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An Incidental Love

An Incidental Love ebook ISBN: 9781505257755
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Elaura Browne
Number of Pages: 260 
File: an-incidental-love.pdf
Reads: 8829969


Beautiful socialite and outstanding college student, Ilona Haight, had no idea how her very sheltered life was about to change when she discovered her cheating boyfriend with another woman. Little did she know her actions that night following the revelation would lead her into a life- altering decision causing a 180 degree change in life as she knew it, an unwinnable legal battle, and, in order to protect herself from further legal issues, would land her reluctantly married into the wealthiest family in the state. For Ian Brighanti, Ilona was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen and he would stop at nothing to meet her. An introduction that would prove to be the most pivotal of his life. Their marriage starts off rocky but soon settles into a peaceful routine of daily life. A terrible storm brings them together in a most amazing way. The two become close and start to think about a future together when a tragic accident threatens to tear them apart. Not to mention the antics of a meddling younger brother who would like nothing more than to catch his new sister-in-law deep in the act of cheating. Thinking they are on solid ground and back on track, Ian is head over heads in love with his wife and would do anything and everything to protect her. That is, until he finds out a terrible truth to which he angrily storms out of her life. Could it be forever?

An Incidental Death

An Incidental Death ebook ISBN: 1784971073
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Author: Alex Howard
Number of Pages: 352 
File: an-incidental-death.pdf
Reads: 8017758


DCI Hanlon faces the toughest decision of her career as a string of political murders lead to a deadly confrontation. A controversial, right-wing German politician is due to speak at the Oxford Union. Following a series of murders linked to a violent anarchist group, the city is on high alert. DCI Hanlon has been partnered with DI Huss to ensure the speech goes smoothly and that there will be no more killing. The murders soon reveal a chilling alliance between the anarchists and European Jihadis. And when Hanlon traces the killer, she soon realises that the truth has a terrible price. Is Hanlon willing to meet the cost?


Interpassivity ebook ISBN: 1474422950
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Author: Robert Pfaller
Number of Pages: 160 
File: interpassivity.pdf
Reads: 4150961


Why do people record TV programmes instead of watching them? Why are former alcoholics pleased to let other people drink in their place? Why can ritual machines pray in place of believers? Robert Pfaller advances the theory of 'interpassivity' as delegated consumption and enjoyment. Applicable to both art and everyday life, the concept allows him to tackle a vast range of phenomena: culture, art, sports and religion. Pfaller criticises dominant assumptions, offers an escape from prevailing ideologies and exposes how cultural capitalism promotes commodities with the promise of happiness.


na ebook ISBN: 1612152732
Publisher: Xulon Press
Author: J. A. Youngberg
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: na.pdf
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To Rome with Love

To Rome with Love ebook ISBN: 9780736906609
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Author: Debra White Smith
Number of Pages: 298 
File: to-rome-with-love.pdf
Reads: 4585723


Book 4 in IThe Seven Sisters Series /I PMelissa gazed into velvet brown eyes. Kinkaide hadn't changed much in six years. His expressive eyes and vibrant smile brought back memories and images of a time filled with promise and love . . . a time she thought would last forever. Melissa stepped back. Nothing could break through the barriers surrounding her heart . . . nothing. And now Kinkaide was standing before her, believing she had accepted his invitation for a Mediterranean excursion. He he out a note signed with her name . . . a note she had never seen before. Shock slowly softened to interest. Despite his broken promises, hope stirred. What if . . .

Love & Will

Love & Will ebook ISBN: 0393078779
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Author: Rollo May
Number of Pages: 352 
File: love-will.pdf
Reads: 1631669


"An extraordinary book on sex and civilization....An important contribution to contemporary morality."—Newsweek The heart of man's dilemma, according to Rollo May, is the failure to understand the real meaning of love and will, their source and interrelation. Bringing fresh insight to these concepts, May shows how we can attain a deeper consciousness.

