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An Orphaned Visitor

An Orphaned Visitor ebook ISBN: 1291658149
Author: Michael James Moscrop
Number of Pages: 306 
File: an-orphaned-visitor.pdf
Reads: 7876035


Having encountered a quaint little village located deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Eli Walker and Marishka Taranova think they have found the perfect retreat to hide away their darkest secrets. Little do they know that the isolated town of Woodland Point is concealing a few secrets of its own, and they are slowly beginning to come to light. A series of haunting disturbances wreak havoc in the once quiet locale, and as a former constable, Eli is in a race against time to uncover the secrets whilst struggling with his own, in this nineteenth century chilling mystery novel.

Parthur, the Story of an Orphaned Bobcat

Parthur, the Story of an Orphaned Bobcat ebook ISBN: 1545751889
Publisher: Saguaro Books, LLC
Author: Dawn Fritz Hopkins
Number of Pages: 199 
File: parthur-the-story-of-an-orphaned-bobcat.pdf
Reads: 2963068


A young bobcat's mother is killed by a bounty hunter in southern Arizona, but her kitten is spared. Unable to maintain the small animal, the hunter gives the kitten to a young schoolteacher, Dawn Fritz, who is determined to raise him in a small apartment in Yuma, Arizona. The story twists and turns as one obstacle after another presents itself as Dawn struggles with the knowledge that Parthur is a wild animal and heeds to be returned to the wild.

The Orphaned Knight

The Orphaned Knight ebook ISBN: 0595327095
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Eric Varma
Number of Pages: 204 
File: the-orphaned-knight.pdf
Reads: 2169164


Doesn't every child dream of becoming a famous knight with an enormous kingdom to rule over? The Orphaned Knight is about two children, Alexander and Christopher, who fulfill this dream by wearing helmets, one white and the other black, that instantaneously transform them into full-grown knights. But this is not without consequences, for now they must bear the responsibilities that go along with being an adult, with being a knight, and eventually, with ruling a kingdom. But worst of all, the black helmet is transforming Christopher into a ruthless murderer. Enter Caviant. It is a world filled with comical dragons, fairies that dwell in shadows, wolves that speak and walk through walls, small towns and vast cities, abandoned castles, and a precise history that explains them all. It is a world filled with emotions that range from adult and childish love, to adult and childish hatred. Get ready for a novel that has vivid and yet simple descriptions, lively characters that mature as the pages turn, and an ending that will bring everything together and will leave you desperately yearning for book two.

The Orphaned Capital

The Orphaned Capital ebook ISBN: 9780815720423
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
Author: Carol O'Cleireacain
Number of Pages: 232 
File: the-orphaned-capital.pdf
Reads: 9015726


The nation's capital is in a fiscal and political crisis. By 1995 the District of Columbia did not have the cash to pay its bills and faced a growing operating deficit. It was effectively shut out of the capital markets and at least three of its government agencies were in receivership. On any given day, 30 percent of the police vehicles were in the shop for repairs and 25 percent of the school buses were inoperable. Nor were adequate funds coming in: property assessors were making up the rules as they were undervaluing the tax base. In April 1995 Congress, beginning to come to grips with the situation, placed the fiscal control of the city in the hands of a presidentially appointed Control Board. The survival of the nation's capital is a matter of national concern. The Control Board and the chief financial officer have outlined the path to balancing the budget by 1999. Once the District government can deliver services efficiently, the issue of how they should be financed will need to be addressed. That is the focus of this book. Carol O'Cleireacain provides background for understanding the present situation, focusing on the revenue components and offering a realistic menu of revenue options for long-term, ongoing budget balance. She addresses such questions as: What is the "norm" for a city the size of Washington? What is the appropriate sharing among the federal government, District residents, and the region? How much compensation should be paid for the huge amount of tax-exempt property and the enormous number of nonprofit organizations in the capital? What taxes can the District impose fairly, collect efficiently without distorting decisions of individuals and businesses about where to locate? O'Cleireacain concludes that the District's fiscal crisis is the result, in part, of economic and demographic trends reflecting the dilemmas of central cities and their suburbs nationwide; in part, the historically flawed relationship between Congress and the local government. But at the heart of the District's fiscal crisis is its special status as the nation's capital. All other American cities benefit from state aid for welfare, Medicaid, prisons, higher education, juvenile justice, and a wide range of highway, infrastructure, and other capital investments. The District does not; it has to tax its residents in order to provide state-type services. Ongoing budget balance in D.C. will require a realignment of spending and revenue responsibilities by the federal government acting as the state parent to the nation's orphaned capital.

