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Leaving Fundamentalism

Leaving Fundamentalism ebook ISBN: 1554586658
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
Author: G. Elijah Dann
Number of Pages: 246 
File: leaving-fundamentalism.pdf
Reads: 2626088


In a time when religious conservatives have placed their faith and values at the forefront of the so-called “culture wars,” this book is extremely relevant. The stories in Leaving Fundamentalism provide a personal and intimate look behind sermons, religious services, and church life, and promote an understanding of those who have been deeply involved in the conservative Christian church. These autobiographies come from within the congregations and homes of religious fundamentalists, where their highly idealized faith, in all its complexities and problems, meets the reality of everyday life. Told from the perspective of distance gained by leaving fundamentalism, each story gives the reader a snapshot of what it is like to go through the experiences, thoughts, feelings, passions, and pains that, for many of the writers, are still raw. Explaining how their lives might continue after fundamentalism, these writers offer a spiritual lifeline for others who may be questioning their faith. Foreword by Thomas Moore

Don't Tell Me I'm Going to Die

Don't Tell Me I'm Going to Die ebook ISBN: 1465325190
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Feroze Moos
Number of Pages: 340 
File: don-t-tell-me-i-m-going-to-die.pdf
Reads: 9930044


These reflections on my terminal cancer have only one purpose in mind: to bring together those who would heal. and those who would be healed. And to preserve protect and prolong life, hold it sacred against all impediments and anyone who would have it otherwise. They mirror the human predicament reflected in a single heart, are written with no intent to harm, and hold everybody harmless in an effort to save lives. Some of the names have been altered to protect the innocent, while others have been used with their permission. Everything written and implied explicitly. or implicitly, is solely the perception of the author. The story of my life struggling with the cancer in me and the cancer out there as I call it, that would have had me dead before my time, is an odyssey that allows one to look into oneself. The fragility and insouciance of human nature is terrifying, disheartening and inconceivable at times, but nonetheless allows one to transcend it if one has the courage and tenacity to survive against all odds. Thats what this story is all about. I dedicate this book to all those who would unstintingly heal, knowing what cannot be known. hold life sacred and seek this truth so as to transcend themselves and act with compassion. humility and unerring faith, to help others survive.

Dungeon of Death:

Dungeon of Death: ebook ISBN: 0806535628
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Author: Scott Keith
Number of Pages: 224 
File: dungeon-of-death.pdf
Reads: 647442


"Asking Scott Keith about professional wrestling is like asking Wayne Gretzky about hockey." --Murtz Jaffer, Inside Pulse The True Story Behind Wrestling's Deadly Secret On June 25, 2007, Canadian pro wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their seven-year-old son Daniel were found dead in their Fayetteville, Georgia, home. The ruling of murder-suicide caused a media frenzy and stunned wrestling fans around the world. Yet the Benoit tragedy was only the latest in a string of disasters that have dogged Stampede Wrestling, operated by the Calgary-based Hart family. In the first book of its kind, Scott Keith offers an in-depth look at the Hart family "curse" that has left all the Stampede Wrestling alumnae either crippled or dead. Were these deaths preventable or inevitable? How did a sport famous for showmanship and entertainment become overrun by rampant drug use, depravity, and greed? Chris Benoit isn't the only wrestler to be brought down by a history of drug use--many other big names in the sport have fallen victim to wrestling's drug culture and steroid obsession. Why has nothing been done about this, even now after these latest deaths? Scott Keith knows wrestling from the inside out. This compelling and candid account reveals not only what's gone wrong in the world's most spectacular sport but what must be done to save it.


Maintenance ebook ISBN: 1770562958
Publisher: Coach House Books
Author: Rob Benvie
Number of Pages: 288 
File: maintenance.pdf
Reads: 4446375