If Love Could Think

If Love Could Think ebook ISBN: 0307338126
Publisher: Harmony
Author: Alon Gratch
Number of Pages: 256 
File: if-love-could-think.pdf
Reads: 675884


A groundbreaking book about why the one thing we all fear—ambivalence—is the one thing we must accept to find lasting love. If Love Could Think is an entertaining and practical book that addresses with warmth and intelligence the age-old question relevant to any stage of a relationship: why does love go wrong, and what can we do to make it right? After many years of treating patients with relationship problems, psychologist Alon Gratch has identified seven common patterns of failed love. These patterns include, for example, narcissistic love, when a person has so idealized the partner and the relationship that they can’t possibly continue to measure up; one-way love, when a person loves someone who doesn’t return that love; triangular love, when a third party, be it a mother, an affair, or a job is involved in the relationship; and forbidden love, the kind of relationship that is generally off-limits, such as when a teacher dates a student. In If Love Could Think, Gratch shows us that all of these patterns stem from one fundamental problem—our own ambivalence. With his trademark combination of depth and humor, and using many individual stories as engaging examples, Gratch walks us through the ways we get stuck in these patterns. In each case we are looking for perfect or ideal love. Every pattern creates an obstacle so we don’t have to face our own ambivalence about the relationship or the other person. But humans aren’t perfect, so no matter how wonderful love can be, there is no such thing as pure love. Ambivalence implies the existence not only of love but also of anger, disapproval, or disappointment. As Dr. Gratch shows, there are really only two choices: accept ambivalence as part of any loving relationship, or continue to repeat the patterns of illusory love. Happily, using a simple yet powerful three-step approach, If Love Could Think helps readers to use their own minds to break these patterns of failed relationships and find real and lasting love.

Latin American Films, 1932_1994

Latin American Films, 1932_1994 ebook ISBN: 0786422262
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Ronald Schwartz
Number of Pages: 304 
File: latin-american-films-1932-1994.pdf
Reads: 7393419


"Easy-to-use, well-formatted"—Choice "Thorough and accurate"—ARBA "A useful text in a field so lacking in good reference materials"—British Bulletin of Publications In 1931 Antonio Moreno completed Santa, Mexico's first true sound film. In it he established one of the foremost genres of Latin American cinema--the popular melodrama--which continues to this day. Latin American filmmakers came to the fore in the fifties and sixties and, as 1992's Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate) showed, Latin American films continue to be a major part of the international film scene. In this work over 300 of the most significant films from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other Latin American countries are covered. Each entry includes the English title, director, year of release, running time, language, country and a detailed plot synopsis. Notes about the production and the filmmakers are also provided for many entries.

An Incidental Death in Monterey

An Incidental Death in Monterey ebook ISBN: 9781612713038
Publisher: Zumaya Enigma
Author: John J. O'Hagan
Number of Pages: 238 
File: an-incidental-death-in-monterey.pdf
Reads: 6944610


When a drowning turns out to not be accidental, a Franciscan priest finds himself confronting a whole host of political, social, and sexual conflicts in 18th-century California, suddenly transformed from a priest/physician to an investigator of not one, but two brutal murders.

Love the One You're With

Love the One You're With ebook ISBN: 9781429937740
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Emily Giffin
Number of Pages: 352 
File: love-the-one-you-re-with.pdf
Reads: 8106520


How do you know if you've found the one? Can you really love the one you're with when you can't forget the one who got away? Emily Giffin, author of the New York Times bestselling novels Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof, poses these questions—and many more—with her highly anticipated, thought-provoking new novel Love the One You're With. Ellen and Andy's first year of marriage doesn't just seem perfect, it is perfect. There is no question how deep their devotion is, and how naturally they bring out the best in each other. But one fateful afternoon, Ellen runs into Leo for the first time in eight years. Leo, the one who brought out the worst in her. Leo, the one who left her heartbroken with no explanation. Leo, the one she could never quite forget. When his reappearance ignites long-dormant emotions, Ellen begins to question whether the life she's living is the one she's meant to live. At once heartbreaking and funny, Love the One You're With is a tale of lost loves and found fortunes—and will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered what if.

