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Sons of Anarchy. La guerre perpétuelle

Sons of Anarchy. La guerre perpétuelle ebook ISBN: 2130625487
Publisher: Presses Universitaires de France
Author: Renaud Du Peloux
Number of Pages: 108 
File: sons-of-anarchy-la-guerre-perpétuelle.pdf
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Les Sons of Anarchy sont une bande de motards du fin fond de la Californie qui ont décidé de faire sécession avec l’autorité publique. Leur business est illégal bien sûr et leurs manières, peu courtoises. Ils chevauchent leurs Harleys comme des destriers de l’enfer et sur leurs blousons de cuir est cousu : « Ceux du Chaos ». Les Sons sont en guerre. De leur mode de vie atypique jusqu’à une critique de fond de la puissance publique, la série offre un bel aperçu de la figure de l’anarchiste. En quoi notre monde, que l’on peut dire libre – au sens où nous vivons dans une démocratie –, peut-il leur paraître oppressant, coercitif ? La manière dont la puissance publique réagit face à ces ploucs du désert qui n’aspirent à rien d’autre qu’à vivre seuls suggère que notre liberté est peut-être moins réelle qu’il n’y paraît. Convoquant les plus grands penseurs anarchistes, cet ouvrage a l’ambition de montrer comment la série est à l’origine d’une réflexion philosophique sur la morale, la justice et la liberté.

The Libyan Anarchy

The Libyan Anarchy ebook ISBN: 1589831748
Publisher: Society of Biblical Lit
Author: Robert Kriech Ritner
Number of Pages: 622 
File: the-libyan-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 5497259


Contemporary with the Israelite kingdom of Solomon and David, the Nubian conqueror Piye (Piankhy), and the Assyrian Assurbanipal, Egypt's Third Intermediate Period is of critical interest not only to Egyptologists but also to biblical historians, Africanists, and Assyriologists. Spanning six centuries and as many dynasties, the turbulent era extended from approximately 1100 to 650 B.C.E. This volume, the first extensive collec- tion of Third Intermediate Period inscriptions in any language, includes the primary sources for the history, society, and religion of Egypt during this complicated period, when Egypt was ruled by Libyan and Nubian dynasties and had occasional relations with Judah and the encroaching, and finally invading, Assyrian Empire. It includes the most significant texts of all genres, newly translated and revised. This volume will serve as a source book and companion for the most thorough study of the history of the period, Kitchen's The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt.


Anarchy! ebook ISBN:
Author: Peter Latouche
Number of Pages: 240 
File: anarchy.pdf
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Bakunin: Statism and Anarchy

Bakunin: Statism and Anarchy ebook ISBN: 9780521369732
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin,Michael Bakunin
Number of Pages: 243 
File: bakunin-statism-and-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 4316662


This book is a complete and authoritative English rendition of the last work of the great Russian anarchist Michael Bakunin.

Cooperation Under Anarchy

Cooperation Under Anarchy ebook ISBN: 9780691022406
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: Kenneth A. Oye
Number of Pages: 260 
File: cooperation-under-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 9561539


This path-breaking book offers fresh insights into a perennial problem. At times, the absence of centralized international authority precludes attainment of common goals. Yet, at other times, nations realize mutual interests through cooperation under anarchy. Drawing on a diverse set of historical cases in security and economic affairs, the contributors to this special issue of World Politics not only provide a unified explanation of the incidence of cooperation and conflict, but also suggest strategies to promote the emergence of cooperation.

Art and Anarchy

Art and Anarchy ebook ISBN: 9780810106628
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
Author: Edgar Wind
Number of Pages: 160 
File: art-and-anarchy.pdf
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Will works of the imagination ever regain the power they once had to challenge and mould society and the individual? This was the question posed by Edgar Wind's influential Reith Lectures delivered in 1960 and later expanded into his book Art and Anarchy. The book examines the various forces that have fashioned the modern view of the art, from mechanization and fear of intellect to connoisseurship and--perhaps the fundamental weakness of our age--the dispassionate acceptance of art. In the course of his discussion, Wind surveyed a wide range of topics in the history of painting, literature, music, and the plastic arts from the Renaissance to modern times.

The Anarchy of Empire in the Making of U.S. Culture

The Anarchy of Empire in the Making of U.S. Culture ebook ISBN: 9780674017597
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Author: Amy Kaplan
Number of Pages: 260 
File: the-anarchy-of-empire-in-the-making-of-u-s-culture.pdf
Reads: 4847224


Kaplan shows how U.S. imperialism--from "Manifest Destiny" to the "American Century"--has profoundly shaped key elements of American culture at home, and how the struggle for power over foreign peoples and places has disrupted the quest for domestic order.

