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Among the Cloud Dwellers

Among the Cloud Dwellers ebook ISBN: 9780982102336
Publisher: Gemelli Press LLC
Author: Giuliana Sica
Number of Pages: 464 
File: among-the-cloud-dwellers.pdf
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"How do we love that which we do not know? And what if the answer is not present, but hidden in a past life? In a memory erased by birth, in a seed of consciousness buried in the darkness. What would it take to remember?" -- back cover.

Tales of the Teahouse Retold

Tales of the Teahouse Retold ebook ISBN: 0595254195
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Katherine Liang Chew,Felix S. Chew
Number of Pages: 480 
File: tales-of-the-teahouse-retold.pdf
Reads: 6717891


Tales of the Teahouse Retold is based on the author's original translation of Feng Shen Yan Yi, an important volume of Chinese mythology first published during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is the story of the overthrow the Shang Dynasty (circa 1766-1122 BC) and the founding of the Chou Dynasty (1122-249 BC). Combining historical facts, folklore, mythology, and legends, these tales describe a time when gods and men, beasts and monsters, and spirits and specters mingled with each other in peace and war. The saga begins when King Zhou of Shang offends the Snail Goddess, who sends three specters to bewitch the king in retribution. The kingdom falls into chaos and civil war ensues, with gods and other supernatural beings taking sides. In the end, many of the slain heroes are invested as gods. For centuries, the tale was told in successive story-telling sessions as teahouse entertainment. The author has faithfully kept to the original style and ambience in retelling these tales. Tales of the Teahouse Retold will be of interest to fans of oriental mythology, philosophy, and literature. It is suitable for recreational reading as well as supplemental reading for students of Chinese history and culture.

The Koryak

The Koryak ebook ISBN: 3942883872
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
Author: Waldemar Jochelson
Number of Pages: 884 
File: the-koryak.pdf
Reads: 1402826


Since the 18th century, researchers and scientists have traveled the peninsula of Kamchatka in the Russian Far East. Many of them were of German origin and had been commissioned by the Russian government to perform specific tasks. Their exhaustive descriptions and detailed reports are still considered some of the most valuable documents on the ethnography of the indigenous peoples of that part of the world. These works inform us about living conditions and particular ways of natural resource use at various times, and provide us with valuable background information for current assessment. As the first profound anthropological descriptions of that region, the publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, undertaken in the first years of the 20th century, marked the beginning of a new era of research in Russia. They represented a shift of the already existing transnational research networks toward North America. Jochelson’s work The Koryak was an important milestone for Russian and North American anthropology that provides to this day a unique contribution to thoroughly understanding the cultures of the North Pacific rim.

Tibet, civilisation et société

Tibet, civilisation et société ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Fondation Singer Polignac
Author: Fondation Singer-Polignac,Fernand Meyer
Number of Pages: 204 
File: tibet-civilisation-et-société.pdf
Reads: 4209098


Le Tibet est une vaste aire culturelle caractérisée par une unité de langue, de croyances, de représentations et d'organisation sociale. Les articles témoignent de la diversité des disciplines du Colloque : archéologie, histoire, linguistique et surtout anthropologie.

The Iroquois Eagle Dance

The Iroquois Eagle Dance ebook ISBN: 9780815625339
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Author: William N. Fenton
Number of Pages: 340 
File: the-iroquois-eagle-dance.pdf
Reads: 6627765


This volume explores how the Eagle Dance was celebrated in New York and Canada during the 1930s and how it related to the widespread Calumet Dance of the 17th century. Also included is an analysis of the Eagle Dance music and choreography, based on the author's own recordings and observations.

The Seven Faces of Time

The Seven Faces of Time ebook ISBN: 0595335365
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Aleksandra Kasuba
Number of Pages: 112 
File: the-seven-faces-of-time.pdf
Reads: 2676130


The Seven Faces of Time illustrates how an individual, responding to changes in familiar surroundings, spontaneously adjusts her outlook and behavior. Since the switch usually disrupts a set mode of thought and behavior, the book describes the various effects it can have on the individual's experience of time.