The Orphaned Worlds

The Orphaned Worlds ebook ISBN: 0748125647
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Michael Cobley
Number of Pages: 480 
File: the-orphaned-worlds.pdf
Reads: 2458794


'Proper galaxy-spanning space opera' Iain M. Banks on Seeds of Earth Darien is no longer a lost outpost of humanity, but the prize in an intergalactic power struggle. Hegemony forces control the planet, while Earth merely observes, rendered impotent by galactic politics. Yet Earth's ambassador to Darien will become a player in a greater conflict as there is more at stake than a turf war on a newly discovered world. An ancient temple hides access to a hyperspace prison, housing the greatest threat sentient life has ever known. Millennia ago, malignant intelligences were caged there following an apocalyptic struggle, and their servants work on their release. Now a new war is coming. For more epic space opera action from Michael Cobley, check out: Humanity's Fire Trilogy: Seeds of Earth The Orphaned Worlds The Ascendant Stars Standalone novels in the Humanity's Fire universe: Ancestral Machines Splintered Suns Also look out for Cobley's epic fantasy trilogy, Shadowkings!

The Night Visitor

The Night Visitor ebook ISBN: 006203474X
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: James D. Doss
Number of Pages: 384 
File: the-night-visitor.pdf
Reads: 3837693


The morning after the aged Ute shaman receives a perplexing visits from a silent, disheveled matukach "magician," daisy's neighbor Nathan McFain discovers something astonishing buried in the dirt on his foundering Colorado dude ranch: the bones of gargantuan beast from a prehistoric age. It is a find of enormous scientific importance that attracts the attention of a wide variety of individual: noted paleontologist Moses Silver and his archaeologist daughter Delia; pillars of the scientific community Robert Newton and Cordell York; an Arkansas sharpie named Flye, an overly interested local antiques dealer.. and Charlie Moon of the Southern Ute Police Department. At the McFain spread primarily to keep an eye on the disreputable Flye, Moon is curious about the strange old bones ....and wary as well. For things this ancient and rare have been known to inspire evil deeds in the past, including avarice, mendacity, and murder. And when one of the prime players in this timeless drama vanishes without a trace, Charlie worries that his greatest fears have been realized. But while Charlie investigates the unexplained disappearance --and a very suspicious death that follows soon after--using rational and accepted police methods, his aunt Daisy is being drawn by forces preternatural into a grimly related mystery. For craven murder is not the exclusive domain of contemporary Man--and a cry for justice from the past has reached Daisy Perika and tow extraordinary young girls in her care, ensnaring them all in something old, dark, and dangerous.

The Orphaned Realm

The Orphaned Realm ebook ISBN:
Author: Patrick Balfour Baron Kinross
Number of Pages: 221 
File: the-orphaned-realm.pdf
Reads: 6646234


Comforting an Orphaned Nation

Comforting an Orphaned Nation ebook ISBN:
Publisher: 지문당
Author: Tobias Hübinette
Number of Pages: 263 
File: comforting-an-orphaned-nation.pdf
Reads: 2373658


"The author provides the history of international adoption from Korea and the development of the Korean adoption issue in the political discussion, and examines how overseas adopted Koreans are represented in Korean popular culture, feature films and pop songs. The adoption issue is a national trauma threatening to disrupt the unity and homogeneity of the Korean nation, and to question the country's political independence and economic success. The adoption issue can also be seen as an attempt at reconciling with a difficult past and imagining a common future for all ethnic Koreans at a transnational level." -- BOOK JACKET.

