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Antidisestablishmentarianism ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Findley Family Video Publications
Author: Michael J. Findley,Mary C. Findley
Number of Pages: 664 
File: antidisestablishmentarianism.pdf
Reads: 348047


Politics, American History, Founding Fathers, Secular Humanism, Establishment Clause,Founding prinicples,Social Philosophy

SEO For Dummies

SEO For Dummies ebook ISBN: 1119579570
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Peter Kent
Number of Pages: 464 
File: seo-for-dummies.pdf
Reads: 1531750


Up relevance scores, improve page speed, optimize voice search questions, and more! Search Engine Optimization For Dummies shows website owners, developers, and search engine optimizers (SEOs) how to create a website that ranks at the top of search engines and has high-volume traffic, while answering the essential question of "how do I get people to visit my site?" By understanding search engine basics (what are they, which ones are important, how to get started), building a search engine-friendly site, registering your site with directories and indexes, using analysis tools to track results and link popularity to boost rankings, and advertising your site by using pay-per-click options, you can use the tricks of SEO masters to drive traffic to your site. You'll also discover how to write effective content, use social media to boost your profile, and manage your platform and reputation to positively impact your search engine rankings. Develop a search strategy and use new SERP features Maximize the effects of personalized search Analyze results with improved analytics tools Optimize voice search strategies There’s no time like the present to create a website that ranks at the top of search engines and drives traffic to your site with these tips, tricks, and secrets.

Searching 2.0

Searching 2.0 ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Neal Schuman Pub
Author: Michael P. Sauers
Number of Pages: 337 
File: searching-2-0.pdf
Reads: 9678715


This book will show one in simple, non-technical terms how to integrate the invisible Web into teaching opportunities wherever they occur - in a one-on-one "teaching moment" at the reference desk, or in a formal course. Estimated at 500 times the size of the visible Web, the invisible Web and the search skills needed to plumb its depths should be a part of every information literacy and research skills course. With this book one get expert teaching tips and scripts for informal instruction, plus model activities and assignments for the classroom. Statistics and summaries of relevant research will help one combat myths like "Searching Is Easy," or "Everything Important Is Free." Read this book, too, to find out how how the best deep Web search tools, including CompletePlanet, Closer Look, and the Librarians' Internet Index, are evolving and what it all means for one's library's future electronic collection development plans.

If We're Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, what are We Reaching For?

If We're Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, what are We Reaching For? ebook ISBN: 9781568984339
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Author: Rudy VanderLans
Number of Pages: 144 
File: if-we-re-standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giants-what-are-we-reaching-for.pdf
Reads: 7267461


For almost twenty years, and over sixty issues, Emigre has been a sourcebook of ideas, fonts, images, work, products, and even music for an entire generation of designers. Now, Emigre has transitioned into a new format, a return-to-roots series of "pocketbooks, " focusing on critical writing about the state of graphic design. Anyone interested in contemporary design will want to put a copy of Emigre in their pocket.

Tougher Than Woodpecker Lips

Tougher Than Woodpecker Lips ebook ISBN: 1606476645
Publisher: Xulon Press
Author: Al Rudolph
Number of Pages: 180 
File: tougher-than-woodpecker-lips.pdf
Reads: 2884474


Al Rudolph has been a member of Toastmasters International for 20+ years. He has entered, and won, numerous speech and evaluation contests. His speaking skills have allowed him the opportunity to present numerous motivational and inspirational speeches to untold audiences. His uncanny ability to capture the attention of his audience members holds true in both the oral and written formats. Al is a shepherd of First Capital Christian Church where he leads and teaches classes pertaining to Christian living. He lives in southern Indiana with his beautiful wife of 39 years, Linda. They have one daughter, Stephanie, who lives in New York City. Ive known Al Rudolph for nearly twenty years and he is the real deal. I have no doubt that the values and principles he writes about in this inspiring book have been lived out in his life. Tougher than Woodpecker Lips will certainly stretch you and challenge you, but your soul will be infused with new hope. Full of spiritual depth and practical insights, heavy on witty sayings and humor, Als book is a must-read for anyone committed to growing. Readers will be encouraged, equipped, and eager to put the principles that Al espouses into action in their lives. I highly recommend this delightful new book for anyone with a pulse, who isnt anxious to visit a mortician, and who wants to really revolutionize and fortify their life with powerful, Bible-based character traits. We only have one life to live; as Al says, Lets not just survive lets thrive! Dru Ashwell Executive Editor, College Press & HeartSpring Publishing Professor, Ozark Christian College Joplin, Missouri

