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An Unproductive Woman

An Unproductive Woman ebook ISBN: 9781475294156
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Author: Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
Number of Pages: 382 
File: an-unproductive-woman.pdf
Reads: 6324688


Adam is desperate for a son, but after ten years of marriage, he and his wife Asabe remain childless. Fueled by desperation and a long held secret, Adam marries a second wife. Fatima is very young and beautiful, but she has no affection for her new husband. Despite the jealousy and bitterness that can often exist between co-wives, Asabe and Fatima become as close as sisters. Yet too young, Fatima dies giving birth to Adam's twin children, but still he is not fated to have the son he desires above all else. In an added cruelty Adam loses his business to fire. Adam compounds his difficulties by making a deal with a wealthy businessman to marry his spoiled divorced daughter Sauda in exchange for the funds necessary to rebuild. Read An Unproductive Woman to learn how Asabe finds the strength to live with the cunning, deceptive, and willful Sauda, and to learn what secrets Adam has withheld that would explain his unreasonable longing and pursuit of a son at all costs.

A Woman With Issues

A Woman With Issues ebook ISBN: 1365443604
Author: Clayton Cowart
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: a-woman-with-issues.pdf
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African Women and the Shame and Pain of Infertility

African Women and the Shame and Pain of Infertility ebook ISBN: 1725265702
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Damasus C. Okoro
Number of Pages: 214 
File: african-women-and-the-shame-and-pain-of-infertility.pdf
Reads: 678425


In African Women and the Shame and Pain of Infertility: An Ethico-Cultural Study of Christian Response to Childlessness among the Igbo People of West Africa, Okoro discusses the shipwreck that is associated with infertility in marriage in Africa. Within this space, childlessness places a big question mark on a woman’s femininity and the self-esteem of the man. The stigma of infertility most often leads to social isolation and humiliation, particularly of married women, even when the source of infertility may not have come from them. Unfortunately, this situation goes against the highly valued Igbo ethical principle of onye aghala nwanne ya, meaning “no kith or kin should be left behind.” Therefore, the purpose of the book is to help married people in Igbo land and Africa at large to appropriate this indigenous principle in their response to the problem of infertility. To attain this, the author critically evaluates discrimination and oppression of infertile couples, particularly women, and shedding light on the paradoxes found in Igbo cultural expressions. He employs a constructive, ethical, cultural, religious, contextual, and theological approach that explores important Igbo religious paradigms like Chi (an Igbo religio-cultural understanding of personal destiny) and Ani (the feminine deity in-charge of the land and fertility) to argue the case for the liberation and integration of infertile couples.

Bengali Women

Bengali Women ebook ISBN: 9780226230443
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Author: Manisha Roy
Number of Pages: 232 
File: bengali-women.pdf
Reads: 2235042


Drawing on personal experiences and interviews with others, Roy explores the frustrations and rewards in the lives of Hindu Bengali women in upper and upper-middle class families in India. Roy traces the psychological dimensions of these women as they play their specific roles, including daughter, wife, mother, and sister-in-law. In a new Afterword, Roy discusses changes in Bengali society and culture over the last two decades which have direct bearings on women's lives: divorce and the breakup of the joint family, education, increasing Westernization via television and women's magazines, and the erosion of traditional religious practices.

Women In Jainendra S Writing

Women In Jainendra S Writing ebook ISBN: 9788188322701
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
Author: Rekha Dwivedi
Number of Pages: 291 
File: women-in-jainendra-s-writing.pdf
Reads: 132748


Critical study on the life and works of Jainendra Kumar, 1905-1989, Hindi litterateur.

The Moral Panics of Sexuality

The Moral Panics of Sexuality ebook ISBN: 1137353171
Publisher: Springer
Author: B. Fahs,M. Dudy,S. Stage
Number of Pages: 259 
File: the-moral-panics-of-sexuality.pdf
Reads: 4492178


A provocative feminist analysis of the moral panics of sexuality, this interdisciplinary edited collection showcases the range of historical and contemporary crises we too often suppress, including vagina dentata, vampires, cannibalism, age appropriateness, breast cancer, menstrual panics, and sex education.

The Power of a Positive Woman

The Power of a Positive Woman ebook ISBN: 1582293562
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Karol Ladd
Number of Pages: 112 
File: the-power-of-a-positive-woman.pdf
Reads: 7222952


A CBA BestsellerDo you want to be a positive woman of powerful influence? Do you want to make a lasting impression on the lives of the people around you? You can become a positive woman - no matter where you find yourself right now - simply by choosing to allow God's power and strength to pour through you. This life-changing book explores seven principles that can help you become a powerful force in your family, church, community, and world.

