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An Infinity of Mirrors

An Infinity of Mirrors ebook ISBN: 1504027728
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: Richard Condon
Number of Pages: 333 
File: an-infinity-of-mirrors.pdf
Reads: 3185233


In love with a Prussian officer, a Jewish woman moves to Hitler’s Berlin Every afternoon, Paule tends to her father’s newspaper clippings and listens to his stories. An actor, Paul-Alain Bernheim has a sexual appetite and a lust for life that have made him a legend of the Paris stage. He is also a fiercely proud Jew, and he has imbued his daughter with an unshakeable pride in the history of her people. So why, she wonders, has she fallen in love with a German? From the moment Paule spots Wilhelm von Rhode at an embassy reception, she can’t take her eyes off him. So after a whirlwind Paris romance, when von Rhode is recalled to Berlin, Paule follows as his wife. But as the Nazis tighten their stranglehold on Germany and the world prepares for war, will Paule’s love stand against the night?


LIFE ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 166 
File: life.pdf
Reads: 6771522


LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

Symmetry and Physical Properties of Crystals

Symmetry and Physical Properties of Crystals ebook ISBN: 9401789932
Publisher: Springer
Author: Cécile Malgrange,Christian Ricolleau,Michel Schlenker
Number of Pages: 522 
File: symmetry-and-physical-properties-of-crystals.pdf
Reads: 9511219


Crystals are everywhere, from natural crystals (minerals) through the semiconductors and magnetic materials in electronic devices and computers or piezoelectric resonators at the heart of our quartz watches to electro-optical devices. Understanding them in depth is essential both for pure research and for their applications. This book provides a clear, thorough presentation of their symmetry, both at the microscopic space-group level and the macroscopic point-group level. The implications of the symmetry of crystals for their physical properties are then presented, together with their mathematical description in terms of tensors. The conditions on the symmetry of a crystal for a given property to exist then become clear, as does the symmetry of the property. The geometrical representation of tensor quantities or properties is presented, and its use in determining important relationships emphasized. An original feature of this book is that most chapters include exercises with complete solutions. This allows readers to test and improve their understanding of the material. The intended readership includes undergraduate and graduate students in materials science and materials-related aspects of electrical and optical engineering; researchers involved in the investigation of the physical properties of crystals and the design of applications based on crystal properties such as piezoelectricity, electro-optics, optical activity and all those involved in the characterization of the structural properties of materials.

Sorin Cerin:The Philosophical Works of the Coaxialism - 2020 Reference Edition

Sorin Cerin:The Philosophical Works of the Coaxialism - 2020 Reference Edition ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Sorin Cerin
Author: Sorin Cerin
Number of Pages: 590 
File: sorin-cerin-the-philosophical-works-of-the-coaxialism-2020-reference-edition.pdf
Reads: 696787