Igniting Your Genius

Igniting Your Genius ebook ISBN: 1461731623
Publisher: R&L Education
Author: Curtiss DeMars-Johnson
Number of Pages: 365 
File: igniting-your-genius.pdf
Reads: 138081


Would you like to ignite the inquisitive nature of your students? Igniting You Genius is designed to help any learner explore creativity and imagination through original questions. By examining unconsciously held worldviews, students, teachers, and administrators will break out of their reticence to think 'outside of the box.' An excellent resource to use for organizational retreats or to locate meeting icebreakers, this is the tool for tackling any situation demanding an expansion of learning horizons.

PC Magazine DOS Batch File Lab Notes

PC Magazine DOS Batch File Lab Notes ebook ISBN: 9781562760670
Publisher: Ziff Davis Press
Author: Neil J. Rubenking
Number of Pages: 309 
File: pc-magazine-dos-batch-file-lab-notes.pdf
Reads: 4502644


Explains how to use fundamental DOS knowledge to develop batch files, manage files and directories, and use batch techniques to work productively

Illustrated Antidisestablishmentarianism

Illustrated Antidisestablishmentarianism ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Findley Family Video Publications
Author: Michael J. Findley,Mary C. Findley
Number of Pages: 771 
File: illustrated-antidisestablishmentarianism.pdf
Reads: 174498


Secularism, Humanism, religious unity, ancient history, creationism, founding fathers

The Hottest Water in Chicago

The Hottest Water in Chicago ebook ISBN: 9780819563378
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
Author: Gayle Pemberton
Number of Pages: 280 
File: the-hottest-water-in-chicago.pdf
Reads: 4671791


An illuminating cultural journey through black and white America.


Politics ebook ISBN: 1101200928
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Hendrik Hertzberg
Number of Pages: 720 
File: politics.pdf
Reads: 5488320


Cause for jubilation: One of America’s wisest and most necessary voices has distilled what he knows about politics, broadly speaking, into one magnificent volume. Here at last are Henrik Hertzberg’s most significant, hilarious, and devastating dispatches from the American scene he has chronicled for four decades with an uncanny blend of moral seriousness, high spirits, and perfect rhetorical pitch. Politics is at once the story of American life from LBJ to GWB and a testament to the power of the written word in the right hands. In those hands, politics encompasses everyone from Jerry Garcia to Rush Limbaugh, every place from New Hampshire to Nicaragua, and everything from Playboy vs. Penthouse to Bush vs. Gore. Hendrik Hertzberg breaks down American politics into its component parts—campaigns, debates, rhetoric, the media, wars (cultural, countercultural, and real), high crimes and misdemeanors, the right, and more. Each section begins with a new piece of writing framing the subject at hand and contains the choicest, most illuminating pieces from his body of work. Politics is a tour of the defining moments of American life from the mid-’60s till the mid-’00s, a ride though recent American history with one of the most insightful and engaging guides imaginable, a writer who consistently makes us see more clearly and feel more deeply. “Politics is invaluable for all sorts of reasons—chief among them being decades of elegant writing in the service of surgical intelligence.”—Toni Morrison

The Fourth Morningside Papers

The Fourth Morningside Papers ebook ISBN: 9780771037313
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart Limited
Author: Peter Gzowski
Number of Pages: 470 
File: the-fourth-morningside-papers.pdf
Reads: 9093540


WordStar and WordStar 2000

WordStar and WordStar 2000 ebook ISBN:
Publisher: *Wiley Press
Author: Ruth Ashley,Judi N. Fernandez
Number of Pages: 280 
File: wordstar-and-wordstar-2000.pdf
Reads: 2127718


Provides advanced techniques and tips to give users the full power and advantages of WordStar and WordStar 2000. Details tricks for formatting, editing, printing, handling disks and files, creation of files in ASCII form, and more. Self-paced exercises make mastery of all the advanced features simple.