Rural Asian Women

Rural Asian Women ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian
Author: Robert Orr Whyte,Pauline Whyte
Number of Pages: 68 
File: rural-asian-women.pdf
Reads: 6527517


Evening Twilight: a Woman’S Village Journal, 2007-2011

Evening Twilight: a Woman’S Village Journal, 2007-2011 ebook ISBN: 1469172062
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Mary Kelly Black
Number of Pages: 240 
File: evening-twilight-a-woman-s-village-journal-2007-2011.pdf
Reads: 5220379


This book is the third volume of journal selections (2007-2011). Volume I included an Introduction and some biographical memories. As with the previous two volumes, the major events of life claim little diaristic attention, the overlooked or insignificant habitually capturing the author’s attention. Most journals or notebooks of eminent writers conclude with their relative youth, when they pick up the pen to create an imaginative retrospective journey, so there is little available of aging journal-keepers describing the downward journey. Those who maintained journals intime, or other forms of introspective writing, were rarely long lived, so there is little available of the aging journal-keeper describing the downward journey. Added to this is the paucity of proximal contemporaries who share or admit to the narrowing path, seeking instead the rejuvenations of youth. “I unavoidably focus on the early twilight of this narrowing journey, lead me where it shall.” Those interested in a more event-filled diary will find scant reportage in these pages.

The Three Dimensions of a Magnificent Black Woman

The Three Dimensions of a Magnificent Black Woman ebook ISBN: 1481766759
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: A. Marie Nealy
Number of Pages: 62 
File: the-three-dimensions-of-a-magnificent-black-woman.pdf
Reads: 1567633


The mind is the key to positive thinking. True beauty is defined by what's on the inside. Look for guidance from beyond yourself. Do not base your potential, self-esteem, or beauty on what others think of you.

The Making of Modern Woman

The Making of Modern Woman ebook ISBN: 9780582414105
Publisher: Pearson Education
Author: Lynn Abrams
Number of Pages: 382 
File: the-making-of-modern-woman.pdf
Reads: 9072715


Nineteenth-century Europe was forged through revolution, nationalism, imperial expansion, labor protests and war. But the making of modern Europe was also the making of modern woman. This exciting new history thrusts women onto the center stage. The Making of Modern Woman challenges the image of nineteenth-century Europe as 'man-made'. It is enriched with accounts of individual women and their experiences of war, work, love and politics and provides a comparative approach, offering the diversity of women's experience across the whole continent from Ireland to Iceland and Russia to Greece. The author is inclusive, examining woman as mother, wife, lover, revolutionary, colonizer, worker and feminist providing the most comprehensive text to date on women in nineteenth-century Europe. For readers interested in European history and Women's history.

The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism

The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism ebook ISBN: 9780878559626
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Author: Bernard Shaw
Number of Pages: 495 
File: the-intelligent-woman-s-guide-to-socialism-and-capitalism.pdf
Reads: 7201030


With great wit and forcefulness, Shaw here presents the conditions under which he thought the world could look forward to the future with hope. This book sets out most completely Shaw's indictment of capitalism as the source of both domestic injustice and international enmity, and his arguments for a socialist egalitarian society as the only society assured a healthy future.

Female Urology E-Book

Female Urology E-Book ebook ISBN: 1437710530
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Author: Shlomo Raz,Larissa V. Rodriguez
Number of Pages: 1056 
File: female-urology-e-book.pdf
Reads: 5752062


Completely reorganized and updated, the 3rd Edition of this best-selling reference presents comprehensive coverage of all aspects of female urology, making it easy to implement today’s best approaches for every patient, both surgical and non-surgical. Offers step-by-step, highly illustrated guidance on diagnosing and managing the full range of female urologic problems you encounter in practice. Features the work of all new contributors and 30% new content to keep you abreast of the latest in the specialty. Enables you to implement the most current techniques through new chapters on pharmacologic neuromodulation (Botox) and laparoscopic management of SUI, as well as an expanded section on Surgical Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Includes 200 new illustrations and 400 new clinical photographs reflecting the state of current practice.

Body Failure

Body Failure ebook ISBN: 1442665289
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: Wendy Mitchinson
Number of Pages: 456 
File: body-failure.pdf
Reads: 532768


In this energetic new study, Wendy Mitchinson traces medical perspectives on the treatment of women in Canada in the first half of the twentieth century. It is based on in-depth research in a variety of archival sources, including Canadian medical journals, textbooks used in many of Canada’s medical faculties, popular health literature, patient case records, and hospital annual reports, as well as interviews with women who lived during the period. Each chapter examines events throughout a woman’s life cycle – puberty, menstruation, sexuality, marriage and motherhood – and the health problems connected to them – infertility, birth control and abortion, gynaecology, cancer, nervous disorders, and menopause. Mitchinson provides a sensitive understanding of the physician/patient relationship, the unease of many doctors about the bodies of their female patients, as well as overriding concerns about the relationship between female and male bodies. Throughout the book, Mitchinson takes care to examine the roles and agency of both patients and practitioners as diverse individuals.

