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Anathema Rhodes

Anathema Rhodes ebook ISBN: 9780982349106
Author: Iimani David
Number of Pages: 304 
File: anathema-rhodes.pdf
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Anathema Rhodes: Dreams chronicles three days in the life of Jodi Rhodes ¿ a 25-year-old writer nursing the psychological lacerations of being a "rape-child" and his mother's emotional abandonment of him from birth. Despite his achievements, the man and his misery seem perennially wedded until a remarkable event unfolds to redefine his existence while altering the course of humanity. 2009 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist in Literary Fiction.After a lifetime of self-medicating fails and life finally begins its tilt toward self-destruction, Jodi meets, through dreams, a special five-year-old boy who shows him how the pair may move across parallel universes to fulfill their universal purpose. As they travel thus, they encounter creatures on different planes of consciousness that are responsible for specific social and moral ills impacting and pressing mankind¿s evolution to ill-fated ends. In short time the two are faced with an astounding discovery: that there exists, on separate universal planes, two omnipotent and infinite Gods ¿ one created by the sheer force of mankind¿s collective beliefs; the other, the Source of all things. Can the pair succeed in destroying the man-made anomaly blocking man¿s reconnection to his Source? Only if Jodi can first defeat the demons within that torment him and question the legitimacy of his existence. Here, the child can help.

Remontrances Des Curez De Rhodés A Monseigneur Leur Evêque. Contre Plusieurs Propositions Quiétistes & autres injurieuses aux Ss. Peres, que le P. Lamejou, Professeur Jesuite, enseigne au Seminaire de cette Ville

Remontrances Des Curez De Rhodés A Monseigneur Leur Evêque. Contre Plusieurs Propositions Quiétistes & autres injurieuses aux Ss. Peres, que le P. Lamejou, Professeur Jesuite, enseigne au Seminaire de cette Ville ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 54 
File: remontrances-des-curez-de-rhodés-a-monseigneur-leur-evêque-contre-plusieurs-propositions-quiétistes-autres-injurieuses-aux-ss-peres-que-le-p-lamejou-professeur-jesuite-enseigne-au-seminaire-de-cette-ville.pdf
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Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes ebook ISBN:
Author: Howard Hensman
Number of Pages: 382 
File: cecil-rhodes.pdf
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The Bulletin

The Bulletin ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-bulletin.pdf
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Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners

Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners ebook ISBN: 1317791924
Publisher: Routledge
Author: M. Tamarkin
Number of Pages: 344 
File: cecil-rhodes-and-the-cape-afrikaners.pdf
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This study of the relationship between Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners fills many gaps in his political biography. Previous biographers have rarely consulted the abundant Cape Afrikaner sources that this book refers to and which contribute to a better understanding of Rhodes' political career. Rhodes, who appeared on the political scene of the Cape Colony in the 1880s, played an important role in the shaping of the political outlook of the Cape Afrikaners during the last two decades of the century.


Anathema! ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Totowa, N.J. : Allanheld, Osmun ; Montclair, N.J. : A. Schram
Author: Marc Drogin
Number of Pages: 137 
File: anathema.pdf
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Maiden Tribute

Maiden Tribute ebook ISBN: 1462838111
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Grace Eckley
Number of Pages: 464 
File: maiden-tribute.pdf
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Maiden Tribute: A Life of W. T. Stead This journalist who communicated with his Senior Partner instantaneously, whose ecumenical advance beyond his epoch still startles his readers, throughout his life retained his Whitmanesque individualism and rugged speech. W. T. Stead frequently scoffed at the Anglican Sunday prayers that instructed God how to direct the affairs of the world. If God did not comply, it was not for want of pious instruction. Anglicans were wanting, and most of his late Victorian-Edwardian world was Anglican. W. T. Stead (1849-1912) was a Nonconforrmist with and without the capital n. Had he been born with a wooden spoon in his mouth, it meant only that God needed his help to make the world silver. He never ceased to believe the world could be made silver, for mankind in general was anonymously, even though sluggishly, contributing to the infinite ascending spiral traced by the finger of God between the universe and the ideal. Clearly, the position of women in the 1870s was far from the ideal, remote from the privileges selfishly guarded by men. Taking a cue from his mother who campaigned against the Contagious Diseases Actswhich punished women but not men for transmitting syphilishe determined to bring women nearer the honors of Mary the Mother and Mary the Magdalen, for these two women stand out against the gloom of the past radiant as the angels of God, and yet the true ideals of the womanhood of the world. Such appeared implausible. Everywhere he saw in the streets wretched ruins of humanity, women stamped and crushed into devils by society . . . . And the children nursed in debauchery, suckled in crime, predestined to a life of misery and shame! Mrs. Josephine Butler already knew that Britains leadership would not assist: in the grandest house of the kind in Paris, are to be seen portraits of all the great men who had frequented themdiplomatists, generals, and English Lords . . . . The brothel-keeper put a cross underneath the portrait at each visit, to mark the number of visits made to the house by these great men! Before he visited London, the export of English girls for State-regulated prostitution in Brussels imposed upon Stead a sense that he was destined to write an Uncle Toms Cabin on The Slavery of Europe. The burden is greater than I can bear. But if it is ultimately to be laid on my back, God will strengthen me for it. If I have to write it I shall have to plunge into the depths of the social hell, and that is impossible outside a great city. Even high-minded seekers of justice found the social hell a place they could not venture into. Initiating research for The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, Stead took counsel with civic powers Lord Carnarvon, John Morley, Arthur Balfour, Henry Labouchere among others, and Sir Charles Russell, who declined an invitation to see for himself because as leader of the English Bar he could not play the rle of a detective in a house of ill-fame. As the shocking series of four daily exposes neared its close, why others had not done Steads work was explained by Benjamin Scott, the City Chamberlain who had prompted Stead to take up the cause: We had not the ability or the opportunity that Stead possessed, and lacked the courage. Stead had begun the Maiden Tribute with a complaint against British society, that chivalry was dead and Christianity effete. Benjamin Waugh praised him after the fact: The spirit of both survives in you to-day. Stead accomplished his goal: passage of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, still in force today. Why the British sent him to jail for passing the first child protection law is graced with the word technicality. Branded both a saint and a filthy ex-convict, Stead continued to use his journalistic strength to achieve justice for citizens; in the 1890s he turned to internationalism. Lobbying for arbitration for settling international disputes, he crafted a memorial calling for li