Sorin Cerin (born November 25, 1963, Baia Mare, Romania) is a Romanian philosopher, poet and essayist. If Osho is a mystic in his aphorisms, Sorin Cerin is an existentialist philosopher, author of a new philosophical system called Coaxialism, but also author of philosophical poems, being an important existentialist poet of the 21st century whose existentialist philosophical poems are quoted by critics specialized alongside other philosophers, poets and existentialist authors such as Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre or Kierkegaard. Sorin Cerin is especially sought after by the general public, among existentialist poets and philosophers, both for his existentialist philosophical poems that focus mainly on Love, Existence, Illusion, the Absurd or Death, and for existentialist philosophical aphorisms, structured in several volumes, and previously published in various publishing houses, to be later reunited under the aegis of a single monumental volume, entitled Collection of Wisdom. This title first appeared in 2009, which together with the future editions of Sorin Cerin's Collections of Wisdom from the following years, brought him fame and international recognition, for which, Sorin Cerin, is considered to be one of the most representative existentialist philosophers, existentialist poets, but, also authors of wisdom, authors of philosophical aphorisms or thinkers of the sapiential genre, worldwide, and the philosophical aphorisms from this work, are selected in various publications or prestigious anthologies of the world. This book, entitled, Sorin Cerin: The Philosophical Works of the Coaxialism - Reference Edition 2020, includes all new books, respectively 6 books, published separately by different publishers, books whose titles are in the current book, are: Coaxialismul - Complete reference edition, the first edition in Romanian at Paco Publishing House in Bucharest, Romania 2007, ISBN 978-973-8314–66-5.2, the second edition in the United States of America 2010, ISBN 978-1456346362, and in English language entitled The Coaxialism - Complete reference edition, the United States of America 2011, ISBN 978-1461000082 Logica coaxiologică, first edition in Romanian at Paco Publishing House in Bucharest, Romania 2007, ISBN 978-973-8314-79-5, second edition in the United States of America 2014, ISBN 978-1497436121, and in English with the title The Coaxiological Logic, the United States of America 2020, ISBN 979-8630561305 Starea de concepțiune în fenomenologia coaxiologică (The state of conception in coaxiological phenomenology), first edition in Romanian at Paco publishing house in Bucharest, Romania 2007, ISBN 978-973-8314-764, second edition in the United States of America 2014, ISBN 978-149-7484-887, and in English with the title The Creation, the United States of America 2020, ISBN 979-8640137347 Antichrist, ființă și iubire (Antichrist, being and love), the first edition in Romanian at Paco Publishing House in Bucharest, Romania 2007, ISBN 979-973-8314-771, the second edition in the United States of America 2012, ISBN 978-147-8265-399, and in English with the title The Evil, the United States of America 2014, ISBN 978-1500329518 Moarte, neant, aneant, viață și Bilderberg Group (Death, nothingness, neo-nothingness, life and Bilderberg Group) the first edition in Romanian at Paco Publishing House in Bucharest, Romania 2007, ISBN 978-973-8314-740, the second edition in the United States of America 2010, ISBN 978-1456391423, and in English with the title Value and Hierarchy of the Human Being, the United States of America 2020, ISBN 9798654383327 Iubire, United States of America 2012, ISBN 978-1479107827, Amour, the United States of America 2010, ISBN 978-1456330866, Love, the United States of America 2012, ISBN 978-1479108015 Reference by M. Pop

Mirrors of Infinity:

Mirrors of Infinity: ebook ISBN: 9781568980508
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Author: Allen S. Weiss
Number of Pages: 111 
File: mirrors-of-infinity.pdf
Reads: 463051


Resource added for the Landscape Horticulture Technician program 100014.

The Decline and Fall of the United States of America

The Decline and Fall of the United States of America ebook ISBN: 1469180340
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Anthony Kishko
Number of Pages: 647 
File: the-decline-and-fall-of-the-united-states-of-america.pdf
Reads: 2951754