Adaptive Markets

Adaptive Markets ebook ISBN: 069119680X
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: Andrew W. Lo
Number of Pages: 504 
File: adaptive-markets.pdf
Reads: 8740254


A new, evolutionary explanation of markets and investor behavior Half of all Americans have money in the stock market, yet economists can’t agree on whether investors and markets are rational and efficient, as modern financial theory assumes, or irrational and inefficient, as behavioral economists believe. The debate is one of the biggest in economics, and the value or futility of investment management and financial regulation hangs on the answer. In this groundbreaking book, Andrew Lo transforms the debate with a powerful new framework in which rationality and irrationality coexist—the Adaptive Markets Hypothesis. Drawing on psychology, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and other fields, Adaptive Markets shows that the theory of market efficiency is incomplete. When markets are unstable, investors react instinctively, creating inefficiencies for others to exploit. Lo’s new paradigm explains how financial evolution shapes behavior and markets at the speed of thought—a fact revealed by swings between stability and crisis, profit and loss, and innovation and regulation. An ambitious new answer to fundamental questions about economics and investing, Adaptive Markets is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how markets really work.

The Trek Universal Index

The Trek Universal Index ebook ISBN: 9781852833985
Author: Thomas Maxwell
Number of Pages: 148 
File: the-trek-universal-index.pdf
Reads: 7859870


An alphabetical Star Trek reference book, with entries on every life-form, planet, ship, crew member, weapon and item of technology. Generic sections on certain subjects provide easy cross-referencing.

The Nation

The Nation ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-nation.pdf
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Kingdoms of Paper and Glass

Kingdoms of Paper and Glass ebook ISBN: 9781560021445
Publisher: University Editions
Author: Preston Coleman
Number of Pages: 124 
File: kingdoms-of-paper-and-glass.pdf
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Trek ebook ISBN: 9780061054358
Publisher: Harpercollins
Author: Hal Schuster,Wendy Rathbone
Number of Pages: 573 
File: trek.pdf
Reads: 9947612


A guide to the "Star Trek" phenomenon provides facts and trivia about all aspects of the popular TV series and its TV and film spinoffs

Exploring Arab Folk Literature

Exploring Arab Folk Literature ebook ISBN: 0748654070
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Author: Pierre Cachia
Number of Pages: 256 
File: exploring-arab-folk-literature.pdf
Reads: 3233117


The character and range of Arab folk literature are investigated by Pierre Cachia in this collection of his pioneering essays in the field.

Fury of the Northmen

Fury of the Northmen ebook ISBN: 9780809464258
Publisher: Time Life Education
Author: Time-Life Books
Number of Pages: 176 
File: fury-of-the-northmen.pdf
Reads: 4815170


Describes the cultures of the Vikings, the Japanese Byzantium, and the mound builders of the Americas during the medieval period


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Andrew Earl
Number of Pages: 266 
File: the-blossom-and-the-musket.pdf
Reads: 7535693


Based in the upper North Island, New Zealand during the period of the Maori wars 1830’s to 1860’s the heroes belong to the small brave Militia that roamed these parts led by the main characters John Tripp and the head scout Tarata. Victoria Lynn sailed from England to assist with her uncle’s family at William Glenn Station becoming romantically involved with John Tripp. Interwoven amongst unbroken countryside and raging wars known as the ‘Battles of the North Island’, small gangs of looters, murderers and ship-jumpers appear along with natural disasters – volcano and earthquake – a young love weaves its way.

The Two Seeds

The Two Seeds ebook ISBN: 1469119730
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Fred A. Wilson
Number of Pages: 807 
File: the-two-seeds.pdf
Reads: 8565411


The Book of Revelation (chapter 12) narrates a phenomenon that most readers will find incredible. Given a view of a period of time in Heaven, Apostle John saw and reported: "Then war broke out in Heaven; Michael and his angels went forth to battle with the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought." He actually saw Archangel Michael and His army of Angels in all out war against a dragon; and the Dragon and his Angels fought back. However, the Dragon and his Angels did not prevail: they were defeated and violently cast out of and down from Heaven: "And the huge dragon was cast down and out that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, he who is the seducer (deceiver) of all Humanity the World over; he was forced out and down to the Earth, and his angels were flung out along with him." Further, the Warriors who vanquished this huge dragon called the Devil and Satan: "And they have overcome (conquered) him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony, for they did not love and cling to life even when faced with death [holding their lives cheap till they had to die for their witnessing]." This was a War in which the armaments were the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony This was a War of Words! This War would continue on Earth. After the Fall of Man, the War on Earth between the Two Seeds would be a War of the Spirit Beings; fought through Human Beings, and other living things, to the detriment of those who make the wrong choices during the battles to Save the World of Man! How did it begin and how will it end? This is one question every Believer is, literally, dying to know. So did Prophet Daniel (12v8): "And I heard, but I did not understand. Then I said: O my lord, what shall be the issue and final end of these things? The issue and final end of these things become evident as we trawl through Holy Scriptures and the histories of Man, as has been attempted in the 800 pages of this book.