"A great novel that captures the loneliness and absurdity of the 1990s suburban experience. Dense and imaginative writing that often borders on the uncomfortable, but the edge of your seat is the best place to be."—Joel Plaskett It is the summer of 1999, and the Sweltham family is leading an ordinary suburban existence. Former childhood volleyball champ Parker crisscrosses the continent as a sales rep for DynaFlex Sporting Goods, while his wife, Trixie, serves as the managing editor of Record of Truth, an unsuccessful journal for genocide studies. Their son Owen has just returned from juvenile prison to the vast horrors of high school. Heath, Parker's brother, has vowed to cut down on the weed and fried chicken for a regimen of self-improvement, obeying his AbDestroyer routine and crafting a screenplay that will dismantle the universe. All appears normal. Yet in the summer's swelter, as Y2K anxiety grows, grim truths are revealed. Trixie is rocked by the discovery of an undiagnosable cerebral defect, rendering her toils at the journal trivial. Cataloging crunches and ignoring his Gulf War vet ex-girlfriend, Heath fights to reconcile confusions of the past with hopes for a meaningful future. Owen's religious fixations feed his Robitussin binges and fantasies of self-destruction. And while peddling his wares at the annual Empowerment Expo, Parker forges an uneasy friendship with Adam, an African political refugee harboring his own violent aspirations. Sprawling yet scalpel-sharp, Maintenance, like some twenty-first-century White Noise, takes the suburbs to a geography you won't quite recognize. Rob Benvie has recorded and performed with the rock bands Thrush Hermit, Camouflage Nights, and The Dears. He is the author of the novel Safety of War.

Partnership for Excellence

Partnership for Excellence ebook ISBN: 1442664045
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: Edward Shorter
Number of Pages: 992 
File: partnership-for-excellence.pdf
Reads: 3811157


The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine is North America’s largest medical school and a major health consortium, boasting nine affiliated teaching hospitals and a network of research institutes. It is where insulin was pioneered, stem cells were first discovered, and famous physicians from Vincent Lam to Sheela Basrur began their careers. But despite all its major accomplishments, the faculty’s impressive history has never before been comprehensively documented. In Partnership for Excellence, senior medical historian and award-winning author Edward Shorter details the Faculty of Medicine’s history from its inception as a small provincial school to its present day status as an international powerhouse. Deeply researched through front-line interviews and primary sources, it ties the story of the faculty and its teaching hospitals to the general history of medicine over this period. Shorter emphasizes the enormous concentration of intellectual energy in the faculty that has allowed it to become the dominant force in Canadian medicine, home to a legion of medical pioneers and achievements.

Michael Jackson's Dangerous

Michael Jackson's Dangerous ebook ISBN: 1623561566
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Author: Susan Fast
Number of Pages: 168 
File: michael-jackson-s-dangerous.pdf
Reads: 7262397


Dangerous is Michael Jackson's coming of age album. Granted, that's a bold claim to make given that many think his best work lay behind him by the time this record was made. It offers Jackson on a threshold, at long last embracing adulthood-politically questioning, sexually charged-yet unable to convince a skeptical public who had, by this time, been wholly indoctrinated by a vicious media. Even though the record sold well, few understood or were willing to accept the depth and breadth of Jackson's vision; and then before it could be fully grasped, it was eclipsed by a shifting pop music landscape and personal scandal-the latter perhaps linked to his assertive new politics. This book tries to cut through the din of dominant narratives about Jackson, taking up the mature, nuanced artistic statement he offered on Dangerous in all its complexity. It is read here as a concept album, one that offers a compelling narrative arc of postmodern angst, love, lust, seduction, betrayal, damnation, and above all else racial politics, in ways heretofore unseen in his music. This record offered a Michael Jackson that was mystifying for a world that had accepted him as a child and as childlike and, hence, as safe; this Michael Jackson was, indeed, dangerous.


Shout! ebook ISBN: 1926533038
Publisher: Theatrefolk
Author: Lindsay Price,Kristin Gauthier
Number of Pages: 25 
File: shout.pdf
Reads: 485208


The Bear Slayer

The Bear Slayer ebook ISBN: 1462095372
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Gerald W. Goble Ph.D.
Number of Pages: 146 
File: the-bear-slayer.pdf
Reads: 5926501


This book is the result of many years of teaching self defense specifically to women. The book takes the lessons learned from the students in teaching the subject and presents them in a total approach. This book gives several fundamental concepts in martial arts in language and approach that is natural for women taking into account their need to be nurturers. Methods are presented to identify the potential behavior of an attacker in every day terms for the nurturer. Techniques are given to deal with an attack arising out of this behavior. The capabilities, fears and feelings of the woman nurturer with limited training are considered in how the self defense techniques are presented and done. All of these concepts are coalesced in a simple simple recipe that is useful and adaptable for women's self defense.