Politicianthe dirtiest word in the English language. says Jacob Pirandello Kharinsky, a character in this book hailed as the UNDERGROUND CLASSIC OF OUR GENERATION: The DECLINE and FALL of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA part I. (A theme which implies many things, possibilities and perspectives.) Jake Kharinsky discovers himself in an unknown labyrinth, a clandestine initiation, and is unable to recall what leads him there. Stranger than fiction events and stories unfold...with aesthetic word play, symbolism, humor and an architectured structure, as if crafted and written by a musician, to lead one into an expansion of consciousness, a journey of the mind, right into the HEART & UNCONSICOUS of AMERICA and beyond. At times, engaging a psychological evaluation of the American political mind, and ways out of the swamps and wastelands. Jakes visionary pursuits for the meaning of life and his endless patriotic studies into the nature and origins of our political, social, and cultural realities leads him to write an Underground Notebook which will one day be a condensed guide for the coming dark era of: collapse, fascism, empire, civil war and revolution, though the Notebook is written with hopes towards identifying and preventing this disaster. (The Decline and Fall fleshes out what Emmanuel Goldsteins The Book, from Orwells 1984, may look like today.) America, as we are conditioned and believe we know it to be, is dissolving before our very eyes. Ask yourself: what is it that is not being said? This analysis is not a black and white, an Us vs. Them simplification or pessimism (as many still hold to valid ideals in a system that no longer works for We the people.) There is no simple view, traveling towards our future from the elusive illusions of the past. Prophetic, DYSTOPIAN, at times surrealin a exploratory epic seeking to make sense of it all, utilizing both fiction and non-fiction. Raising questions about how the spectrums of cultures and power influence and create our realities and consciousnesshow blind wealth, corruption, greed and propaganda orbit and control our lives behind seemingly invisible curtains and veils. Dynamic changes with every chapter and the flowing weight of compelling content draws and gravitates the reader to see the world differently and envision new possibilities. ( A recipe for REVOLUTION? A GENERAL STRIKE? In the organizing a grassroots Aquarian Renaissance Movement... ) Endless hours of entertainment and edifying knowledge & inspiration.*** A book unlike ever before written, yet following through on a lineage & fusion of varied literary traditions, schools of thought, and paradigms suffused with humor and knowledge. A justified literate denial of the two party bankster corporate diseased entity of the machine grinding our lives away. A welcoming and inviting challenge to trace the angst of our contemporary American wasteland and world nightmare to blaze through this storm. , Rebridge and pick up where our ancient Renaissance and organic connections were cut off, and leave the old world behind. GET INITIATED!!! Author can be viewed reading excerpt on Youtube under: information8090: [Back cover]: A Book for both genuine LIBERALS and CONSERVATIVES, and beyond, who are utterly disgusted with Democrats and Republicans... A genre of both Kafkaesque Dystopian fiction, & non-fiction (the Orwellian BOOK within the book), inviting the reader on a journey of Mind, Concept, Metaphor and Languageof questions and provocations, Aesthetics and Spirituality; to evoke, articulate, and gather all those things that are collectively on our minds, confused yet envisioned, as a Nation, and as a World; of which we all possess pieces, and herein begin to puzzle together these telling elements: Of Politics, History, Religion, Culture, Education, Philosophy and Deconstruction of our Ideologies, whose $old out and manipulated Idea$ have warped the

Living Mirrors

Living Mirrors ebook ISBN: 0190907347
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Ohad Nachtomy
Number of Pages: 256 
File: living-mirrors.pdf
Reads: 3916058


In Living Mirrors, Ohad Nachtomy examines Leibniz's attempt to "re-enchant" the natural world-that is, to infuse life, purpose, and value into the very foundations of nature, a nature that Leibniz saw as disenchanted by Descartes' and Spinoza's more naturalistic and mechanistic theories. Nachtomy sees Leibniz's nuanced view of infinity- how it differs in the divine as well as human spheres, and its relationship to numerical and metaphysical unity-as key in this effort. Leibniz defined living beings by means of an infinite nested structure particular to what he called "natural machines"-and for him, an intermediate kind of infinity is the defining feature of living beings. Using a metaphor of a "living mirror," Leibniz put forth infinity as crucial to explaining the unity of a living being as well as the harmony between the infinitely small and the infinitely large; in this way, employing infinity and unity, we can better understand life itself, both as a metaphysical principle and as an empirical fact. Nachtomy's sophisticated and novel treatment of the essential themes in Leibniz's work will not only interest Leibniz scholars, but scholars of early modern philosophy and students of the history of philosophy and science as well.

Mirrors of the Unseen

Mirrors of the Unseen ebook ISBN: 1466837829
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Jason Elliot
Number of Pages: 432 
File: mirrors-of-the-unseen.pdf
Reads: 7750212


In our current climate of war and suspicion, Iran is depicted as the "next" rogue nation that America and the world must "deal with." But the rhetoric about nuclear weapons and jihad obscures the real Iran: an ancient nation and culture, both sophisticated and isolated, which still exists clandestinely in major cities as well as the country's remote mountains and deserts. Jason Elliot has spent the last four years traveling in Iran, and in this remarkable book he reveals the many sides of the culture, art, architecture, and people that Westerners cannot see or conveniently ignore. Part close reading of symbols and images, part history, and part intimate interviews with Iranians of many different kinds—from wealthy aristocrats at forbidden parties to tribal horsemen in the most remote mountain villages, who have never seen a Westerner—Mirrors of the Unseen is a beautiful and thought-provoking book by one of the world's most acclaimed adventurers and authors.