The Home Visitor

The Home Visitor ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-home-visitor.pdf
Reads: 1779200


Homespun Gospel

Homespun Gospel ebook ISBN: 0199989001
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Todd M. Brenneman
Number of Pages: 240 
File: homespun-gospel.pdf
Reads: 786450


In popular evangelical literature, God is loving and friendly, described in heartfelt, often saccharine language that evokes nostalgia, comfortable domesticity, and familial love. This emotional style has been widely adopted by the writers most popular among American evangelicals, including such celebrity pastors as Max Lucado, Rick Warren, and Joel Osteen. Todd M. Brenneman provides groundbreaking insight into the phenomenon of evangelical sentimentality: an emotional appeal to readers' feelings about familial relationships, which can in turn be used as the basis for a relationship with God. Brenneman shows how evangelicals use tropes of God as father, human beings as children, and nostalgia for an imagined idyllic home life to provide alternate sources of social authority, intended to help evangelicals survive a culture that is philosophically at odds with conservative Christianity. Yet Brenneman also demonstrates that the sentimental focus on individual emotion and experience can undermine the evangelical agenda. Sentimentality is an effective means of achieving individual conversions, but it also promotes a narcissism that blinds evangelicals to larger social forces and impedes their ability to bring about the change they seek. Homespun Gospel offers a compelling perspective on an unexplored but vital aspect of American evangelical identity.

Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Berg Pub Limited
Author: Kay Milton,Marushka Svasek,Berg Publishers
Number of Pages: 232 
File: mixed-emotions.pdf
Reads: 269815


Emotions are of increasing interest in all the human sciences. In the past two decades, a growing number of anthropologists have explored emotional dynamics in a variety of geographic and cultural settings, and have developed various, at times conflicting, theories of emotion. This book fills a major gap by providing a concise introduction to the anthropology of emotions that outlines some of the major themes and controversies. Drawing on fieldwork undertaken in Europe, Japan and Melanesia, the authors explore how consciousness, memory, identity and politics are intimately related to emotional processes. A broad range of case studies covers such topics as how fear is managed in Belfast, how Spanish gypsies grieve and why Japanese tourists are drawn to monkey parks. This book will be of interest to anyone seeking to understand the formative impact emotions have on culture and society in an increasingly globalized world.

Whale Done Parenting

Whale Done Parenting ebook ISBN: 1458724743
Author: Ken Blanchard
Number of Pages: 176 
File: whale-done-parenting.pdf
Reads: 9300528


How is it they can get the most feared predator in the ocean to urinate on cue, and we can't get our son to stand up and pee into the toilet. Amy Sheldrake's new job at Aqua World, a fictitious marine park in Key West, is one of learning the ropes to become a trainer of killer whales. As the working mother of two-year-old Josh, she is likewise challenged on the home front. Readers of Amy's story share her discovery of how the philosophy of Whale Done animal training can be put into practice in her job as a parent. Once Amy and her husband Matt get the hang of the Whale Done principles, they're able to bring them to bear on bedtime routines, dealing with tantrums, introducing new foods, teaching Josh to share, avoiding overuse of the word No, learning to care for a pet, and instituting time-outs.Whale Done is much more than a set of techniques; it is a way of looking at people and seeing the best that is in them. Great leaders, saints and sages have developed this skill. Since most of us parents are less advanced than those paragons, we need a primer for how to bring out the best in our children.

The Orphaned Adult

The Orphaned Adult ebook ISBN:
Author: Marc Angel,Rabbi Marc Angel, PhD
Number of Pages: 162 
File: the-orphaned-adult.pdf
Reads: 6335839


Offers advice on handling the grief brought on by a parent's death, discusses aging and early stages of dying, and looks at parent's continuing influence on their adult children

Hand-raising the Orphaned Kitten

Hand-raising the Orphaned Kitten ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated
Author: Myrna L. Papurt
Number of Pages: 97 
File: hand-raising-the-orphaned-kitten.pdf
Reads: 4220350


Vital facts about a kitten's special needs during its first weeks of life; full-color photos.

Sci-Fi Baby Names

Sci-Fi Baby Names ebook ISBN: 9781594741616
Publisher: Quirk Books
Author: Robert Schnakenberg
Number of Pages: 160 
File: sci-fi-baby-names.pdf
Reads: 7175123


Presents five hundred baby names taken from science fiction movies, books, and television shows, providing information on each name's origin and source, and includes a description, quotation, and trivia information.

Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Catholic History

Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Catholic History ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
Author: Matthew Bunson
Number of Pages: 1008 
File: our-sunday-visitor-s-encyclopedia-of-catholic-history.pdf
Reads: 2694979


Covers such elements of Catholic church history as councils, creeds, popes, and miracles, from the first century to the present day