Soccer Rules and Positions In A Day For Dummies

Soccer Rules and Positions In A Day For Dummies ebook ISBN: 1118376668
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Michael Lewis,United States Soccer Federation, Inc.
Number of Pages: 72 
File: soccer-rules-and-positions-in-a-day-for-dummies.pdf
Reads: 7222084


Soccer basics in a day? Easy. Do you get a kick out of soccer, but need to brush up your knowledge on the key elements of the game? Look no further! Soccer Rules & Positions In A Day For Dummies quickly brings you up to speed on one of the most popular sports in the world. From essential information on the sport to expert coverage of the game's rules, regulations, and players, this book provides invaluable insight to new and veteran fans alike. The essential information you need to understand and enjoy soccer Expert coverage of the game's rules and regulations Helpful breakdowns of soccer positions and their roles in offense and defense Online component takes readers beyond the book with bonus content and features Get set to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge in no time!

The Mayan Codex

The Mayan Codex ebook ISBN: 0857890581
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
Author: Mario Reading
Number of Pages: 300 
File: the-mayan-codex.pdf
Reads: 5120725


Adam Sabir has discovered the missing quatrains of Nostradamus, and the events they foretell are coming true. But there's one prophecy he can't fully decipher, and it warns of the imminent arrival of the Third Antichrist. Sabir's every move is the Corpus Maleficus, an ancient cabal devoted to serving the Antichrist. Disfigured, orphaned, groomed for cruelty and violence, they are prepared to do anything to stop him. As Sabir puzzles over the riddle, a descendant of the Mayans embarks on a dangerous journey. He must deliver a sacred codex to the Palace of the Masks. Only then can the secret of Nostradamus' prophecy be revealed...

The Judgment Stone

The Judgment Stone ebook ISBN: 1401687350
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Robert Liparulo
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-judgment-stone.pdf
Reads: 1486964


What if praying became a curse instead of a blessing? Former Army Ranger Jagger Baird thought he had his hands full with the Tribe—the band of immortal vigilantes fighting to regain God’s grace by killing those opposed to Him. But that was before he encountered the ruthless group of immortals called the Clan. The Clan is after a prize that would give them unimaginable power—a piece of the Ten Commandments known as the Judgment Stone. Those who touch the Stone can see into the spiritual world: angelic warriors, treacherous demons, and the blue threads of light that signal the presence of believers in communion with God. By following the blue beam radiating from those closest to God, the Clan plans to locate His most passionate followers and destroy them. Jagger quickly realizes his high-tech gadgetry and training are no match for these merciless immortals. But how can he defeat an enemy who hunts believers through their prayers . . . and won’t stop until they’ve annihilated all those close to Him? In this high-action thriller, best-selling author Robert Liparulo examines the raging battle between good and evil on earth . . . and beyond.

Advanced Logo

Advanced Logo ebook ISBN: 1317766784
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Michael Friendly
Number of Pages: 676 
File: advanced-logo.pdf
Reads: 1280778


Advanced Logo shows how LOGO can be used as a vehicle to promote problem solving skills among secondary students, college students, and instructors. The book demonstrates the wide range of educational domains that can be explored through LOGO including generative grammars, physical laws of motion and mechanics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and calculus.


KICK-IT ebook ISBN: 1630223123
Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC
Author: Dr. Harry Barker
Number of Pages: 60 
File: kick-it.pdf
Reads: 3342083


