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An Outline of Orthodox Patristic Dogmatics

An Outline of Orthodox Patristic Dogmatics ebook ISBN: 9780974561844
Publisher: Cocheco Falls Pub
Author: Iōannēs S. Rōmanidēs,John S. Romanides,George Dion Dragas
Number of Pages: 153 
File: an-outline-of-orthodox-patristic-dogmatics.pdf
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The late Professor John Romanides, a graduate and, subsequently, a Professor of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts (1958-1965), and a Professor of the Aristotle University of Thessalonica, Greece (1968-1984) was one of the most original theologians of Eastern Orthodox Christianity worldwide in the second half of the 20th century. Raised in America and having become familiar with Western Christians, Roman Catholics and Protestants, as well as Western theological scholarship, both through his upbringing and his involvement in the modern Ecumenical Dialogues, he developed a critical and highly original Eastern Orthodox approach to Christian theology. He identified his approach with the Christian Roman ecumene that was centered in Constantinople, New Rome. His views on Christian Romanity and Roman Orthodoxy have earned him the title of Prophet of Roman Orthodoxy and have given rise to a school of committed followers and to much discussion. This book is Romanides' first Outline of Orthodox Patristic Dogmatics, which is published for the first time in the original Greek and in English translation. It represents a concise introduction into his understanding of the basic tenets of the Eastern Orthodox Faith and its fundamental differences from those of Western (Augustinian or Franco-Latin) Christian theology. It covers such doctrines as God's relation to the world, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, the doctrine of Christ, the doctrine of the Church, the Church's Holy Tradition and the restoration and perfection of humanity in and through this Tradition. It will serve as an introduction into this theologian's original vision of Patristic Orthodoxy, which is the basis of his reappraisal of Christian theology and history. Its value lies in its concise, coherent and comprehensive character.

Raton War Years 1940-1945

Raton War Years 1940-1945 ebook ISBN: 9780910390002
Publisher: Coda Publications
Author: William Carroll
Number of Pages: 114 
File: raton-war-years-1940-1945.pdf
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Heart-warming, funny and now and then sad, oral history from the people of Raton (New Mexico) who lived their life to the fullest during WW II. Wonderful insights into the lives of those who built homes from adobe, married young and raised families of respect for their city, faith in our nation and courage to tell it all. Here is your doorway to an awesome world of success and happiness each of us may envy and be forever proud. So read on and enjoy lived history at its most revealing best.

Orthodox Constructions of the West

Orthodox Constructions of the West ebook ISBN: 0823252094
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
Author: George E. Demacopoulos,Aristotle Papanikolaou
Number of Pages: 380 
File: orthodox-constructions-of-the-west.pdf
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The category of the “West” has played a particularly significant role in the modern Eastern Orthodox imagination. It has functioned as an absolute marker of difference from what is considered to be the essence of Orthodoxy and, thus, ironically has become a constitutive aspect of the modern Orthodox self. The essays collected in this volume examine the many factors that contributed to the “Eastern” construction of the “West” in order to understand why the “West” is so important to the Eastern Christian’s sense of self.

Energy in Orthodox Theology and Physics

Energy in Orthodox Theology and Physics ebook ISBN: 153261487X
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Stoyan Tanev
Number of Pages: 276 
File: energy-in-orthodox-theology-and-physics.pdf
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It is well known that energy is a fundamental concept in physics. Much less well known is that it is also a key concept in Eastern Christian or Orthodox theology. This book from Dr. Stoyan Tanev--a physicist, innovation management scholar, and theologian--provides a comparative analysis of the conceptualizations of energy in Orthodox theology and in physics, and demonstrates the potential of such comparison for a better understanding of these two quite different domains of human enquiry. The book explores the rediscovery of the Byzantine Church's teaching on the Divine energies in twentieth-century Orthodox theology, and offers new insights about the key contributions of key theologians such as Sergius Bulgakov, George Florovsky, John Meyendorff, Christos Yannaras, and Thomas Torrance. Where do the understandings of energy in theology and physics meet? The author argues that the encounter between theology and physics happens at the level of quantum physics, where the subtle use of words and language acquires a distinctive apophatic dimension. His comparative approach focuses on the epistemological struggles of theologians and physicists. According to Tanev, this focus on the struggles of knowing offers a new way to look at the dialogue between science and theology.

Jesus: Fallen?