Love in Excess - Second Edition

Love in Excess - Second Edition ebook ISBN: 1460401271
Publisher: Broadview Press
Author: Eliza Haywood
Number of Pages: 291 
File: love-in-excess-second-edition.pdf
Reads: 682675


Eliza Haywood (1693-1756) was one of the most successful writers of her time; indeed, the two most popular English novels in the early eighteenth-century were Robinson Crusoe and Haywood’s first novel, Love in Excess. As this edition enables modern readers to discover, its enormous success is easy to understand. Love in Excess is a well crafted novel in which the claims of love and ambition are pursued through multiple storylines until the heroine engineers a melodramatic conclusion. Haywood’s frankness about female sexuality may explain the later neglect of Love in Excess. (In contrast, her accomplished domestic novel, The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, has remained available.) Love in Excess and its reception provide a lively and valuable record of the challenge that female desire posed to social decorum. For the second Broadview edition, the appendix of eighteenth-century responses to Haywood has been considerably expanded.

To Love and Be Wise

To Love and Be Wise ebook ISBN: 1476733317
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Josephine Tey
Number of Pages: 224 
File: to-love-and-be-wise.pdf
Reads: 7434640


A witty and sophisticated mystery featuring bestselling author Josephine Tey’s popular Inspector Alan Grant, a beloved character created by a woman considered to be one of the greatest mystery writers of all time. Literary sherry parties were not Alan Grant's cup of tea. But when the Scotland Yard Inspector arrived to pick up actress Marta Hallard for dinner, he was struck by the handsome young American photographer, Leslie Searle. Author Lavinia Fitch was sure her guest "must have been something very wicked in ancient Greece," and the art colony at Salcott St. Mary would have agreed. Yet Grant heard nothing more of Searle until the news of his disappearance. Had Searle drowned by accident or could he have been murdered by one of his young women admirers? Was it a possible case of suicide or had the photographer simply vanished for reasons of his own?

Attentive to God

Attentive to God ebook ISBN: 142674868X
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Author: Charles M. Wood,Ellen Blue
Number of Pages: 138 
File: attentive-to-god.pdf
Reads: 8873167


How the pastor reads a situation theologically will define the possibilities for ministry now and for the church's future. The pastor's theological lens affects every ministry task. This book introduces students to the importance of theological reflection. It tells them why theological reflection is crucial to who they are and what they do, and it shows them how they can acquire and strengthen their capacity for theological attentiveness. Central to Wood and Blue's approach is the conviction that pastoral character and pastoral practice are mutually formative. Also through the practice of ministry the pastor's identity is both continually discovered and continually worked on and worked out. All pastors must integrate who they believe themselves to be and who they believe God is to be effective leaders.

Deleuze and Law

Deleuze and Law ebook ISBN: 0748655395
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Author: Laurent de Sutter
Number of Pages: 224 
File: deleuze-and-law.pdf
Reads: 4547704


This collection of 13 essays offers insights into Gilles Deleuze's philosophy of law which experiments with new forms of politics, economics and society.

A Dictionary Of The English Language; In Which The Words Are Deduced From Their Originals; And Illustrated In Their Different Significations, By Examples From The Best Writers: Together With A History of the Language, and an English Grammar

A Dictionary Of The English Language; In Which The Words Are Deduced From Their Originals; And Illustrated In Their Different Significations, By Examples From The Best Writers: Together With A History of the Language, and an English Grammar ebook ISBN:
Author: Samuel Johnson
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: a-dictionary-of-the-english-language-in-which-the-words-are-deduced-from-their-originals-and-illustrated-in-their-different-significations-by-examples-from-the-best-writers-together-with-a-history-of-the-language-and-an-english-grammar.pdf
Reads: 3661303


Incidental Psychotherapy within Christian Relationships

Incidental Psychotherapy within Christian Relationships ebook ISBN: 0761853987
Publisher: Hamilton Books
Author: E. Rae Harcum
Number of Pages: 102 
File: incidental-psychotherapy-within-christian-relationships.pdf
Reads: 2966994


This book points out the close similarity between the loving connections of Christians and therapeutic relationships between psychotherapists and clients. It discusses the nature of psychotherapy, the nature of 'cures,' and the credentials of qualified psychotherapists. Chapters focus on the nature of Christian connection and ways to improve it.