Kids & Parents can share in learning the game of basketball using Dr. Harry Barker's "KICK-IT" Soccer Primer Book. Included are ABC's for the younger age but there are rules of the game provided for the older kids as well. Using the one of world's most popular sport as a background, Harry has created a memorable experience for young minds to connect words and vibrant pictures with the action of soccer. He has created a "Mascot by the name of "Goalie" who injects humor into the learning experience and the results leave children wanting more. Goalie has the most unique way of making the game more interesting through his antics and funny faces. He changes his hats and uses clothes and a shoes to get in the action and take the reader on the journey with him. Learn about basketball words such as: o Defender o Equalizer o Goalie o MidFielder Just to name a few. Then there is the action: o Assist o Bicycle Kick o Corner Kick o Header ...and much more. These sports training primer books are aimed at providing the basic concepts to all age groups a fun way to learn the rules of some of the most popular sports games. The good doctor's new Children's Sports Series introduces different "Mascot's to teach the games along with the English alphabet for an added dimension for interesting, fun, and excitement. To date, there is, "Stitch" who teaches Batter Up - The Game of Baseball and the #2 book in the series has "Dribbles" who teaches Hoops - The Game of Football and the #3 book in the series has "Pigskin" who teaches GRIDIRON- The Game of Soccer and the #4 book in the series has "Goalie" who teaches KICK-IT- Harry is an educator above all so he blends the learning process with the entertainment factor with the goal of entertaining young minds. His amusing way with words tied with vibrant, colored pictures is guaranteed to keep the young learners interested and are a 'must have' for any child's first reader or personal book collection. So join the fun with these

The Young Elites

The Young Elites ebook ISBN: 0698171721
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Marie Lu
Number of Pages: 368 
File: the-young-elites.pdf
Reads: 1022434


From the New York Times bestselling author of the Legend series I am tired of being used, hurt, and cast aside. Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood fever. A decade ago, the deadly illness swept through her nation. Most of the infected perished, while many of the children who survived were left with strange markings. Adelina’s black hair turned silver, her lashes went pale, and now she has only a jagged scar where her left eye once was. Her cruel father believes she is a malfetto, an abomination, ruining their family’s good name and standing in the way of their fortune. But some of the fever’s survivors are rumored to possess more than just scars—they are believed to have mysterious and powerful gifts, and though their identities remain secret, they have come to be called the Young Elites. Teren Santoro works for the king. As Leader of the Inquisition Axis, it is his job to seek out the Young Elites, to destroy them before they destroy the nation. He believes the Young Elites to be dangerous and vengeful, but it’s Teren who may possess the darkest secret of all. Enzo Valenciano is a member of the Dagger Society. This secret sect of Young Elites seeks out others like them before the Inquisition Axis can. But when the Daggers find Adelina, they discover someone with powers like they’ve never seen. Adelina wants to believe Enzo is on her side, and that Teren is the true enemy. But the lives of these three will collide in unexpected ways, as each fights a very different and personal battle. But of one thing they are all certain: Adelina has abilities that shouldn’t belong in this world. A vengeful blackness in her heart. And a desire to destroy all who dare to cross her. It is my turn to use. My turn to hurt.


Football ebook ISBN: 1450411703
Publisher: Human Kinetics
Author: Greg Colby
Number of Pages: 232 
File: football.pdf
Reads: 6349156


Greg Colby shares his vast coaching experience in this new addition to the popular Steps to Success series. In "Football: Steps to Success," Colby's progressive instruction for all of the game's fundamental skills, along with 58 drills, helps players master the basics so they can take the field with confidence.

Wheel Kick

Wheel Kick ebook ISBN: 9780970749611
Publisher: Chikara Kan, Inc.
Author: Shawn Kovacich
Number of Pages: 220 
File: wheel-kick.pdf
Reads: 35519


The exact reason why you have decided to begin utilizing the kicking skills taught in this book depends upon your own personal needs and interests. You may enjoy it because of the stress reduction and physical fitness benefits, or simply because you enjoy the physical challenge that kicking correctly presents. While others enjoy the sporting, or competition aspects of the tournament arena.However, for most people, their primary reason for practicing these kicking skills is for self-defense. Regardless of the reason, the materials presented in this book are beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their kicking ability, whether it is the martial artist, tournament competitor, aerobic kickboxing enthusiast, or the self-defense advocate.While the book and the material presented within it are invaluable to the individual who does not have the opportunity to learn in a formal setting, it is also a tremendous benefit to those who are fortunate enough to have access to a qualified and competent instructor. A privilege and an honor one should never take for granted.