Jesus: Fallen? ebook ISBN: 0977897052
Publisher: Orthodox Witness
Author: Emmanuel Hatzidakis
Number of Pages: 684 
File: jesus-fallen.pdf
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Was Jesus Christ a fallen human being, like us? Was His human nature corrupt and sinful, inherently and necessarily subject to suffering and death? Did He inherit a fallen humanity? If His humanity was fallen how was He sinless? Did He have human ignorance? In what way was His human will involved in the plan of salvation? What effect did the hypostatic union have on His humanity? In Jesus: Fallen?, Emmanuel Hatzidakis, a Greek Orthodox priest, addresses these and other controversial questions pertaining to the human nature of Christ, which are debated in many Christian denominations, and in his own Church. The theology advanced in the book is the traditional theology of the historic Church. In all the modern confusio of multiple Christs, here we have the perennial image of the incarnate God, the Theanthropos Christ. The book should appeal to every serious Christian and student of theology, history of dogma and Church History who is comfortable neither with liberalism nor fundamentalism, but who is searching for the authentically true teachings of Christianity. Hatzidakis draws richly from the patristic inheritance of East and West in an original, refreshing, and accessible way. He refutes opinions formed by many eminent postlapsarian theologians. This pivotal study is the first to address this topic from an Eastern Orthodox perspective and in this regard it constitutes an important contribution to Christology. A well-researched study it sheds light from an Eastern Orthodox perspective on this intriguing and crucial topic. It maintains that the subject of Christ’s humanity and its understanding is neither a theologoumenon nor an abstract intellectual cogitation, but a matter of profound soteriological and anthropological import.

The Ethics of Bioethics

The Ethics of Bioethics ebook ISBN: 9780801886126
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Author: Lisa A. Eckenwiler,Felicia G. Cohn
Number of Pages: 352 
File: the-ethics-of-bioethics.pdf
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Through twenty-five lively essays examining the field's history and trends, shortcomings and strengths, and the political and policy interplay within the bioethical realm, this comprehensive book begins a much-needed critical and constructive discussion of the moral landscape of bioethics.

Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics

Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics ebook ISBN: 9780801022951
Publisher: Baker Academic
Author: Richard A. Muller
Number of Pages: 560 
File: post-reformation-reformed-dogmatics.pdf
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A major study reevaluating the primary sources of the post-Reformation period to determine how consistent they are with the thinking of the Reformers on the triunity of God.

I Love, Therefore I Am

I Love, Therefore I Am ebook ISBN: 9780881412369
Publisher: St Vladimir\'s Seminary Press
Author: Nicholas V. Sakharov
Number of Pages: 253 
File: i-love-therefore-i-am.pdf
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OCA ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: oca.pdf
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Russian Religious Thought

Russian Religious Thought ebook ISBN:
Author: Judith Deutsch Kornblatt,Richard F. Gustafson
Number of Pages: 266 
File: russian-religious-thought.pdf
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As Russia entered the modern age in the nineteenth century, many Russian intellectuals combined the study of European philosophy with a return to their own traditions, culminating in the novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky and in the religious philosophy of their younger contemporary, Vladimir Soloviev. This book explores central issues of modern Russian religious thought by focusing on the work of Soloviev and three religious philosophers who further developed his ideas in the early twentieth century: P. A. Florensky, Sergei Bulgakov, and S. L. Frank. The essays place these thinkers in the contexts of both Western philosophy and Eastern Orthodoxy, presenting a substantially new perspective on Russian religious thought. The work of these four philosophers, this volume demonstrates, influenced virtually all aspects of twentieth-century Russian culture, and indeed, many aspects of Soviet culture as well, but also represents a rich philosophical tradition devoted to issues of divinity, community, and humanity that transcend national boundaries and historical eras. Included in Russian Religious Thought is an introduction, brief biographical information on Soloviev, Florensky, Bulgakov, and Frank, and an Afterword by scholar James Scanlan, who elaborates on the volume's aim to provide a thoughtful corrective, both to unexamined assumptions of past scholarship and to nationalist readings currently popular in post-Soviet Russia. "Russian religious philosophy, banned under the Soviets, has been marginalized in the Western academy as well. This interdisciplinary volume helps explain why this body of thought has remained for so long at the center of Russian culture."--Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

Le Livre de Mormon

Le Livre de Mormon ebook ISBN: 0557687748
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 524 
File: le-livre-de-mormon.pdf
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The Practice of Theology

The Practice of Theology ebook ISBN: 9780334028161
Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd
Author: Colin E. Gunton,Stephen R. Holmes,Murray Rae
Number of Pages: 484 
File: the-practice-of-theology.pdf
Reads: 7143273


This accessible reader is focused on a standard theme for introductory level university courses in systematic theology. The texts are selected from a variety of positions from across the country, and are designed to promote engagement with major theological debates.

A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times

A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times ebook ISBN:
Author: Michael Scott Horton
Number of Pages: 256 
File: a-confessing-theology-for-postmodern-times.pdf
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"In a world in which absolute truth, values and authority have lost their place, the evangelical church needs most of all to be a beacon of truth and light. Yet the relativistic mindset of our culture is seeping in, pushing aside biblical content to make way for personal experience even in churches that once held firmly to the doctrines of the faith. The result, a watered-down Gospel, is having little impact on society or individual lives. It is a challenge that must not go unmet. In A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times, twelve confessing Christian scholars from various denominational backgrounds provide you with ideas and strategies for rising to that challenge. They explore your resources for " doing" theology in a postmodern world, as well as the obstacles and the opportunities it entails. There is a crisis of truth in the world. This volume is evidence that you "can reach out to those who need the life-changing message of the Gospel and still hold firm to a systematic, biblical theology in postmodern times."--! From book jacket.