Rhodes in Modern Times

Rhodes in Modern Times ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
Author: Cecil Torr
Number of Pages: 106 
File: rhodes-in-modern-times.pdf
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The History of the Rhodes Trust, 1902-1999

The History of the Rhodes Trust, 1902-1999 ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author: Rhodes Trust (Oxford, England)
Number of Pages: 606 
File: the-history-of-the-rhodes-trust-1902-1999.pdf
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At his death Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) left a substantial fortune to be administered by Trustees. This is a history of the Rhodes Trust and its various political and anthropological activities.

Popular Dictionary of Bible Prophecy, The

Popular Dictionary of Bible Prophecy, The ebook ISBN: 0736937501
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Author: Ron Rhodes
Number of Pages: 352 
File: popular-dictionary-of-bible-prophecy-the.pdf
Reads: 147344


This wonderfully easy-to-use tool explains every prophetic term in the Bible clearly and concisely. Definitions are arranged from A to Z so readers can quickly and easily find any word or phrase that is important for understanding Bible prophecy. Many entries include relevant Bible verses as well as helpful insights from the original languages (Hebrew or Greek) and from archaeology and history. Readers will discover how terms work together to build a systematic end-times theology. Where various interpretations are possible, a generous explanation of the different viewpoints is followed by the author's reasons for holding his view. The wide variety of topics includes references to... books of the Bible (Isaiah, Eschatology of) words included in prophetic Scriptures (abomination of desolation) theological words not included in Scripture (amillennialism) people (Abrahamic covenant) places (Babylon) events (rapture) Perfect for Bible readers of all levels.

Reponse a la Bibliotheque janseniste, avec des remarques sur la refutation des critiques de M. Bayle, et des eclaircissemens sur les lettres de M. de Saleon eveque de Rhodés à M. Bossuet eveque de Troies

Reponse a la Bibliotheque janseniste, avec des remarques sur la refutation des critiques de M. Bayle, et des eclaircissemens sur les lettres de M. de Saleon eveque de Rhodés à M. Bossuet eveque de Troies ebook ISBN:
Author: Osmont Du Sellier
Number of Pages: 408 
File: reponse-a-la-bibliotheque-janseniste-avec-des-remarques-sur-la-refutation-des-critiques-de-m-bayle-et-des-eclaircissemens-sur-les-lettres-de-m-de-saleon-eveque-de-rhodés-à-m-bossuet-eveque-de-troies.pdf
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Reforming Local Government in Europe

Reforming Local Government in Europe ebook ISBN: 3663112586
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Norbert Kersting,Angelika Vetter
Number of Pages: 349 
File: reforming-local-government-in-europe.pdf
Reads: 6441111


Nearly all Western and Central European local government systems have been reformed since the 1990's. Taking into account variations in historical and national context, the book looks for different ways of local government reform, their emphases and their divergent trajectories.

Give Me a Fast Ship

Give Me a Fast Ship ebook ISBN: 1101591579
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Tim McGrath
Number of Pages: 560 
File: give-me-a-fast-ship.pdf
Reads: 2561160


Five ships against hundreds—the fledgling American Navy versus the greatest naval force the world had ever seen… America in 1775 was on the verge of revolution—or, more likely, disastrous defeat. After the bloodshed at Lexington and Concord, England’s King George sent hundreds of ships westward to bottle up American harbors and prey on American shipping. Colonists had no force to defend their coastline and waterways until John Adams of Massachusetts proposed a bold solution: The Continental Congress should raise a navy. The idea was mad. The Royal Navy was the mightiest floating arsenal in history, with a seemingly endless supply of vessels. More than a hundred of these were massive “ships of the line,” bristling with up to a hundred high-powered cannon that could level a city. The British were confident that His Majesty’s warships would quickly bring the rebellious colonials to their knees. They were wrong. Beginning with five converted merchantmen, America’s sailors became formidable warriors, matching their wits, skills, and courage against the best of the British fleet. Victories off American shores gave the patriots hope—victories led by captains such as John Barry, the fiery Irish-born giant; fearless Nicholas Biddle, who stared down an armed mutineer; and James Nicholson, the underachiever who finally redeemed himself with an inspiring display of coolness and bravery. Meanwhile, along the British coastline, daring raids by handsome, cocksure John Paul Jones and the “Dunkirk Pirate,” Gustavus Conyngham—who was captured and sentenced to hang but tunneled under his cell and escaped to fight again—sent fear throughout England. The adventures of these men and others on both sides of the struggle rival anything from Horatio Hornblower or Lucky Jack Aubrey. In the end, these rebel sailors, from the quarterdeck to the forecastle, contributed greatly to American independence. Meticulously researched and masterfully told, Give Me a Fast Ship is a rousing, epic tale of war on the high seas—and the definitive history of the American Navy during the Revolutionary War. INCLUDES NINE MAPS AND SIXTEEN PAGES OF FULL COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS