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ANATOMY of a LIFE ebook ISBN: 148172567X
Publisher: Author House
Author: Penelope Meriwether
Number of Pages: 646 
File: anatomy-of-a-life.pdf
Reads: 4428139


I've had a rough life, and unless it was so, I would not have even considered sharing my story since while writing I have found it hard to believe that I was so lost, so dark, so empty and as co-dependent as any other person in any other abusive relationship I have ever met; something I've never acknowledged before now. Don't worry though, I won't bore you with another sad story of childhood abuse and neglect, even though I was an unloved, emotionally and psychologically abused slave-child, which was pretty awful in my opinion if only because of being the one who had to live it; however, I do want to touch on those parts that I believe had the biggest impact on the forming of my mind. Those parts that include the fear, favoritism, criticism, traumatic experiences and inner anger I grew up with, which led to the outward anger, hostility, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, neediness, co-dependency and depression I experienced for my entire adult life up until this point. My upbringing doomed me to seek love wherever I believed I could find it, starting-out by marrying the first man I ever dated in order to escape my abusive childhood home. My husband and I divorce four years later and in doing so, I abandon my first two children which leads to subjecting myself to drunkenness and sexual promiscuity, followed by seven years of torment from a violently abusive, lying, child-molesting, drug-addicted, alcoholic boyfriend whom I end-up marrying. After multiple abortions I am blessed with a daughter, face down a demon, divorce for the second time, find the love of my life, give birth to another son and then the battle against my life-threatening depression begins while maintaining a faade of normalcy. Throughout my life I find God, then lose Him, then find Him once more, with my relationship with the Lord being based entirely on what was happening in my tumultuous life at any-given moment, although it is this relationship that saves me during my darkest moments whether I knew it or not. Anatomy of a Life is a haunting and heart-rending memoir which starts as a child's normal life, but eventually turns into one of tragedy once one abuser after another places their eternal prints on a young girl's psyche. Forty-five years later, through the love of her husband and children, as well as her faith in God's promises, Penelope has survived, and though still a battle at times, is thriving. Hopefully, this story will strike a chord with those who have lived through similar circumstances, eventually seeing that there is a light at the end of whatever dark tunnel you may be traveling.

Anatomy of a Secret Life

Anatomy of a Secret Life ebook ISBN: 0767924916
Publisher: Harmony
Author: Gail Saltz, M.D.
Number of Pages: 224 
File: anatomy-of-a-secret-life.pdf
Reads: 1229544


We think we know those who are close to us, and we want to believe that what we see is what we get. But we can never know for certain, because what really goes on inside another’s head and heart is essentially a secret. How do you know if that secret is something that will hurt you? Your husband turns to face you in bed. Is he thinking about you or your closest friend? Your boss shows up in another new outfit. Did she get a raise or is she a compulsive shopper who is stealing money from the company? Your teenaged daughter is upstairs in her bedroom. Is she doing her homework or chatting online with a man twice her age? Anatomy of A Secret Life will take you inside the minds of secret-keepers and show you how secrets start, how they’re kept, and how they exact their devastating emotional and social toll. Using contemporary case studies and historical examples, Dr. Gail Saltz shows you how to spot—through subtle behaviors and clues—and safely stop the potentially dangerous secrets that someone, even you, might be concealing from the world.

8 Steps to Create the Life You Want

8 Steps to Create the Life You Want ebook ISBN: 0446511021
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Creflo A. Dollar
Number of Pages: 352 
File: 8-steps-to-create-the-life-you-want.pdf
Reads: 3335266


Don't wait until tomorrow for the life you want today. Dr. Creflo A. Dollar illuminates eight steps to the magnificent life you crave! Confidence, peace, and abundant life--we all long for these things. In this life-changing book, author and renowned pastor Dr. Creflo A. Dollar challenges readers to stop wishing for a satisfying life. Instead, Dr. Dollar proclaims, we should be claiming the success that God promises today. We do not have to be defined by past failures or mediocrity; we must move forward into the richness available to us right now. God has designed a glorious destiny for each of us, and all we have to do is take hold of it. In order to seize our destiny, each of us must be willing to radically transform our lives. "If you don't like the way you feel," says Dollar, "you've got to change the way you think." By taking manageable steps along the way, each of us can achieve life to the fullest--until it overflows.

Anatomy of a Genocide

Anatomy of a Genocide ebook ISBN: 145168455X
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Omer Bartov
Number of Pages: 416 
File: anatomy-of-a-genocide.pdf
Reads: 1597734


“A substantive contribution to the history of ethnic strife and extreme violence” (The Wall Street Journal) and a cautionary examination of how genocide can take root at the local level—turning neighbors, friends, and family against one another—as seen through the eastern European border town of Buczacz during World War II. For more than four hundred years, the Eastern European border town of Buczacz—today part of Ukraine—was home to a highly diverse citizenry. It was here that Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews all lived side by side in relative harmony. Then came World War II, and three years later the entire Jewish population had been murdered by German and Ukrainian police, while Ukrainian nationalists eradicated Polish residents. In truth, though, this genocide didn’t happen so quickly. In Anatomy of a Genocide, Omer Bartov explains that ethnic cleansing doesn’t occur as is so often portrayed in popular history, with the quick ascent of a vitriolic political leader and the unleashing of military might. It begins in seeming peace, slowly and often unnoticed, the culmination of pent-up slights and grudges and indignities. The perpetrators aren’t just sociopathic soldiers. They are neighbors and friends and family. They are also middle-aged men who come from elsewhere, often with their wives and children and parents, and settle into a life of bourgeois comfort peppered with bouts of mass murder. For more than two decades Bartov, whose mother was raised in Buczacz, traveled extensively throughout the region, scouring archives and amassing thousands of documents rarely seen until now. He has also made use of hundreds of first-person testimonies by victims, perpetrators, collaborators, and rescuers. Anatomy of a Genocide profoundly changes our understanding of the social dynamics of mass killing and the nature of the Holocaust as a whole. Bartov’s book isn’t just an attempt to understand what happened in the past. It’s a warning of how it could happen again, in our own towns and cities—much more easily than we might think.

The Anatomy of Influence

The Anatomy of Influence ebook ISBN: 0300179901
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author: Harold Bloom
Number of Pages: 357 
File: the-anatomy-of-influence.pdf
Reads: 6469722


Bloom leads readers through the labyrinthine paths which link the writers and critics who have informed and inspired him for so many years.

The Anatomy of the Holocaust

The Anatomy of the Holocaust ebook ISBN: 9781789204896
Publisher: Berghahn Books
Author: Raul Hilberg,Walter H. Pehle,René Schlott
Number of Pages: 246 
File: the-anatomy-of-the-holocaust.pdf
Reads: 2826968


Though best known as the author of the landmark 1961 work The Destruction of the European Jews, the historian Raul Hilberg produced a variety of archival research, personal essays, and other works over a career that spanned half a century. The Anatomy of the Holocaust collects some of Hilberg’s most essential and groundbreaking writings—many of them published in obscure journals or otherwise inaccessible to nonspecialists—in a single volume. Supplemented with commentary and notes from Hilberg’s longtime German editor and his biographer, it not only offers a multifaceted look at the man and the scholar, but also traces the evolution of Holocaust research from a marginal subdiscipline into a diverse and vital intellectual project.

Anatomy of Life

Anatomy of Life ebook ISBN: 1447294483
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Devdan Chaudhuri
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: anatomy-of-life.pdf
Reads: 9125387


A narrative that's shaped like a fable, but in which we recognize the various features of life in India today' - Amit Chaudhuri 'An unusual and readable chronicle of an abstract Poet's journey, veering from the salacious to the sacred' - Romesh Gunesekera. The human self has come before religion, nations and boundaries - what is the self? This is the question. The poet, just sixteen, moves to a new city with his recently divorced mother. It is a new beginning; there is the promise of a new life away from endless domestic squabbles. But ghosts of the past still linger... The poet joins college, meets his first love, his sweetheart, makes new friends - through his relationships, separations, and experiences we enter his world. Thoughtful, sensitive, observant, he is not one who shies away from life. He journeys into different spaces, both in the physical world and within the realm of thoughts. His relentless efforts are to know and to understand ideas - his own and those of the thinkers of the past. There are moments of confusion, contemplation, ennui, ecstasy, happiness, and hidden amidst them lie little nuggets of truth and those rare moments of epiphany. But epiphany knows no time and place, it can come knocking anywhere, at any moment - be it on the balcony of a hotel in Benares or in the squalid room of a prostitute. Anatomy of Life is an engaging contemporary story of urban experience and a fascinating journey of discovery.