Ten Time Bombs

Ten Time Bombs ebook ISBN: 0310873940
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Ronald Hutchcraft
Number of Pages: 208 
File: ten-time-bombs.pdf
Reads: 3084152


You get only one life...Make it one you’ll never regret!Every young person, including you, lives with pressures that really are like ticking time bombs. But you don’t have to be a victim—if you know how to defuse the most explosive pressures young people face. Ten Time Bombs is your personal “Bomb Squad” manual, showing you some very practical ways to avoid life-wrecking explosions.Through humor and practical straight talk, Ron Hutchcraft provides answers to some of the most important and confusing pressures in a young person’s life:SexFriendsFamily relationshipsThings that make you angryThings that make you depressedThings that make you hurtThe lonely timesHow you handle your feelings and choices in these areas will decide the kind of life you have now and for many, many years to come.So don’t just sit there. Get a life! And make it the best one possible.Adults: Ten Time Bombs is for you, too!Looking for some practical insights into the top pressures of today’s young people? Rod Hutchcraft’s straight talk will equip you with knowledge and understand so you can provide help to a young person you know!

Body, Mind, and Method

Body, Mind, and Method ebook ISBN: 9400994796
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Donald F. Gustafson,B.L. Tapscott
Number of Pages: 314 
File: body-mind-and-method.pdf
Reads: 7339391


Simple seeing. Plain talking. Language in use and persons in action. These are among the themes of Virgil Aldrich's writings, from the 1930's onward. Throughout these years, he has been an explorer of conceptual geography: not as a foreign visitor studying an alien land, but close up 'in the language in which we live, move, and have our being'. This is his work. It is clear to those who know him best that he also has fun at it. Yet, in the terms of his oft-cited distinction, it is equally clear that he is to be counted not among the funsters of philosophy, but among its most committed workers. Funsters are those who attempt to do epistemology, metaphysics, or analysis by appealing to examples which are purely imaginary, totally fictional, as unrealistic as you like, 'completely unheard of'. Such imaginative wilfullness takes philosophers away from, not nearer to, 'the rough ground' (Wittgenstein) where our concepts have their origin and working place. In the funsters' imagined, 'barely possible' (but actually impossible) world, simple seeing becomes transformed into the sensing of sense-data; plain talk is rejected as imprecise, vague, and misleading; and per sons in action show up as ensouled physical objects in motion. Then the fly is in the bottle, buzzing out its tedious tunes: the problem of perception of the external world; the problem of meaning and what it is; the mind-body problem. Image-mongering has got the best of image-management.

Queen Elizabeth II and Her Church

Queen Elizabeth II and Her Church ebook ISBN: 1441133348
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: John Hall
Number of Pages: 192 
File: queen-elizabeth-ii-and-her-church.pdf
Reads: 4258361


The Queen, when she was 21, declared that her whole life whether it was long or short would be devoted to service. At the coronation, she was set apart for service after the example of Jesus Christ. In Her Majesty's diamond jubilee year, the Dean of Westminster recalls the coronation, and special commemorations attended by The Queen in Westminster Abbey in recent years, including the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (which reached a television audience of 2.2 billion people). He offers an insight into some very special occasions -- not all widely known -- and reflects on a pattern of leadership as devoted service.

Becoming Big League

Becoming Big League ebook ISBN: 0295804734
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Author: Bill Mullins
Number of Pages: 320 
File: becoming-big-league.pdf
Reads: 5130232


Becoming Big League is the story of Seattle's relationship with major league baseball from the 1962 World's Fair to the completion of the Kingdome in 1976 and beyond. Bill Mullins focuses on the acquisition and loss, after only one year, of the Seattle Pilots and documents their on-the-field exploits in lively play-by-play sections. The Pilots' underfunded ownership, led by Seattle's Dewey and Max Soriano and William Daley of Cleveland, struggled to make the team a success. They were savvy baseball men, but they made mistakes and wrangled with the city. By the end of the first season, the team was in bankruptcy. The Pilots were sold to a contingent from Milwaukee led by Bud Selig, who moved the franchise to Wisconsin and rechristened the team the Brewers. Becoming Big League describes the character of Seattle in the 1960s and 1970s, explains how the operation of a major league baseball franchise fits into the life of a city, charts Seattle's long history of fraught stadium politics, and examines the business of baseball. Watch the trailer:

Philosophical Studies in Education

Philosophical Studies in Education ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: philosophical-studies-in-education.pdf
Reads: 831305


Some vols. consist of proceedings of the annual meeting of the Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society.

Scholastic Voice

Scholastic Voice ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: scholastic-voice.pdf
Reads: 3922937