of minutes, or a couple of hours, to spare, You Might Be a Liberal features an unusual combination of laugh-out-loud humor and searing insight which clearly demonstrates that liberalism is much more problematic than you might have guessed. Even the table of contents is a good read!Radio host and author of Ameritopia, Mark Levin says, "As we head into the most important election of our lifetime, C. Edmund Wright reminds us why, and gives us a laugh at the same time." Everything you have ever wanted to tell liberals at the office water cooler or over Thanksgiving dinner will be at your fingertips after reading You Might Be a Liberal.