The Anatomy of the Sea

The Anatomy of the Sea ebook ISBN: 9780811846332
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Author: David Ponsonby,Georges Dussart
Number of Pages: 288 
File: the-anatomy-of-the-sea.pdf
Reads: 9555454


From sharks, star-fish, and sea squirts to porpoises, penguins, and plankton, this charming compendium is swimming with exotic sea life. Over 600 specimens are presented in page after page of intricate engravings, woodcuts, and drawings from the Victorian era, the golden age of natural history. Meticulously rendered, these illustrations are paired with observations from early naturalists, describing the classification of each particular species, how its body is constructed, its behavior and preferences, and its habitat. Arranged by type and covering nearly all forms of marine life, The Anatomy of the Sea brings to light in one exquisite detail after another the mysteries of the deep. It's an inspiring book for all those who have gazed at the ocean in wonder.

Anatomy of a Food Addiction

Anatomy of a Food Addiction ebook ISBN: 9780936077130
Publisher: Gurze Books
Author: Anne Katherine
Number of Pages: 241 
File: anatomy-of-a-food-addiction.pdf
Reads: 5637221


Featuring an honest account of the author's own struggles with food, "Anatomy of a Food Addiction" helps readers understand binge eating and plan a recovery through exercises, self-tests, and an examination of family issues. Illustrations.

Anatomy of a Mermaid

Anatomy of a Mermaid ebook ISBN: 9781919833187
Author: Beatrice Heather Kidd
Number of Pages: 186 
File: anatomy-of-a-mermaid.pdf
Reads: 2986457


The expectations and attributions of society often confuse and block the process of feminine individuation and spiritual development.

The Anatomy of Success: Management Lessons from a Surgeon

The Anatomy of Success: Management Lessons from a Surgeon ebook ISBN: 9351364879
Publisher: HarperCollins
Author: Dr Rakesh Sinha
Number of Pages: 248 
File: the-anatomy-of-success-management-lessons-from-a-surgeon.pdf
Reads: 1208762


Nothing is as unforgiving as the medical profession - a split-second delay can be fatal; a split-second decision can save a kidney, a heart or bring back a person from the dead. Doctors and surgeons chase excellence with a desperate determination - for the fundamental rule is in black and white: they either save a life, or they don't. But what can the medical profession teach us about success? Is being successful all about being lucky, or brilliant? Is it the preserve of the genetically privileged? Drawing from his surgical experiences - for which he holds two Guinness World Records - gynaecological endoscopic surgeon Dr Rakesh Sinha deconstructs success into simple, easy-to-grasp components which demonstrate that it is something we are all deserving of because we are biologically privileged. Over and above, he shows that no matter what we do or what our talents are, we need to chase victory with the same restless resolve as doctors do. Because, like in medicine, a life depends on whether we succeed or fail. Ours.

Anatomy of an Execution

Anatomy of an Execution ebook ISBN: 1555537138
Publisher: UPNE
Author: Todd C. Peppers,Laura Trevvett Anderson
Number of Pages: 309 
File: anatomy-of-an-execution.pdf
Reads: 7949341


The crime and punishment of a juvenile offender

The anatomy of humane bodies, with figures drawn after the life ... by some of the best masters in Europe ... and curiously engraven in one hundred and fourteen copper plates, illustrated with large explications, containing many new anatomical discoveries, and chirurgical observations. To which is added an introduction explaining the animal oeconomy. With a copious index

The anatomy of humane bodies, with figures drawn after the life ... by some of the best masters in Europe ... and curiously engraven in one hundred and fourteen copper plates, illustrated with large explications, containing many new anatomical discoveries, and chirurgical observations. To which is added an introduction explaining the animal oeconomy. With a copious index ebook ISBN:
Author: William Cowper
Number of Pages: 142 
File: the-anatomy-of-humane-bodies-with-figures-drawn-after-the-life-by-some-of-the-best-masters-in-europe-and-curiously-engraven-in-one-hundred-and-fourteen-copper-plates-illustrated-with-large-explications-containing-many-new-anatomical-discoveries-and-chirurgical-observations-to-which-is-added-an-introduction-explaining-the-animal-oeconomy-with-a-copious-index.pdf
Reads: 8186649


Wake up to Your (W)Hole Life

Wake up to Your (W)Hole Life ebook ISBN: 1450242456
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Alaya Chadwick
Number of Pages: 368 
File: wake-up-to-your-w-hole-life.pdf
Reads: 1452526


The Universal Story: Life has a way of catching us off guard, turning our world upside down or even shattering it in a second. We react ony to find ourselves in the same old pit again. Now what? Waking Up: Discover your hidden strategies and reveal your (W)holeness. A different WAY: You are the expert! All you need is the Wisdom Map. An invitation: Read this and experience surprising relief and potent aliveness. Alaya Chadwick is able to put hands and feet on extremely complex concepts in a way which connects them to the living reality of everyday life...An indispensable tool for assessing oneself in those volatile times. The brilliancy of this path is that once you learn to use the map, the way home is lovingly put into your own hands. - Martha Harrell, M.S.N. Ph.D., contributing author to Transforming Terror: Reclaiming the World Soul. Alaya confirms what weve long feared: its a near impossible journey to complete with only a partial understanding of how one integrates psyche and soul. Here, in the hands of this storyteller, therapist-minister extraordinaire, we find what weve longed for. - Sunny Shulkin, LCSW, BCD, Master Trainer of Harville Hendrixs Imago Relationship Therapy, co-author with Pat Love of the book How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Relationship.

Anatomy of an Epidemic

Anatomy of an Epidemic ebook ISBN: 9780307452436
Publisher: Broadway Books
Author: Robert Whitaker
Number of Pages: 416 
File: anatomy-of-an-epidemic.pdf
Reads: 1440954


Now with bonus material, including a new foreword and afterword with updated research In this astonishing and startling book, award-winning science and history writer Robert Whitaker investigates a medical mystery: Why has the number of disabled mentally ill in the United States tripled over the past two decades? Every day, 1,100 adults and children are added to the government disability rolls because they have become newly disabled by mental illness, with this epidemic spreading most rapidly among our nation’s children. What is going on? Anatomy of an Epidemic challenges readers to think through that question themselves. First, Whitaker investigates what is known today about the biological causes of mental disorders. Do psychiatric medications fix “chemical imbalances” in the brain, or do they, in fact, create them? Researchers spent decades studying that question, and by the late 1980s, they had their answer. Readers will be startled—and dismayed—to discover what was reported in the scientific journals. Then comes the scientific query at the heart of this book: During the past fifty years, when investigators looked at how psychiatric drugs affected long-term outcomes, what did they find? Did they discover that the drugs help people stay well? Function better? Enjoy good physical health? Or did they find that these medications, for some paradoxical reason, increase the likelihood that people will become chronically ill, less able to function well, more prone to physical illness? This is the first book to look at the merits of psychiatric medications through the prism of long-term results. Are long-term recovery rates higher for medicated or unmedicated schizophrenia patients? Does taking an antidepressant decrease or increase the risk that a depressed person will become disabled by the disorder? Do bipolar patients fare better today than they did forty years ago, or much worse? When the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) studied the long-term outcomes of children with ADHD, did they determine that stimulants provide any benefit? By the end of this review of the outcomes literature, readers are certain to have a haunting question of their own: Why have the results from these long-term studies—all of which point to the same startling conclusion—been kept from the public? In this compelling history, Whitaker also tells the personal stories of children and adults swept up in this epidemic. Finally, he reports on innovative programs of psychiatric care in Europe and the United States that are producing good long-term outcomes. Our nation has been hit by an epidemic of disabling mental illness, and yet, as Anatomy of an Epidemic reveals, the medical blueprints for curbing that epidemic have already been drawn up.