Three Women of Hope

Three Women of Hope ebook ISBN: 1630872504
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Christianne Méroz
Number of Pages: 68 
File: three-women-of-hope.pdf
Reads: 6931238


The land of Israel is intimately linked to the adventures of the prophets, men like Elijah, Amos, Hosea, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the list goes on and on. How about prophets who were women? Does anyone remember that two gates of the Jerusalem Temple bore the name of Huldah, one of these women? Probably not, which is not all that astonishing given that history was written by men . . . Some women have, however, found places in history: Sarah and Hagar, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah, to name a few. Other women also deserve to emerge from silence: women like Miriam, Hannah, and Huldah. It is nonetheless true that these women have to be identified with reference to a man: the first is Moses' sister, the second is Samuel's mother, the third a colleague of King Josiah, Israel's reformer. This little book paints their portraits, with much sensitivity and tenderness, but never restraining disgust when the role of the women is found to have been erased unjustly. The abundant use made here of Jewish traditions of Bible reading will help readers discover the riches of a tradition uniquely suited to broadening their experience. Nor will they be left unaffected or indifferent by the deep spirituality revealed here.

Modern British Women Writers

Modern British Women Writers ebook ISBN: 9780313310300
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Author: Vicki K. Janik,Del Ivan Janik,Emmanuel Sampath Nelson
Number of Pages: 428 
File: modern-british-women-writers.pdf
Reads: 3173238


This reference includes alphabetically arranged entries on 58 British women writers of the 20th century. Some of these writers were born in England, while others, such as Katherine Mansfield and Doris Lessing, came from countries of the former Empire or Commonwealth. The volume also includes entries for women of color, such as Kamala Markandaya and Buchi Emecheta.

Art, Women, California 1950-2000

Art, Women, California 1950-2000 ebook ISBN: 9780520230668
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Diana Burgess Fuller,Daniela Salvioni,Deborah Munk,Gail Tsukiyama
Number of Pages: 386 
File: art-women-california-1950-2000.pdf
Reads: 680187


"This is the book on women's art I've been waiting for--smart, deeply rooted, and up-to-date, with an overdue focus on women of color that fills in the historical cracks. Read it and run with it."--Lucy R. Lippard, author of The Pink Glass Swan: Selected Essays on Feminist Art "More than merely beautiful and ground-breaking, Art/ Women/ California 1950-2000 is also about the enriching interventions created by diverse women artists, the effect of whose work is not only far-reaching, but has also opened up the very definition of American art. It is about intellectual interdisciplinality and the dialectical relationship between art and social context. It is about the way various California cultures--Native, Latino, Asian, feminist, immigrant, politically active, and virtual, which are so different from the trope of the Western cowboy--have intervened in that entity we imagine as 'America.' "--Elaine Kim, editor of Dangerous Women: Gender and Korean Nationalism "Rich and provocative. A pleasure to read and to look at."--Linda Nochlin, author of The Body in Pieces: The Fragment as a Metaphor of Modernity "This book should greatly help everyone understand the remarkably diversified evolution of art in California, which is largely due to the great influx of women and the transformative effect of a new feminist consciousness."--Arthur C. Danto, author of Philosophizing Art: Selected Essays

The Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe

The Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe ebook ISBN: 0191667307
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Author: Judith M. Bennett,Ruth Mazo Karras
Number of Pages: 642 
File: the-oxford-handbook-of-women-and-gender-in-medieval-europe.pdf
Reads: 4300894


The Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe provides a comprehensive overview of the gender rules encountered in Europe in the period between approximately 500 and 1500 C.E. The essays collected in this volume speak to interpretative challenges common to all fields of women's and gender history - that is, how best to uncover the experiences of ordinary people from archives formed mainly by and about elite males, and how to combine social histories of lived experiences with cultural histories of gendered discourses and identities. The collection focuses on Western Europe in the Middle Ages but offers some consideration of medieval Islam and Byzantium. The Handbook is structured into seven sections: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim thought; law in theory and practice; domestic life and material culture; labour, land, and economy; bodies and sexualities; gender and holiness; and the interplay of continuity and change throughout the medieval period. It contains material from some of the foremost scholars in this field, and it not only serves as the major reference text in medieval and gender studies, but also provides an agenda for future new research.

How To Say It for Women

How To Say It for Women ebook ISBN: 9781101218662
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Phyllis Mindell
Number of Pages: 320 
File: how-to-say-it-for-women.pdf
Reads: 7245630


An expert on professional communications teaches women how to transform themselves by shedding weak phrases, gestures and words, in order to command respect, motivate, establish authority, and make a difference.