The Politics of the Essay

The Politics of the Essay ebook ISBN: 9780253207883
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Author: Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres,Elizabeth Mittman
Number of Pages: 230 
File: the-politics-of-the-essay.pdf
Reads: 202876


"ÂThe Politics of the Essay is that rare scholarly work that provides both a history of this relatively new field and of its formal characteristics and inspires its readers to want to participate in the making of this history." —Signs The first in-depth study of the relationship between women and essays. Employing gender, race, class, and national identity as axes of analysis, this volume introduces new perspectives into what has been a largely apolitical discussion of the essay. Includes an original essay by Susan Griffin.

The Forces of Nature

The Forces of Nature ebook ISBN:
Author: Amédée Guillemin
Number of Pages: 679 
File: the-forces-of-nature.pdf
Reads: 8444381


Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama ebook ISBN: 1846380901
Publisher: MIT Press
Author: Jo Applin
Number of Pages: 97 
File: yayoi-kusama.pdf
Reads: 7865832


Almost a half-century after Yayoi Kusama debuted her landmark installation Infinity Mirror Room--Phalli's Field (1965) in New York, the work remains challenging and unclassifiable. Shifting between the Pop-like and the Surreal, the Minimal and the metaphorical, the figurative and the abstract, the psychotic and the erotic, with references to "free love" and psychedelia, it seemed to embody all that the 1960s was about, while at the same time denying the prevailing aesthetics of its time. The installation itself was a room lined with mirrored panels and carpeted with several hundred brightly polka-dotted soft fabric protrusions into which the visitor was completely absorbed. Kusama simply called it "a sublime, miraculous field of phalluses." A precursor of performance-based feminist art practice, media pranksterism, and "Occupy" movements, Kusama (born in 1929) was once as well known as her admirers--Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, and Joseph Cornell. In this first monograph on an epoch-defining work, Jo Applin looks at the installation in detail and places it in the context of subsequent art practice and theory as well as Kusama's own (as she called it) "obsessional art." Applin also discusses Kusama's relationship to her contemporaries, particularly those working with environments, abstract-erotic sculpture, and mirrors, and those grappling with such issues as abstraction, eroticism, sexuality, and softness. The work of Lee Lozano, Claes Oldenburg, Louise Bourgeois, and Eva Hesse is seen anew when considered in relation to Yayoi Kusama's.

Midnight Crystal

Midnight Crystal ebook ISBN: 1101442565
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Jayne Castle
Number of Pages: 320 
File: midnight-crystal.pdf
Reads: 60234


It began with Krentz...continued with Quick...and now it will end with Castle. Book Three of the Dreamlight trilogy. For many earthly centuries, a legendary curse has plagued the Winters family, stemming from the tumultuous founding of the Arcane Society. But now, on the futuristic world of Harmony, the curse's final mystery will be unraveled... Head of the ghost hunters guild Adam Winters and dreamlight reader extraordinaire Marlowe Jones must break the curse, save Harmony's entire underworld-and fight a passion that could destroy them both. Watch a Video

All About All About Eve

All About All About Eve ebook ISBN: 1466830433
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Sam Staggs
Number of Pages: 320 
File: all-about-all-about-eve.pdf
Reads: 3743712


To millions of fans, All About Eve represents all that's witty and wonderful in classic Hollywood movies. Its old-fashioned, larger-than-life stars--including Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, and Celeste Holm--found their best roles in Eve and its sophisticated dialogue has entered the lexicon. But there's much more to know about All About Eve. Sam Staggs has written the definitive account of the making of this fascinating movie and its enormous influence on both film and popular culture. Staggs reveals everything about the movie--from who the famous European actress Margo Channing was based on to the hot-blooded romance on-set between Bette Davis and costar Gary Merrill, from the jump-start the movie gave Marilyn Monroe's career and the capstone it put on director Joseph L. Mankeiwicz's. All About "All About Eve" is not only full of rich detail about the movie, the director, and the stars, but also about the audience who loved it when it came out and adore it to this day.