Theories of International Cooperation and the Primacy of Anarchy

Theories of International Cooperation and the Primacy of Anarchy ebook ISBN: 9780791452073
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: Jennifer Sterling-Folker
Number of Pages: 308 
File: theories-of-international-cooperation-and-the-primacy-of-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 5260501


Argues the state and not markets should be the center of analysis when attempting to explain international cooperation.

Culture & Anarchy

Culture & Anarchy ebook ISBN: 8027247403
Publisher: e-artnow
Author: Matthew Arnold
Number of Pages: 302 
File: culture-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 2983642


This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. "Culture and Anarchy" is Arnold's most famous piece of writing on culture which established his High Victorian cultural agenda and remained dominant in debate from the 1860s until the 1950s. Arnold's often quoted phrase "culture is the best which has been thought and said" comes from the Preface to Culture and Anarchy. The book contains most of the terms–culture, sweetness and light, Barbarian, Philistine, Hebraism, and many others–which are more associated with Arnold's work influence.

An Anarchy of Families

An Anarchy of Families ebook ISBN: 9780299229849
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
Author: Alfred W. McCoy
Number of Pages: 548 
File: an-anarchy-of-families.pdf
Reads: 7774700


Winner of the Philippine National Book Award, this pioneering volume reveals how the power of the country's family-based oligarchy both derives from and contributes to a weak Philippine state. From provincial warlords to modern managers, prominent Filipino leaders have fused family, politics, and business to compromise public institutions and amass private wealth—a historic pattern that persists to the present day. Edited by Alfred W. McCoy, An Anarchy of Families explores the pervasive influence of the modern dynasties that have led the Philippines during the past century. Exemplified by the Osmeñas and Lopezes, elite Filipino families have formed a powerful oligarchy—controlling capital, dominating national politics, and often owning the media. Beyond Manila, strong men such as Ramon Durano, Ali Dimaporo, and Justiniano Montano have used “guns, goons, and gold” to accumulate wealth and power in far-flung islands and provinces. In a new preface for this revised edition, the editor shows how this pattern of oligarchic control has continued into the twenty-first century, despite dramatic socio-economic change that has supplanted the classic “three g's” of Philippine politics with the contemporary “four c's”—continuity, Chinese, criminality, and celebrity.

Arnold: 'Culture and Anarchy' and Other Writings

Arnold: 'Culture and Anarchy' and Other Writings ebook ISBN: 9780521377966
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Arnold Matthew,Matthew Arnold
Number of Pages: 248 
File: arnold-culture-and-anarchy-and-other-writings.pdf
Reads: 6342792


Matthew Arnold's Culture and Anarchy (1869), is one of the most celebrated works of social criticism ever written. It has become a reference point for all subsequent discussion of the relations between politics and culture. This edition establishes the authoritative text of this much-revised work, and places it alongside Arnold's three most important essays on political subjects. The introduction sets these works in the context of nineteenth-century intellectual and political history. This edition also contains a chronology of Arnold's life, a bibliographical guide and full notes on the names and historical events mentioned in the texts.

The Anarchy of King Stephen's Reign

The Anarchy of King Stephen's Reign ebook ISBN: 019159072X
Publisher: Clarendon Press
Author: Edmund King
Number of Pages: 356 
File: the-anarchy-of-king-stephen-s-reign.pdf
Reads: 2103387


The reign of King Stephen (1135-54) is famous as a period of weak government, as Stephen and his rival the Empress Matilda contended for power. This is a study of medieval kingship at its most vulnerable. It also shows how individuals and institutions enabled the monarchy to survive. A contemporary chronicler described the reign as "nineteen long winters in which Christ and his saints were asleep". Historians today refer to it simply as 'the Anarchy'. The weakness of government was the result of a disputed succession. Stephen lost control over Normandy, the Welsh marches, and much of the North. Contemporaries noted as signs of weakness the tyranny of the lords of castles, and the break-down of coinage. Stephen remained king for his lifetime, but leading churchmen and laymen negotiated a settlement whereby the crown passed to the Empress's son the future Henry II. This volume by leading scholars gives an original and up-to-date analysis of these major themes, and explains how the English monarchy was able to survive the Anarchy of King Stephen's reign.

Anarchy, Geography, Modernity

Anarchy, Geography, Modernity ebook ISBN: 9780739108055
Publisher: Lexington Books
Author: Elisée Reclus,John P. Clark,Camille Martin
Number of Pages: 271 
File: anarchy-geography-modernity.pdf
Reads: 7787412


In Anarchy, Geography, Modernity, authors John P. Clark and Camille Martin provide an extensive analysis of Reclus' social thought and offer a comprehensive view of Reclus' life and work, including his contributions to social geology and anarchist and libertarian theory. Through a masterful translation of his work, Clark and Martin construct an appreciation for Reclus' contribution to social thought and modernist ideals of human freedom.

Selfish Routing and the Price of Anarchy

Selfish Routing and the Price of Anarchy ebook ISBN: 9780262264358
Publisher: MIT Press
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: selfish-routing-and-the-price-of-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 589810


The author studies the loss of social welfare cause by selfish, uncoordinated behavior in netwoks. He quantifies the price of anarchy and also discusses several methods for improving the price of anarchy with centralised control.

Gandhi and Anarchy

Gandhi and Anarchy ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Author: C. Sankaran Nair
Number of Pages: 262 
File: gandhi-and-anarchy.pdf
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Conquest, Anarchy and Lordship

Conquest, Anarchy and Lordship ebook ISBN: 9780521524643
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Paul Dalton
Number of Pages: 368 
File: conquest-anarchy-and-lordship.pdf
Reads: 812830


This book, first published in 1994, studies aristocratic politics and government in Yorkshire in the century after 1066.

Constructive Anarchy

Constructive Anarchy ebook ISBN: 1409499936
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Author: Dr Jeff Shantz
Number of Pages: 214 
File: constructive-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 585090


Constructive Anarchy, the result of more than a decade of direct study within a variety of anarchist projects, provides the most wide-ranging and detailed analysis of current anarchist endeavours. The compelling discussions of anarchism and union organising, anti-poverty work and immigrant and refugee defence represent truly groundbreaking undertakings from a rising scholar of contemporary anarchism. Organised to illustrate the development of the diversity of anarchist strategies and tactics over time, the book begins with a discussion of alternative media projects before turning attention to anarchist involvement in broader community-based movements. Case studies include a discussion of anarchists and rank-and-file workplace organising, anarchist anti-borders struggles and "No One Is Illegal" movements in defence of immigrants and refugees since 9/11, and anarchist free schools and community centres. Jeff Shantz's analysis demonstrates serious and grounded practices rooted in anarchist organising: practices that may draw on previous traditions and practices but also innovate and experiment. The varied selection of case studies allows the author to compare groups that are geared primarily towards anarchist and radical subcultures with anarchist involvement in more diverse community-based coalitions, an approach that is otherwise lacking in the literature on contemporary anarchism.

Obscenity, Anarchy, Reality

Obscenity, Anarchy, Reality ebook ISBN: 9780791429075
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: Crispin Sartwell
Number of Pages: 191 
File: obscenity-anarchy-reality.pdf
Reads: 5290384


Sartwell presents an extreme and provocative philosophy of life. He explores what happens if we love this world precisely as it is, with all of its pain, with all of its evil, with all of its bizarre and arbitrary and monstrous thereness. In a highly personal and brutally direct style, Sartwell explores the themes of transgressive sexuality, political anarchism, addiction, death, and embodiment. The author engages contemporary and historical debates in cultural criticism, metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy, and expresses deep suspicions about them. He asserts that scientific philosophical conceptualization is a movement toward death, a rejection of reality. Moral and political values - the ethical rejection of the particular precisely from within the particular - are, Sartwell claims, an assault on human authenticity. Thus, transgression - which is described as the affirmation of embodiment through obscenity - is something we radically require.

Living Anarchy

Living Anarchy ebook ISBN: 1933146532
Publisher: Academica Press,LLC
Author: Jeff Shantz
Number of Pages: 221 
File: living-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 853083


It is widely accepted that documents on Ottoman architects are rare and that little is known about the architectural practice in the Ottoman world. A group of texts that have appeared between sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, however, form an exception to this general assumption. While these texts have been cited and referred to in diverse previous studies on Ottoman architecture, they have not been the topic of a major interpretative approach before. A Study of Ottoman Narratives on Architecture: Text, Context and Hermeneutics is the first interpretive and comparative research monograph to feature these texts as its main theme. This is the first translation of these works that contextualizes and interprets their importance in English.The first text is a group of five documents that date back to the sixteenth century. They comprise memoirs and building lists written in prose and verse which belonged to prominent Ottoman architect Sinan. The second text was written under the influence of the first group of documents and is in a similar format. It comprises a memoir dedicated to Sedefkar Mehmed A?a, who worked as the chief imperial architect in the seventeenth century, and also provides information on architectural terms and makes comparisons between architecture and music. The third text is different from the first two: it is a monograph about the Selimiye Mosque written in prose in the eighteenth century by Dayezade Mustafa, who was a complete outsider to architecture. While the three texts have quite different historical and thematic contexts their point in common is their rendering of architecture through narratives. From a hermeneutical perspective, the book compares narratives of the texts with contemporary historiography on Ottoman architecture.

Hierarchy amidst Anarchy

Hierarchy amidst Anarchy ebook ISBN: 9780791447192
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: Katja Weber
Number of Pages: 195 
File: hierarchy-amidst-anarchy.pdf
Reads: 764672


Analyzes the underlying basis for state participation in cooperative international structures.