Anatomy of the Red Brigades

Anatomy of the Red Brigades ebook ISBN: 9780801461392
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Author: Alessandro Orsini
Number of Pages: 328 
File: anatomy-of-the-red-brigades.pdf
Reads: 7434967


The Red Brigades were a far-left terrorist group in Italy formed in 1970 and active all through the 1980s. Infamous around the world for a campaign of assassinations, kidnappings, and bank robberies intended as a "concentrated strike against the heart of the State," the Red Brigades’ most notorious crime was the kidnapping and murder of Italy’s former prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978. In the late 1990s, a new group of violent anticapitalist terrorists revived the name Red Brigades and killed a number of professors and government officials. Like their German counterparts in the Baader-Meinhof Group and today’s violent political and religious extremists, the Red Brigades and their actions raise a host of questions about the motivations, ideologies, and mind-sets of people who commit horrific acts of violence in the name of a utopia. In the first English edition of a book that has won critical acclaim and major prizes in Italy, Alessandro Orsini contends that the dominant logic of the Red Brigades was essentially eschatological, focused on purifying a corrupt world through violence. Only through revolutionary terror, Brigadists believed, could humanity be saved from the putrefying effects of capitalism and imperialism. Through a careful study of all existing documentation produced by the Red Brigades and of all existing scholarship on the Red Brigades, Orsini reconstructs a worldview that can be as seductive as it is horrifying. Orsini has devised a micro-sociological theory that allows him to reconstruct the group dynamics leading to political homicide in extreme-left and neonazi terrorist groups. This "subversive-revolutionary feedback theory" states that the willingness to mete out and suffer death depends, in the last analysis, on how far the terrorist has been incorporated into the revolutionary sect. Orsini makes clear that this political-religious concept of historical development is central to understanding all such self-styled "purifiers of the world." From Thomas Müntzer’s theocratic dream to Pol Pot’s Cambodian revolution, all the violent "purifiers" of the world have a clear goal: to build a perfect society in which there will no longer be any sin and unhappiness and in which no opposition can be allowed to upset the universal harmony. Orsini’s book reconstructs the origins and evolution of a revolutionary tradition brought into our own times by the Red Brigades.

The Anatomy of Idealism

The Anatomy of Idealism ebook ISBN: 9400976216
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: P. Hoffman
Number of Pages: 125 
File: the-anatomy-of-idealism.pdf
Reads: 6028029


In its attempt to come to grips with the nature of the human mind idealism employs such terms as "pure self," "transcendental apperception," "pure con sciousness" and so on. What do these terms mean? What do they refer to? Pro visionally, at least, the following answer could be satisfying: such and similar expressions are purported to capture a very special quality of human mind, a quality due to which man is not simply a part of nature, but a being capable of knowing and acting according to principles governing the spiritual realm. In the first chapter of the present study the author attempts to bring the idea of "pure Ego" down to earth. By analyzing Kant's concept of pure appercep tion - the ancestor of all similar notions in the history of modern and contem porary idealism - the author concludes that certain functions and capacities attributed to pure apperception by Kant himself imply the rejection of the idealistic framework and the necessity to "naturalize" the idea of pure self. In other words - and Kant's claims to the contrary notwithstanding - pure ap perception cannot be conceived as superimposed upon man viewed as a part of nature, as a feeling and a sensing being. The referent, as it were, of the expres sion "pure self' turns out to be something much more familiar to us - a human organism, with all its needs, drives and dispositions.

The Anatomy of Bibliomania

The Anatomy of Bibliomania ebook ISBN: 9780252070433
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Author: Holbrook Jackson
Number of Pages: 668 
File: the-anatomy-of-bibliomania.pdf
Reads: 9799795


Jackson inspects the allure of books, their curative and restorative properties, and the passion for them that leads to bibliomania ("a genial mania, less harmful than the sanity of the sane"). His commentary addresses why we read, where we read (on journeys, at mealtimes, on the toilet -- this has "a long but mostly unrecorded history"--In bed, and in prison), and what happens to us when we read. He touches on bindings, bookworms, libraries, and the sport of book hunting, as well as the behavior of borrowers, embezzlers, thieves, and collectors. Francis Bacon, Anatole France, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Leigh Hunt, Marcel Proust, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Shakespeare, and scores of other luminaries chime in on books and their love for them.