Achieving Kicking Excellence

Achieving Kicking Excellence ebook ISBN: 9780970749666
Publisher: Chikara Kan, Inc.
Author: Shawn Kovacich
Number of Pages: 200 
File: achieving-kicking-excellence.pdf
Reads: 6055047


The exact reason why you have decided to begin utilizing the kicking skills taught in this book depends upon your own personal needs and interests. You may enjoy it because of the stress reduction and physical fitness benefits, or simply because you enjoy the physical challenge that kicking correctly presents. While others enjoy the sporting, or competition aspects of the tournament arena.However, for most people, their primary reason for practicing these kicking skills is for self-defense. Regardless of the reason, the materials presented in this book are beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their kicking ability, whether it is the martial artist, tournament competitor, aerobic kickboxing enthusiast, or the self-defense advocate.While the book and the material presented within it are invaluable to the individual who does not have the opportunity to learn in a formal setting, it is also a tremendous benefit to those who are fortunate enough to have access to a qualified and competent instructor. A privilege and an honor one should never take for granted.

The Slaughter Man

The Slaughter Man ebook ISBN: 1448185734
Publisher: Random House
Author: Tony Parsons
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-slaughter-man.pdf
Reads: 9459911


'This is brilliant stuff!' Peter James A murdered family. A dying serial killer. A missing child. DC Max Wolfe hunts a pitiless killer through the streets of London. By the Sunday Times number one bestselling author of The Murder Bag. On New Year’s Day, a wealthy family is found slaughtered inside their exclusive gated community in north London, their youngest child stolen away. The murder weapon – a gun for stunning cattle before they are butchered – leads Detective Max Wolfe to a dusty corner of Scotland Yard’s Black Museum devoted to a killer who thirty years ago was known as the Slaughter Man. But the Slaughter Man has done his time, and is now old and dying. Can he really be back in the game? And was the murder of a happy family a mindless killing spree, a grotesque homage by a copycat killer – or a contract hit designed to frame a dying man? All Max knows is that he needs to find the missing child and stop the killer before he destroys another innocent family – or finds his way to his own front door ... Even the happiest of families have black, twisted secrets that someone is ready to kill for...

The Black Prism

The Black Prism ebook ISBN: 0748116974
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Brent Weeks
Number of Pages: 480 
File: the-black-prism.pdf
Reads: 6585208


The first book in the Lightbringer series, the blockbuster fantasy epic from international bestseller Brent Weeks Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. Yet Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live. When Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart. If you loved the action and adventure of the Night Angel trilogy, you will devour this incredible epic fantasy series by Brent Weeks. 'Brent Weeks is so good it's beginning to tick me off' Peter V. Brett 'Weeks has a style of immediacy and detail that pulls the reader relentlessly into the story. He doesn't allow you to look away' Robin Hobb 'I was mesmerised from start to finish. Unforgettable characters, a plot that kept me guessing, non-stop action and the kind of in-depth storytelling that makes me admire a writers' work' Terry Brooks 'Weeks has truly cemented his place among the great epic fantasy writers of our time' British Fantasy Society Books by Brent Weeks Night Angel The Way of Shadows Shadow's Edge Beyond the Shadows Perfect Shadow (novella) Lightbringer The Black Prism The Blinding Knife The Broken Eye The Blood Mirror The Burning White

The Anti-Education Era

The Anti-Education Era ebook ISBN: 1137324112
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: James Paul Gee
Number of Pages: 256 
File: the-anti-education-era.pdf
Reads: 736294


One of the first champions of the positive effects of gaming reveals the dark side of today's digital and social media Today's schools are eager to use the latest technology in the classroom, but rather than improving learning, the new e-media can just as easily narrow students' horizons. Education innovator James Paul Gee first documented the educational benefits of gaming a decade ago in his classic What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Now, with digital and social media at the center of modern life, he issues an important warning that groundbreaking new technologies, far from revolutionizing schooling, can stymie the next generation's ability to resolve deep global challenges. The solution-and perhaps our children's future-lies in what Gee calls synchronized intelligence, a way of organizing people and their digital tools to solve problems, produce knowledge, and allow people to count and contribute. Gee explores important strategies and tools for today's parents, educators, and policy makers, including virtual worlds, artificial tutors, and ways to create collective intelligence where everyday people can solve hard problems. By harnessing the power of human creativity with interactional and technological sophistication we can finally overcome the limitations of today's failing educational system and solve problems in our high-risk global world. The Anti-Education Era is a powerful and important call to reshape digital learning, engage children in a meaningful educational experience, and bridge inequality.